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Healing bronchial asthma or overcoming of horrors of oficial western medicine.
(the book in two parts)


Respected sick by bronchial asthma people! Sufferers, wanderers by white hospital's wards. I am - Sergey Georgievich Altoukhov, who is applying to you. I am 54 years old. I am steadfast pupil and disciple (18 years from of my 54 years old) of the great Russian physiologist, candidate of medical science, academician of international academy of information - Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko. I am considering, what the name of bronchial asthma subjugator must be in one row with the names of Nicolai Ivanovich Pirogov, Ivan Michailovich Sechenov, Iliy Iliych Mechnicov.

Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko - the author of Buteyko method and subjugator of bronchial asthma is worthy of Nobel's premium three times! But he was dead in the beginning of May 2003 year without even one Nobel's premium. Tablet-scalpel mafia hunted down the great Russian physiologist. He was dead on 81 year of his incredibly strenuous, selfless life. The man, which saved thousands of sick people from of terrible ailment, was dead in modest Moskow hospital ward. Only some of his the more devolted pupils were near him in that time. Moscow church bells did not ring in that sorrowful day. We did not see and endless transmissions by television. Such endless transmissions by television, which morned the death of television journalist Listyev fore example... And, you see, the grat Russian physiologist as too, by essence of the matter, perished on his fighting post.

Tablet mafia very poisoned the author of medicamentousless method in his life. Because he may perished in 41 year, nut not in 81 year of his heroic life... Tablet mafia want to have the big profit from of tablet trade. They have no need in medicamentousless method! Therefore they are throwing the great scientist in snow-drift by his head. Nothing. Others scientists will be know...

You may want to know - who is the author of given book? I have two highest diplomas of Buteyko methodist. Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko himself handed to me the first diploma in his flat in 1988 year. He handed to me the second diploma in 1998 year in the time of methodists had such diplomas (or references) yet. Buteyko enemies attempted to kill his morally during many years. They sent to Buteyko hired thugs in the end. The conquerror of asthma, 80 years physiologist was beat unmercifully at his home! The people found his in snow-drift without of consciousness practically...

It is way, by which highest doctor's smok mafia are fighting against real conquerors such disease as asthma. Against those scientists, which fond the main cause of asthma, hypertension e.t.c.!.. Gold! Gold of mercenary west tablet-scalpel medicine are breathing in the heads of bureaucrats, which are managing by drug- stores, medicines and operations. But I have certificate of "senior methodist-inspector". Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko handed to me it in 1990 year. Such sertificate he gave to some people only... The rank "methodist-inspector" is equal to rank general in Buteyko movement! Inspector may take away diplomas from of bad methodists. Inspector may (and must!) write reviews on any articles and books, which are touching of Deep Breathing Illnesses Discovery. Because Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko is the author of that Discovery.

Therefore I want to declare to those people, which so endeavoured to send in other World our Great Teacher - the conqueror of asthma, hypertension, stenocardia and yet about of hundred illnesses. You were endeavouring to no purpose, gentry good! The grat physiologist has and deserving disciples. You can beat unmercifully aged scientist. But the law of deep breathing harmfulness (opened by Buteyko) - will be to live!! You see, it is the law of Nature. And what can you do with nature?...

Therefore - sufferers-asthmatics I am writing this book to you. For those sick people, which are suffering from of bronchoscopy, salbutamol and seretid. For you are poisoning and unfortunate - I am spilling the light of Buteyko truth on this disease (bronchial asthma)!

I wrote three volume documentary novel-trilogy "Doctor Buteyko Discovery" yet in the end of 20 centure (in 1991 year). It was the first big documentary novel about of Deep Breathing Illnesses Discovery in our country! I want to ask you - the sick people, which are very suffering from of bronchial asthma. Who from of you are know that trilogy? Very a little from of you - I am sure! Edition even of the first bolume was 20 trousands copies only. No publishing houses want to print widely Buteyko Discovery. We (ourselves) published a little edition, which was accessible to Buteyko Center. It was edition for asthmatics and others sick people. We published that edition on little mone of Buteyko Center only. The edition of the second volume was not published completely. Only his first part! We have not so much money for that...

The book "Medical conspiracy" was afterwards. There is many truth too about healing asthma and others illnesses in that book. This book is on our site. You may look through it. The book "Healing hypertension or the death under the cover of white mantle" is published only on this site too. It is the turn to write the real truth about healing bronchial asthma at now. The main cause of bronchial asthma is deep brething of the sick man! The Buteyko method method only truely eliminates the deep breathing! Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko is absent on the Earth already. But his method are continueing to save people!

Author of "Doctor Buteyko Discovery" trilogy.
Two diplomaed Buteyko methodist.
Sergey Altoukhov

Chapter 1
How are they torturing the sick asthmatics in contemporary hospitals

We would not be in your place, if you got in medical ward for pulmonics whenever. Torments of medieval Inquisition at times will be seem by child's play in comparison with what they do with those, who are abtaining healing asthma... Our absolutely incompetent (in the questions of the laws of physiology) aesculapiuses in white doctor's smocks.

I shall give to you quite fresh (and to my regret very sad and typical) example. The sick sportsman in the age of 52 years) addressed to me for help near month ago. His name is Andrey Nicolaevich Zemlianikin. He is master of sport and trainer by karate. That man quite deserved the right on very healthy life. He gave many time to physical trainings.

However the contemporary tablet scalpel medicine did his by cripple from of 25 years literally! Bronchial asthma, bronchiectatic disease, hypertension - it is far off not the complete collection of his extremely neglected illnesses.

They stuffed that active, energetic sportsman by poisonous tablets during 30 years! They tortured his more than famous Torkvemada tortured his sacrifices. But... all these sufferings did not give healing bronchial asthma, bronchiectatic disease, or healing hypertension. On the contrary - all these illnesses become stronger only!...

- Do you know what they do with asthmatics in hospitals, - experitnced trainer told to me

- Here is a good example - torture by bronchoscopy. It is when they are jostling such antennas in your throat and after that in your bronchis the same. They are studying your lungs! You are as mad even when they are jostling in your throat the simple soft rubber hose for analysis of gastric juice. But there are antennas in the same bronchis!

I thing that is resembling on Gestapo torments.

The voice of Andrey Nicolaevich are becoming all more it is very difficult to remember mockeries over your own organism.

- Or indeed, when they are flooding barium in your bronchis. For what they may ascertain all complete of the picture...

It was terrible to me even to listen such story. I was forced to swallow yellow rubber probe for analysis of gastric juice in the hospital only one time in 14 years age. I remember, how roughly hospital nurse shouted on me, when I choked by that probe and gripped her hand. Hefty hospital attendants immediately pinioned my arms behind my back. And they jostled in my throat almost metre that the same rubber hose!

O how heavily it was going in to me!! How bright were all vomitive and nauseating reflexes. It was only by jostling of probe! But I was must to hold probe in my stomach the whole two hours, for what the gastric juice could flow in special test-tubes. You see, they analysed gastric juice...

And what is in result? Came to nought. Gastric juice showed nothing especial at me. But I carried out the memory about that torment through long years. But "healing" asthma by clumsy way (tablet way...) demands very more terrible torments. These are and bronchoscopy, and flooding of barium... And they do all that with erudite air - it is necessary to you, Fedia, is necessary. Suffer, brother. You see, we are healing your asthma, your! They were "healing" asthma of Andrey Nicolaevich and his bronchiectatic disease during 30 years...

And powerful, athleticaly formed man became by invalid of second group from of such healing asthma and bronchiectatic disease. All these torments: bronchoscopy, floodina of barium did not give good result. But not one aesulapius gave any criminal prosecution. They did not give panishment and moral. What do you want? These aesculapiuses, you see, with assiduity "cured" bronchial asthma and bronchiectatic disease at Andrey Nicolaevich with the help of bronchoscopy e.t.c.!...

You can not forget how in the fit of asphyxia, if you saw that even one time only. They are swallowing the air by opened mouth, as the fish casted ashore. You must not receive any explanation about importance of such question as healing asthma in such case. Andrey Nicolaevich Zemlianikin tested tablet "healing" in plenty. He was trainer by weight and by karate. But he received completely destroyed body in result of flooding barium in his bronchi, taking poisonous chemical preparations, bronchoscopy e.t.c. His lungs already were not the lungs of Hercules and athlete. They constantly squelch and stick together. Mucus and phlegm were accumulating in his lungs. All that was rotting in bronchiectatic clefts, This rotting already was giving bad smell from of his mouth... So tablet mafia "cured" his from of asthma. You can not imagine what was happening in the soul of sportsman-athlete during long years of illness, if you never heaved weight, or strained tight bicepses! You are outwardly strong and slender from one side. You are almost demigod! And from other side.. Bronchial asthma stoops you to the earth from of other side. You are simply ruin, carrying bad smelling pus in your lungs.

Healing bronchiectatic disease by Buteyko method came like a bolt from of the blue on the Zemlianikin head. I am remembering his first - from of the beginning rather shy letter by internet.

"I dashed by chance on your site. I want to attempt to be cured by the help of Buteyko method. I shall give all my powers for conducting of regular trainings by diminition of breathing depth, if method Buteyko will be help to me..."

These words of sick Zemlianikin - "if method Buteyko will be help to me." Methodist always in pained to here such words. It turns out, that you must every time explain to literally every new sick man all Buteyko theory and practice!... To every new sick man. Every time!! Buteyko method is curing, they say, bronchial asthma. And the healing hypertension is conducting by Buteyko method too.

Do you understand, dear brothers in arms, suffering from one and the same the law of nature (the law of deep breathing harmfulness) to prove by some times in the day. Especially to every new sick man. It is not occur in any head to prove constantly the Newton law about of Earth gravity existence.

They discovered it one time, described - and that's all!! All people are using it. Who distrusts can toss on its head stone - if Newton not rights, That stone will not fall back and not hurts your head badly, if Newton is not rights. But if he is right!...

As well as method Buteyko! The Gentlemen. Well quite after all it is not difficult to breathe five minutes at most deeply. By opened mouth. Will become ill - it signifies what the law of harmfulness of deep breathing - is really Firm law of the breathing - really Firm nature! And it is possible, in accordance with him, to conduct the reliable treatment of the bronchial asthma by mean of Buteyko method. But if you will become well after of deeply respiratory five minutes - it signifies what Buteyko is not right. . The treatment of the asthma by his method is not got.

Simply? Simply! Well then why do sick people not perform this experience? Why is it necessary to explain all anew any once? The treatment of the asthma and hypertensions, certainly, is important question. But after all Buteyko method cures not only asthma and hypertension! He cures beside 115 main diseases to modern civilization. Amongst them: angina pectoris, ishemia, disease 0f kidneys, feminine pathology and many others.

You will be not on each disease to each sick man apart to explain - cures them, breakwater, method Buteyko. Therefore on put in internet and are published detailed information about of the Deep Breathing Illnesses Discovery that person understood and did the findings. But do not want people to stir the brain! They wait behave oddly. "Here is if I shall become better...". But excuse me! But why isexactly you criterion of universe? Before you Method helped to thousands of people before you. Passed two state approbations in Ministry of Public Health. The Treatment of the asthma and hypertension by Buteyko method is already universally recognized already fact. No! In "if I shall personally help..." Well but if you personally will do the trainings not seriosly at first - what will be then? Then does Buteyko method not provide the treatment of the asthma and hypertension already? And Andrey Nikolaevich Zemlyanikin quickly made sure in this enough quickly. All trainer there is trainer. The Developed will, tenacity, desire to reach the Victory - this beside such people neither asthma, nor hypertension will deprive. Andrey Ivanovich literally with head plunged in classical Buteyko trainings.

Now I understand, what is a present, authentic school of the method Buteyko", - wrote he me soon after of their own first successes . - Before this I was run into on fragments of separate lectures on Buteyko method, but they never gave of the total picture, - explained he hereinafter. Basically I tried all reduce to forcible pauses. This, alas, did not bring about reliable facilitation of the asthma, neither my bronchiectasis disease, nor hypertension. All this Zemlyanikin announced me already and on telephone.

- Other deal presently! The Whole and practice that on your program seven days. But already decreased the branch of the phegm. Does Not gurgle she already beside me so in bronchi. The treatment of the asthma and bronchiectasis disease has gone beside Andrey Nikolaevich apace. All active occupations by sport has saved beside him become clear head. And he turned out to be capable to perceive the theory of the Deep Breathing Illnesses Discovery wholly.

- I after all not curing only myself. I connect and nearest friends on misfortune - Zemlyanikin reported under the following conversation. - I have a good comrade. He is beautiful physician anesthesiologist himself. But treatment to hypertension became the question to life and death personally for him. This damned hypertension has tormented his! The pressure dials for 160 and no tablets rescue! But Misha has come alive simply, when I have shown him persisting, authentic trainings on method Buteyko. He learnt for very short time to lower his high pressure exactly by medicinalless Buteyko method. He declares: "Now, when I have learned the truth about of method Buteyko method, when thetreatment to hypertension by this method gave the beautiful result for me most - me already does not bring with faithful road! Who and to from of enemies of Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko did not write bad about method, did not find fault with it - they already do not change my mind! One, who writes bad about treatment of the asthma and hypertensions by method Buteyko method - that man himself badly understands in these questions. This I confirm as experienced physician with length of service!" There was, certainly, much pleasantly to hear that treatment of the asthma and hypertension by method K.P. Buteyko method gave so beautiful results both for Zemlyanikin, and for his comrade. Not in vain is after all said: "Say me who is your friend - and I shall say, who is you."

The treatment of the asthma and hypertension K.P. Buteyko mrthod passed beside me many sick people. But such bright and thoughtful patients, as Andrey Nikolaevich, get not each day. For one and a half month заочного education He has masterred all three classical trainings on K.P. Buteyko method for one and half month education by correspondence . Moreover he tried to conduct these trainings as simply sitting on chair, so and during of his own atheletic loads. The treatment of the asthma, bronchiectasis disease for Andrey Nikolaevich is, naturally paramount question. But he nor for minute does not firget about what that he is trainer. Andrey Nikolaevich every time tries on Buteyko method to atheletic trainings.

-But here is say, how is it correct it is necessary to breathe during matutinal sanitary running? Whether must you to restrain the breathing, to do the special pauses? - There were ones of the most first his questions to me after he has masterred the training sitting on the chair.
- As to stationary raining at rest - me absolutely all is clear and absolutely all are got, - assured me Zemlyanikin. - But here is as must I squat with barbell ? What must be breathing, when inflict the blows by fists on punching bag?, - continued asked to a nicety Andrey Nikolaevich.

I already concerned with the treatment of the asthma and hypertensions beside some athletes. Had determined experience in their consultations. But Andrey Nikolaevich is athlete especial. The Master of the sport on barbell, higly titled trainer on karate. Beside him and loads are little more and the approach to deal is more serious.

- Now I on the third floor go liberally, without stop!, - merrily says to me on telephone Andrey Nikolaevich. Merrily is to him - pleasantly is and to me. It is pleasantly that method Buteyko brings back into formation one, who is really useful to it's Native land.
The healing of the asthma and hypertension at method Buteyko gives in like events simply splendid results.

- Here me my friend - a physician has shown article of one professor, directed against method Buteyko , so it produced on me the inverse impression..., - tells me Zemlyanikin. Yes! Probably it costs sometimes to work and with little initiative, and little believing in method Buteyko sick patients for what to on their background sharply to select active, volitional sick patients, like Zemlyanikinu. He that will never forget as "cured" him asthma before method Buteyko. Bronhoskopiya, potting in bronchis barium - such will not forget!

I am absolutely certain that in this instance method Buteyko has fallen into reliable, strong hands. The treatment of the asthma and hypertension has occurred in this instance not only beside Andreya Nikolaevicha Zemlyanikina . It has occurred beside all his close friends. And teache the same - he never will allow that disease tore apart his friends. He will help without fall him!

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