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"The Deep breathing - is Chernobyl in your organism" - K.P. Buteyko

Buteyko method:
normal breathe - healthy life.

Our е-mail: mbuteyko@yandex.ru

Centre's telephone: +7-886152-25317

The essence of cure of hypertension, asthma (and yet about hundred of the main illnesses of civilization) by Buteyko method (VEDB method - Volitional Elimination of Deep Breathing) is so simple and abvious, what you must apply big efforts do not understand it:

  1. Deep breathing is washing out superfluously medicinalest CO2 from of sick man organism. You must have it 6,5% (in the norm!). And you have it only 3,76%... The death is coming below 3%!
  2. Blood arteries begin to narrow, when carbonic gas is moving off from of organism superfluously, for what to detain escape of carbonic gas. Bronchioles of lungs begin to have their spasm (in that time) for what to prevent to breath. But you know what will be, if you will press the hose with water or blood... The pressure will be raising!! And the air will not come in pressed alveoli of lungs.
  3. Buteyko method brings your deep breathing to the m\norm. Superfluous escape of CO2 are stopping. Arteries are stopping to be pressed and pressure are normalizing. Hypertension is disappearing!!

You may make simple experiment, if you want to understand, that deep breathing is very harmful breathing:

  1. Sit down on the chair in the middle of the room. Do not lean upon back of the chair.
  2. Breathe by the opened mouth literally. They always said to you what the deep breathing is very useful. Swallow it use so much as you may.
  3. You must do all that very honestly - in all power of your lungs.
  4. Your head will go round already after 3 minutes. You will feel nausea. Your puls will be more frequent. Your blood pressure will be more high suddenly. You may faint away after 5 minutes. This site is not for you, if you will feel himself more better in the contrary.

Center of effective study to Buteyko method
(with the service of tuition by correspondence at your home)
was founded in January 2005 year.

Center of effective study to Buteyko method was founded in Apsheronsk town. Diplomaed Buteyko methodist Sergey Georgievich Altoukhov founded it, because he removed in Apsheronsk from Novosibirsk. Sergey Georgievich Altoukhov was one from of firsts collaborators of Novosibirsk Center "Breathing by Buteyko". Novosibirsk Center "Breathing by Buteyko" was founded yet in November 1987 year. The author of the VEDB method (volitional elimination of deep breathing), famous scientist and physiologist Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko was chairman of that Center. Sergey Georgievich Altoukhov from of ordinary methodist reached the post of vice-chairman by information and propaganda. He is the author of the very first by volume work about of Buteyko method - documentary novel-trilogy "Doctor Buteyko Discovery".

Buteyko method has deeply scientific and documentary ground. The firsts from of the main oficial confirmations of it's absolute medical legitimacy are the next state decisions, which (in their time) were serving by juridical base for opening of Buteyko Centers by all of former Soviet Union:

  1. decision of Soviet of Ministers USSR №161 from of 05.02.1987 year.
  2. recommendations of Scientific medical soviet of Ministry of Public Health USSR
  3. conclusions about of results of clinical approbations "Buteyko method" effectiveness. (1 Moscow medical institute of the name I.M. Sechenova (Moscow medical academy), Moscow City, 1981 year;
    All-Union Scientific Reseach Institute of Pulmonogy of Ministry of Public Health USSR. Leningrad City. 1968 year.
  4. the letter of Main management of public health of Moscow City from of 19.11.1987 year.
    methodical recommendations of Ministry of Public Health Russian Federation (1 Moscow medical institute of name I.M. Sechenov (Moscow medical academy). Moscow City. 1986 year.
  5. Moscow Scientific Research Institute of Ministry of Public Health RSFSR and Central Scientific Research Institute of Ministry of Public Health USSR, Moscow City 1987 year.
  6. order of Minister of plic health №591 from of 17.04.1985 year.

Center of effective teaching to Buteyko method (at the present) is the only Center, which gives the teaching to Buteyko method on the home (by internet). And you may cure such terrible illnesses of civilization as bronchitis, bronchial asthma, allergy, pneumonia, chronic vasomotor rhinitis, hypertension, stenocardia, female pathology e.t.c...

Buteyko method only (for the first time in all history of medicine) was able conquer adenoids without of surgical operation! Buteyko method are saving children literally from of frequent cold, are helping to children to become strong and healthy members of our society.

Buteyko breathing - it is real and fast help for those sick people, which are suffering from of hypertension and stenocardia. It is enough to mention what Buteyko the same saved himself by the help of that method from of malignant hypertension in October 1952 year. Such hypertension kills the man during the year... Such hypertension is when blood pressure are near 260/140 in the time of the fits. Buteyko method - it is medicamentousless mode of curing. It is very impossible for sick people, which do not want take hormones, for allergy sick people, for women, which are suffering by toxicosises of pregnancy.

Center of effective teaching to Buteyko method has by it's aim the help to sick people of any regions, which do not want to go away from of their town for curing. Therefore the main for of teaching in our Center is - tuition by correspondence (by internet).

Author of "Doctor Buteyko Discovery" trilogy.
Two diplomaed Buteyko methodist.
Sergey Altoukhov

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