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For all who works in internet

This page relates how you can essentially lower the Jeopardy of pernicious consequences of long sitting at blue screen of your personal computer. You see, definite dose of irradiation falls, undoubtedly, to every user of internet, which wants for hours to make use from of it's services. No superprotective screens can help to you/ Even absolutely safe (allegedly) screens let go electronic rays in some measure. And innofensive dose of radiation accumulates in human organism with time never the less... It is no need in scientific proofs here. It is enough simply to see on the faces that men, which sit at computer's screens more that two hours in the day... These people are not very healthy people. Greyish pale faces, faded eyes. All that comes and to amateurs of internet with the years. And the matter is not only in tarnished appearance. It is not big problem (for man even if). But our intrinsic illnesses become sharp from of even little (but repeating) doses of radiation...

Therefore all users of internet will be interestingly to make acquaintance with method of Volitional Elimination of Deep Breathing (VEDB method), which was devised by academician Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko. That method allows literally in times to lower influence of radioactive irradiation by long work at screen of monitor. It is no need in any tablets and injections for that. It is medicineless method. That method is tried on sacrifices of Chernobyl's catastrophe. The main trainings in method conduct in sitting pose. Users of Internet sit at monitor's screens during their work in internet so. And it is very comfortably to them... That site is devised by faithul disciples of genius Russia scientist (academician K.P.Buteyko) Altoukhov Sergei Georgievich and his son Konstantin Sergeevich Altoukhov. Academician Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko christened them (buth) 8 June 1991 year in Novosibirsk church. Therefore Konstantin Pavlovich is their godfather. And Klara Fedorovna Lagunova (the best Buteyko methodist) is their godmother. She was by christening ceremony too.

Sergei Georgievich Altoukhov is of many years pupil of academician. Twice diplomaed Buteyko methodist. Author of article-documentary novel trilogy "Doctor Butenko's Discovery". Physicians forbidded to Konstantin Altoukhov mother to have child. But Konstantin Altoukhov was born well only on Buteyko method... Therefore we think, that all internet users will have unquestionable use from of detailed acquaintance with method (VEDB) Volitional Elimination of Deep Breathing (author academician K.P.Buteyko). Because that method is beatiful means of defence from of radioactive irradiation.
We wish to all internet users of light Buteykos breathing.

Sergei Altoukhov
(twice diplomaed ethodist,
author of "Doctor Butenko's Discovery trilogy)
Konstantin Altoukhov
(god-child of academician K.P.Buteyko).

запись на обучение методу Бутейко

! Жизнь без таблеток и скальпеля !

Открыта запись на обучение методу Бутейко с получением «Практического видео-курса метода Бутейко»:

курс поможет без лекарств устранить или серьезно облегчить: астму, бронхит, аллергию, гипертонию, ИБС, стенокардию, женскую патологию,...

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запись на обучение методу Бутейко
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