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Volitional Elimination of Deep Breathing method (VEDB method) of academician K.P.Buteyko as reliable means of struggle with consequences of radoactive irradiation

Can method of diminution of mortal depth of our breathing by the struggle, with consequences of radioactive irradiation? Yes! Undoubtedly. We already gave to you the first example in previous paragraph. It is the example of methodist Ievleva which saved herself (in literal sense of word) from of near and inevitable death. That the same death, which pursued her closely through long ours, which she was at computers of the very different systems.

The second example will be more steep.The second example will be more bright. It is not simple irradiation at screen of computer. It is much more strong radioactive irradiation. Sadly famous Chernobyl wreck. The same wreck of atomic electric power station, which was in 1986 year. Tens, hundreds of irradiated people. And the most irradiated - the first liquidators of atomic catastrophe. Physician Vladimir Anatolyevich Novoselov (Buteyko methodist) made successful approbation of VEDB method on 50 liquidators of Chernobyl wreck in 1990 year. Even oficer-fireman Telyatnikov (know in all World) was in that group. He came to place of catastrophe in number of very firsts. Approbation had full success. Decrease of breathing deep took off many haviest symptoms at liquidators. Head pains diminished, pains in sromach diminished too. Dizziness, sickness, weakness went away. Liquidators received hope that they will live yet and year, and two years, and some years... That they yet will can struggle for their life. Act about that approbation is printed in supplement to the first part of the third volume of artistic documentary trilogy "Doctor Butenko's Discovery". It vas very serious approbation. And belive to us please, that physicians of Kiev rehabilitatious radiological centre setted under it their signatures not so simply. Especially if you will take into consideration, that official medicinal medicine does not very love absolutely medicineless method of academician Buteyko. And so! Method Buteyko helps fine by irradiation. And what is essence of method? What is the base of method?

The main base of method is grandiose Deep Breathing Illnesses Discovery, which made GreatRussian scientist - academician Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko. 7 October 1952 year. He (himself) had mortally-dangerous disease. In age of 29 years only... That disease name malignant gipertension. It is when blood pressure raises up to 260 in the time of fit. such people do not live more than one year ... Buteyko could not live too. Although he finished just now the First Moscow medical institute with honours. As young scientist was leaved in chair of the famous therapeutist academician Tareev. And he could not leave nevertheless. Official medicine is strongless in that case, as in hundreds others cases... But Konstantin Pavlovich made his greatest medical Discovery 7 Ocober 1952 year. He ascertained, that fits and of his malignant hypertension, and ishemia, and ulcer of stomach, and many others arise from of deep breathing. From of deep breathing. From of deepening of breathin especially. And it's take off by diminution of breathing depth. Without any medicines and tablets! It was unprecedented Discovery!! It turned over all vievs of causes of many diseasesof contemporary civilization. It was ascertained, that usual opinion what oxygen in the main in pocess of metabolysm regulation in incorrectly fundamentally. It was ascertained, that carbon dioxide gas is more than in 1000 times importanter for us than oxigen! The cell of human organism must has 6,5 percentsand only 2 percents of oxigen. However it is nothing carbon dioxide practically in contemporary earth atmosphere. Pitiful 0,03%. But it is very many oxygen in contemporary earth athmosphere. It is 21% of oxigen in earth atmosphere at now! The human cell demands only 2% of oxigen for it's health... Physicians advise to breathe deeply to us. But what for? You see, we breathe out our last carbon dioxide gas in atmosphere by deep breathing. We have catastrophical need in carbon dioxide gas. And all our inner vessels and organs begin shrink, in order that to retain medicinalest CO2 in lungs.

Deep brath does not give many oxiigen to us. We have need oxigen to us. We have need oxigen only two percents. And Earth atmosphere has 21% of oxigen. Why do we breathe deeply in such case? We have enough of oxigen by the very little breathing. Therefore academician Konstantin Pavlovich Buteko devised volitional elimination of deep breathing method. Method VEDB. Buteyko methodists teach people to that method on their practical studies.

There are nothing of complicated in general case. Simply you must sit on the chair three times in the day and be in training by diminution the depth of your breathing during 15 minutes every time. And that is all. But it is very important to know how exactly must you sit. How must your hands lie? Where must your foots be? Condition of your stomach, position of head, of eyes - all that an influence on course of training. And the training the same has three main varieties in classical air. But nevertheless it is no of fearful here. You may easily master all that by guidance of experienced methodist. It is need vigilant control for you only. Breathing may save you, but it may do much of harm to you, if you will treat with erroneously. Why does Buteyko method save you from of conseguences of radioactive irradiation? There is the matter. You remove superfluouslycurativest carbon dioxide gas by deep breathing. But normal metabolism in your organism is possible only when 6,5% of CO2 are in alveoles of your lungs. You breathe deeply. Therefore you have opnly 3,7% carbon dioxide gas. You can not be healthy by that! Your metabolism is breached. That is mean, that protective immunity of your organism is lowered! Very strongly lowered. Therefore even litle doses of radiation begin to undermine your health. And on the contrary - your carbon dioxide will accumulate if you diminished the depth of your brathing by the help of Buteyko method. Your metabolism will be normalized in such case. And your immunity will increase considerably! So considerably, that it will come by serious barrier on the way of radioactive radiation.

We already told to you about of successful approbation of Buteyko method on Chernobyl's sick people, which received dose of irradiation more than 50 Roentgen. These people received many different medicines before Buteyko meathod but all was in vain. And Butekyo's method improved their health considerably. There is the the force of curative Buteyko breathing! We cherish hope, that all will want to use that power for the welfare of their health. We must let know beforehand - you will not find of big advertisement of Buteyko methodanywhere. Why? Because it is medicineless method!! Tablet's mafia stands very firmby on the way of method spreading. Why do they lose their profit? Therefore you may find only gossips and lie about Buteyko method. They say that Buteyko method cures (a little...) only one asthma... All (they say) is charlatanism... Who is right? You may make practical experience. Listen himself. Attempt to breathe by opened mouth so deeply as you can three or five minutes. Snatch air by opened mouth. Buteyko method is not need to you, if your head will not be ill, your heart will not beat strongly, if it will not be dark in your eyes in your eyes, if it will not be the fot of asthma or stenocardia at you. But you must learn Buteyko method, if it will be badly to you from of deep breathing. Use the method as barrier from of irradiation. And do not hear opinion of those people, which estimate their profit from of tablets sale very more than your health.

The list of illnesses, which are subjectly toButeyko method.

  1. Preasthma:
    • respiratory allergosis
    • polyvalent allergia
    • laryngospasm (loss of the voice)
    • food allergy
    • drug allergy
    • pseudocroup
    • pharynritis
    • laryngitis
    • tracheitis
  2. Asthmatoid bronchitis
  3. Bronchial asthma
  4. CNDD (chronic non-specific pulmonic diseases):
    • chronic bronchitis
    • obstructive bronchitis
    • chronic pneumonia
    • brochiectatic disease
    • pneumosclerosis
    • pulmonary emphysema
    • silicisis, anthracosis etc.
  5. Chronic rhinitis
  6. Vasomotor rhinitis
  7. Frontal sinusitis metopantritis
  8. Maxillary sinusitis
  9. Sinusitis
  10. Adenoiditis
  11. Polyposis
  12. Chronic rhinosinusopathy
  13. Pollinosis (hay fever)
  14. Quincke's edema
  15. Urticaria (hives, nettle rash)
  16. Eczema (letter):
    • neurodermite
    • psoriasis
    • diathesis
    • Vetiligo
    • ichthyosis (fishskin disease, xeroderma, alligatorskin disease)
    • juvenile acne (comedones, blackheads)
  17. Raynaud's disease (vasospasm of the upper limbs)
  18. Obliterating endarterilitis
  19. Varicosis (varix)
  20. Thrombophlebitis
  21. Hemorrhoids (piles)
  22. Hypotension (hypotony)
  23. Hypertension (hypertony, high arterial blood pressure)
  24. Vegetovascular dystonia (VVD)
  25. Vitium coridis congentium (congenital heart diseases)
  26. Articular rheumatism
  27. Rheumatic heart diseases
  28. Diencephalic syndrome
  29. Heart ischemia
  30. Chronic heart ischemia (CHI):
    • stenocardia
    • posthmyocardial ifarction cardiosclerosis
  31. Breaches of cardiac rhythm:
    • tachycardia (tachyrhythmia, tachysystole)
    • extrasystole
    • paroxismal tachycardia
    • cilinary arhythmia (cardiac fibrillation)
  32. Generalized atherosclerosis
  33. Arachoiditis (posttraumatic, influenzal etc.)
  34. Postinsultus states (conditions):
    • paralysis (palsy)
    • paresis
  35. Parkinsonism (initial form)
  36. Hypothyreosis
  37. Hyperthyreoidism
  38. Basedow's disease
  39. Diabetes mellitus
  40. Breaches of menstrual cycle
  41. Toxicosis of pregnancy (disgravidism)
  42. Pathologic climacterium(menopause)
  43. Cervical erosion
  44. Fibromyomes
  45. Fibrotic mastopathy
  46. Sterility
  47. Impotency
  48. Menacing abortions
  49. Radiculitis (nerve root syndrome)
  50. Osteochondrosis
  51. Metabolic polyarthrilits
  52. Rheumatoid polyarthritis
  53. Dupuytren's syndrome (tendon osteal contracture)
  54. Cout (podagra)
  55. Pyelonephritis
  56. Glomerulonephritis
  57. Nycturia (bed wetting)
  58. Cystitis
  59. Urolithiasis
  60. Obesity of any
  61. Lipomatosis
  62. Chronic gastritis
  63. Chronic cholecystitis
  64. Biliferous tracts dyskinesia
  65. Chronic pancreatitis
  66. Cholelitniasis
  67. Duodendal ulcer
  68. Spastic colis
  69. Peptic uncler
  70. Multiple sclerosis
  71. Epilepsy (spastic syndrome)
  72. Schizophrenia (at the initial stage)
  73. Collagenoses (dermatomyitis)
  74. Glaucoma
  75. Cataract (a)
  76. Strabismus (heterotropia)
  77. Hypermetropia (farsightedness)
  78. Radiation sickness
  79. Acute hepatitis
  80. Chronic hepatitis
  81. Cirrhosis of the liver
  82. HIV (human immunodeficiency virus)
  83. AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome)
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