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Jeopardy of radioactive irradiation during long work at computer's screens as annoying hindrance on way of internet users

Oh yes! Contemporary internet is superremarkable thing. And it's possibilities are unlimited practically. But have people, which sit at computer's screens long time, any danger of radioactive irradiation (even in little doses)? Answers may be different. The first answer - No! (This answer is profitable for those people, which make computers...) It is no danger of radioactive irradiation absolutely. Contemporary computer's screens are reliably defended. You may sit at screen even 24 hours and will be healthy.

The second answer (it is profitably and to those people, which make computers, and to those people, which use computers in their work) - Yes! Small (very little) irradiation is certainly. But it is in limits of sanitary norms. Nothing awfully. No need in panic.

The third answer (it is profitable to those people, which want to work at computer screens, to know the truth, to take measures of safety and to preseve the health.) - Yes! Danger of irradiation has place. It really affects on people's health. But there is going out from of any condition. Therefore we must take effective measures by protection of personal safety.

We will speak with you proceeding from of the third variant of answer. Any experienced computer's professional (to himself) knew very good, what long years work before computer's screen did not add the health to him... It is possible, that he (himself) did not become dead yet earlier his time, and even wasn't ill from of dangerous illness. His losses - there are (still) greyly-pale face, some ashy eyes. That is short wind in the time of ascent on the fith floor. Quickened palpitation this computer's professional (in frank talk) can call many his colleagues, which ar altready are dead, or are very ill men by the course of long work near computer's screens.

We do not want to make anti-advertisment. We are for internet by two hands, for work at magic screens! But we are standing for using all those possibilities, which contemporary scientific thought gives to us for defence from of those dangers, which computer's screen brings to human organism (even in little doses). we are disciples of genius Russian scientist, the author of Deep Breathing Illnesses Discovery Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko. Therefore we want to give to you some concrete examples of radioactive irradiation at computer's screens exactly from of Buteyko method propaganda practice. (method VEDB). Nina Alexandrovna Ievleve worked by Buteyko methodist in the main Novosibirsk centre "Buteyko breathing" in the beginning nineties of 20 centure. She was 44 years old in that time. It is not big age... But Nina Alexandrovna must was dead in 30 years old. Method of Volitional Elimination of Deep Breathing saved her life. Only it one saved her life! Nina Alexandrovna finished secondary school in Novosibirsk in 1963 year. She graduated it with honours. She got on courses of programmes of electronic computing machines after school. And after that the fate has brought her in Novosibirsk academic town, in one from of that place scientific-research institutes. She became leader of section by engineer guaranteeing that same electronic computing machines and was fore parents of contemporary computers in sixties and seventies of 20 centure. These electronic computing machines gave information on punched card. It have not contemporary screens. But these electronic computing machines gave fairly good dose of irradiation nevertheless. Contemporary monitors began to appear in scientific institutes in the end of eighties too. "I lost my health in some years of work with these machines - told Nina Alexandrovna to us. Weakness, weakness and weakness - that is all what I felt in that period. Giddiness, sickness. I simply hardly legs draged by the floor. I did not go on the dinner during my work. I simply lay on chairs in our official room and rested while my subordinates went to have dinner.

We may add to this story that Ievleva looked very emaclated, exhausted woman. As after hard and long illness. She must was dead if did not meet Buteyko method... And was maste of sport by water skis! She is trained woman. But Ievleva caught good luck all the same. she sincerely by all her soul perceived Buteyko method. Became by methodist. And however that may be she drew so far as pension. And she lives at now noiselessly.

But Igor Victoriovich stashevsky (professional computer master too from of Novosibirsk academic town) did not caught his good luck. We met his on soil of Buteyko method propaganda too. But (in contrast to Nina Alexandrovna) Igor Victorovich wasn't Buteyko methodist. He was not even ardent supporter of Buteyko method. He simply (as patriot) began to help to us in publishing our Buteyko book. He made computer composition for one from of it's thrists publication. But he (himself) (to our big regret) did not train in Buteyko method, did not work at diminition of depth of his breathing. Stashevsky was more young than Ievleva on 15 years. But he literally drove in grave himself by the means of long night vigils at computer. Classy very gifted programmer he, for some reason, prefered to work by the nights. He said that telephone calls and noise of cars do not distract his by the the nights... He said creative atmosphere is by the night. We met Stashevsky himself in 1991 year. Already in that time experienced (in respect of human health) physiognomist can say, that Stashevsky will not bear more than six or seven years such haste at irradiating computer screen by the nights. And we said that in his fase then. Sunken, unhealthy cheeks, dimmed eyes - all said what insidious electronic rays strongly furrowed his organism. "You have only one way out of this situation - you must learn Buteyko method quickly - added we in the end of talk. Stashevsky at once turned pale some how, effaced himself slightly. But he did not begin to train in Butekyo's method nevertheless.

He was only 46 years old in 1999 year. Only 46 years! Giftedest computer specialist turned into completely jaded by life little old man. He went to meet us by warm August day and was dressed in thick winter fur-coat... He was dead in half-year after that. Physicians longly conjured by him, took some tests, attempted to save his. But all was uselessly. Igor Victorovich talked with big dificultly with his relatives, when they came to him in hospital and turned aside tiredly after that. Infinite axhaustion so and was seen in his going out look.

We gave here two these concrete examples in order that to show - danger of radioactive irradiation is, to regret, at everyone man, which works long at computer screen. At everyone man! But there is different dose of irradiation at every concrete man of course. Nevertheless it will be very good for anyone to take method VEDB on armament. That method seriously raises immunity and gives good biological defence from of radioactive irradiation.

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