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Destinies of asthmatics
I already and to family am not necessary... (Destiny the first)

Part second of chapter 2: Farmaciutical mafia

But given these unconditionally confirm that on correlation to increase of the population many types of the cancerous diseases strike in eight times greater sick today, than in preceding years. The Number of the mortal events first tripled, then increased fourfold, but subsequently fivefold... Yes! read Such Nataliya Petrovna in its Prokopievske in 80 years of the twentieth age, she, probably, was afraid to take the medicine, which her pack prescribed from bronchial asthma. The Treatment of the bronchial asthma by method Buteyko was shown her splendid thing celestial already only therefore that this treatment is medicinalles!! Uzh if new medicine for treatment of the cancer render straight opposite expected from them effect, that medicine for bronchial asthma and will even more render the effect not greater...

On un-carcinome-that medicine little more whole money scientist is released. And that use no. But bronchial asthma so do not finance. Her(its) all more on remaining principle... But he,- principle this, long ago their own result known. The Professor Lui Brouer so in its book and confirms that like, it is said , picture exists and in respect of the other diseases. Prgressiya, de breakwater, terrifying!... The most best forecast, to which else allows the possibility to hope more then informed professor, this reduplication to death-rate from diseases at reduplication numbers of the population!!.. This is a best possible forecast. Real his(its) no.

But professor Lui Brouer even so allows the possibility of the hope on it. That is to say any groups of ten type new and road medicine us do not rescue. How much people died from them on each hundred of persons of the population, so much and will die. Nothing here do not попишешь. This at the best! But for the present since each year dies more sick, than their died earlier, in calculation all on grieve most hundred of persons of the population given city or region...

Also, leaves , is a deal and with treatment of the asthma. Possible, truth, hope that treatment of the bronchial asthma medicinalless by method Buteyko will avoid this VWVincrease the frequency of. But Nataliyu Petrovnu in 80 years of the twentieth age from bronchial asthma tried to cure not at all method Buteyko... Her(its) -that just вдоволь stuffed these the most dangerous and bad all new and new medicine.

The Result was on person. When she came up for my group by summer 1988, on it simply was terribly look.Krashe, aкак is spoken, even in casket place. Avedi her was quite not so much years... But looked she literally very sick man...

Gives the professor a statistics and on the other disease. He declares that number of the mortal events, caused heartily-vessell’s and cerebral-vessell’s by diseases, doubled. Here Lui Brouer refers the disease connected with sugar diabetes, psychic diseases, rheumatism and defeat bone-muscular fabric. But here is number of the people, deceased from disease Parkinson , turns out to be not even doubled. It increased azh in four times!!

Nataliya Petrovna, possible, has said that, breakwater, here no given on treatment of the bronchial asthma and his(its) результативности... On treatment of the bronchial asthma by method Buteyko given beside professor really no. But here is on treatment of the bronchial asthma traditionally-таблеточными way given beside Lui Brouera, alas, there are. Unencouraging, regrettably, data. Quite unencouraging. The Number wretch, deceased from insidious bronchial asthma, increased threefold... Well than not tragedy SHekspira. After all this people die! The People, not dogs....

They else to live yes to live, however, tablete mafia has released him more short period of the lifes. The Number deceased in rest events remained unchangeable- that is to say doubled. And this once again confirms that if medication and do not kill or do not present itself some dangers, that all they remain at the best (!) palliative facility! Not capable neither to relieve the sufferings, nor исцелить... Here is you and treatment of the asthma not method Buteyko... Meantime, professor notes that appears the new type disadvantage and mortally dangerous diseases:, for instance, yatrogennye diseases, generated by scientific studies, about which earlier nobody nothing do not know. YAtrogennye diseases-diseases, caused due to physician... Or physician has said something sick carelessly and not so, as it is necessary. Or понавыписывал medicine, which have itself caused beside sick medicinal disease... Here professor Lui Brouer has in view of more exactly medicinal disease, since in book is spoken about new scientific study, which have brought about creation new poisonous medicine...

The Market-that on production medicine gradually after all enlarges. Moreover such trend is noted and in the other country, rather then in calm Switzerland only. In 1992 export medication from Switzerland came up to ten with half milliards(!) swiss franc. In one 1992 three транснациональными by companies Siba, Roche and Sandoz are comprised trade agreements only on one sector of the pharmaceuticalses on amount more than twenty one мmilliardsswiss franc... In this year these companies invested in research work and expansion production new medicine 3775 milliards swiss franc!!! About what treatment of the asthma by method Buteyko (the method medicinalless...) here possible speak if on tablets took out such money!!! Signifies will pickling the sick tablet before stress. Cures, does not cure, but buy, brother!

And that interesting, in book of the professor Lui Brouera is said that even these 3775 milliards swiss franc- not yet all money that turn the pharmaceutical companies on field of grain production new medicine. This... the whole only 18% from the general amount of the rest all-stock deals. Consequently, the general-that amount pulls on six once on so much!!

Well and... That further-that else possible add? Where this find such Silt Muromec, which осмелится against such moneybags with opened забралом to emerge.. Pharmaceutical industry is enriched to account got But these astronomical amounts, however, can not guarantee the high medical effect from released on the market medicine. But but then when considering statistical given possible to find proof that that number of the mortal events as a result of diseases, on study which are spent greater facilities, lately vastly increased. It is Necessary to be verily big оптимистом to say that as a result nearly ancient experiment on animal we ed before source point, with which began the long way.

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