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Destinies of asthmatics
I already and to family am not necessary... (Destiny the first)

Chapter 3: New tablets-always well?

Yes. But, turns out to be, even big positive man having said that we ed for one hundred years back, will неправ... Actually mankind did not return on source way- it has retreated back much further! And this retreat, alas, lasts on growing...

Nataliya Petrovna came in terror from these cool lines. The Treatment her(its) old asthmas by method Buteyko was shown her simply pipe dream on background like forecast. But scientist Milli-SHer and scientist Menzoli, written this touching introduction to to book прфессора Lui Brouera, else obviously try as small as possible to exaggerate. They handle only absolutely legitimnym numeral! That are most numeral, which happen to in official swiss statistical reference book. But to whom unknown that all that haves something published for public-is embelished and drived as minimum in two against truth...

"Today most often die in consequence of wrong acceptance medicine and by reason of diseases, which during age were studied on animal". So convince us above named authors of the foreword. And they warn about that that for the past time mankind did not learn even to check the medicine!! And that absolutely, it is said , obviously that majority new medicine bring presently to ruins sick where more often, than this happened in past... As!

Good drawn scientist picture- nothing will not say! After such for medicine in general terribly to r the nacked hand... The Experts, okazyvaetsya. констатируют that we are shown witness of the clean collapse of the studies, which base was an experiment on animal. It Is Confirmed as well as that these studies never served the interest of health of the person, but sooner whole personal interest one, their conducted and supported.

Yes!!.. As it is spoken - than further in wood, that more дров... One hundred years experimented on animal , experimented. But is now got that in the general-that harm these experiment we carried... The Treatment of the asthma on method Buteyko does not lean, certainly, nor on what animal specifically. But check medicine... "However such studies are paid from pocket of the taxpayer, which will- unwill put in position of the compelled payment of the ruinous study, bring such serious losses." Straight here is so here is black on white and write Milli SHer and Menzoli in introduction to book of the professor Lui Brouera "Tabletochnaya mafia"! Write not sicreat. Among white day... The Truth book this simple mortal daytime with fire will not see. Tabletochnoy mafias after all not with hands of such book broadly in everyday life to allow... Thence wretched circulation. Thence language barriers. Did Not after all publishers to translate her(it) on all languages of the world. Oh did not. Yes and as they are thrown, when mafia them for this queekly. Write better about new tablets- more earn...

Have Written the authors of the foreword and about that that curiously enough to compare the amount an died as a result of accident with such amount deceased as a result of diseases. In 1930, for instance, 4142 persons perished afterwards accident (the damages, murder, suicide and on others, uncorrect reason). In 1991 (that is to say through) 60 years number died has formed 5338 persons. In comparison with increase of the population amount погибших as a result of accident even decreased on 85% aproximately. And this in spite of the fact that vastly increased the intensity of the road motion and realization regular flight to civil aviation... Naseleni increased double! But death-rate from accident only on 15% increased. That is to say it decreased on 85%!! Here is if too most possible was say about treatment of the bronchial asthma (or the other disease) tablet... But, alas, treatment of the diseases tablet gives the reduplication to death-rate sick for this period

Wholly possible that treatment of the asthma ( and the other diseases) medicinalless by method Buteyko and gave picture cognate with death from accident. However... nobody from leading medical official does not hurry to introduce around the world medicinalless method. Nina Fedorovna books of the professor Lui Brouera did not read, fact these did not know. And in power of the tablets in medium eight-teens years of the twentieth century else believed without question! Believed in spite of the fact that new-that medicinal preparations she regularly took, but... But bronchial asthma her only increased and increased.

Further authors of the foreword opened by text write that in its monographs doctor Lui Brouer , not in the least not to vary, exposes this fraud on base unchallengeable fact. He proves that modern medicine manages small, but omnipotent group oligarch, costing at the head large chemist- pharmaceutical компний, which manages, due to stupendous financial facility, select the necessary government, politician, chapters of the medical institutions... Here is, turns out to be, as far spreads the power of the usual tablet! Leaves that one , produce these tablets, who владеет the greater plant on production of these tablets, they -that and shift to the right the world!!

Well will realy come such in head of the usual person, not having information, which well known professor Lui Broueru and his(its) to his friends. When we speak of the authorities on the world, that somehow instinctively images general appear in consciousness in gilt uniform dress coat, greater armies, powerful tanks. But on deal-that leaves otherwise. Some small small circle of the people, often already becomed bald and grown solid paunch, folds itself pharmaceutical monopoly and... And dictates its will and general in embroidered gold(en) shoulder strap, and politician, raging on screen television set. Small, nobody with type not inspiring like person of the misgivings, small circle of the homely people. Well how much their- well one hundred, well two hundred persons. And they shift to the right the poles by billionth population of the globe!! There is from what flinch and be terrified.

The Treatment of the asthma by method Buteyko can cope with asthma. But what cope with dictate this tablete to mafias?...

запись на обучение методу Бутейко

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запись на обучение методу Бутейко
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