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Chapter 4: This medical body...

Lui Brouer writes that internists, as poor ancestor this medical body, residing in constant searching for of some unrealistic medical truth presently, are a supporter wrong and dangerous medical methods. Kapitalisticheskaya system, having created all premiseses for determination of the united monopoly of the laboratory, hoped that laboratory начнут fritter out, having opened in small office group, or gradually will begin get under checking state organ. This moment follows to fear, since care for sick can completely stop, as it is woke;waked these wretch come not for medical help, but in shelter for pottage...

The Conclusive evidences this can serve the situation, established in Spain and Great britain. Such a situation has and back to medals.. Since, it is necessary to acknowledge that before present-day day patients were in more profitable position, being under trusteeship organ social protection, which gave sick 100% compensation for consultations, procedures, examinations and medicine. And this in condition of the liberal system, allowing increase amount consultation, examinations and gained medicinal preparation!

By means of social protection separate patients, constantly getting help in order of the social security, started to abuse given by him right of the reception of the treatment on the most low prices. А from like irresponsible behaviour damaged the dominating part of population of the country.

Both medical body, and pharmaceutical laboratories, chemist and liberally practising physicians have well lined the pocket on like to situations. Here is you and treatment of the asthma medicinalless by method Buteyko... Yes what there! If uzh integer of the country this таблеточная mafia on VWVtake in puts. After all that possible to understand from said by professor Lui Brouerom comparatively Spain and England? But that and understand. That pertained there to sick on humanly. Acceptance beside врачей, consultations and medicine there expensive. So special social service payed the extra for acceptance and checkup poor person. But... But, as it is spoken, went poverty- shaked the tatter... The Poor person (certain careless part poor person) such deal fast liked.

They started to apply to hospitals on any trifle. A little not with knife beside blazed required the payment deary procedures and medicine, which him at present were completely unnecessary... And... And has occurred most worse. Became insolent-that quite small part poor person. The Majority conscious, небогатых people by their own social rights did not abuse. Applied for social help strictly under the law. But because of small circle irresponsible люмпенов damaged all... The Government has taken yes and has cancealled the considerable толику this essential social help. And now that earlier was liberally given under the law, it is necessary to wangle standing up with stretched by hand! That is to say come to shelter for pottage. So this brightly names the professor Lui Brouer.

Well bad people-that, which before this government have brought, they and with stretched by hand will stand, are not overcome. But here is normal-that sick as to like position hospital bad people to get accustomed? They-that this for that! And Lui Brouer wholly validly writes that wholly probably that such idyllic situation (the distribution social help all and the whole..) could not last long time. During 2-3 years state became to take measures on reduction of the sizes of the payments for rendered medical facilities and gained medication...

The Former constant patients have to now spend their own own facilities and much less visit the medical specialists... This else сильнее обострило the modern crisis to medical branch, which became to change profil, became else more incompetent and allowing серьзные of the mistake at treatment. The Physicians-allopaths will eventually become sacrifises two circumstances. On the one hand they will become the victim an капиталистической systems, supported monopoly of the laboratory and creating condition for fall of the demand both on this category physicians, and on profession as a whole. With the other sides-they will become the victim of the inevitable climbing down to one of the type of the collectivwhich is an opposition of the liberalism, and which undermines the bases of state and sound collectivism...

Thereby follows to suppose that natural medicine, alternative or untraditional, authority which powerfully increased at the last 10 years, will and вдальнейшем to succeed in contrast with by allopatic medicine. Therefore we with you, dear readers, can understand from aforesaid that treatment of the asthma by method Buteyko has a prospects for the future on this versions. Since it is a representative нетрадиционной medicine. But with other-that sides all don't care верховодят the most rich pharmaceutical companies... And its power they nobody to return do not be going to! Itself Lui Brouer confesses that given his book on essences presents itself product, directed on fight against pharmaceutical laboratories. Moreover even on this honored book professor must at most spare. He writes that from- for financial considerations it is impossible publish such a book by volume more 400 printed pages of the text...

Such book will become very costly. And people will not be able its liberally buy. But crimes tablete themselves to mafias so multiple that book could have and six hundred pages, and much more that... After all if tell on all practical deal of the producers medicinal preparation, on all accident happened upon their blame for the last 20 years of the use dangerous medication, that it is necessary will plenty of printed pages... But after all medicine, previously than fall into realization, have got the corresponding to permit... The Full list medication, use which has already brought about accident and which were withdraw for this reason from use, introduces the tragic fact. Such is a tragic upshot from use separate medicine became the persisting sensation! This was is broadly illuminated in mass media. And, in spite of this, long list dangerous medicine already uncared-for in turn!! They bring about fatal upshot gradually.

Their consequences else unknown. But so and do not cause no interest beside presses. In its other book under name "Black досье syntetic medicine" (the publishers "Ankr", 1990) professor Lui Brouer cites on studies, made on 330 chemical substances, being included in 1400 patent medicines!... Knew Nataliya Petrovna about these terrible events, when ostensibly checked medicine guilty детей in ugliness... Then treatment of the asthma with the help of syntetic medicine, rather then method Buteyko, was shown her simply blasphemy. But, alas, tablete mafia tooth and nail tries conseal similar examples. Withdraw them soon from open seal... Yes this mafias there is that to hide. One history fashionable medicine контерган what costs...

In 1960 in FRG began srecial "epidemic" innate ugliness, increased with every year per annum! The world honest german professor medicine Gugo Glyazer announced About this later. He wrote that began to be born the children with vice of the development, which earlier existed extremely seldom. In unusual big percent events were born the children, on which nature literally raged! Beside детишек was not a handle... In normal understanding of this word! And only ugly resemblances handle or foots of the legs introduced connected straight to that place, where was found shoulder or basin... Only think to readers! The Medicine contergan, broadly propagandizing pharmaceutical laboratory in Germany, spoiled the small children so, as fascists have not were able...

This was a tragedy for parents. But if take into consideration that during one year ONLY in FRG was born beside 7 thousand (!!!) such children, that will become the comprehensible terror of the position reversible on itself attention of the public. About contergan-that not has immediately thought..Its so advertisment has extolled that only buy and step!

The First about than have thought- noded on viral infection, struck full-grown during pregnancy. Such suggestion was not easily reject. After all something like existed several years during epidemic of the rubella back. The Truth,then this was not thousand of the events, but scanned units! And damages were in a thousand once easier.

Only some women, been ill by rubella at the first weeks of its pregnancy, produced on light детей with some innate vice. For instance, vice heart. This was so nazyvaemye"sinyushnye" children. And their happened to to handle on cause of the innate vice heart. But this was an units. And vice was not so terrible outwardly!! But here. About what here treatment of the asthma tablet possible to speak, when from tablets halitosis that can be. The Method Buteyko on such not capable. Knew this Nina Fedorovna! Thenceforward, the physician became known that at pregnancy (particularly in the beginning and впервой of the one third of her period) viral disease full-grown presents the greater danger for child, since he will often be born with that or other vice of the development. They- these vices, can be more varied. Turns attention on itself that exactly rubella, rather harmless disease, entails the vices of the development beside child. But other viral diseases, for instance, mumps, only seldom turn out to be the reason of the development of the vice...

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