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Part two of Chapter 4: This medical body...

Already in whole year at November 1962 heard in court deal 24 year woman, who has ed its newborn child... Notice, heard it in Germany already not, but in Belgium. In city Liezhe. The Woman has ed its newborn child by big dose sleeping pill medicine. Has Done she this therefore that during pregnancy she took the medicine softenon. But this preparation talidomid... And her child was born - without hands! Making look younger ma could not allow that her child dragged the life of the cripple. This process called big attention both in Belgium, and in the other country.. He has caused very hot disputes. The Public opinion divided. On pew undertreat turned out to be not only mother, but also her husband, and sister, and physician, prescribed sleeping pill medicine. In Liezhe then occurred the demonstrations in protection inculpated. The Population всецело was on their side... The Court has justified all inculpated!

Interesting in this matter other moment. To pew undercourting will put the wretch a mother, her husband, sister, physician. But... nobody did not dare to put to pew undercourting main of the perpetrator- pharmaceutical company, which has made the medicine from talidomid!! After all whole year back in Dyusselidorofe passed so alarm convention врачей, dedicated to seeds thousand disfigured, as it was realized, talidomid children. The Medicine- murderer has defined. His aloud have named aloud. About this have written in newspaper. Unbelievably that belgian pharmaceutical company about this did not know! Knew, certainly. But... there after all spoke of kontergan. А beside them-that like as softenon... The Brining salvation play for company of the words. The Same preparation name on- miscellaneous! But maims-that he equally!!!

And here is- please. The Armless child. Judge all, who is pleased, only not pharmaceutical company... To company have presented rather timid claims only single damaged. One american marital pair has required with company two million dollars. Here is you and treatment of the asthma and other treatments ill poisonous medsins aside from medicinalless method Buteyko.

Little- liitle all these infernal events ugliness children after receiving by ma талидомида become even so get the certain publicity. And only then, notice, only then in many country have begun finally to reveal the preparations, containing talidomid to forbid them. In the total difficulty was discovered more than fifty preparations, from which several has found itself specifically broad using... Even withdraw these medicine from drugstores was not so-that easy. But they else remained in home first-aid kit, beside врачей and amongst sample, sent company physician. So power happened to to forewarn and physicians

In FRG in that time number children been born without hands or legs powerfully increased. It in two hundred (!!) once has превысило usually existed number like ugliness... The Other западноевропейские of the country too were VWVbrush against this tragedy. But far less. Such events were noted in France, Italies, Switzerlands, austria, Holland, Spain. But here is in Liverpool existed aiming wave like vice. Became more frequent such events and in the other parts of the England. The Vice was packed and in Australia. And all from acceptance talidomid!! So, what see, treatment of the asthma безлекарственным by method Buteyko has else and that unchallengeable plus that any pesticide does not act upon sick like talidomid...

As was it already said, at November 1961 professor of the Lazy streaks first has voiced the suspicion that under described vice of the development on hand damage talidomid . The Other clinics could not ignore the statement such seen scientist... But they and did not headlong with him to agree! Very in a reserved manner become representatives of the other clinics to come to opinion that reason внутриутробных vice of the development must be some medicine. But besides, such possibility were prefixed by them determined product of the feeding.... In list caused suspicion material, formed by baby clinic in Bonn at November 1961, kontergan occupied whole only eighth place!! After facility for washing, some medicine, coniferous extract, orange, яиц and some гормональных preparation.

What see, tablete mafia knew how to press on physician. This mafia obtained that that perpetrator of all troubles -kontergan- was only on восьмом place. Like- can and...he. А... can be and not at all he! Additionally mamas, native уродцев, nowhere near did not hurry to attract the company-manufacturers kontergan to responsiblity. From each ten polled mamas only thirty percents have reported that took rjy tergan. Rest... his took, but... did not consider necessary to mention him(it) when questioning!! Well than not paradise situation for tablete of the mafias. The Treatment bronchial asthma, treatment other ill- on all there is their own pesticides beside таблеточной of the mafias. А beside supporter medicinalless method Buteyko comes short neither spirit, nor effrontery to require personally for itself absolutely safe way of the treatment. Comes short and all!

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! Жизнь без таблеток и скальпеля !

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запись на обучение методу Бутейко
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