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Part 3: What did they cure the asthma before method Buteyko?

Record of Ginness of sick hypertension and initial stage of the asthma patient

This extremely interesting question for all, who although has once felt that air does not pass at breath in his lungs. "Cured" in that timeses asthma, yes and "cures" presently by ways, certainly,tormentor's. One bronchoscopy and exhausting of phegms from of lungs what cost... But tormented sicks not only by sticking of bronchoscope in the most gentile bronchis of sick, causing him impossible flours.

Somebody red "to cure" asthma and by operative way... In general - it is necessary to think - to cut to sick one lung ostensibly that he easier became to breathe... Well if asthmatic and with two lungs chokes, that as will he become easier after removing one lung? As?! We Ask to notice that lung deleted beside sufferring from asthma not at all on what or physiological evidences. We shall Say there rotted completely from phegm, is terribly destroyed by bronchitctfsias . No! Not at all.

The Lung deleted on absolutely naive theory. It is said, breakwater, when removing light, will at one is cut and so-called wanderring nerve... And then... then disease (possible!) retreats. The Disease, certainly, after removing of lung nowhere retreated. On the contrary - an asthmatic fits beside sick began to appear all more often and more often and, however! However like operations lasted.

Signifies to allow practically mad thought that some there wanderring nerve is a reason of the asthma - is possible. But here is to allow not at all mad, but repeatedly checked in laboratory Buteyko idea about that that by the main reason of the arising the asthma beside sick is his( deep breathing - this, turns out to be well at all it is impossible was do.

Better by scalpel time-time and to cut to the sufferer a lung. The person although will know, as surgeons for he tried! Let did not help. Let even worse, than before such treatment of the asthma, became... But after all tried, tried, cut... In this connection, dear sicks by asthma, I am recalled one more inctructive talk of Konstantina Pavlovicha Buteyko with visitor by stolichny journalist.

The Deal this was 7 February 1991. In this day Konstantin Pavlovich always noted the date his acquaintance with wife - Lyudmiloy Dmitirievnoy. We are a small company (together with arrived from Moscow in Novosibirsk journalist of big all-union newspapers) went on foot on lane amongst snow snowdrifts of novosibirsk Scientist-town to small restaurant, been situated from building Buteyko not far.

Konstantin Pavlovich supported the guest under hand and much hotly spoke, louwering nearly to most ear of the listener: "You can not visualize to himself, some surgeons become before what bloodthirsty in shoulder strap for any - let and quite not had approbatin operations! Here is too lung beside asthmatic to cut - after all it is absurdity the most full!... And as beside him eyes herewith fire. I observed such a surgeons as far back as 1961. This - if only to cut. GOD FORBID -to get to such in hands. Straight pathology some it is. Though, certainly, labour of the surgeon is extremely necessary, I understand. But here are similar types - from them simply in tremor throws. Their follows to fear".

Shall Honestly say that having heard this talk then - at February 1991 I was is simply stunned. I was thought - does not thicken Teacher of the paints. But presently, on passed years and mature cogitation I all more and more make sure - did not thicken Konstantin Pavlovich paints! By no means thickened. Can even what-that and not added.

Today we all already know what in the same America in shoulder strap for profit careless surgeons in a flash you willcut absolutely not disturbing you appendix. Will cut for what to earn the spare dollar. And not only appendix...

All, who searches for the authentic treatment of the asthma and doubts in like I simply have advised to read the novel "Erousmit", written about american physicians by american writer. There, there is simply terrifying fragment. The Young american physician Erousmit calls at in receiving apartments of his classmate on medical faculty, became by reach surgeon. And in this receiving he simply physically feels on himself bloodthirsty glances of employees of his comrade, who literally fire his by glances , nosing that- such him possible was slice beside him as of their the client ... The Employees-that did not know that this came not sick, but classmate of their boss...

- What you immediately have not said? - me simply has pulled from of this information. - Do you really consider that there is on World mothers, beside which after like scene will not jump the pressure - I have said this so deep that went, similars, even before Izolidy Gansovny. My needing for treatment of the hypertensions sick suddenly has broadly opened the eyes. Sowed on sofa and already quite on the other has looked at me.

- А and truth, Sergey Georgievich,... - have to was acknowledge the obvious fact a landlady of home. - Well but I somehow this has not ed...

- Yes as is it possible such not to?! - got free beside me. Here and guess-that was an nothing. All being present with me completely agreed and studies will go its usual move. Long ago all this like was, dear hyprtension sicks. But here is did not fade from memory.

This, so to speak, is saga about scalpel. When to sick of asthma simply so for sound live cut the integer a lung - it is certainly terribly. Terribly after all, dear asthmatics? Much terribly! But realy more terrible deal is "treatment of" asthma by hormonal preparations? Yes, here like sick by asthma do not cut stright. But here secrtive cut his organism by terrible pesticides! Otherwise, after all, such "treatment of" asthma at all and will not name.

Gormonal preparation after all will not compare to usual tablet. She and usual tablet under frequent using destroys the organism be the healthy... The Whole this synthesized chemistryis so distant from of by nature, so ruinous for organism of sick by of asthma that it is difficult to send. And all in contrast with hormonal preparations - only flower! Gormonal preparations brush against such deep mechanisms of the human organism that this simply it is difficult to send the word. And accordingly inflict the organism the most deep, with the most heavy consequence harm. But plus from them - is a short relief of the sufferings same sick asthma. Very short and very illusory. Yes! The Choking asthmatic will be able some time to breathe by the air. And this, naturally, is much well. But after all lungs will take the air not therefore that is removed reason disease, but since the hormonal preparation by means of poisonous.

The chemical reaction for time has removed the spasms. But spasms-that is caused by deep breathing! But on this deep breathing hormonal preparation has not rendered no influence. It as was, so and remained. We shall Take for example such hormonal preparation, as prednzolon. Else working in Novosibirsk Centre "Breathing on Buteyko" I saw the groups of ten sicks, arrived for treatment of the asthma, which literally with veneration compressed in hands cardboard bolls with tablets this most prednizolon. For many of them this was really last hope. Prednizolon for these asthmatics was that bible for believers. And little who of them knew that like him corticosteroid preparations cause, for instance, delay of the growing of lymphoid fabrics. That they cause the breach to functions of adrenal glands, increasing of the risk of infections, breach of the process to regenerations as a result of fissions of the cells, possible appearance of the contact eczema and miscellaneous... Corticosteroids can cause increasing of the arterial pressure, obesity, osteoporosis, even sugar diabetes! Much often it is possible to observe the typical appearance of edema, caused by a delay of ions of sodium. Exist the events of psychic frustrations in the manner of overweening excitement or depression. Kortikosteroidy can cause the gastritis and peptic ulcer of the belly, perforation undiscovered cankers.

Not weakly, not truth? Seamingly hormonal preparations ( the same corticosteroud prednisolone) cures the asthma. But they and asthma does not cure, and organism destroy! Intensive or long-lasting using of corticosteroids causes the change of a level of electrolyte!!, in particular of chlorine and potassium in the blood. At appearance of the tumors percent of androgenic hormones in the blood powerfully increases. Any hormonal breach causes change to different organs, in which then and there appear the cancerous cells...

On all this writes in its next book "Pharmaceutical mafia" doctor of the medical sciences, professor Lui Brouer. Hereinafter he continues: "Only devilish medicine can fix for using like dangerous substances! (And cure the asthma by these devilish chemical preparations - shall add we). And really, from aforesaid is seen that corticosteroids are not only reason of the different diseases, but also render infusing on their consequences. In the event of inflammatory process (but asthma, certainly, creates the inflammatory process in alveolus of lungs - S.G. Altuhov) corticosteroids temporarily render the antiinflammatory action, but then at the shortest period can exist relapse, that is to say inflammation will show more denominated, than this was at initial period!!! In consequence of that what the disease is not cured, but only weakens the organism for short length of time proceeding of disease, appears the question - but is there sense to subject to the organism to occasionly inconvertible danger and to cause new, more dangerous disease?"

Beside professor, the doctor of the medical sciences - such question appears. But here is beside one, cures the asthma by thepredizolone such question hardly could appear. The Plain folk, not doctors of the medical sciences, they like by information did not possessed. They simply knew that prednizolone will help in the event of what to remove him the fit of the difficulty in breathing. А about that - what price this "prodigy" will occur, sufferring from asthma people not know... Prednizolon, kenokort, berotec - were their "deliverers". But saved that they them not only from of fits of the difficulty in breathing, but also from of long life on this white light. Since long on ruinous for organism hormonal preparations of the person well at all will not stretch. Twenty-thirty years to life they beside he deprives - exactly!

But the most galling is that people in white robes did not beat the alert - that most physicians, which day from of-day drew and draw tothis sicks themountains of hormonal preparations. Any sick, thirsty treatment of the asthma, has the right to ask - but why physicians, drawing him so dangerous preparations, do not beat in alarm bell? Why they with medical flags in hands will not leave on streets with protest against slow destruction of their own patients? Sick all this to ask has the right, but... does not ask. Does Not ask since considers that to physician is seeing more better. The Physicians after all gave the holy vow of Gippokrat. On medical altar sweared to do all that in their powers for extension of the lifes of the people. So thought, yes and think one, gets the recipes on the next portion of prednizolone. А on deal? Yes! The Vow-that saint Gippokrat physicians, certainly, gave. But comply with that on lifes and small and greater physicians to whom? Anyone will say - to managing of polyclinic. And this will be a truth, but not whole. Since himself zav.poliklinik to people is not enemy. He will not order to his subordinated only on its robber's volution to stuff folk for treatment of the asthma by hormones.

Anyone will say that zav.poliklinikoy will comply with district helthy department. And this will be a truth. But again incomplete. Rayzdravotdel even under managing of officials too sicks itself to stuff does not become. The God, will be afraid...

And so sorting district healthy department, town heakthy department, region healthy department other lover of truth that and see will go before Helth Ministry. Here already truth like must be uzh quite full-over full.To Health Ministry-that certainly all physicians comply with without of exception. And he - this the most Minzdrav for one, searches for the treatments of the asthma (avoiding side hidden and cushioned method Buteyko) is got most of enemy bastion and there is. From there, leaves, are going the awesome commands - to sicks hormonal preparations to draw!

At first thought - like it is correct. Health Ministry commands by the physicians. It and orders. But also this truth, turns out to be, too incomplete. Sick and in wit not go search for that, but who orders to the most Health Ministry ... But if on wit such suddenly and will go, that sick will think that the Government orders to Health Ministry. However and this thought and guesswork will be distant from truth. Indeed stuff the sicks by hormones the physicians compels not Health Ministry and not government. No and once again no! One, will return the authentic orders into view sick do not get. But will return the orders and to Health Ministry, and to physicians seamingly harmless on names of the institutions - a pharmaceutical laboratories!!

Well truth, people, to whom will come to mind sin against of some tablet's laboratories with research gradient? As, it is said, can they (whole-that only producers of the white chemical tablets) order to clever, high-educated professors of medicine? Can! Alas - else as can, and else what order. Not without fall these orders are arranged in written form on glossy paper with violet stamp. Nowhere near... Such are an evident evidences it is possible and not to find. But here is financial levers, by means of which can or several elated salaries to tractable physicians, or (under not tractabletion) its greatly reduce - here is these-that economic levers are completely found in possession of the pharmaceutical companies. After all any (including hormonal) synthesized chemical preparations give to him such profit that... But agio with this-that great profit to pharmaceutical companies nothing do not cost to unbelt to whom it is necessary that follows and... to the physicians will is returned order to prescribe to sicks any(!) produced by companies tablets! Any!! Here you are, expensive my, and treatment of the asthma in natural, so to speak, type. Prednizolon, berotec, kenocort... How much already wretch (not knowing method Buteyko) sicks by of asthma has sowed on this hormonal needle?!

Moreover that strangely if person stuffs himself by anasha, heroin and other filth - the physicians aloud shout: "Drug addict!". And declare the struggle with drug addiction. But here is with hormonal drugs nobody does not fight... The Medicine, medicine. But this is such medicine, from of which subsequently too it is necessary will treat. So it is better and not to bring own organism before acceptance these most hormones.

The Method Buteyko, as nor turn, was created by Konstantinom Pavlovichem Buteyko as far back as 1952. More half of century back! Yes, its hide! Yes, the method Buteyko cushion. And all one, much wants, find the Buteyko methodists and method study. Hereunder safely save himself from of acceptance of so dangerous (on degree of the dependencies) hormonal preparations.

Analysing all aforesaid be possible assigned by question - so but was before method Buteyko authentic treatment of the asthma in general? If answer honestly, not twisting by the soul, follows to say - no! If was not known the authentic reason of the asthma (this reason is a deep breathing of sick), that could not be and authentic its treatment. Then appears the following legal question - but what in such event do cure all these prednizolons, kenokorts, berotecs? They itself-that asthma, alas does not cure. They cure the effect of the asthma, its simptoms. As follows - weakenning respiratory musculature remove the callable by asthma a fit of the difficulty in breathing. But from what that they will weaken the respiratory musculature, does not take away the reason of the spasm itself - a deep breathing! The Action of prednizolon will end in short time and remained not touched deep breathing of sick will cause the new spasm, new fit of the difficulty in breathing!

Leaves that itself-that asthma neither prednizolon, nor kenocort, nor berotec cures. They only remove (for time!) spasm to after completion of their action new spasm was crushed on you with already tripled power! It Is Got that treatment of the asthma does not occur, but here is destroing of organism by hormones occurs, yes else what!! Buteyko spoke that before invention so powerful chemical, ostensibly antiastmatic preparations, asthmatics from of fit of the difficulty in breathing much powerfully agonized, but they did not die from of these fit.

Now their torments like are relieved, but mortal upshots became not infrequent. Why? Earlier organism have to was fight with fit itself. Beside it was although some to this fight drill. Now synthesized chemical preparations this preparedness to fight and self-defending beside organism have selected. So if asthmatic on some reasons will not have time to to take the hormone, that he can say goodbye with life.

But after all absolutely near by each sick is found medicinalless, dictated by the most nature, method to volitional liquidation of the deep breathing, invented by Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko. With appearance of this method (at the end 1952) ended before- Buteyko era of"treatment of" asthma blindfold. But passed already integer 54 years, but treatment of the asthma by real method Buteyko hitherto is unknown to millions of sicks. The Method cushion, thieve, distort!

The Bronchial asthma! The Treatment of the bronchial asthma by korticosteroid's hormones! These are a terrible words by tocsin sounds in the ears of a millions sicks. About as passionately want they dispose of its terrible ill! But what does today official pro-western medicine? She, as well as at the beginning of medicine origin forces to address patients for treatment from an asthma almost to the Lord to the God... It is no secret, that when the medicine only, only arose - all (then insignificant) initial medical data and "secrets" concentrated in hands of monks and priests. And (then still) nobody was going to treat the patient at once for a stomach ulcer, nephritic colics or from the same asthma. To it, the poor fellow gave the chance to suffer much. To creep in a lap before the priest and to implore absolution, in punishment for which it ostensibly also has received the given illness.

And only having entangled sick of a web of belief and divine service the monk could, having taken pity to give and concrete medical council. It was centuries ago. But also now treatment of an asthma, a stenocardia, a hypertension is spent by priests in white dressing gowns approximately by the same principle. That first cry before an office of "priest". Ask treatments of an asthma at the medical priest. Then cry in the office, offer... And then to you will put in a mouth prednizolone. Also will tell - "Go good luck..." Asthma Treatment is ended.

Mentality of the person and furthermore the person searching for treatments of an asthma, it is extremely vulnerable and pliable. If as treatment of an asthma priests in white mantles present to him Prednisolonum and time, and two. And in one hospital, both in another, and in the third... That unfortunate ( unfamiliar still with a method K.P. Buteyko) the asthmatic, and will be assured, that this is basic agent of treatment of an asthma.

Agent dangerous, giving serious by-effects. But, alas, for today similar, that the core... Why did asthmatics begin a thicket to perish after the invention as treatment of an asthma of hormonal preparations? Has put here in what. The person who requires asthma treatment, basically (even somewhere at subconscious level) guesses, that hormones do it harm. Therefore the asthmatic uses them unwillingly and tries to accept them less often. But, whatever one may do, dependence of an organism on them thus is all the same developed. And here to the asthmatic it became again bad. But it has overcome himself and at once has not accepted a hormone. To it all is worse. Hormonal "treatment" of an asthma has not come also a dyspnea attack continues to develop. Then the patient requiring treatment of an asthma nevertheless accepts a hormone! Accepts, when already forces any are not present. To breathe there is nothing. The patient requires urgent treatment of an asthma. It has accepted a hormone at the last minute. But the hormonal preparation does not operate instantly! Should pass minutes forty. And at sick of an asthma hormonal insufficiency has already caused insufficiency heart's. . And all - a lethal outcome.

If the century of "treatment" of an asthma hormonal preparations has not come yet asthmatics would, of course, be excruciated from dyspnea attacks, very strongly would suffer, but... But they would die extremely seldom. And here with offensive of a hormonal era lethal outcomes have sharply increased. I was a sign with the doctors, which steels witnesses of similar lethal outcomes.

So, for example, one my acquaintance (doctor) have urgently caused to the sick asthmatic who lived nearby to it. When Irina Sergeevna has come running to it in a room, this 43 years asthmatic actually already died. He convulsively swallowed by the opened mouth of air, but its person only became blue from of a dyspnea. Business was that this patient strong sat on hormones. But also strong them hated and tried to get rid of them. Certainly, "treatment" of an asthma by hormones it is not at all of asthma treatment- it is a treatment of asthmatic attacks and breaking of an organism. But to get rid of hormones it is necessary not one strong-willed certificate, and gradually.

Basically it is possible to try and at once to throw. Many asthmas searching for original treatment, throw. But, if at them strong hormonal dependence was not developed yet, all can and is good manage. And if dependence already strong... Then it is necessary to throw gradually. And if it is strongly bad (and, say, by means of method Buteyko while an attack to take out it is not possible) - then it is necessary to accept a hormone. And to accept it during time, considering, that it will work only in 40 minutes. The given patient delayed until the last minute hormone reception. Without it the attack could not stop and... And hormonal insufficiency has passed in insufficiency heart's! Irina Sergeevna took all measures for its salvage, here and first aid has appeared in time. But all was vain. To salvage the patient and it was not possible. Absolutely clearly, that if this man never would use hormones, hardly he would die at 43 years age...

Often Konstantin Pavlovich Butejko in the lectures for us said, that it is not necessary to be afraid of the use of hormonal preparations, that hormonal preparations is not so are terrible, if any time competently to use them. But all of us - its methodologists well knew, that the Teacher says so that he should be considered that the century of application of hormonal preparations has already come, we are not in forces to return in beforehormonal time. Therefore it is necessary to study to gain and those sick of an asthma which are already planted on hormones. But in other lectures (and time and again!) Бутейко told the rigid truth about banefulness of treatment of an asthma by antibiotics and hormonal preparations. Here again there was no contradiction. He lived in the real world and should reckon with these realities.

But even the teacher most Buteyko - the known Soviet therapist, academician Tareev in the early fifties already said that in our medicine obvious search with application of chemical medicamental preparations unfortunately is observed. If Tareev half a century ago considered that already overfeed patients with tablets what to speak now!

Now the patients searching for treatments of an asthma overfeed with already corticosteroid hormonal preparations. And to know the truth about these most hormonal preparations those who requires asthma treatment have the full right according to article №30 of bases of the Russian legislation about public health services. This article and is called "the Rights of the patient".

But tell to me please, the people requiring treatment of an asthma,did you see though sometime in eyes this most 30ю article of bases of the legislation about public health services of the Russian federation ? Did you read it? Did the doctor show it to you in hospital? No! There, to great our general regret now and that who requires asthma treatment, and to those who requires hypertonia treatment show frequently absolutely another. And that there show it is possible to see well from a following example.

I simply, not very thinking, shall bring for one, needs for urgent treatment of the asthma, or in treatment of the hypertensions simple simple example. The Letter of sick, which that she obtained in polyclinic of the truth physician on acceptance has broken the finger! Notice, dear, needing for treatment of the asthma, or in treatment of the hypertensions people, - a finger sick has broke not drunk bandit on street, but physician beside his cabinet on reception... And not has accidentally broken, on tragic, shall say, mistake. But damned her coping-stones that sick did not want to give him bribe in one hundred dollars. First damned but has afterwards broken her finger!

In editings letter of sick have processed and have printed under title -"Boorishness in white robes". Here is this article. Brought below details has described damaged – old woman, Veteran of the labour Elena Ivanovna Zykova. " Me 62 goda. diseases beside me although pour off. On treatment in hospital I have directed by the internist O.V. Sergeeva. The Managinging therapeutic branch " mister" Rykov similars haved little liking for and one, suffers from asthma and sick hypertension, especially. if beside them in pocket not big money.. The Rykov has allowed to place me in otdelenie. but has warned that to lie I shall be in corridor or... in male chamber. (feel sick, needing for treatment astmy. paternalistic care?). I mytself much bad felt and said that agree for day - two until it is freed place, lie in corridor. Then doctor cried that, breakwater, I shall lie in corridor of the fortnight. With me was a son, who, hearing all this, became me to persuade to leave home. ( uzh better to cure the asthma in home, than so -that). But I remained, so, as I had very high pressure.

The Night I have conducted on couch in corridor, but the next morning me sent in chamber, where I have rested upon curing whole month.. I very grateful physician Irine Konstantinovne, nurses. These are keen, attentive, well-disposed, emotional people. I have lain in permanent establishment whole month and,due to Irine Konstantinovne, beside me nor reek did not rise the pressure, but fits of the asthma although and tormented me, but physicians tried their to stop. But here is presently, due to diligences "mister" Rykova, I lie anew.

The having Lain month I came to branch for picture of the head and shoulder joint. These sores to me too cured for this time. But "mister" Roar has required with me for them... 100 dollars. I have said that dollars in eye did not see.

On that doctor became to insult me coping-stones- "sviniya. xamka, bastard...".( Feel, interested for curing asthma persons as coloring is!) Afterwards Roar said to show him extract. I have shown the extract, but in hands him its did not give, since already was heared about his boorishness. He became to wrest the extract beside me from hands. In total, the physician has remembered and has torn my extract from hospital, but nurse has ordered not to return me my snimki. which were I need for the further dispensary of the treatment. ( Here is this treatment of the asthma, hypertensions and other...) I have said Rykovu: "That you allow itself?! You not shame on you? You are physician!" After my words he has powerfully twitched me for finger of the left hand with the result that I have got the rift of the index finger of the left hand and high pressure. (Ay yes treatment of the asthma, ay yes woker with high medical!)

From this day I go in gypsum. Here is so me "cured" doctor Roar." Here is such letter. (this writes already editing). Has such physician the right and further work with sick? Where is warranty that tomorrow he will not break to whom - neck? Dear sick looking for treatments of the asthma, this doctor works and presently. He only for time have translated into the other job title. For the best is to study the method Buteyko and not to depend on arbitrariness Rykovyh. End chapters 3

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