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Part 3: What did they cure the asthma before method Buteyko?

Chapter 4th Psychical traumacy sick asthma

One of the reasons disturbing one, searches for curing the asthma, преодолеть its ill is their the most strong psychic травмированность. On this question little who calls attention. But he is, meantime, one of key for one, strives to authentic treatment of the asthma. Certainly main and the most most important reason of the disease by asthma was and remains the deep breathing sick and ignorance to him method K.P.BUTEYKO. But reasons psychic травмированности sick asthma too play not last role. Judge themselves. The Sick asthma comes on acceptance to physician. Sincerely and honestly tells, as he chokes on night. He searches for the treatments of the asthma beside given physician and believes him, hopes. However in head his(its) are repeatedly rolled thoughts about talk with other sick asthmatics. And majority these sick on few once repeated over and over again him that full, reliable treatment of the asthma impossible!

They told its colleague on misfortune, as themselves they believed on beginning that in one then in the other medicine. Took antibiotiki. but afterwards hormones... But, alas, reliable treatment of the asthma as well as did not approach. And our sick, passionately desired curing of the own asthma listened all these tales and absorbed them in itself as if sponge. And now, being on acceptance beside physician, he remembered about failures their own friends by on misfortune. He waited from of physician chuda. but VWVbehave oddly did not occur. After all all previous sicks treated for asthmas or this most physician, or exactly such physicians and treatment of the asthma did not occur!

-Well that, we shall give you for begin antibiotics, - pronounces the accustomed phrase certificated physician. And in voice his sounds full hopelessness. From word -an antibiotics shudders newly received sick. He already about they heard and he do not believe them. Does Not believe him, naturally, and physician himself, which long ago made sure in their uselessness.

So he and answers to sick overbroad, unsure. The Breakwater shall try, will see…. that will leave... And sick in a flash is afraid else more. On intonations of the physician, on his glance he understands -a treatments, but more so curing the asthma prescribed him medicine will not give. Simply what -that time he will be one more guinea pigs on altar of experimental medicine... But psychiatrists long ago know that if determined area cortex to subject to the reiterative influence one and same irrotant, that is formed conditioned reflex! Here is and beside our sick once for is at once worked out this most conditioned reflex - targeted on imposibility treatments of the asthma. "Treatment of the asthma is impossible, treatment of the asthma is impossible, treatment of the asthma is impossible!" - this thought for a long time sticks in brain beside wretch sick and in direct sense maims his phyche. "Treatment of the asthma is impossible since medicine is week while in this question", - so thinks the wretch a sufferer. The Treatment of the asthma is impossible- so force all its behaviour to think the sick physicians. The Treatment of the asthma is impossible and that uzh here, it is said, will do...

Eh, where are you, great our scientist -a psychiatrists: Pavlov, Behterev and others with them?! Well realy is possible concern with the treatment of the asthma or, shall say, treatment to hypertensions physician, which and word their own, and all its behaviour inspire sick that treatment of the asthma and treatment to hypertensions in the largest accounts impossible since, breakwater, these disease in principle cureless? But where then responsiblity of the physician for iatrogenic diseases? You, looking for authentic treatment of the asthma, know, what is it -ятрогенные diseases? Yatrogennye diseases - a diseases, caused by unwary utterances of the physician, his spoken or written conclusion, but sometimes even one his mimicry!

This is a new disease often can turn out to be even more heavy, than that, which has forced sick to address to physician!!... Here you are and treatment of the asthma, dear sick. The Physician whole-that only only has carelessly said or gave you to understand that reliable treatment of the asthma impossible. And that afterwards began? Afterwards beside one, searches for the authentic treatment of the asthma, begins to work the phyche! After all beside person long ago already ed and consciousness and psychic processes that is to say ed the high forms of the perception and memories, thinkings and imaginations, volitional processes and feeling.

Else long before the first attempts of the treatment of the asthma science tried to get into these directly hidden from eye stranger watcher processes and generated by them phenomenas: images, presentations, thoughts, desires, volitional efforts. Else, the centuries separated us from "treatments of the asthma" hormonal preparation, but people already tried to concern with at least description these internal processes and phenomenas, as they introduced him upon their observation for itself. The Former asthmatics else only could dream of any (although whichever primitiv) treatment asthmas (which in that old timeses and asthma -that nobody did not name), but were already found scientist, who tried although somehow explain the psychic phenomenas. They built the guessworks, often absolutely fantastic.

After all psychic phenomenas so unalike on all that we find in the world, which exists outside of us! In that timeses, when about treatment of the asthma else and could not go the speech, these psychic phenomenas seemed absolutely elusive. Possible, dear sick, looking for treatments of the asthma, for instance, exactly describe the particularities of the sheet of some plant,possible measure its surface, count the average a number sheet on branch. This you is not treatment of the asthma - much more simply. Possible, finally, take and save this sheet for any, who will want itself its consider. All this is possible – it is not to you treatment of the asthma, finally...

Simultaneously is measuring the amount of the oxygen in breathed air accurate to tens of percent, - was written hereinafter in statie. - is Registered velocity of the breath and exhalation (feel, гипертоники, - as power and depth of the examination!), leaves 12 electrocardiograms (twelve!!), on three channels are written sounds heart and graph to pulsations the most small container finger of the hands. (All interested K.P. Buteyko. Even that, what the most small container finger deep breathing sick hypertension upon pulsation influences. Who presently from "таблеточников" this interests...). The Photocells define oxygenating the haemoglobin shelters. (too very important detail Buteykovskih studies.

But what will describe the image of this sheet in consciousness? What will measure him(it), will weight, what will show other? The Treatment of the asthma -a hard deal, but study of the phyche of the person deal else where more difficult. Neither measure, nor weight the image same, shall say, sheet, certainly,impossible. And together with that image of the sheet, or thought about he exists also real, either as sheet itself, which person sees or about which he thinks. The Persons thinks, by the way, and about treatment of the asthma. And here beside he too appears what -that, connected with treatment of the asthma image, describe which else harder, than image of the sheet. However role of the psychic processes and phenomenas in lifes of the person very great.

The Treatment of the asthma by method Buteyko will also be incomplete unless take into account the role of the phyche sick! Reflecting world, psychic processes allow be orientated in him. But they reflect not only surrounding reality, but and actions most person and his own characteristic. And present physicians, when with threshold flabbergast the sick tipoff on impossibility of the full treatment of the asthma, render the sick awell-meaning gesture that backfires. Due to psychic process of the person capable to get to know most itself and conciously control itself. But if heavy известие collapses on phyche, person can and conk. Instead of treatment of the asthma beside he will go the deterioration of the process.

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