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Part 3: What did they cure the asthma before method Buteyko?

Part 5: The Example of the harmful influence on phyche of the asthmatic

Well, when wretch, looking for treatments of the asthma of the person, resembled, resembled on physicians, tormented, but has found output. Has Found the same method Buteyko,realized its value for treatment of the asthma and disposed of its diseases. Well but if to this wretch sick asthmatic, or ma quite small asthmatic physicians too often spoke of curelesness of asthmas! If poison of the unbelief already powerfully to got into the subconscious? Then, as be? Then wretch small (exactly on age) sufferer will remain for long years literally riveted to its disease! The Treatments of the asthma he will not get. But tablets and hormones will kill him! Here is rather fresh example. Absolutely recently to us in the Centre applied for help ma five-year asthmatic from distant Mongolia. Her small ZHamsaran extremely need the authentic treatment of the asthma.

"My expensive son is whole five years! But he already not one month is il byl the asthma... We are in hospital berths constantly. ZHamsarana have from childhood put on hormones and I from this similar to wit! Help please!!" So wrote in the Centre Buteyko ma of wretch small sufferer... The Treatment of the asthma at method Buteyko was needed him very strongly! But. There was one but, which has immediately endangerred rendering skilled help that, to whom was needed the treatment of the asthma... In spite of shout showers, brightly denominated in the first lines maternal letter, further went evident and неприкрытые doubts in effectiveness of the method. The Ma wrote that they with ZHamsaranom have already been enough the evil. Where only did not visit. What only treatment of the asthma on son who did not try and all, breakwater, unsuccessfully. And will help method boy after so much unsuccessful attempts...

Here is this-that ending of letter practically provided the condemnation to small ZHamsaranu! The Mother, certainly, sincerely tried to find for its child authentic treatment of asthmas. She is a hour sat in internet, trying find information on cause of the real treatment of the asthma. And here is she, finally-that, ed on site on method Buteyko. She was shown that good luck is close... But not that spoke her uncles and aunts in white robe, in hospital chambers beside which lay her choking sonny! Yes, we can not presently give you cardinal treatment of the asthma- approximately so spoke her they. But it, it is said, this the most cardinal treatment of the asthma today can not give nor one clinic all over the world... But you hope on some there suspicious method Buteyko. We on your place not become so risk the son.

The Ma of ZHamsarana could not me all this write by direct opened by text. But she all this stated the indirect way. Lechashiy physician, breakwater, not certain that method Buteyko can provide the reliable treatment of the asthma... Close, it is said, advise to keep ZHamsarana in hospital. In general she and wanted to cure by method Buteyko, and did not dare on this step simultaneously. Possible only was itself to present -insofar easier ma was take the necessary decision in respect of treatments of the asthma beside child, not act on her phyche hammer unbelieving in method Buteyko medical semi-official publication! But he, alas, acted- this merciless hammer- on phyche of the young mama... And he has done its black deal!! The Small boy was doomed on hormones. Spirit преодолеть heavy psychic barrier came short Beside mas... About mistake full-grown, the children who have asthma.

Most recently in our centre came the letter, in which one making look younger woman wrote that her 15 year sons are been ill by asthma. The Mother child asked about that, exist documentary confirmed statistical given about positive and negative result of the treatment of the asthma by method K.P. Buteyko... Honestly, the dialect letter shocked me before depth showers. Came it January 8 2006. Its propaganda of the fight with deep breathing, causing including bronchial asthma, Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko began since October 8 1952 and continued her before May 2003.

That half-hundreds years the great scientist treated method ВЛГД тясячи people for an asthma, acted with numerous lectures, has spent in 1968 in Leningrad State approbation method Volitional of Liquidation of Deep Breath, has achieved from a Ministry of Health of the order №591 from April, 30th 1985г. "About actions for introduction of a method of strong-willed regulation of depth of breath at treatment of a bronchial asthma" and everything, appears, almost in empty. Has passed only two years after mors of the scientist and mum of the child suffering from attacks of a dyspnea asks to give "documentary confirmed statistical data..." The order of Ministry of Health leaves on those data did not lean at all when ordered to all clinics of the big Soviet Union to apply method ВЛГД at treatment of a bronchial asthma!?.

Here when you hear such questions becomes somehow not on yourself. After all for occurrence of Ministry Health he order it is paid by improbable deprivations both the author, and those its nearest colleit tagues who supported Konstantin Pavlovicha in those days. The associate of the scientist, the former taxi driver nowadays is based upon one of the Moscow cemeteries absolutely in general young (to it it was hardly executed fifty) Aleksey Victorovich Kuropatkin. In the seventieth years he has stayed in the Moscow mental hospital on the Warsaw highway three full excruciating terms only for propagation of ideas of the big domestic scientist. The mental hospital has killed of Kuropatkin in the literal sense of this word.

And Kuropatkin there was not one. Other colleagues Buteyko were expelled from work, lost families. And all it for that even after occurrence of the State order of mother of children suffering from an asthma, searched documentary acknowledgement any there... On mine it is too.

Well and if to speak about concrete (fresh) излечениях I will longly not beat the air. Just, one of these days from our Center there has left семидесятидвухлетняя the grandmother - Valentina Semenovna Cherepahina. It is a lot of years suffered severe attacks of a bronchial asthma. So coughed at night, that became terrible that who was nearby.

We have learnt her to soft training on method Бутейко. It only has slightly reduced depth of breath. And already it is literally from second night tussis has begun to decline. For its fourth night already practically was not. Untouched medicines laid. I will not hide, half of so fast victory (in this case) consists in elementary affinity of the methodologist. The patient after all knows - the help nearby. But at us basically correspondence course. The methodologist there nearby is not present. The truth near at hand the Internet, phone and possibility of reception of consultation. And results are not worse. Certainly they there not so instant. Days eight person should be engaged persistently before bright improvements. But the coming effect is stabler and is reliable. Why before method Бутейко the asthma recedes? Yes because it cannot (!!!) before it not to recede. It is simple cannot! Where to it to disappear, - if its main reason - Deep breath method ВЛГД very quickly cuts under a root.

I address to all mums at whom children are ill with an asthma. Do not incur a heavy sin of doubt in method Бутейко! This method is checked up by the vicious enemies of the scientist. And they could not deny it. To you, dear mothers, it is necessary to do one - to learn to a method of growing up children. Believe, when they become adults they will not forgive you the excruciatings. I here have understood the method theory instantly. And many mothers not instantly understand it. But what for to suffer to the child? What for to take a sin on soul?

Sergey Altoukhov

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