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Destinies of asthmatics
I already and to family am not necessary... (Destiny the first)

Part second chapter 1: Ah what for I on light have appeared...

Fast - that will arrive. Will prick, will prick medicines. Hardly me will pump out. And in three hours, you look, them again to me cause, - Natalia Petrovna has continued the sad story. To breathe she thus continued hardly and with whistle. This whistle I also was afraid in those days more of fire. Time whistles - means that and wait, that an attack will develope...

Will pass eight years and I not that at asthmatics I will - not be afraid of any whistle and of the attack already сроду I will not be frightened. Not say for nothing, that the doctor is better for choosing is more senior. Has put here not only aged. To me and then - in 1988 m thirty five years was. Age sufficed. Business in experience! For eight years of propagation of a method I have seen much.

Has considerably hardened and has grown up, as the doctor. And me already at times happened enough arm on a shoulder to the asthmatic to put and... The attack was taken out. But on the lookout, of course, it is necessary to be always. I have for a long time remembered, as on eyes of our skilled doctor in цетре (the skilled doctor, but... Beginning methodologist Butejko) the asthmatic during an attack was lost. Treatment of an asthma by method Buteyko business the extremely necessary. But where to type enough of skilled and competent methodologists. Till November, 1987 to Konstantin Pavlovichu Butejko forbade official preparation of similar experts with delivery to them Buteyko the diploma. Therefore in the summer of 1988 whence in the Center "Breath on Buteyko" highly experienced methodologists hoary with age could undertake? All of them were young, full of enthusiasm. But... The person sometimes dies so quickly! So was and in the given concrete case. The sick asthmatic from Tajikistan was lost from an attack of a bronchial asthma on the fault.

But it is necessary to answer always to the methodologist... The doctor-therapist with fifteen the work experience in clinic Irina Ivanovna Stebo was the Methodologist at thirty-year Rasul Ibragimov. The experience therapeutic was great. And here the experience of the methodologist Butejko - all-half-year. But that has occurred with Rasulom on its fault, most likely would happen with it at any experience of the methodologist...

But, if an attack for first fifteen minutes to take out a method it is not possible, and asthma treatment методм Buteyko during this moment is impossible to pull and risk it is not necessary. It is necessary to accept a habitual hormone. All it Ibragimov has been told. But there have passed some days and as - that after employment, already houses Rasul's all the same was got by a serious attack of a bronchial asthma... He began to choke outright.

Has tried to sit down in a method, but the attack has already come so far what independently to take out to its patient was not under force. Here during this serious moment and to follow to it the indicating of the methodologist in this respect! Its habitual hormonal preparation laid nearby on a bedside table. Well take and drink a tablet as to you it has been told!

But Ibragimov has started to act heroically. He has solved., that its will power will suffice to cope with an attack and without a hormone... Rasul continued to choke. Eventually to it became so badly, that the room mistress has called in Center Butejko!

Treatment of an asthma by method Buteyko so, of course, does not become. Unless is it possible joke with a dyspnea attack so long time. From the Center home to Ibragimov have urgently sent Stebo. But while it to it has reached was already too late. Расул died directly on her hands. Labiums have turned blue. Breath has stopped. Irina Ivanovna has shouted to the room mistress that that urgently caused the fast. And itself began to do Ибрагимову artificial breath a mouth in a mouth. Tried to mass heart. But was late... Late! There has late arrived the fast. To return by life Rasul any more it was not possible... Who here is guilty? The methodologist? No. Stebo about all has warned patients on employment.

The obstinacy and disobedience of the patient is guilty! But with died already you will ask nothing. And to be responsible for all it is necessary live. Therefore the patient never should subtilize. The methodologist as it is necessary to behave in emergencies has instructed you, carry out its instruction. Only and only... Treatment of an asthma by method Buteyko, probably, would pass with even big success if sometimes there was no similar a disobedience of some patients. Anyway, but I about a similar case knew! And by the methodical youth on - the beginning very much worried, as though at me on employment something similar has not befallen...

And Natalia Petrovna all tried to state in the meantime to us the bitter destiny. It turned out at it and всамом business bitter. If someone had to happen in Prokopevsk, that knows, that it is small semirural miner's small town near to Kemerovo. In the winter there wild colds and snowdrifts on a girdle. And in the summer - derty, a heat and dogs bark on gates. But to the one who there was born, clear business, this small town seems edge promised. And, in general, so it should and to be. The person needs to love the edges. Will live differently to it badly. And Natalia Petrovna in the childhood too very much loved the small town. It liked also small silent streets, and coppices near the suburbs of smaall town.

And the most important thing - then, in a youth, it still almost was not excruciated by an asthma... So, can, was which-that on - a little, but to an atrocity as subsequently, did not reach yet. The truth the asthma with might and main excruciated its father - the miner. And juvenile Natasha has in plenty seen enough, as cough and people, years cutting coal deeply under the earth choke... Here after all not only an asthma. Here and a silicosis, from a coal dust. The father so hysterically coughed in the mornings, that it was terribly a pity to its daughter. She then yet did not understand, that it not simply illness difficult breathing in itself whence has suddenly become attached to her father.

Did not understand, that work in coal штреке is capable to finish any healthy fellow to such condition.... There is no it did not understand specificity of work in a face. And on the contrary terribly was proud, that the father is surrounded by honour and respect. That in the future treatment of an asthma by method Buteyko is required to it, Natalia did not understand. Soon and it somehow has imperceptibly come to be on work on shaft. However, thank God, not in a face. In pure, according to plan-budget department. But also to planners, especially young, sometimes quite often to have for drawing up of the estimates and plans to go down in coal manufacture. And at times too long to breathe the same coal dust.

Moreover experiences everyones... In shaft after all and failures serious happen. And people can fall asleep. Worry all! All collective.In generally it is poorly - poor, but to twenty five Natalia Petrovna too became finished asthmatic patient.. The person who has not reached still to necessity of treatment of an asthma by method Buteyko , hardly will understand Matveeva. To present, as the world around of asthmatic patient changes, it is necessary though time in a life to try, that such an asthmatic attack.

Here, say, a migraine attack! Too after all there is not enough good! Headaches and all other... But - it is not comparable that the person who involves in itself air feels, and to breathe to it there is nothing!! Even those who saw, how torments in convulsions the fish cast ashore, hardly will present torments of the asthmatic. Fish-fish. It does not have realised thinking. There is no consciousness. It torments purely instinctively, biologically. Why he does not know. And doctors... Too plainly do not know. Not otherwise it turns out, as Gods a penalty as used to say in the Middle Ages. Lo and behold and and a smell of fires of inquisition has suddenly pulled from such medieval motives...

Such here frightened for a long time asthmatic woman became now and Natalia Petrovna. Somehow yesterday's true girlfriends gradually began to lag behind it. She could not run with them вперегонки on dances any more. The jade choked now as bad horse. About as Natasha dreamt of any effective treatment at this time!! All of us we trust in omnipotence of a science and medicine. We trust not looking at all that daily on a cemetery of the big city is brought to hundred persons a day!! Here is to you and omnipotence... And one of the reasons causing a dyspnea are dampness and a cold. Doctrine of Gippokrat, aspiring to explain occurrence of illnesses including the bronchial asthma, certain material factors, further it has been continued in works of many scientists of the past.

So, the ancient doctor Aretej living in IiI-Iiveke B.C., has made attempt to part an asthma on two forms. One of them is close to modern representation about a warm dyspnea and arises at the patient during insignificant for health of the person of an exercise stress. Other form of a dyspnea provoked by cold and wet air, shown by spastic difficulty of breath, is close to representation about a bronchial asthma. Treatment of an asthma by method Buteyko today, certainly, covers itself both these two ancient formulations.

The Roman doctor Galen living okolo131g-200g, tried to prove the reasons of occurrence of difficulty of breath experimentally. And, though its experiments have not crowned success, the fact of research of the mechanism of disturbance of breath at an asthma was the phenomenon very progressive. It especially should be underlined. As generally Klavdy Galen though was the outstanding doctor and энциклопедистом the ancient world in difference, say, from the father of medicine Gippokrat not very much tried to release medicine from superstitions and росказней churchmen. Galen surveyed a structure of live beings (person) as "foreordained from above", having brought in medicine (anatomy) a teleology principle. Not casually therefore works Галена within many centuries used protection of church and were considered as the infallible.

Though errors, certainly were. And considerable... To asthma treatment (even not method Buteyko) it, the relation truth directly had no. However, endowments did not know it borders... It combined the engineer, the physicist, the anatomist, the mathematician, the astronomer and the geologist. Well and as the anatomist, naturally, helped a medical science to move forward. But us it is concrete in Renaissance Italian doctor Dzherolamo Kardano interests. He lived in 1501-1576гг. Here this doctor has really deserved, that his name has been entered in medicine history by gold letters! He, probably, one of the first has managed to cure let one concrete patient of an asthma. It and now without method Buteyko cannot make. Neither antibiotics do not salvage, nor hormonal preparations. At living in sixteenth century Dzherolamo Kardano there were no at hand neither antibiotics, nor hormonal preparations. But there was a concrete bishop sick of a bronchial asthma-English.

You only present responsibility of the ordinary doctor to that medieval time for a life and health of the high-ranking priest! Here after all hardly what not and... On a fire it is possible to get without ceremony. Inquisition does not doze. Kardano, of course, could refuse treatment. A pier, medicine while it is powerless.

Treatments of a hypertonia by method Бутейко then also in the mind were not. There was no treatment and hormonal... And in general no effective treatment of a bronchial asthma then - in a far and foggy 16 century existed. But a sick English bishop was available. He choked on the terrible! Simply became blue from a dyspnea... It was most safe for Kardano to tell to the church prelate - excuse, say, your reverence for frankness, but supposedly this illness, a dyspnea this accursed, it is not treated still all over the world! It is guilty, your nobleness means, excuse. But to risk the rests of health of the sacred person I do not dare. I not the charlatan any there to undertake to treat that, as светлейшие minds of our epoch meanwhile to treat are not able... Dzherolamo not bad understood, that the majority of the Italian doctors on its place would arrive thus. Would tell to the priest that cases of treatment of similar suffering still is not known!

And it would be the most sacred truth. Who could brag, what it has cured of dyspnea attacks? Those in the afternoon with fire not to find. Kardano would understand its colleagues. And even, probably, have praised for modesty and not predilection to зазнайству. So the first, that it has occurred to the Italian doctor - silently to wash arms. Asthma treatment (or dyspneas as it called in those days) method Buteyko, which at that time and were not, any other agents did not represent possible. Dzerolamo already was has opened a mouth to state all it is to the dear priest, but... But words have got stuck at it in a throat. An English bishop choked on his eyes. He heavy and greedy swallowed of air an open mouth. Pulled itself a cassock collar, trying to release a breast. In general it was excruciated awfully! "What to it becomes after my words?..., - has thought Kardano.

It was the fair doctor. Not the grabber. Not old the bribe taker and the careerist. And he has decided to try to make though something! Though most, most a little... Its professional view has slipped on the grown plump figure of a bishop. "Obvious adiposity," - the physician has automatically noted about itself. And this adiposity hardly promotes free breath - its thought ran further.

At once it was recollected, it is how much more difficultly breathed, when you rise because of filled явствами a table with the overflowed stomach... Asthma Treatment began here by means of such breaks of thinking. Let the asthma then was called still as a dyspnea. Let there was no still method Buteyko. But were (met sometimes) among medical brotherhood such here Джероламо, capable to think and compare doctors. Has noted Kardanо and a staff against which the prelate hardly leant. "And after all not old still a bishop, and already goes with a staff".

As they talked in a bedroom of the priest the talented doctor has not lost sight also of a thick down feather-bed on which a bishop slept. All is together taken has given it certain nutrition for reflexion. A bishop is corpulent. An excessive food means is injurious to its health... Completely not old, and moves by means of a staff. Leaves the pedestrian walks avoids. Carry it in the carriage. Here feet and weakened.

Thick down feather-bed... Dzherolamo even has blinked, imagining as full, moreover filled over a measure meal for the night a stomach the sick person, falls in the evening upon this feather-bed, departing to a dream! Yes even, if you are harmonous and young, and then you will start to breathe is difficulty, having failed in this down messivo... Treatment of an asthma by method Buteyko was not known yet during those medieval times. On what it was necessary to hope Dzherolamo Kardano?

Only on own intuition. From history of medicine he knew, that the father of medicine Gippokrat treated patients for many illnesses by good physical training and physical exercises. Hearings went. That itself Gippokrat was considered as the pupil of Ancient Greek scientist Gerodota. And that in general considered, that all in the illness world имеюттолько two principal causes: errors in a food and a movement disadvantage. And from here геродот has developed rather simple prescription of treatment of the majority of illnesses. It ordered to the patients to pass on 18 kilometres a day. For example, from Athenes in Мегару. Far, certainly... But it helped much. The truth were sick of a fever which have died during transition so heavy for them.

However Gerodot remained it is true to the two main principles. And concerning the died patients has noticed, that the medicine helps much, but it not to help with forces to absolutely all... So Dzerolamo has remembered experience of fathers of founders. И. And something has advised to a bishop. Treatment of asthma Kardano has offered original enough. It, of course, was not asthma treatment on method Бутейко, but the then... The then it was really brilliant guess and break in the future. Dzerolamo has ordered to a bishop a rigid diet. Now the priest could not излишествовать in the food any more. The doctor also has obliged it to be engaged in physical exercises. И. Has replaced to it a soft down feather-bed with a special drawsheet from a tissue. It was difficult to believe in it. But... The patient has recovered!! Here to you and the doctor of the dark and gloomy Middle Ages.

Dzerolamo has ordered to a bishop a rigid diet. Now the priest could not be free in the food any more. The doctor also has obliged it to be engaged in physical exercises. И. Has replaced to it a soft down feather-bed with a special drawsheet from a tissue. It was difficult to believe in it. But... The patient has recovered!! Here to you and the doctor of the dark and gloomy Middle Ages.

Such deep history of medicine, clearly, Natalia Petrovna did not know. And to it, alas, and presently there was no doctor similar Dzerolamo Kardano. To it did not order the physical exercises any there of especial diets. No. It simply poisoned with Theophedrinum, an Euphyllinum. Poisoned, but did not say, that all these relaxing spastic strictures of bronchioles of substance eventually will transform its bronchioles into senile ailing saccules for the pus collecting. And illness as was, so it with it and remains... It to Natalia Petrovne was not spoken by any doctor who wrote out to her prescriptions. Though not to know about consequences of reception of these medicines, writing out she recipes. Though, not to be aware of consequence of the acceptance these medicine, drawing sooner whole could not. In the event of unchangeable situation (the population increased for 60 years approximately on 50%) in 1990 must was in consequence of онкологических of the diseases to die approximately 9 thousand people. But if situation was vastly perfected, that die must was less 9 thousand people. However, in 1990 from cancer has died not 9 thousand people (or more little...).

In 1990 from cancer has died 16740 persons!! Nearly double more former. Signifies the existing expensive medicine not only have not reduced death-rate from cancerous diseases- they her(its) have enlarged nearly double... Death-rate value became from cancerous diseases progressing. В than we with you make sure at analysis of the fatal accidents at intermediate periods. Here is you ,grandmother, and estimation by known professor by physician to efficiency new medicine!

It appears that after introducing in medical practical person of the chemotherapies this became more noticeably. Though magnates to chemical industry and scientific researchers regularly declared about that, "that finally-that is found new efficient medicine for treatment of the cancerous tumors"

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