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Why does official Western tablet medicine consider the sugar diabetes by cureless disease?

To answer on the question why does treatment of the sugar diabetes in our state hospital never finish curing the diabetes in the general-that isnot difficult. Here (at problems of the treatment of the diabetes) it is not even without fall resort to deep scientific analysis of the question. It is enough to ask, but that properly speaking, from of the main diseases of the civilizations does our pro Western pro tablete medicine today cure? Well that?! Does it cure the hypertension ? No! Does it cure the asthma ? No!! Here is so and sugar diabetes too does not cure!!! Exactly SO most... The Treatment of the diabetes physicians have to were concern with long ago. Correctly they have to were with him to face.

About treatment of the diabetes in that timeses distant, now nearly epic speech, certainly, strictly speaking then could not go-that . Did Not know in that time physicians, what follows to conduct the treatment of the diabetes. Term Itself - "diabetes" was for the first time aplying by greek physician Arteem Kappadokiyskim (81-138). The Treatment of the diabetes then was a problem undecidable. Name Itself (but it in translation with greek marks -pass VWXbe drafty) Arteem Kappadokiyskiy wanted to emphasize that beside sick data by disease taking inside liquid does not remain in the body.

It passes VWXbe drafty it, picking out together with urine in greater amount... Properly speaking for treatment of the diabetes and such primary observation already played the considerable profit. It is necessary was somehow to classify the signs given disease. The treatment of the diabetes, either as treatment any disease begins after all with determination of the fact of presence given disease beside concrete sick. As will concern with the treatment of the diabetes if his presence beside sick is not yet installed? For this and need the main signs this disease!

In general suffered the people by diabetes old -long ago. Very long ago they and need for treatment of the diabetes. Yes only necessity-that necessity, but persisting treatments of the diabetes neither in that timeses, nor until now did not exist. So sick, needing for treatment of the diabetes, but not being aware of possibility medicinalless method Buteyko, and are presently run away that their diabetes - is a disease cureless!! Uzh when, seamingly veins first discoverer of diabetes -a greek physician Arteem Kappadokiyskiy... How much hundreds years thereafter passed. Long ago and pits his in the land have rotted.

But treatment of the diabetes, that most disease, which Arteem Kappadokiyskiy one of first gave the name, so hitherto tablet physicians and is not found. The Way of the authentic treatment of the diabetes has opened in 1952 physician only, considered that tablets already does not cure, but kill sicks. And called this physician Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko!

А before he that clever physycians was not?,- appears the natural question. Why before authentic treatment of the diabetes(regrettably and presently seldom applicable becouse not understanding by many physicians of the method Buteyko) did go so long?!

Saw the sufferings of sicks, but brining salvation way of the treatment of the diabetes, as well as not made... But after all suffered need for treatment of the diabetes sicks simply on terrible! What costs only hair-raising description of the torments one, need for treatment of the diabetes, came before us from depth of the ages. The Physician observed these flours, wrote: "Diabetes- is terrible suffering, not very frequent amongst mans, dissolving flesh and limbs in urine." Think in these words -a descendants of the goned generations! The Diabetes dissolves flesh of the person and his limbs, transforming them in urine!! So thought the physicians of the past timeses. But what did think one, in that timeses need for treatment of the diabetes?!...

"Patients not ceasing, select water by unceasing flow, as through opened water pipe.,"- writes hereinafter roman physician, which probably much wanted to have already in that time by secret of the authentic treatment of the diabetes. "Life is short, unpleasants and nerve-racking. The Thirst is relentless. Acceptance to liquids overweening and is not balanced enormous amount of the urine because of else greater uresis". The Roman physician faced hundreds of the years with need of the treatment of the diabetes back, has left us these heartfelt sewers, pervaded pain of the despair for their own sicks. "Nothing can not hold them from receiving the liquids and separations of the urine. If they not for long refuse from receiving the liquids, beside they dry up in mouth, skin and mucosals become dry. Beside patients is noted sickness, they are excited, and during short gap of time perish." So finishes the bitter lines roman physician. About as should like that he in that time to possess the secret of the treatment of the diabetes! The Treatments diabetes like that that gives presently method Buteyko.

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