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Part 2: To histories of the question of the treatment of the sugar diabetes

What the sufferer tormented, not got due treatment of the diabetes in past, we with you now a little can itself to present. But from their torments before finding of the reason of the arising of the diabetes was else much far. But what treatment of the diabetes in general can be if is an unknown the reason of disease itself. Only only in 1776 english physician Dobson has realized that beside many sicks diabetes is sweet taste of the urine is connected with the presence of the sugar in her... And only with this most date diabetes, strictly, and became to be identified sugar! But to Dobson in deal of the treatment of the diabetes to manage to advance, alas, quite little. Yes, sugar was present in urine of sicks. Signifies the reason a disease is in excessive consumption of sweet? Such question arose itself itself. But answer to it was not at all unambiguous. And also did not bring about reliable treatment of the diabetes!

The Role of the pancreas in development of the sugar diabetes was installed well after. The Treatment of the diabetes, as we see sprawlled on groups of ten of the years... Only in 1889 Mering and Minkovskiy have caused the experimental sugar diabetes beside dog by removing the pancreas beside it. This already was a beginning of pening of cover secrets of the treatment of the diabetes. In same 1889 Pauli Langerans has found under microscopic study of the pancreas typical concourses hutches, which he has named "isles", but can not explain their importance . Slowly, by a narrow margin entrenched the physicians to more full cognition of the secret of the treatment of the diabetes. In 12 years, in 1901 L.V. Sobolev has shown that production unty-diabetes material, subsequently named by insulin occurs in isles of Langerans! That about treatment of the diabetes did not know one scientist, that, partly,manage to know to other scientist!!

On this fight for finding of the authentic ways of the treatment of the sugar diabetes did not stop. The Treatment of the diabetes after all was needed very greater amount sickы... In twenty years after message Soboleva -in 1921 to scientists Bantingu and Bestu to manage to get from pancreas hormone, reducing level ot sugar in the blood. The Treatment of the diabetes has got the new pulse! The Received set they have named the insulin. The most Further study has installed that isles Langeransa consist from of heterogeneous groups of the cells: beta-cells give the insulin. The Alpha cells on the contrary select lipocaine and glucagon, which suppress forming the insulin! The Treatment of the diabetes has got the new pulse. But diabetes as before continued to be considered by cureless disease... Have Installed that insulin reduces the level of the contents of sugar in the blood. Here is like and must go the treatment of the diabetes on insulin. However -nature requires, that this insulin was not incorporated on the part of. But your own. Worked out by your pancreas!

But if insulin is not your own, that here already before good treatment of the sugar diabetes is enough far. Well, for instance, did the pig's insulin. What is this curing of the diabetes!? Very and more conditional. Under like treatment of the diabetes this pig's insulin does of sick by the gravely hormonal-connected person. You already neither tomorrow, nor day after tomorrow will not be able to dispense without of the pig's insulin... Sick becomes by wreathed-hormonal by drug addict. Is this treatment of the diabetes? Hardly... Try do not give in time to such hormonal addict his loving dose of the pig's insulin ! Narcotic breaking approaches beside sick. Here she will carry the name of diabetic lump... The Persons can by leaps and bounds perish unless take in time most firm measures! You personally want to get such treatment of the diabetes? Want themselves, on own will to sit on narcotic needle?

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