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Part 3: To history of the question of the treatment of the sugar diabetes

Leaves for what person did not need for treatment of the sugar diabetes, it is necessary that his pancreas is corrected worked out the necessities an amount of insulin. The concerning with questions of the treatment of the sugar diabetes scientists have installed that normal need of the sound person in insulin forms 40 units in day. This provides the assimilation of 400gr of carbohydrates, 110gr of fat and 105 gr of squirrels. Already in seventies years of 20 age in our country three percents of population was ill by the diabetes . The women more often need In treatment of the diabetes. The Age 21 has added on person of the loads. And presently amount of the people, needing for treatment of the diabetes, all more increase. Essence of the disease (bring about need of the treatment of the diabetes) is concluded in breach of the abilities of the organism to accumulate received from outside sugar in organs and tissues. Not-assimilated sugar enters in blood and comes up for urine, with which and stands out outward. And then and there appears need of the treatment of the diabetes!

The Disease, is as a rule connected with insufficiency of beta-cells of insulin device of the pancreas, which can develop under influence of varied actions of external ambience: frustration nervously-psychic sphere, overeating and obesities, sitting lifestyle, sharp (influenza, angina, typhoid fever and others) and chronic (the tuberculosis, syphilis) infections. The Sugar diabetes can appear as a result of anatomical defeat of insulin device (the atrophic, inflammatory processes, fatty infiltration, fibrosis, hualinosis).

As well as from of defeat insulin device, caused by disease Botkina, bilious-stone, by hypertension disease, atheromatosis, pancreatitis, tumor of the pancreas. The Specified factors cause the sugar diabetes mainly beside people with genetic conditioned by functional inferiority beta- cells. The Frequency of the hereditary diabetes varies as of different authors from 10 before 47 percents.

The Sugar diabetes can develop and under normal product of the pancreas of the insulin, when he decays by the ferment an insulinase, worked out by liver and actuated at presence raised functions of the front share of the pituitary gland and diseases liver.(From himself we shall here add that similar looks at development and treatment of the diabetes were it is enough justified if for paling all these medical words did not escape the truth about method Buteyko and about the main to reason of the sugar diabetes!). On this we probably while be through with historian of the treatment of the sugar diabetes. And the article "Treatment of the sugar diabetes shall give for discharge on method Buteyko". That you knew - as true reasons of the arising of the sugar diabetes and as his it is necessary it is correct to cure. But afterwards-after this article we shall continue the article: "Why modern medicine considers the sugar diabetes by cureless disease?". And comparing what does the method Buteyko and that do the medicine, you will be able to find the answer to this question.

Fates diabetic
Student of the university (fate first)
The Chapter 1: Diploma or eternal hospital sheet...

Uriy Nazarov learned on the fourth course of the mathematical faculty of the Irkutsk university. The High graceful lad 21. The Whole life, as it is spoken, ahead of. In these hard last years of 20 century to him all manage to enter in more prestigious university. Get the place in dormitory. The Fate has not thrown him on street nor after the most difficult first semester, when took out for poor progress more thirty his friends and girls. Remained he in wall of best educational institution and after the first course.

Well but uzh presently- on the fourth-that course seamingly what uzh there to grieve. Heavy and difficult learning approaches by the end of. Else one year... And fondest newcomer diploma in chunky covers will be in his hands. Want- teach the children to mathematician in school. Want- work by employee in research institute or on major concerns in computing laboratory. All that, to that so strived all these years, was already as it is waked quite close!

The Disease has knocked as the knife in back. Unexpectedly and insidious. The Sharp sugar diabetes!! Came the trouble whence did not wait. About treatment of the sugar diabetes by method Buteyko young mathematician nothing know did not yet know. But but then he well knew other- heavy sugar diabetes our tablet - scalpel medicine does not cure!

Uriy was it is difficult to explain even himself to himself, as exactly they have possessed the insidious disease. Like no bells and whistles particularly was not added. Sugar kilogram did not eat. Chocolate on student saw unfrequently.

And suddenly somehow, particularly on night, he became to notice. that his became fairly often to pull in toilet on small necessity. Earlier could be and for night once-that does not descend. But here once on five... Leaned on the thirst. Water of the saws glass and did not drink once fill. Wanted else and else. The Treatment of the diabetes by method Buteyko already became the daily want for it. But YUriy while about this did not guess. And ,however, premiseses for arising of the sugar diabetes beside young mathematics were. Were they only concluded they not at all in the big eating of sugar ...

Follows honestly to say, as eating sweet in greater amount does not follow to throw with count. And, probably, this sounds not quite faithfully, when some the most promoting and formed scientists aloud declare that sugar here not moreover. Spoke of that that not sugar is a main by reason of the diabetes and himself Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko. Herewith he even added that sugar-that, breakwater, itself after all does not poisonous. So what, it is said, be afraid of it. Buteyko went further. He did not be afraid the excess a sugar in blood above six millimoles that is a generally accepted rate... Konstantin Pavlovich allowed even three-phase excess of this rate, but!

But... he strictly stricktly ordered to check sick not on this millimoles, but on his physical condition. If sick himself well feel even under three-phase rate of sugar in cells , that Buteyko did not consider necessary to fix him insulin, or to raise already available dose. So here is- treatment of the sugar diabetes by method Buteyko urgently was necessary to YUriyu not because of overeating of sugar. Such be a reasons beside it was not. But but then was other... The Strong nervious sufferingses! Far from all specialists on sugar diabetes will pay tribute attention to this reason. About her in books on traditional treatment of the sugar diabetes ( not method, certainly Buteyko, but..by.the insulin) if sometimes in note sometimes and footnotes and is mentionned, that...

That is mentionned so mildly and casually that reading and will not think that stress is one of the main of the reasons of the sugar diabetes! But Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko explains that stress- and there is nor that other, as the deep breathing!! So physicians cured YUriya from what is pleased, but only not from of stress. And nobody from of curing his physicians did not offer to tell about that, but that in his psychic life occurs... Asked about that, in what public condition YUriy lives.

Either as how many times at day eats. How much eats of sweet... But here is about his psychic sufferings serious talk was not. As! After all he came on acceptance to endocrinologist, rather then to psychotherapist. On nerves after all young student did not complain... Though sufferingses-that and much serious psychic loads beside young mathematics were! And not small.

The Mathematics after all is not history. Here to solve the difficult problems is required... YUriy, such details did not know. But also and his, need for treatment of the diabetes by method Buteyko, started to treate by the pig's insulin... Here is, when person himself, of own accord sits on narcotic needle, then his name by the drug addict and lost persons. The Habituation, breakwater, will be to drug, harm the health and all such.

It is Correct! Absolutely, it is correct. And habituation to drug accursed will, and the most enormous harm to the health . But here is why-that when physicians themselves put the sick by of sugar diabetes on insulin needle, then person by already drug addict do not name. And the people, which have put his on needle of insulin to dependencies, too in crime do not accuse... But why? The Persons-that does not be able to exist now without of insulin!

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