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A Part second of the first chapter: Diploma or eternal hospital sheet.

But exams on high mathematician what cost... But unsettled state of student life in dormitory! YUriy to got accustomed to live in apartment with parents. In calm, the calm home situation. But that was going on in dormitory in Irkutsk...

That nor evening then go any tipsy personalities began on corridors in quest of adventures. And m, tipsy, was not sat quietly beside itself in room. No! They delivered the pleasure to go to the other students in guests. Aloud cry, clown. Here, there was from of what be troubled to calm fellow. But diabetes he the only thing waits the nervious failure... Once! And has gone went. Sugar in the blood, sugar in urine. Here is it already and took... the treatment of the sugar diabetes by method Buteyko! Nervious overloadings! As much presently scientist of the husbands from of medicine, which writing the mountains of the paper for their own scientific thesis. Including on problems of the disease by sugar diabetes. What only they there do not bring the arcane scientifics arguments! Draw diagrams. Draw the different illustrations. They it is correct indicate that sugar diabetes this is disease, running with expressed a breach of the exchange. First of all- carbohydrate's with increasing level of sahara in the blood. It is Correct note candidates that disease is conditioned by defect in organism of the hormone of the pancreas- insulin. All faithfully. All so. And that development of the clinical manifestations of disease is sometimes connected with carried infection, pancreatitus, tumor of the pancreas too exists. Write candidates and about that what quite often sugar diabetes develops at obesity and some other endocrine diseases. Indicate and on determined role to heredity.

Well write candidates. Literate. But... here is only the present-that treatment of the sugar diabetes is possible only by method Buteyko!! This they why-that does not write. Nowhere! Quite.

So and do not write about that that psychic overloadings and emotional stresses are a main by reason of the arising of the sugar diabetes!!! The most main. And treatment of the diabetes by method Buteyko becomes the daily want, when forget about this main to reason.

The Physicians, which so unsuccessfully tried to cure beside YUriya sugar diabetes did not even ask him about that order of the day, which he keeps... Early student will get up, after night lies - nobody beside sick did not show an interest. Asked about his family. About grandparent- great-grandfather. Was ill anyone of them by sugar diabetes and in what form. All these given have scrupulous brought in his account card and is corrected were taken stuff the student by insulin...

Therefore also do not write that mental overloads and emotional stresses are the main reason of occurrence of a diabetes!!! The main. And treatment of diabetes by method Бутейко becomes a pressing need when forget about this main reason.

Doctors who so unsuccessfully tried to treat a sugar diabetes at Jury, at all did not ask his about that daily routine which he adheres... Whether Early does the student rise, whether after night does lay down - anybody at the patient has not taken an interest. Asked about his family. About grandfathers - of great-grandfathers. Whether was somebody from them ill by of sugar diabetes and in what form. All these data have scrupulously brought in his registration form and regularly have begun to stuff the student by insulin...

Doctors who so unsuccessfully tried to treat a diabetes at Jury, at all did not asked his about that daily routine which he adheres... Whether Early the student rises, whether after half-night lays down - anybody has not taken an interest at the patient. Asked about his family. About grandfathers - of great-grandfathers. Whether had somebody from of them a sugar diabetes and in what form was ill. All these data have scrupulously brought in its registration form and regularly have begun to stuff the student by insulin...

Here, as they say, also have arrived. Sit down on hormones. Also live now on an insulinic dose... Pretty perspektivka - you will tell nothing! Jury has quickly felt, how his life has abruptly changed to the worst. Not without reason about the disease proceeding with allocation of a considerable quantity of urine, it is mentioned in papyrus of Ebers written already in 17 m a century B.C.

Here when people this dirty trick already suffered! And only in 1756 doctor Dobson has found out sugar at this disease in urine . This fact also has served for the name of illness - a diabetes. It is necessary as longly - centuries (!) the medicine went not that to a way of reliable disposal of diabetes, no... Centuries were necessary for specification of a diagnostic picture of a diabetes!! 133 years passed that Mering and Minkovsky have established that there is also a pancreas were required as early as plays here not last role...

Before treatment of diabetes by method Бутейко should pass even more half a century! And all these years patients actually did not treat. Them have crippled... The Student of mathematical faculty, of course, did not know all this medical history, but it, nevertheless, was. As there were also gloomy years of the Middle Ages when even achievements Гиппократа and Галена in the field of medicine were actually anathematized. Воиствующие churchmen declared a flesh sin storehouse. And... Hence, to treat medicines any there this flesh it is not necessary. Illnesses supposedly the Lord, sends to punishment for sins our heavy. And not to be treated it is necessary, and to suffer and carry the cross. To pray it is more...

Those who in the Middle Ages disagreed with it, from time to time pulled out on an inquisition fire. And in general understood with patients simply enough. Whether you require diabetes treatment, either hearts, or lungs - it is not so important. Important another... So, for example, in the middle of the sixteenth century, living in Switzerland, in Geneva, seminary student Jean Calvin, has solved a question with lethally sick people rather in an original way. "Salvage of people depends entirely from божесвенной will" - he declared with амвона. The god, say, in advance ("from a century") has defined one people to salvage, and others... On death. It on Calvin was called as predetermination Divine. And to grumble here not consent in any way did not follow. You are ill heavy - so not method Бутейко you to treat follows, and to carry to a category outcast and all affairs... Much, clear business, that interpretation of all and all was not pleasant. For example to Spanish scientist Migelju Servetu. Calvin to convince him did not become. It has burnt it on a fire in 1553...

Jury, of course, lived not in the sixteenth century. With a fire to it did not threaten. But treated on very badly. Generally insulin in 1901 has actually opened the Russian scientific L. V.Sobolev. But... The West, as always, is able to intercept Russian ideas well. Exactly in 20 years after Soboleva F. Banting and Бест, having applied the methods recommended besides all by the same L.V.sable, have received native insulin... Since then the name of pioneer L.V.Soboleva somehow so imperceptibly and without hum has faded into the background. And founders of insulin began to be considered as F.Banting and Бест. Such this business slippery - twisting scientific tracks... As independent disease the diabetes is known from an extreme antiquity. Still B.C. in Ancient Egypt doctors have described a picture of the disease reminding a diabetes.

It was known to doctors of Ancient China, the Ancient Greece and Rome... The Term "diabetes" (from Greek "I pass through") was used for the first time by antique doctor Aretej Kappadokijsky. So he named the plentiful and speeded up emiction, it depends as if "all liquid accepted inside, quickly and all passes through an organism". In the ancient literature the diabetes is often defined as "siphon".

Only in 1674 doctors have paid attention for the first time to sweet taste of urine at diabetes. It were Thomas Uillis and Matthew Dobsan. Before treatment of diabetes by method Бутейко then, of course, also it was far, as to a midnight star... But nevertheless it were steps forward! Only in 1776 Claude Bernard has specified, that in diabetes development plays a role nervous system. Hardly contemporaries have estimated importance of its statement! And not only contemporaries!

In the present medical encyclopaedia published already in second half of 20 centuries on all its twenty nine volumes and there was no place for this Claude Bernard's biography... Two Klodov Bernarov mentions corresponding volume of the big medical encyclopaedia. But... Both these created Claude Bernard already after 1800 year.

Jury Nazarov studied on the fourth year of mathematical faculty of Irkutsk university. The high harmonous guy 21 years. All life, as they say, ahead. These hard postreorganization years it nevertheless managed to arrive in rather prestigious university. To receive a place in a hostel. The destiny has not thrown out it on street after hardest the first semestre when have deducted for poor progress of more its thirty fellow students and girls. It was kept within the precincts of an elite educational institution and after the first course.

The same Claude Bernard, which else in 1776 has specified, that in diabetes development plays a role the central nervous system in the big medical encyclopaedia have forgotten to mention! And in vain. All experience of the Center "on Buteyko " spoke Breath about unusual importance of this reason of a diabetes. Whom we only did not treat. The pilot of the tester who during failure самлета had to jump out urgently with a parachute. To Jump out the pilot has jumped out. And a parachute take yes do not reveal...

Represent what has tested this officer double stress ? The first stress from destruction of expensive car. The second from this supertightened jump. Only for 300 metres from the earth the pilot nevertheless managed to develop at least a spare parachute! Well unless after such incident he could not earn necessity of treatment of diabetes method Buteyko? Such to go through! Under its management and driving perishes first model of the new plane. And after all it costs not less than one million dollars... You Jump from the car which have left obedience, you fly to the earth with terrible rate, and the parachute does not hasten to reveal over your head. Here also it turns out, that in the plane one person sat down, and already absolutely another has landed... That, the first was the senior lieutenant of military-air forces. Was healthy and careless.

Both pressure and Saccharum in blood at it were in norm. Otherwise it for what would not be admitted to test flights by a strict medical board... The Person who has landed on the earth after failure, began to drink on a water bucket in day! It was impossible to explain this irrepressible thirst anything. Except... Except the gone through stress! Here where the difficult occurring on Pavlov was available.

Difficult occurring in a brain, in a subcortex, - an occurring of process of inhibition and irritable process!! A boring the pilot during failure, has received such, that its processes of inhibition could not abirritate excitement of a subcortex of hemispheres of a brain any more. The stress was so strong, that it, naturally, has caused an excavation of breath and... Disturbance of process of metabolism. Therefore Buteyko also asserts, that stress – it is that other, as deep breath! Anything similar subjecting Jury to diabetes treatment with the help pig’s insulin physicians in calculation did not take. The pilots any there which has caught the serious form of diabetes right after of air failure. Methods Бутейко any there managing at treatment of diabetes without an insulino-narcotic needle. Anything! Why? Not clearly...

In 1985 the order of Ministry of Health of the USSR on actions for introduction of a method of strong-willed regulation of depth of breath has been let out. Why anybody also did not think it to execute? Well, let us assume, the doctors knowing about this order, could tell, that it concerned only treatments of a bronchial asthma. Well! But then a question to the interested this method to doctors (if treatment of diabetes by method Buteyko them interests). The interested this method to doctors (if treatment of diabetes by method Buteyko them.

The order of 1985 published by a Ministry of Health to you not the decree. But at the initiative of the Minister of Health by summer of 1989 in Novosibirsk the Academgorodok it has been spent state approbation method Бутейко on fifty sick of a diabetes. It has ended K.P.Butejko's with dazzling success! These brilliant results have been publicly printed in the official newspaper "For a science in Siberia" in the same summer of 1989.

How to be with this fact? Or it too can be ignored, ignored not to notice! On these questions nobody will give the answer. And here Jury had to think how to live further. He so dreamt to finish institute and thoroughly to work by a favourite trade. Easy.

With good return. It the world of formulas interested only. However other, real world ruthlessly blasted its plans! A life on an insulinic needle, naturally, he could not consider as a life normal. And other life now at it it was impossible. He already started to get used to insulin. And it meant, that without the next dose it was threatened with a diabetic coma. A condition rather dangerous and which he tried to avoid in every way.

Completely not Jury will find data on this treatment! The juvenile mathematician did not have on it time. About treatment of diabetes by method Buteyko the father learns from the Internet terribly worrying about destiny of the favourite son. It will sit literally nights without a break on the Internet, to burn the sight already weakening in the course of time. But will search! Will persistently search in a network internet for salvage for the his child!

Daddy Jury alarmed by a grave condition of the son, and itself tried to study the literature on diabetes. And suddenly somewhere yes something will be found out encouraging...

In the book which and was called: a diabetes, it has been written, that a sugar diabetes - is one of leading problems of internal medicine. Now it takes on the mediko-social importance a place immediately after cardiovascular and oncologic diseases... Generally the similar foreword has a little surprised the father of the juvenile mathematician. Well, let us assume, that cardiovascular diseases meet very often - it clearly. Whom from us though time heart was not ill?

But to put at once near to these diseases and a diabetes... It, perhaps, was too for Yuriy father daddies! Yes, he searched for an effective agent of treatment of diabetes. And it will find it in the extremity-extremities on method Buteyko. And everything, that diabetes on prevalence does not concede to cardiovascular diseases... Such in Dmitry Semenovicha's head something badly kept within. After all disease of the son therefore so painfully also has struck on their family, that in the neighbourhood with them anybody like such illness without exception would not suffer. Certainly, if to walk around neighbour's houses and apartments and it is meticulous, with predilection пораспрашивать can a little sick on them райончик and will be.

But it incomparably with cores about which and to learn longly is not required! There are the epidemiological researches spent in the majority of the countries of the world, have shown substantial growth of number sick of a diabetes not only in economically developed, but also in developing countries!

Dmitry Semenovich even has grunted from unexpectedness in this place. Well that diabetics all increases, say, in the same America can be understood. There gangsters in streets with the weapon gad. There somebody plunder or force each five minutes... Here it is possible to obtain from stresses the diabetic. But from what and in blest, thrown forests of Africa sick of a diabetes daddy Jury increases - it could not understand. Unless and there hum of ours criminal and ecologically dangerous civilisation already rushes...

Treatment of a diabetes by a method Butejko - it there was as a matter of fact Dmitry Semenovicha's main objective. It could not be formulated it to the extremity - as he yet did not know about method Buteyko. But he, of course, thirsted for diabetes treatments by any unusual way! Therefore книжонки on a theme of treatment of diabetes looked through more than attentively... And consequently was surprised much, having learnt, that according to the World organisation of public health services in the world is more than 30 million sick of a diabetes and about the same number with not diagnosed, but possible disease. And as digits (all 60 million foreheads turns out) in the book have been resulted for 1985 in a year 2005м it was for certain already 80 million persons. Dmitry Semenovich has become thoughtful. Nearly 100 million sick of diabetes in the world... It is a lot of it or a little?

If to consider, that in the Second World War of all was lost 27 million persons it turns out, that diabetes devours people as four world slaughter-houses! Certainly, not absolutely like it is correct so to compare these digits... There - on war simply killed people. Time also is not present them in the live. And patients all is far not after all from diabetes die... Though, clear business, that they and live already at all that to illness. Diabetes reduces their working capacity. Hourly frets an organism from within. So, if not killed on the spot seriously wounded these people to consider it is possible.

Treatment of diabetes by method Buteyko, could relieve mankind of such losses. But Dmitry Semenovich of it. Certainly, did not know.

Further he has learnt, that mediko-social value of a diabetes is giving not only its big prevalence and the remaining tendency to the further augmentation of number of patients, but also that injury which puts a diabetes to a society as chronic disease. With this position Dmitry Semenovich can be and would agree. But it was touched a little with such free enough treatment of harm from diabetes. Harms as chronic disease... Well unless it is exact sense of harm from this misfortune.

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