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The chapter the third: Dmitry Semenovich doubts

Diabetes treatment (method Buteyko or other) interested Dmitry Semenovicha seriously. It subtracted, that the Committee of experts on a diabetes (in 1981году) notices the CART, that diabetes conducts to mortality rising in 2-3 times. "And why it so occurs?" - has asked to itself a serious question Dmitry Semenovich. It is accompanied by augmentation of frequency of cases of illnesses of heart and strokes in 2-3 times. Well, I never... An in itself diabetes - this one grief Means. And here also heart racing will go also a stroke traps... Further - more. There is diabetes approaches not only to a stroke. It turned out, as the blindness among sick of a diabetes met ten times more often, than among the population as a whole. To Dmitry Semenovichu was from what to seize for a head. Such terrible data on diabetes he also did not think to find out. Ten times there are more than blind...

And on this slippery path already there is its Jury. Pretty affairs... But business was not limited to one blindness. The gangrene and ablation of extremities, judging by printed in the book, meet among sick of a diabetes in twenty times more often, than among the population as a whole!!!

Yes. Treatment of diabetes by method Buteyko could salvage these unfortunate feet from cutting and arms... Here Jury to the daddy article from magazine in which it was told about sufferings sick of diabetes in the island state Tonga, in Pacific ocean has come suddenly on пмять. When Dmitry Semenovich the first time read this article, he simply thumbed through it. As some southern exotic. It then and on a word especially attention has not turned diabetes. It Jury those years was young enough and healthy. Now Yurin the daddy has returned again to that journal filing and has found this place.

In article was written that inhabitants Tonga plenty of eat. No training do. On terrible are obesity. Catch the sugar diabetes and lose the hands and legs... YUrin father in earnest was doubt- valued on-persisting danger of the diabetes our present physicians. All of them be aware of his(its) terrible consequence... He has turned the pages of ed from time article. And has found in her line, which concerned directly sugar diabetes. Was it There written that one of the the most terrible disaster insular state Tonga is a sugar diabetes. That most often he strikes the people with overweights after forty years. Became clear that beside sufferring this disease pancreas does not work out it is enough insulin to cope with excess of the glucose in shelters. The Disease can cause the different breaches.

Here is where was useful treatment of the sugar diabetes by method Buteyko! From article Dmitriy Semenovich has heard that sugar diabetes can cause атеросклероз with his(its) narrowing the blood vessels that diabetes breaks circulation of the blood... Has Particularly struck YUrinogo pope(pa) following fragment from article, in which was spoken that in diabetic clinic Nukualofy several толстых mans and womans with sad type sit on bench in expectation of result analysis. In chamber for nearby door other sick to rest upon bed. Their legs cover canker, formed because of bad circulation shelters...

At pass-by of the chamber specialist on diabetes doctor Taniela singe explains that some come to amputate the legs since diabetes has brought about origin heavy infection and gangrene. "Armbands it is necessary to change each day,- speaks the doctor singe,- But rural inhabitants can not do this. So they have to remain here month".

Having Read this fragment Dmitriy Semenovich literally shuddered! He has vividly visualized distant, misplaced in elbowroom of the Pacific ocean small insular state Tonga. Has Presented and tanned on south sun islend people . Such trustful and good. As children. And on baby defenseless before terrible catastrophe- sugar diabetes!!

запись на обучение методу Бутейко

! Жизнь без таблеток и скальпеля !

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запись на обучение методу Бутейко
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