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The chapter the fifth: Psychic traumatization, as reason to hypertensions...

The Word possible to cure, word possible person to kill. This long ago known. But why-that cures the hypertension by sick word physicians nowhere near do not hurry. But here is intensify his disease same unreasable word of the attempts is done much. After all anyway each big hypertension patient first or last frantic to bring his pressure in rate physician frankly declares that on greater -that count hypertension cureless... And that here begins in shower sick hypertension, which hoped on authentic treatment of the hypertensions! All hopes apply to ashes!!

The Grief and despair in over and over again intensify the disease. The Anguish and hopelessness completely possess the thought and action wretch. The Main -a thought! After all sick, as a rule, visitted already not beside one physician, зачастую and not in one hospital. But treatments to hypertensions as was not, so and no. And in each new cabinet гипертоник entered with hope. But afterwards she any once applied to ashes... After all if, shall say, on hand sick to knock the gavel -will appear the bruise. But if in day again to knock on this place gavel -will already be heavy gematoma.

The Treatment of the diabetes by method Buteyko simultaneously solved and problem of the fight with obesity. Since method Buteyko, normalizing deep breathing sick, normalizes and metabolism. And people begin to slim down. Dmitriy Semenovich, certainly while such fineness did not know. He knew other- diabetics- much wretch people! And so the ed magazine article studied with deep pity... А in she was spoken about that that in Tonga one of the most high in the world level to diseases by sugar diabetes, hypertension and heartily vessel’s by breaches. On Tonga nobody does not suffer the absence of the appetite. And in too time many inhabitants Tonga will acknowledge that never in lifes did not do the physical exercises...

But but then exactly in this country possible to see, as person eat whole enormous loaf of bread with thick layer from icecream or cream butter and drink from liter botle thickened milk... Ordinary adult in Tonga comsumes daily double more килокалорий at day in contrast with inhabitant in country of the west. Approximately beside beside sixty percents of the womans and simptomps obesities exist beside forty percent of the mans...

Honestly say, it and no wonder. Well-ka съешь for one VWVsit down as VWYhave a bite loaf of bread with mask and drinking bout all this good milk. Yes such перекусов will per diem be beside you not one... Here is and try herewith not to! Reading this article Dmitriy Semenovich understood that insular state Tonga- country, where treatment of the sugar diabetes and obesities nessesery any methods... And urgently! About method Buteyko he else while concretely did not know. But if knew, that recommended island’ people exactly this method in the first place...

There was clear from article that Tonganiycy traditionally love to eat. The Main and essential manifestation of the friendliness on these island is expressed in угощении. And practically all ceremonies, from simple table-sittings before marriges and birth days are accompanied the fairy-tale sumptuous feast. Possible even say that meal- their national occupation.

But this was a beautiful occupation in that timeses, when островитяне, insulated from external world, burned;burnt to calorieses, growing vegetables and fruits, concerning with fishing, sailling under sail. When mallet softened the cortex for fabrication тапа, universal cloth. Or when waged war with each other. But all sharply changed at the end 60х years of the twentieth age, when began the trade boom. From Australia and New Zealand become on few once at week to arrive the court with container тушенки, butters, nonalcohlic drink, white flour and varied fat products. These products have quickly conquered popularity beside tonga-people. Particularly they liked import spankings.

запись на обучение методу Бутейко

! Жизнь без таблеток и скальпеля !

Открыта запись на обучение методу Бутейко с получением «Практического видео-курса метода Бутейко»:

курс поможет без лекарств устранить или серьезно облегчить: астму, бронхит, аллергию, гипертонию, ИБС, стенокардию, женскую патологию,...

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запись на обучение методу Бутейко
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