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A Part second chapters fourth: This distant island in ocean...

This was imported most often from New Zealand baran spankings. That is to say cheap, ripe fat udder sheeps, which is given in roasted type. Such feeding could not not give their own heavy results. It simply could not not bring about need of the treatment of the obesity and diabetes by all possible methods. Possible, someday its worthy place and method Buteyko will occupy amongst these methods. At our days average teenager-tonga man to 14 weighs from 65 before 70 kilograms and continues to take the weight... Dmitriy Semenovich has simply freaked out from similar numerals. Yes if his(its) YUra at 14 years weighed for 70 kilograms, that need of the treatment of the sugar diabetes appeared beside it where earlier

As of department of the public health kingdom Tonga, the woman by growing 165 centimetres must weigh 65 kilograms. But more then beside 80 percents of the womans weight exceeds specified. More halfs of the mans in this tiny kingdom weigh more recommended ideal weight in 80 kilograms. So-that they and general are ill the most heavy forms of the sugar diabetes! So-that him extremely necessary method Buteyko! The Problem, figuratively expressing, feed the ubiquitous sumptuous feast. To visit on one of such feast, wedding, author of the essay stuffy daytime got on bordered palm to road,going along seeshore in village Halaleva.

There he was joined to a hundred of guests, sitting under light cover for tables, breaking from abudance of meal. For each four guests day roasted milk piglet in encirclement guard;keep, upward pervaded potato salad with mayonnaise, roasted baran spanking, hen in klare, ham in coco sauce, klubny tare and sweet potatoes in butter;oil;grease. And mountains jelly and icecream on ise...

Dmitriy Semenovich, reading about this luxurious sumptuous feast, even covered eyes. This it is necessary such table to set! In this moment him why-that was not thought that like sumptuous feast and lead to urgent need of the treatment of the sugar diabetes by method Buteyko.

- Absorb,- smiles the Tangoes Folaumoetui, 28 year controlling deals in chancelleries of the premier. Either as majority of the guests, Tangoes is dressed in taovala, straw skirt before knees. And as majority, she very full. "In me more one hundred ,- kilograms confesses ona.- If I invite on holiday, I go. So me much it is difficult to slim down". Sitting near by Tangoes and the other author of the article felt itself little man though and was not a lean... Tonganiycy is high valued elocution. Through amplifier orator for orator aloud praise the beauty of the bride and power of the bridegroom. They silence any conversations and give all give on meal...

Yes. For this table was graphically seen, why tonga people is required treatment of the sugar diabetes by method Buteyko... Nearly two hours after, author of the essay by a narrow margin rose from- table. The Belt painfully slammed into him in belly. He even gave itself vow nothing not there is more in current several days... But mistress Tangoes does not give him this chance. "Tomorrow my woman frend celebrates the first birth day of the. I shall call at for you on road from chortch...". The Problem of the obesity in this state is aggravated that that tonga people in general genetic large. Their tribes constantly waged war. But frail warrior long will not stretch...- so explain the tonga-people this fact. Genofond island people was constantly consolidated to account of the large people

Dmitriy Semenovich, see on photographies, placed in journal, saw and splendid table, tired such exotic and the most tasty dish that simply slobber were. Big, golden smoked fish. The Plates with exelent colour salad. Cut meat. Morozhennoe. The Full tonga-people obviously with lazy streak took all this nacked, tanned hand and lazy ate..." Yes! Visit although once in this most Tonga!!" Such мыслишка free or instinctively go in head Dmitriyu Semenovichu. Herewith he somehow and did not think even that if he there week resemble ed on like sumptuous feast, that treatment of the sugar diabetes by method Buteyko, about which he so far only was vaguely наслышан, was necessary already not only his son...

Health and power island people noted else captain James Kuk, open these island in 17 ages. The Legal successor of the british throne prince Charles has touched this subjects, when has visitted the country in 1973. Invited on ceremony, where outstanding ladies and their дочери by turns danced with him, prince recalled the dance with one gigantic lady for another, nor one of which he could not embrace the hand... Capitalizing from this national particularity tonga people, international clubs rugby invite them to add the weight its command. And this operates! Yes else what operates... Such big men it is necessary after all else sometime much firmly search for.. But here you please - take -do not want!

22 year super-star John Crowbar in nature tonga man, been born in New zealand, at growing 195 centimetres weighs 120 kilograms. He runs the 100 metrs for 10,7 seconds. Even queens of the beauty prone to big size. Though Mayors Bourke, present Miss Tonga growing only 160 centimetres and weighs 65 kilograms. She speaks that majority tonga people consider that she too becoming very thin... The Storied tonga’s of the dancer too large women. And that the most heavy - on all on they constantly hung the sword of damocles to need of the treatment of the sugar diabetes. First any known method. But someday and method Buteyko...

Within the framework of fight with alarm growing of the diseases, caused by obesity, national committee on questions of the feeding has opened the Program of the realization to dangers of the overweight. At support of the advertisment by radio people convince to concern with the physical exercises and aerobics in combination with reasonable diet. But to do observance of the diet more pleasing, government finances the national contests on похудению length six months each. One, is recognized best in attempt to throw the weight, are rewarded ticket on international avia. Country-wide open points взвешивания. The Posters advise the people to return to traditional diet and concern with the physical culture.

The Way all tonga people referenced in those years 78 year then monarchТауфаахау Stupid IV. This king has fallen into book record Ginnesa as the most thick monarch. "Rolls-royce of" king, always prone to make fun of on its belly, had a special number. On him was written "One ton". But to time of the writing of this article king much has powerfully slimmed down. He has thrown 57 regal kilograms from 201 kilograms. Since 1976 king sowed;sown on diet. He happened to to abandon to loved icecream and chinese guard;keep. But then treatment of the sugar diabetes by even method Buteyko... now does not threaten the monarch. Three times at week king concerns with in public gymnasiums. When he arrives on jeep, several soldiers come running to help him.

From- for backache king it is difficult most go out from machine. In gymnasiums vested in shorts and in tanktop king sits down on simulator and puts the legs on steel cross-bar. One soldier directs the ventilator on it. The Monarch closes the eye and and methodicno raises 40 kg iron. But the other soldier keeps an account. The King concerns with on dozen projectile for 40 minutes. But then he reposes. But his constant physician Tili Puloka, unappropriate skinny man, measures him pulse. On given drill pulse was 79 blows at minute. But pressure 129 on 86. This very sound factors. Broadly glorified athletic occupations of the king have a serious purpose. Either as physicians kingdom, he knows that many island people, having crossed for thirty, take the excessive weight.

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