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The history of Deep Breathing illnesses Discovery


2nd May 2003 year the Great Russian medical scientist academician Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko was dead in age of 81 years. Millions ill people in all World lossed thear big patron and rescuer. I am asking people, which are reading this text to honour his memory by getting up. I am his many years disciple and i know, which big loss carried the humanity.

Konstantin Pavlovich Byteyko was born in 1923 year. In Ukrain. He had finished Moscow Medical Institute in 1952 year. And he made his Great Medical Discovery in October of that 1952 year...

Buteyko was 29 years old in 1952 year. he was young man, but he was very ill man in that period. he had malignant hypertony. It is very terrible illness. Healthy man has blood pressure 120/80. Buteyko had blood pressure 260... Such ill men does not live a long time. Death comes during one year.

7 October 1952 year a young physician was on evening duty in his hospital in Moscow. There were some young girls-students with him in that evening. Konstantin Buteyko showed to them his skill to make right diagnosis. The girls-students showed Buteyko any ill man. Buteyko quickly defined his illness. All Buteyko diagnosies were right. Suddenly Konstantin saw very ill young man. He breathed very very deeply. He swallowed air by his mouth. "This is asthmatic!"- Buteyko sad firstly."Excuse me, please, doctor! I am not asthmatic. I have malignant hypertony..."

Young Buteyko was stuned. He can not define his own illness!! Buteyko quickly leaved girls-students. He had gone in his consulting-room. "Asthma and malignant hypertony - thought Buteyko. These are different illnesses. Different textbooks are describing them. And suddenly these illnesses have one common sign! Deep breathing!!"

That thought stuned him. It was Discovery. The Great medical discovery of 20th century! Of Deep Breathing Illnesses Discovery. In that moment Buteyko feeled fit of malignant hypertony. His heart beated very strongly. Pulse intensified. Right kidney gave strong pain. Blood pressure lifted from 140 up to 260...

Konstantin Pavlovich wanted to take tablet. But he decided to use his Discovery. He set down on the chair. He shutted his muth. Began to breath not deeply. Very, very not deeply. Miracle took place from 4 minutes! His heart calmed down. Kidney stopped be ill. Pulse became more rare. Blood pressure went down. Buteiko can not believe to himself. His terrble illness got frightened of not deep breathing? The strong tablets could not help to him. But simple decrease of breathing depth drove away such terrible illness!... Buteyko thought that he are going mad. All country, all the World think that deep breathing is very useful for health. And suddenly thinks quite the opposite... He! The simple young physician.

Buteyko was the young physician but he was very good young scientist. He decided to repeat his experiment. Konstantin Pavlovich made 30 very deep breathes. A fit of his illness repeated very quickly. Buteko diminished the depth of his breathing. And fit of his illness quickly stopped. Konstantin Pavlovich repeated that experiment four times during an hour. Decrease the depth of breathing gave magnificent result.

Buteyko umderstood that very big Discovery is in his hands. Deep Breathing Illnesses Discovery!! He run to his patients. Sick man Sidorenko could not sleep already two nights. he was asthmatic. Sidorenko greedyly swallowed the air by opened mouth."Shut up your mouth. Breathe not deeply"- gave orders Buteyko. Sidorenko shutted up his mouth. He began to breathe not deeply. And fit of asthma went away in 7 minutes... Buteyko went in third storey. The sick man Dmitrienko could not sleep from of attack of stenocardia. He could sleep after 8 minutes decrease the depth of his deep breathing. Konstantin Pavlovich understood that Great Medical Discovery is in his hands already to the end of that night. He thought, that all professors will very glad to such Discovery! Buteyko was mistaken strongly... His Discovery gave way to medicinaless method. And tablets mafia standed on his way...

Buteyko attempted to strugle with tablet's mafia six long years. Up to 1958 year. But Moscow medical mafia was more trony than he. Konstantin Pavlovich was forced go away. He setted of in Sibiria. Method Volitional Elimination of Deep Breathing (VEDB metho) was elaborated by Buteyko exactly in Siberia. In Novosibirsk academic town.

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запись на обучение методу Бутейко
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