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Healing of arterial hypertension

My name is Sergey Georgievich Altoukhov. I am 54 years old. I am the disciple of my genius Teacher - candidate of medical science, academician of international academy of information Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko from of 1987 year. My teacher left that world in the May of 2003 year. He was 81 years old. His life was very selfless and intence. I devote this work to his respectful memory. I published the novel in three volumes - trilogy "Doctor Buteyko's Discovery" yet by the life of Teacher. I received two higher diplomas of VEDB (Volitional elimination of deep breathing) from of Buteyko hands. The first diplom I received in 1988 year. (among of the first receivers). And the second diploma in the 1998 year (when new certification was). I have personal guarantee from of K.P. Buteyko for propagation of his method. More than - Teacher gave to me certificate of "methodist-inspector". It is generalship in Buteyko movement. Such sertificate had only three men from of big Soviet Union. Methodist-inspector has the rights to inspect the studies of any methodist. And he may take away diploma at any methodist, if the post of vice-chairman in Novosibirsk Buteyko Centre. The chairman was Teacher himself. There are my authorties. You may trust to them, or no.

Sergey Georgievich Altoukhov.

Chapter 1
The great hypertension sick man.

The list of deep breathing illnesses , which are curing by Buteyko method (VEDB-method: volitional elimination of deep breathing) has more 80 illnesses, and allergy. There are and asthma, and diabetes, and terrible, absolutely incurable by official medicine, hypertension! The hundreds of sick men, which know what it is, start when they hear that word. But for some reason the sick man rarely connect the words - "healing hypertension" with Buteyko method. There is, surely, some explanation to that fact. First of all the sick men know very little about Buteyko method and about his author. And the second - they think about asthma, when they even hear anything about Buteyko method...

The word-asthma yet somehow struggles through screen of lie (which tablet mafia spreads) about medicamentousless Buteyko method. But, you see, Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko must would put in the first row exactly healing hypertension in the list of illnesses, which Buteyko method cures very good! Why? I already told why - in our site. On the pages about Deep Brathing Illnesses Discovery. And on the pages of concrete examples of healing sick men by the help of Buteyko method. But it is made very briefly there. And present work is writing especially for the men, which are suffering from hypertension, for the men, which are passionately searching of healing hypertension! Therefore it will be better, if the example of healing hypertension at author method the same will be given more brightly, in every detailand bigger...

How do people come to the necessity of healing hypertension? And where from does that hypertension come the same? the people are coming to hypertension by different ways. But frequently it is in result of their heightened emotional excitability and in result of any long experiences. By such way Konstantin Pavlovich decame to his hypertension too. He went to the front voluntarily. He served if front moto transport column of Ministry of Public Health. He heard the shouts of wounded soldiers, saw their blood... These are the big experiences! Buteyko joined Medical institute after Was. Teaches in Medical institute taught his to brief more deeply. "The deep breathing is very useful", - said they to him. And Buteyko breathed very deeply... He took a great interest in the box gives very deep breathing too! Buteyko every evening went out of the room on the balcony to breath very deeply before sleep. And in result excellent student Konstantin Buteyko became very sick hypertension man to the graduation of medical institute!!... And he received the problem of healing hypertension is different at the different sick men. The normal blood pressure is 120 on 800. But the man with the blood pressure, assume, 140 on 90 can live enoughly long yet... Such man is sick hypertension man too. And he needs in healing hypertension. But such hypertension isnot very strong. The sick men, wich have the blood pressure 160 on 100, are more serious sick men. And the healing hypertension will be more difficult at such sick men. Buteyko was 29 years old only in 1952 year. He was the young intern of the first Moscow Medical institute. And he had blood pressure 260 on 120 in the time of the fits!! And these fits were enoughly frequent... Such hypertension has already special name - malignant hypertension!! And healing hypertension here will be hopeless affair most likely. You see the word - malignant is not need in many explanations. As the words "malignant tumor" for example. Malignant tumor - it is cancerous tumor. Can-ce-ro-us. That is - incurable! And hypertension 260 on 120 (or 150) is considering as cancerous and absolutely incurable too. About what may be discourse, when hypertension 160 on 100 does not cure by anyone from of contemporary medical men. K.P. Buteyko feeled himself as is he struck by forehead about wall, when he collided with necessity of healing hypertension, which was absolutely incurable!...

He exellent student, monitor in medical institute. Therefore he understood very good, what his days are counted. I already described in general that moment from of the life of Teacher in the first volume "Doctor Buteyko Discovery" trilogy. But repeat once more - I did not stake special stress exactly on hypertension, on healing hypertension, when I was finishing that the first volume in summer of 1990 year. Therefore I did not give special details in the book by this case.

At now we are talking exactly with that audience, for which the words: hypertension, healinghypertension are the most important words in the World. Therefore the details are important. You only imagine, respected readers, state of the young, 29 years old physician. He finished Moscow medical institute with honours. He got by intern on the chair therapeutist academician Eugene Petrovich Tareev. And he had (as the noose on the neck) sentence of death - malignant hypertension! Academician Tareev - it was the star of very big size. And his friends by the chair (professors and assistants professor) were very clever people too. They were saving even those hard sick-people, from of which many others specialists atarted back. But even these aces of medicine could not save Konstantin Buteyko from of malignant hypertension. Healing of such hypertension was beyond their strength.

Therefore they delicately hinted to Konstantin Pavlovich, what he must prepare his earth affairs to finish. Malignant hypertension did not give to anybody more than one year. Usual healing of such cruel hypertension did not bring good results. And 29 years old young scientist was must think already about of the future life... But hypertension tortured him terribly. The blood pressure in 260 units - it is horrible simply. This hypertension literally was tearing Buteyko from within. Konstantin Pavlovich may have fantastic career. Graduate work in Moscow. He was the loved disciple of academician Tareev. Beautiful, tall, slender. But he had no time for the life already...

They say what all of genius is simply. But we see what it is not so simply really. Buteyko must stand at the very brink of the grave, in order that the necessary push took place in his consciousness, invisible switch clicked. And Discovery was made! Of the Deep Breathing Illnesses Discovery. All here was in a revolutionary way. Even name the same. Thousands of famous medical men with ranks of professors and academicians were prophesying by all world about extraordinary use of deep breathing... And there some sick, sentenced to death from of malignant hypertension starveling was declaring about of Deep Breathing Illnesses Discovery! Which illnesses may be from of curative deep breathing? What is nonsense canine? Approximately so any medical authority reflected in that time, when Konstantin Pavlovich was applying to going by erroneous way" - it was wrote on the face of each professor to which Buteyko was applying. And what is interesting - medical aouthorities reasoned so in the distant 1952 year. But they are continuing to reason so and at present time. Already after 50 years of selfless labour famous discoverer. "Is my hypertension (270 on 120 at the fits) incurable really?" The sick woman from of Moscow are writing that to me yet at now - in the May of 2006 year!...

"Your hypertension is curable by Buteyko method!", - I am writing in answer to this woman. "Buteyko method are healing hypertension absolutely reliably. K.P. Buteyko saved himself by the help of that method (volitional elimination of deep breathing method - VEDB method) exactly from of such cruel hypertension yet in October of 1952 year!" But Tatiana Vasilievna do not believe to me. That 56 years of age sufferer do not believe what the saving is possible!... But why is it? Because it was not wrote about that magic healing of Buteyko in any newspaper. Not one line! Not in October 1952 year, not at now - in May 2006 year. But I was able to convince that sick woman. And she is saved at now. But the thousand of others women? The interesting affair it is. Professors in white doctor's smocks are growing the fat little corporation on the high pays. They are staffing the sick hypertension people with the very terrible, poisonous (for organism) tablets during the years (there is your healing - take it). They did not cure any sick hypertension was fiction). But they are continuing to advertise and to lavish these tablets. But they did not say about magic healing of Buteyko (in October 1952) from of malignant hypertension (that hypertension was leading his to death...). They did not say that he was cured without of their poisonous tablets! Because he made his healing not by their way.

Quietly..., quietly friends. Yes, we said what Kostia Buteyko soon will play in box from of his terrible hypertension. But he took and did not play in it! He invented his own method of healing hypertension. Some method of normalization of deep breathing... And what is from of that? Must they do not sell poisonous tablets to sick people at now? Must they lose the profit from of selling of tablets at now? No, of course!

So it was in 1952 year, so it is at now unfortunately. Do you think Buteyko was not be afraid to write these words on the paper: Deep Breathing Illnesses Discovery? Yet how much was be afraid. Konstantin Pavlovich are saying in the documentary film "The only conqueror": "It was very anxiously to me - then - in the late evening 7 October 1952 year. The deep breathing - is unhealthy! It was super seditious thought!! I thought what I am becoming the mad. How is it? They are speaking (in the all world), what the deep breathing is useful. But I?..."

Respected my readers (which are searching healing hypertension) - it is very big piry to me what you do not have the possibility to see even that film! But I am sure, that reviev only of one littlle film - it is very little to you. It is very little for overcoming the though about of the deep breathing use. This thought was driving in us from of childhood. Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko was able to overcome this though. And it is his civic exploit! And all, who are searching real healing hypertension for any authorities. Yes! His conjecture about of deep breathing harmfulness was seeming by mad. But it was right, of genius conjecture!! Probably many investigators were coming up near to such reasonings, but... But they have not courage to say - thousand of professors with medical diplomas are mistaken, when they think, what deep breathing is useful.

How much people were perishing from of hypertension! How much people were searching healing hypertension in vain! Their death is on the conscience of those "erring" professors ....

Hypertension was must raise it's sharpened axe over genius for what to receive shattering reciprocal blow!! Thousands of sick people without a murmur were sinking into the grave. What may they do? Medicine, they say, is feeble... Healing hypertension, they say, is not in any strength. Buteyko did not want to go under the earth. Two! He compared only two diseases by late evening 7 October 1952 year in half-dark hospital physician's room of the 1 medical institute hospital in Moskow during his duty. Asthma and malignant hypertension! These are different diseases. But the people, which have it's are breathing equally deeply!! Here the solution of the secret of damned hypertension was lying!! The solution of real method of healing hypertension. Yes and solution of healing asthma at one... It was lying so long time. How it was waiting for it's first opener!

The most light ming of Russian native science Ivan Michailovich Sechenov came up to that solution very closely yet for 100 years before K.P. Buteyko. Ivan Michailovich devoted 25 years, the whole long 25 years to continuous study of regularities of binding and transportation carbonic acid by the blood... But carbonic acid - it is the very same carbonic acid gas, only jointed with water. Exactly that gas the same is washing superfluosly from of organism by the help of deep breathing. The spasms of blood vessels and alveoli of lungs are beginning after that. All that are giving the hypertension, asthma and yet 100 main illnesses of civilization, as K.P. Buteyko finded out afterwards. All that are giving (by the big account) and solution healing hypertension. Sechenov was fighting to that deeply hidden by nature Discovery the whole 25 years! He did not raise problem to know the cause of asthma beginning. He did not think about that. But Sechenov was studying functioning of carbonic axid gas on human organism the whole 25 years. He even was writing to his wife: "Here and in that time I was unfaithful to you (can not arrive in holiday) from of CO2".

He did not arrive even to his own wife. He was studying carbonic axid gas... He did not reach up to Discovery very a little. Ivan Michailovich did not reach very, very a little! And the people, which have asthma and hypertension were must suffering yet 100 years...

Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko, doomed by hypertension to death, became engrossed in reading of Sechenov works in medical library. Voluntarily or not he was searching that the only real method of healing hypertension, which may save him from of the death. Buteyko did not put the problem (before himself) to find the cause of beginning of asthma or hypertension concretely, when he was studying the works of Sechenov. But that problem (in contrast to Ivan Michailovich) were turning in his brain subconsciously. You see, Buteyko was dying from of hypertension! He was needing in real method of healing hypertension very strongly! Therefore he (subconsciously) was applying to decision of his death problem all, what he was studying in medicine.

And that day came! Hypertension sick people of all world could upfit the hands to heaven in the most moving prayer in that day... K.P. Buteyko thought in that memorable evening (7 October 1952 year): "May be asthmatic and hypertension sick man have one and the same disease, if both of they are breathing equally deeply. And that disease have name - "Deep Breathing!" And asthma, hypertension, stenocardia e.t.c - its are only symptoms of that one - the main Disease!! As branches on the tree. But the tree has only one trunk!!!"

Here, respected, needing in healing hypertension sick people (sick people searching healing hypertension so passionately), here is Buteyko thought, which you must write in your consciousness by the Gold letters! There, in that thought, is all:
your going away from of poisonous tablets, going away from of poignant sufferings, is your salvation from of inevitable death. Your hypertension will be afraid - even you will simply remember that thought during day and night. Hypertension will understand that it's protective armour is taken away. And it - upon a time all - imperious above your hypertension - are standing naked and aefenceless before you.

You may now lash it by soft place by the lash of volitional elimination of deep breathing method (which was invented by K.P. Buteyko). And hypertension will hurry away sparking it's naked buttocks. Hypertension will hurry away. And the normal, healthy blood pressure (as princess in white dress) will go back to you forever. Healing hypertension will happen by the very wonderful way.

I am naming K.P. Buteyko by the Great hypertensioner in that chapter. But it would be better to call his by the former hypertensioner. Malignant hypertension went away from of him in the evening 7 October 1952 year forever. Hypertension stepped back before the man, which applied against in mind instead of tablets. The mind of young scientist, which already before that turned over the tens of scientific medical books and (in principle) was ready to of Deep Breathing Illnesses Discovery, which he made.

Hypertension (unsuccessful healing hyprtension) - how much times Konstantin Pavlovich heard these words! These words drove into horror the thousands of sick people... And now he can firmly say - "Conquered by me hypertension! Real healing hypertension!!"

There 54 years was walking already from of that memorable evening. I am absolute supporter and steadfast disciple of Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko 18 years from of that time already. From of 1987 year. And I am very shaken (as the person and citizen) by that fact, what the millions of hypertension sick people do not suspect (up to present time!), that hypertension is eliminating by Buteyko method very safely!!

Healing hypertension is found! Reliable. Fairly rapid. Striking successes are beginning already litterally in a month of practical trainings by normalization of hypertension sick man breathing. You see, Buteyko did not make anything technically complicated in that evening - 7 October 1952 year. He simply compared reaction of his organism on the deep breathing and on the not deep breathing. Not deep breathing (in counted mimutes) was extinguishing his quichened paplitation, was eliminating the pain in his right kidney, the mad pulsating in whisky.

But all that was going back in moment, if he was beginning deeply to swallow the air by his opened mouth... And it is pussed the whole 54 years, but hypertension sick men, (sick men searching real healing hypertension) know nothing about that simple experiment. Why?!... Satraps from of highest medical command slightly made way for information about about Buteyko method for sick men, as about of one (!) from of methods of struggle with bronchial asthma. And about healing hypertension (about real healing hypertension) not word... More of that. That taboo very strongly penetrated even in the conscious those people, which were beginning study Buteyko method consciously. Therefore the question healing hypertension was not putting by rib even on the big scientific-practical conference. It was going off in the Moscow, in the autumn of 1988 year. There were disciples of Konstantin Pavlovich in the main... Mass of addresses of Genius disciples was devoted besides to struggle with bronchial asthma! Slightly stress was laid on healing diabetes by Buteyko method and only. Hypertension, healing hypertension (as and allergy, ishemia, stenocardia and yet 100 illnesses) so were remaining over the side of deep analysis. Why? I, certainly, may give my answer on that hard question. You see, I was not strange witness in that autumnal hall in Moscow. I was in the firsts rows of those people, which were fighting for the most wide spreading of Buteyko method by all the big Soviet Union. I had by composed for printing the firsts chapters of my "Doctor Buteyko Discovery" trilogy in that time already.And I was understanding very good, who is conducting that Moscow conference. The former great hypertensioner was conducting that conference during some days form of stage of the big cinema on the Vladimirskaya street! And he, certainly, was reminding many times to his hearers, what he - the same rid from of hypertension by the help of his method, what healing hypertension is not more the street...

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