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Chapter nine: "Treatment to hypertensions by means of method Buteyko beside Eduarda Asadurovicha Tarasyana"

This sick came summer 2004 to me. The Low growing, sturdy, with by half becomed bald by head. Vernee Eduard Asadurovich did not come, but his(its) bring on machine relative. Go on distant distances sick hypertension Eduardu Asadurovichu in his(its) 68 years were not much-that handy.
-Two heart attacks I already carry, - with armenian accent announced me Tarasyan. - Whole life I worked in school, teacher to histories. Constantly nerves, lessons, tasks..., - he takeup by hand. - a Treatment to hypertensions by method Buteyko possible, or I mistaken?, - in stress has asked me Tarasyan. His(its) blue eyes see in methodist, as two sharp nails.
-Yes you after all not only pressure it is necessary method Buteyko to adjust - your heart presently presents not smaller danger, as at all two heart attacks have carried - has honestly said I sick.

-Yes! Two heart attacks I already carry, -has quickly reacted the lookinging for treatments to hypertensions sick. There was is immediately seen that Eduard Asadurovich on nature of the person short-tempered, quickly taking offence and long thought even rumpled insult. This several spoiled me. To sick having several heart attacks I always pertained with very big caution. Certainly though treatment to hypertensions deal fine, but method Buteyko wholly possible to improve heart and after two heart attacks. However risk for methodist here always very big. Stands such sick to show even small disobedience, not as well as not that way to begin to execute the assigned drills and the end can be very sad. The Heart after two heart attacks after all already not in the least to compare to heart let even and sick, but not having else while nor one heart attack!

-You know that we begin the curriculum with theoretical lecture?,- still hope that Eduard Asadurovich can abandon to education, has asked ya. - Certainly know! Shall listen the lecture along with all, - pushy answered Tarasyan.
- Well then listen and solve, - has offered I him chair in general row. The Whole hour while was read the lecture, sharply desired treatment to hypertensions Eduard Asadurovich shown the endurance and enviable attention. He with pleasure has looked video-recording the small appearance most K.P. Buteyko. And when lecture ended, Tarasyan has firmly solved to pass whole practical course.
- Only does not think to train on pluggs of the nose,- said I him, giving task on the first classical drill.
- Only drill on gradual reduction of the depth of the breathing! - Tarasyan according to has noded the head to me in answer.

In shower beside me all remained the alarm doubts. Not for method! The Method Buteyko always acts perfectly and clearly. I, in this instance treatments to hypertensions by method Buteyko, feared for hot temperament Tarasyana. Well as will not bear he that fluent mode of the drill and will begin to speed up the occupations forcible delay breathings! Many sick in breach any instruction so do. But whomever this else before time before time, at treatment of the hypertensions can and сойдет with hands. However not twice infarkt’s Tarasyanu. His worn-out heart it is necessary to drill only with person by caution. Gradually and once again gradually!...

With such here is several anxious thoughts on cause curing hypertensions exactly beside Tarasyana I have proceed with practical occupation on method Buteyko with Eduardom Asadurovichem. But what has shown the life of my misgiving for his hot temperament and impatience turned out to be vain. On occupation Eduard Asadurovich just not hurry hearing in each said him word. All in detail wrote in its notebook.

But good results become beside it to reveal itself literally for the second day! Immediately specify for one, is interested in treatment of the hypertensions that far from beside all sick improvement approaches for the second day occupation... This it is necessary itself distinctly to present. After all for long years disease beside you in organism was saved up so much slags, so much organic changes that for one day from them absolutely unrealistic to dispose. Beside Konstantina Pavlovicha Buteyko and in respect of treatments of the hypertensions and on cause of the other diseases, on this count there is its average formula of the period of the reliable care from your disease on method Buteyko. "How much years was ill - delhi on ten" - always spoke Konstantin Pavlovich. If you are ill the hypertension 10 years, that prepared on 10, you get one year. This and at treatment of the hypertensions, and under the other disease, and will be a period of your reliable curing from ill on method Buteyko.

But, however, not review on all aforesaid, be and beside sick hypertension, and beside sick asthma, and beside many other sick events of the visible improvement of the general state not only, shall say, through two-three weeks, but sometimes already and on 2й day literally. This else, certainly, not reliable treatment to hypertensions. This simply first quick result. For such short period slags, dug by you, that who strives all power to treatment of the hypertensions, certainly you is not yet abandoned. But temporary, quick relief can sometimes approach and by leaps and bounds. Eduard Asadurovich literally glowed the smile in two days regular third ones drills already.

- You know!, - twitched he me for sleeve. The Pressure with 160 already on 140 loses. But the main - a heart, as it is woke;waked heavy repair was subjected to. No when walking this accursed shortness of breath! But that after all ates the legs moved... On the whole is seen was that treatment to hypertensions beside Eduarda Asadurovicha has really gone uspeshno. beside me as if stone with showers fell. Disappeared the alert for twice infarct man. The Teacher to histories, person of the good intellect, Tarasyan was able tenacious to grasp the theory and will go on way of the gradual reduction of the depth of the breathing exactly! - I earlier-that what breathed - a mouth ajar. Zaglatyval air! Here is heart and broke constantly, - explained me Eduard Asadurovich. - But now, according to method Buteyko, I mouth its strongly close. The Air does not swallow. All do, as you us on occupation shown. And with heart as it is waked someone squeexing spring has taken away!

There was pleasantly to hear like story from person, who else vapour of the days back constantly held the hand for heart. - And as this I so much years agonized and did not on method Buteyko?, - Eduard Asadurovich sorrowfully swung its wite, short taking by head and divorced the hand.
- Yes on method Buteyko at our time not so-that simply and, - tried I console worried for treatment of the hypertensions bolinogo. - You know, as presently official medicine tries to cure and heart, and hypertension - very expensive medicine... But method Buteyko - he after all medicinalless! Here is it, as rival, and try not to notice that, to whom advantageously sell the poisonous chemical tablets.
- But see here! I am so much years agonized from hypertension on these tablet!! Two heart attacks has earned. As possible think about profit and forget about most person?! - Eduard Asadurovich has slammed itself hand on lap.

- see Possible if you for so much years, avoiding so much clever pshysicians , nor reek did not face the method Buteyko!, - after a certain second thought has answered I anxious treatment to hypertensions of the person.
- Here is exactly that has not met! Here is imenno. - Hot and temperamental Tarasyan all at all could not quiet down. Enough quickly flashed by the days our practical occupation. On Tarasyana could not нарадоваться whole small group sick. With each daytime he declared about all new and new improvement of the general state. With me underlined said specifically valid - two hands. The Treatment to hypertensions (yes and heart) went beside it not even on days but literally-таки on hour. More for visit practical occupation on treatment of the hypertensions his(its) already did not deliver the relatives on machine before most my building. He came itself, on foot! And much this were proud of.

On the last occupation Eduard Asadurovich has bought all that in very small amount I had else beside me from Buteykovskoy literature. She, as is well known, today state publishers will not publish. But quotient do not want to risk. Since no broad advertisment to same treatment to hypertensions by method Buteyko neither on television, nor by radio, nor in newspaper, that and demand for book will be small, but signifies no financial interest.

- I its brother will give about method Buteyko to honour! - solemnly declared Eduard Asadurovich. - Beside it so ruling bud болит that simply power no tolerate. В in list of the diseases, avoided by method Buteyko, there is kidney-stone disease! Big you, simply enormous thank you, Sergey Georgivich! This much it is important that people about method Buteyko truth heard.
- Understandable! Shall so train that pause was my zhelaniyam. - On this we with him on friendly parted. But not for ever, naturally.

In our небольшом borough I enough often met Eduarda Asadurovicha on street. Questioned about his health. And invariably heard in answer that he does not throw the drills that heart his feels good that pressure his now practically does not disturb. In general вышедший long ago on pension teacher to histories, at one time so powerfully strove;strived to treatment of the hypertensions, now in special improvement of health does not need. All beside it well and peacefully. I specially, interested in treatment of the hypertensions comrades in arms, has brought here this example of the treatment to hypertensions beside twice infarct man. This, as nor turn;curl, people person risk. Once on once with they do not happen to. Somehow I was to visit in chamber of the cardiologies sick elderly relative . She has shown me соседку on chamber - too pension woman 65 years.

- Here is, see, beside Natalii Ivanovny already three heart attacks was. It is impossible her to help the method Buteyko?
- I was looked over on sides, has seen on berth need for treatment of the hypertensions and heart patients. But in chamber, just was with pass-by curing physician. She much has in disapproval peered into our side and has coldly said:" - a state hospital and no stranger of the methods of the treatment here nobody will not allow." So I have dared to send Natalie Ivanovne only theoretical literature about method. But literally in two days, straight on eye their own needing for treatment of the hypertensions and heart patients, she has died during sudden warmhearted fit on its hospital berth then and there... So with twice and thrice infarct patients it is necessary to concern with very carefully. Too uzh all beside them already on limit. But here is Eduardu Asadurovichu on lifes carries. He was able to study the method Buteyko not in hospital chamber, but in normal home condition. Has Well adopted the theory of the method Buteyko, has conducted on him treatment of the hypertensions. And not in month, nor through two he not moderate;temper. I met and meet him and after year, and two, and three. On the one third year after our occupation deterioration work heart was determined beside Tarasyana. He has even fallen into hospit l.

be continue

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