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Chapter ten: "Treatment to hypertensions beside punctual sailor"

I already mentionned of this event on page of our site. But much and much briefly. As one of the positive example on treatment of the hypertensions. Wanted for all, who is interested in treatment of the hypertensions, write here, in given book about this event more unrolled. Uzh very interesting hypertension man turned out to be Vladimir Ivanovich Gusev. On comprehensible you ethical considerations I change authentic surname sick. When from one, thirsts the treatments to hypertensions, in our centre comes the letter on e-mail, that already on letter a great deal is seen immediately. For instance, is seen that - will this sick hypertension in general to concern with the method Buteyko. But if will, that will become he diligent pupil or no.

Well, for instance if sick writes: "Nikolay, 28 years, hypertension 2й degree." The Whole, dear sick hypertension, six words in message. About than they speak? First of all about that that given, ostensibly eager to treatment of the hypertensions of the person, from the very beginning employee of the centre, which will read this his super-short note, in general-that dialect and in pens does not put. From this phrases so and reeks following "sense". I, breakwater, lad occupied. I you in detail to state the history its disease no time. But you, employees of the centre, grap-ka for me two hands. I after all you have written - what pain?... Persuade, it is said, now me - a road to pass the occupations exactly beside you.

Vladimir Ivanovich Gusev sharply differed from cohort like carelessly referring to treatment of the hypertensions sick. In the first its letter he has in detail written about itself. Immediately, there was is seen -a person in earnest searches for the persisting treatments to hypertensions. He has written that he sailor. Yes not idle time sailor, but belongs to to higer composition... The Treatment to hypertensions considers its urgent problem. Though, to word to say, hypertension not yet too that pestered him. Above 140 his pressures usually and did not jump. Many sick in such situations and do not think to chase after for treatment of the hypertensions. They do not consider this pressure dangerous and wait, when arrow тонометра will begin show for 180... Here is then, upon their opinion, follows seriously to concern with the treatment to hypertensions! Vladimir Ivanovich preferred the early preventive maintenance of the disease. He concerned with (for treatment of the hypertensions) by study our заочного course of the method K.P. Buteyko even being in long and distant business trip! Moreover -Gusev has written me that can not even report its authentic address on official need. Than, it is necessary to say, pretty I have interested. Secretly treatment to hypertensions beside me else nobody did not concern with...

Good was and approach Vladimira Ivanovicha itself to deal. He much has in detail studied whole our site. Has Read, all that was there published. Has Comprehended got information... Vobschem treatment of hypertension method Buteyko for it was much wanted by purpose. Exactly treatment to hypertensions by method Buteyko, rather then treatment to hypertensions what or other way. Other ways he has already tested and now hoped on hoped on to. that just treatment to hypertensions by method Buteyko and will turn out to be that magic key to здоровью, which he searched for!

I have sent him theoretical part of treatment to hypertensions by method Buteyko. Vladimir Ivanovich her much got it down fine. Afterwards I have sent him examination questions on theoretical part of treatment to hypertensions by method Buteyko. Gusev theoretical part of treatment hypertension has delivered on fine. Afterwards we have proceed with practical part of treatment to hypertensions by method Buteyko. Gusev studied each drill, as Report our!

Little that that treatment to hypertensions he conducted by means of method Buteyko each day, as he ordered the instruction, so he else all this treatment to hypertensions graphic fixed on paper! Tochneyshie. lovingly made graphs clearly pokazyvali. that treatment to hypertensions on method Buteyko goes successfully and steadily. Honestly dialect I about itself thought, as he there, poor man, seaborne manages to find time and for treatment of the hypertensions by means of regular drills on method Buteyko yes else and absolutely exactly carry these drills on seen drawing!

I -that thought, but sailor performed the treatment to hypertensions. The Truth afterwards he all have written that is found not seaborne, but on land - but after all in business trip don't care, rather then building beside itself...

Conducting thereby treatment of the asthma by method Buteyko, Vladimir Ivanovich enough quickly obtained reduction of the pressure. Already in one and a half month it practically came beside it in rate. Why treatment to hypertensions by method Buteyko has gone so quickly and successfully beside sailor residing in business trip? That for secret was beside Vladimira Ivanovicha Guseva? The Answer here enough not complex. The Treatment to hypertensions by method Buteyko has gone so beautifully therefore that beside Guseva was from the beginning serious, constructive approach to drill on method Buteyko. He had no doubt in method, did not pickling itself shower by all the manner of fluctuations -he concerned with the treatment of the asthma by method Buteyko responsible and purposeful! Who - нибудь will think that this simple words... The Words -that really simple. But here is effect from occupation on treatment of the asthma by method Buteyko beside Vladimira Ivanovicha Guseva turned out to be simply splendid! With such clever,thinking sick always pleasantly to work. Immediately understand that treatment of the asthma by method Buteyko you concern with not alone that with you together against disease fights itself sick. So want from showers to want other гипертониками to adopt the experience of the treatment to hypertensions beside Vladimira Ivanovicha Guseva. The End of the page.

But if knock else in day and afterwards else... Even terribly becomes that thereupon will! But here is treatment to hypertensions, turns out to be, possible produce approximately such image. Once treatment to hypertensions not to manage -a first blow on phyche sick.But treatment to hypertensions not to manage and in the second and in third once. And once again second, but afterwards already and the third blow all on same so wounded phyche sick! And every time physician you stodgy распрашивает about that that you saws that you ated, what medicine take... Rasprashivaet, rocks slightly the head, but fix - that you in total too the most useless medicine under several other names only! Here uzh no need to be a seeds of the spens in лбу to скумекать -aha, and this me no treatments of the hypertensions will not bring. But that further -that? But further ( and sick this distinctly understands) further once again circulation on torments. The Treatments to hypertensions no ( but it without method Buteyko, naturally? on persisting be and can not).

But here is psychic trauma there is, yes else and what... After all on phyche sick have knocked once, another, the third, the fourth, but there, глядишь, from these blow such дырища in phyche is formed that her(its) afterwards already nothing does not залатаешь. Not in vain after all great Pie говаривал that pound of the preventive maintenance saves from integer pood treatments in the future! If wretch гипертонику immediately in forehead honestly reported and about method Buteyko, and about medicinal torments, that uzh, probably, sick has chose for begin безлекаственный and harmless method for organism of the treatment to hypertensions!But гипертонику nobody nothing about possibility of the treatment to hypertensions by method Buteyko, alas, does not report. And begins beside wretch process ятрогении. YAtrogennoe

YAtrogennoe disease - a disease caused unwary word of curing physician. А beside physician, which does not report the lookinging for treatments to hypertensions about method Buteyko, all word, willy-nilly, will actuate the process yatrogenia. About method Buteyko physician has kept silent, but tablets else nor one hypertension patient from hypertension have not cured... The Physician this well knows! Consequently the tipoff will be drafty in any his word on get fat sick. In any! Well but as soon as looking for treatments to hypertensions will catch this transparent tipoff, process making of yatrogenia will go apace! How much their -a wretch sufferer, which here is so -that загубила orthodox Western medicine! On what only graveyard they do not lie... In what only family their do not mourn. But after all already since October 1952 drastic remedy of the treatment to hypertensions is found, but all remain on -former! On six -seven years train the врачей on medical faculty! What only gunk their brains do not stuff. But here is studies of the works Buteykovskoy laboratory nor on one medical faculty does not exist!!Treatment to hypertensions so and remains secret for family seal for graduate medical institute.

So what image appears psychic trauma of hypertension patients, that most, which year search for the treatments to hypertensions? Psychic trauma one, searches for the treatments to hypertensions, is exceed is explains the theory academician Ivana Petrovicha Pavlova and works his pupil (for instance, professor Konstantina Ivanovicha Platonova). That occurs in cortex ( more exactly in undercove)) one, unsuccessfully, year searches for the authentic treatment to hypertensions? Beside such sick in undercove is formed sick point. "Hypertension cureless, treatment to hypertensions impossible" constantly gives the signals this point. Moreover from each new march sick to the next physician and from each new unsuccessful attempt of the treatment to hypertensions this sick point in undercove all increase and increases. He all louder give the signals in nervious system: treatment to hypertensions impossible, treatment to hypertensions impossible. But inverse influence from external world (the type, shall say,- "treatment to hypertensions else as on method Buteyko possible, treatment to hypertensions absolutely on method Buteyko possible!") no no. Sick , looking for treatments to hypertensions, remains one on one with its problem. And... gradually aside from hypertension gains already psychic disease... After all his nervious hutches abrade from constant overstrain exzitness positions.

They, what the academician Pavlov spoke, - BANKROTYATSYA! And in cabinet of the next physician since time calls at already not somatic sick, but psychic torn slightly patient... Well but majority present physicians act after all on what principle -pyatochnic, breakwater, must cure only heel! It Is Written beside such эскулапа on door -"internist", so he and will you to cure only body. In shower sick, the lookinging for treatments to hypertensions, he nor for what honey cakes to peek does not become. For this got to go in cabinet of the neurologist, psichoneurologist or to priest. Terapet this deal with search for treatments to hypertensions to concern with does not become. His care of the tablet yes dripped to prescribe... Here is and makes thereby one, searches for the authentic treatment to hypertensions, itself deep negative trace in undercove of the cerebrum. But who is conceived on this fact? The Physician internist? No, his high nervious system does not interest. On this part sick send in neurotic hospital...

But who of own accord there moves! But after all here is even professor Lebedinskiy writes about that that occasionly it is enough only to avoid the nervious reaction beside sick hypertension by disease, as this immediately tells the most positive image on current the most main disease. Yes who only this nervious reaction beside lookinging for treatments to hypertensions to avoid -that will? Who - I ask you? Her -this the most nervious reaction beside lookinging for treatments to hypertensions on the contrary with each new march sick to physician intensify! If who -that from lookinging for treatments to hypertensions, possible although in any - that degree distrusts that word of the physician, containing tipoff on cureless hypertensions, sick is inflicted irreparable damage, that I shall specially bring here example of the psychic trauma, connected with influence of the word. The Truth this example has a no relations (direct) to tipoff physician about неизлечимости hypertensions. But but then he extremely brightly shows, as in general simply killing possible to influence the word ( not stick and not sledge-hammer) on phyche of the person. As under influence such verbal influence woman else minute back absolutely sound immediately changed in psychic invalid. Such effect has produced whole two untrue interpreted by her word -"Mother dear, rescue!"

Here is this example. He will take from practical persons of the most great russian psychotherapist of the professor Konstantina Ivanovicha Platonova. Sick K., 38 years. Applied to psichoneurologich dispanser, having on hand hospital sheet and document in psychiatric clinic with diagnosis - a schizophrenia. The Complaints on often warmhearted fits, during which she is done ill. ( Naturally that increased beside it and pressure and treatment to hypertensions too got up on queue of the day). The Fits stop only after injections of the camphor. Between fit extreme petulance, unresistentnost to sound, noise, light, absence of the appetite, insomnia, feeling to strong weakness. (Notice, woman need as well as in treatment of the hypertensions, but internists, obliged to concern with the treatment to hypertensions, have named the sick schizophrenia...)

At reinforcement of the emotions in he imagination appears the picture of the fight with shout about help and murder of the person. (Yes, certainly, sick became the witness terrible murder, but why one, in general can not cure even hypertension, have called her shizophrenic? But realy themselves called - a psychic normal people?). This picture introduces her that as a whole type, that separate parts. Moreover sick feels extreme изнеможение. (Certainly, will here be ground and for arising the hypertensions, and for treatment of the hypertensions). Sick sharply exhausted. She необычайно pale. Speaks calm weakened by voice. On questions answers only after long pauses. She at all can not arrange their own complaints. Anamnesticheskie information gave muddled. Its attention fixed on ensemble of the somatic sensations mainly. (Including, naturally, asked and about treatment of the hypertensions). On the grounds of anamnes data and existed on receiving the neurotic reaction was aplying with diagnostic purpose session to psychotherapy on method prof. K.I. Platonova. ( The Professor knew how to cure the hypertension and else much what, not calling people without weighty to that bases schizophrenic...).

After 1-go session sick has felt the significant relief: auditory and visual hallucinations become less, disappeared the repulsion to food, several were perfected dream, became peacefully to respond to noises, become less "warmhearted fits". (Want at the same time to notice that methods Platonova indirect way lowered the depth of the breathing sick. The Comprehensible deal that treatment to hypertensions herewith also occurred as it were automaton). However after the first session woman remained else disabled and somatic weakened, continued to suffer the warmhearted fit, sharply raised by petulance, not strong to zvukam. light and etc.

The Employees of the professor K.I. Platonova have having continued the sessions to psychotherapy with sick in clinic. After the following session woman awoke with lucky smile: "Beside me all have brightenned. I am whole year vein, as in mist, as in VWVappear in the dreams!" Naturally, as treatment of the hypertensions was too shifted with dead center. (The Breathing - that sessions although and obliquely, all becalmed). On background of the approached improvement sick has for the first time reported on itself following anamnestic information.

Before disease she was absolutely sound (the treatment to hypertensions to her then did not be needed). Sick worked the the worker in bakery. With work managed well (need in treatment of the hypertensions usually appears, when on functioning the troubles). There are adult children Beside woman: son and daughter. They live apart from it. Once upon a time, year back, leaving to train toward son, she turned out to be the свидетельницей of the heavy journey (this-that event and has caused subsequently need of the treatment to hypertensions including). With train came young person.

On growing and cloth he much looked like of this woma). Additionally, the young person carried in hand else and bag of the red colour with folding. In such bag her son usually brought home buying. Suddenly sick has seen that group of the mans suddenly pounced upon this young person and begin his beat. (Agree that like picture capable in short wink to bring the mother to need of the treatment to hypertensions). The Persons accepted by her for, cried hair-raising voice: "Mother dear rescue!" And in the same moment she has seen the broken head murdered, liing in puddle shelters. That was further, she already did not remember.

Here is these-that two cried killed person of the word, dear, looking for treatments to hypertensions to readers, and have done the woman in one wink full somatic and psychic invalid! The Whole two words, but on background of the terrible picture. Exactly also act on sick hypertension and unwary utterances and tipoffs of the physician about ostensibly curelesness hypertensions! They, certainly, act not so quickly and ruinous, as in described event, but they emphatically and steadily lead the lookinging for treatments to hypertensions to neurotic condition of the full unbelief in successful move of the treatment to hypertensions with all resulting consequence...

The Ithaca, who we have after circulation sick, lookinging for treatments to hypertensions, on miscellaneous physician? We have already not that person, who several years back has for the first time transgressed the threshold an phisician cabinet. About, quite not that! When sick for the first time went on acceptance to physician on cause of the treatment to hypertensions he else wholly hoped on curing. His nervious system did not yet be subjected to the stress gloomy forecast. Vylechiti such sick from hypertension at method K.P. Buteyko then - several other problems were.This was enough simply making problem. But here is one, came to searching for of the treatment to hypertensions, drived on miscellaneous specialist. The Person his(its) was extended, nerves so поднапряглись that now already not with one hypertension to was necessary fight. Now treatment to hypertensions and treatment nerve has got up in one even row already... Bad that this factor little is taken into account. Gipertonikov-that becomes more and more. And possible after all with sufficient share of probability to declare that each гипертоник in the future generates not less one new гипертоника. He not in air spaces lives and works. He with people communicates! А beside it high pressure, болит heads, nerves go crazy. As he with people talks? With irritation... It is sent surrounding and... And... since time beside ply back and forth appear the new hypertension sic. Than terrible hypertension itself?

The Hypertension terrible following for her on heel insult, dear reader! Exactly him in the first place. I once again return you in chamber alive human trees. In chamber insult sic novosibirsk town hospital, in which amongst else five such sufferer lay at May 1996 and my native uncle Vitya. "Uncle Vitya, but as you feel itself?" - has asked I him, hold for plated with nickel handrail of the hospital berth. "But you who?"- uncle loss by right-hand man exactly that place in the centre his big, early becomed bald heads, in which and has occurred the fatal breakup of the blood vessels. The Cerebral hemorrage... "But you who?" - accursed raised blood pressure has broken the crowded containers. Has Crushed the memory. And... the persons to disappeared. "But you who?" The Dear readers!

Such instant of the terror possible to outlive only in lifes once. Forget it already impossible! Beside on nearby berth droolled and urinated under itself other elderly insult man. Received to him with issue wife careful moneychanger under husband sheet. But he mad, but pity eyes intently looked at me. Came the physician. "Get up please"- strictly addressed she to my helpless uncle. That has by a narrow margin lowered the legs with beds and obediently raised oneself slightly. "Hands, hands onward place" - continued to command the physician, that most, colleagues which whole life stuffed the uncle useless a tablet. The Uncle smog to raise only shift to the right hand. Left raised oneself slightly and then and there fell... "Cower" - persisted the physician in white robe. The Uncle Vitya somehow two-three times plased lap. I saw, as unpleasant was be young, thirsty terrestrial pleasure to woman in this sorrowful chamber. Uzh who-who, but she that well knew that found in her human бревна so log and will remain. If for years giving of these people tablet they do not cure, that now that their position simply beyond hope.

When in medium of the October we lowered in get cold autumn siberian land casket with unkle Winding, heart my tore from mountain. YA-to well knew that there is facility against hypertension where more reliable, than useless tablets. This method to volitional liquidation of the deep breathing. Has Developed his russian scientist an academician Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko. Gluho knocked the heavy lump of the damp autumn clay on wooden lid of the casket. Wanted завыть wolf on the whole siberian taiga, surrounded country graveyard.

In due course I introduced the uncle Vityu with method Buteyko. But, alas, he preferred the tablets instead of regular drills of the breathing. Preferred therefore that them, regrettably, prefer while and physicians. But sick got accustomed to believe the physician. After bury uncles Viti I have lifelong remembered than terrible hypertension... She terrible transforming person in log insult!

Who most often falls ill the hypertension?

"I shall show you Kuzikinu mother! You will hear, as it is necessary it is correct solution to make... " - a main engineer of building management has clenched a fist. "Who so laying places?! Why this concrete plate askew lies!?". Big pushed belly main engineer literally to tremble with fury. So yelled on me in 1975 my building chief. He is a month constantly lay in hospital. The Pressure beside he literally was above any of the rate. Then, in 75м, I little that understood in medicine. Now I exactly know that main engineer agonized the hypertension from its bad of the nature. He made red hot itself before white heat and hereunder raised the own blood pressure.

"You as garden made? You as made this garden?! The Hands to you to tear away for such копку! And always from you no profits" - so yelled on its aged husband our соседка on datcha aunt wave. To sixty years she has already haved time to to carry the vapour a heart attack, but pressure she measured on few once in day. She is his standards, but it all know; aware itself increased. The Explosive nature - realy could aunt wave his cure tablet from pressure? She is an integer seasons conducted on datcha. Dug in the land. Breathed the most clean air. Collected the good harvest. But has died she in 71. Her heart has not born overloading. The Wild temperament shortened the years to lifes for aunt wave. Else what shortened. When person cry, feels nervous on any cause beside he inevitably increases the depth of the breathing. "But deep breathing - Chernobyl in your organism" - so confirms the author of the Opening of the Diseases of the Deep Breathing academician K.P. Buteyko.

See on hypertension patients. Only atentively. Else attentivly.... Proniknite for facade their outwardly-friendly smile. This, as a rule (!) cry people. They can burst, cry under you at any minute. On any cause. Certainly not always this reveals itself so brightly. Some of they prefer to smile. Talk with people mawkish-tuneful voice. But inwardly beside them all boile. They do not check their own emotions. Here is most recently I read in небольшом south hotel lecture on method K.P. Buteyko. On lectures sleepping three reposing little old man, and constantly put on rouge outwardly peacefully - a slow woman of the years 45 with 12 years daughter beside.

On practical occupations after lecture remained only Oliga Georgorievna with девочкой Violetoy. We got into conversation. Oliga Georgievna already years eight suffers from wild polyarthritis. Each motion delivers her pain. Beside she constantly jumps the pressure. And all more often aside increasing. repeat - Outwardly she looked mading - slow. Talked with half-smile. But dear me as she hated the surrounding people! "I can not simply so in bus to go" - all with the same mellifluous smile told me about itself Oliga Georgievna. "I without fall read the book. Even though folk packed. If have jammed with all sides.... I can not without this. Can Not hear the foolish talks of the people in bus. Feel the scent their wine and tobacco smell! The Book I distract...

Here you are, dear readers, prime example difficult-curing hypertension patient. With such nature, with such attitude to people - will whence r good health? But outwardly - obessity, nice, gracefully stepping on sinful land woman. She does not yell, does not cry. But literally holler in the whole voice her internal emotions!! And agitate, agitate the deep breathing. But it agitates and provokes all her disease.

be continue

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