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Part two of chapter 11: Know physicians reason origin disease, that healing of hypertension by method Buteyko was him understandable?

assure You, dear readers, do not know! And, alas, зачастую simply and know do not want. "Beside you weak containers, сердчишко weak" - a more wide-spread answer physician on questions sick about that, whence rs his hypertension disease. That for modern physician hypertension (they name that her otherwise - hypertensia and miscellaneous...)? This first of all raised pressure.The Rate 120 on 80. But if 160 on 100 - already disease. Some (specifically просвященные physicians) speak of raised muscular tone of the blood vessels. And all!! Further this west medicine does not go. That is to say reasons гипертонической disease physicians do not know!! But once do not know the reasons, signifies and вылечить hypertension they can not. But... aloud about this do not speak. But draw sick lowerring pressure (the гопотензивные) preparations. "Bathe in drugstore here is this and here is this" - squints VWXbe drafty spectacles (beside it already and vision has sowed) next esculap. "Truth this rather expensive medicine..." - a physician lowered by voice names become round amount. But that will do, hypertonic disease, either as any disease, requires the money. And sick goes, buies the tablets, refusing itself in the most necessary.

Necessary. The Tablet this spasm (narrowing) takes away and opens the road to powerful drain last remainder CО2. Realy this help? In rate in альвелолах your light must be kept 6,5% SO2. Beside you it and so little. Sometime 3,8% SO2. That is to say half. So you terribly are ill. But tablet, increasing blood vessels, will intensify the drain SO2. He will begin more strongly the to wash out from organism. But after all below 3% SO2 approaches the death. So for that you pay the greater money in drugstore? For own destruction!The Treatments to hypertensions by method Buteyko you simply do not give.. You pay the ignorance a scientist, taking profit on your boundless confidence white robe. You pay that do not want to comprise their own own brains of work. Include them and stop to defraud themselves. The Physicians do not know the authentic reason of the origin to hypertensions! If knew, that themselves were not an гипертониками. But, alas, today each second physician is been ill hypertension by disease...

If someone from our readers, sick hypertension, continues else to distrust that modern physicians, which concern with the treatment an hypertension disease, do not know her main reason, that we offer to get acquainted with utterances знаменитых world cardiologist on this count. Here is endurances from book "New life heart". This book has written the scientist-cardiologists M.DEBEYKI and A.GOTTO. This very M.DEBEYKI, which arrived in Russia to advise at operations on heart of the former president to Russia Borisa Nikolaevicha Elicina. Hope, sick hypertension understand that to heart of the president who has got will not allow.

"At present arterial hypertension is considered cureless, its it is impossible to cure", "Preparations can provide the reduction A.D., but not capable definitively to cure GB" - a fragment from book M.DEBEYKI and A.GOTTO. Their brings for sick hypertentions by disease in its book "Output from dead end" YUriy Nikolaevich Mishustin. And this Mishustin draws a conclusion: "Modern cardiology does not dispose the facility of the real fight with гипертонической by disease that is to say facility, by means of which it) possible to cure or avoid". (About treatment of the hypertensions by method Buteyko and here-nor word )

And though authors of the book "New life of heart" in the book beginning write, that, say, the arterial hypertension easily gives in to treatment, but further themselves deny - it is considered supposedly incurable. Or here still their statement: "Though the exact reasons of occurrence of hypertensive illness are unknown..." Further authors give the optimistic forecast. But allow, if exact aetiologies are unknown, it cannot be cured. As writes J.N.Mishustin (we will quote it quite often) "Term" эссенциальная the hypertension "means" causeless ". It absence of means of real struggle against hypertensive illness also speaks. After all illness can be cured, only having eliminated the reason, its generated" And the reason deep breath is! Treatment of the hypertension by method Buteyko will help only.

On mine about a condition of "hypertension treatment" a today you will not tell more clearly. It is simply remarkably written about results of treatment of the hypertension: "Result" normal "treatments - recover. And in what result of cardiological "treatment"? If there is no recover, and it cannot be, as illness incurable that it is possible to consider as result of treatment? Try to ask itself this question and you for certain will find on it the answer. The help:) treatment"излечимой"illnesses comes to an end with recover; treatment of"incurable"hypertensive illness comes to an end..." It is correct - a stroke or a heart attack ". And here treatment of the hypertension by method Buteyko comes to an end with recover.

Despite the numerous use of terms of "medicine", "medical products", actually all "medicines for hypertensive illness" at all medicines (that not means for illness treatment), and "Preparations for decrease in arterial pressure". These are simply synthetic chemical substances, having short-term diuretic, calming or vasodilating an effect. And after all the majority "sick of a hypertension" is considered accepted by them "by tablets from pressure" as medicines. Actually medicines for hypertensive illness are not present! Therefore there is no treatment. Accordingly, there is no recover. Treatment of the hypertension by Buteyko method is not mentioned even…

We think, you have noticed, that all "medicines" mentioned by cardiologists give "by-effects" very dangerous to an organism. But, inspite on it, "Reception of preparations should become an integral part of your daily routine" "a hypertension demands constant treatment throughout a life of the patient"
Means, dear readers, "treat" hypertensive illness medicines not treating it, poison with them itself all life...

be continue

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