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The page 2 (chapter 1)

But, alast, it was yet only the autumn of 1988 year. It was (practically) the first big Moscow conference devoted to the great Deep Breathing Illnesses Discovery. Not only absolutely supporters of K.P. Buteyko were in the big hall on Vladimirskaya street. There were (to regret) and many absolute enemies of Buteyko. Woman-professor with the surname of the famous (by the films) secret service man simply was in a rage in any mentioning about of successes of Buteyko method. Her assistant - professor from of her chair of children's diseases hardely climbed on the platform.

- There are no reasons to affirm that Buteyko method healings asthma safely - he said leaning up on arms of platform heavily.

- Clinical fits stopped only at 20 pesents sick chilren without of medicinal remedies- professor was having a fit of loud coughing.

It was not reasonably to say about the victory over hypertension and about healing hypertension, when Moscow medical mastodons in white mantles did not want to recognize even healing asthma by the help of Buteyko method...

How hardly it was to listen suck performances! You see, not any night-wath man sain that from of the high capital tribune. You may easily to spit on his opinion... No! The plenipotentiary of the First Moscow medical institute of Sechenov was saing from the tribune!!

It was the institute of Sechenov. That the same Sechenov, which gave 25 years of his life for studying of the carbonic acid gas role in the human organism! Ivan Michailovich Sechenov gave these 25 years to medicinal CO2. But professor Safronov was taking away their... He was taking away their and was turning into dust.

You think only (you - people suffering by hypertension) - how many years yet must you wait (and to suffer) what Safronovs may recognize, that Buteyko method is managing very good and with yours hypertension, that method healing hypertension is found!! You may imagine how unprofessionally Safronov and his collaborators were applying Buteyko method (that wonder-working method), if they were saving only every fifth child-asthmatic!...

And, you see, that the same Safronov recognized unwillingly in his address, that the Buteyko disciple experienced physician Vilma Avgustovna Genina gave 93% of possible result on chair of that the same professor Safronov!

- But Genina was applying very hard form of Buteyko method, - professor explained. - And we are giving sparing modification.

Well, you have corresponding ("sparing") result... Four from of five sick children so and remained by sick children on their scientific chair! Healing hypertension will not take place, if that aesculapiuses will be "cure" of hypertension in such manner... The majority of hypertensioners will be remained by sick people!

And respected needing in healing hypertension sick people, what is mean - "sparing" (by professor Safronov) modification of Buteyko method? It is mean, what they were asking the children simply to weaken instead of the direct demand - to diminish the depth of breathing. But it is very little! It is not Buteyko method... It is the attempt to slander the Buteyko method. It is why (searching healing hypertension sick people) Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko could not say about all 100 diseases (which Buteyko method can heal) already then - in the autumn of 1988 year. Professors like Safronov were preventing to him. He had an official right to inflict the main blow then on asthma only. Since two successful state approbations of the method (and one semi-official) were by then organized exactly on asthma. To conduct the state approbations of the method VLGD on hypertension, angina pectoris, feminine pathology and etc... before 1985 , alas, was impossible. Honestly dialect them and after 1985 nobody from of Safronovyhes in state scale to conduct did not be going to. But after 1985 in country began simply market chaos. And in this bewilderment (more sad) it was managed to conduct let and not always national, but enough officially significant approbations of the method VLGD. For instance, on diabetes. Managed to show and achievements on healing of the hypertension in different Buteyko centres. However and then - in 1988м was well known that on two called on state approbations of the method VLGD sick people cured not only its asthma.Clear asthmatics do not can be. Beside all beside them was and allergy and hypertension and angina pectoris. The known that this was. But here is that on method VLGD these diseases beside participants of approbation disappeared, that healing to hypertension occurred parallel with curing the asthma - broadly was not published! Only in primary conclusion. But afterwards and it was remade and distorted. Why? All on same - after all medicinalless method Buteyko selects work beside surgeons, selects the profits beside pharmaceutical mafia. Here you are and hypertension, and authentic healing to hypertension... However former Great hypertension sick man even so stood on scene of the conference hall despite nor on what barriers and censorship by autumn 1988 ! Stood the person,who first in the world has done the healing to hypertensions by wholly possible deal. And this fact in no event it is impossible throw with the counts. To Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko, former sick malignant hypertension, was performed already 65 years in the autumn 1988. The Scientist physicians predicted him the death from of malignant hypertension before 1952 else... But he - this former hypertension sick man (finded authentic way of the healing to hypertension former hypertension sick man), firmly stood on capital scene 36 years after after predicted his bury. And not simply stood. He managed this conference! Taught to the method VLGD all one, wanted to learn it.

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