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Why can not hypertension sick people learn of real way of the treatment to hypertension?
(chapter 2)

Dear hypertension sick people, to you ( to the the people constantly searching for real treatment to hypertension), naturally, reasonable question comes to mind - why do people in white robe perceive all new in medicine with such labour? After all their debt is -to conduct treatment to hypertension all ways, which allow to do this. Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko thought remarkablest way of the treatment to hypertension - medicinalless method to volitional liquidation of the deep breathing. Seamingly - take it, yes and lift it on shield. But no! Buteyko propagandized his method the integer half a century . He has cured the groups of ten a folk from of the same most hypertension. These people (practised on himself really scientific treatment to hypertension) wrote letters in Ministry of Public Health with requirement to introduce method VLGD in daily practical person of all polyclinics. But passed fifty long years. Konstnatin Pavlovich went in grave. But carry and now is there. The lookinging for treatment to hypertension sick people as before get from physicians useless, destroying their organism poisonous chemical pills. Why? Well first of all since infinitely and unsuccessfully " to cure" hypertension by poisonous tablets is much profitably for pharmaceutical mafia. This for mafia is more profitably , than to begin to propagandize medicinalless and, comprehensible deal, unprofitable for pharmacists Buteyko method. The Very method, which enough quickly is through with hypertension once and for ever. The treatment to hypertension will become on really scientific ground. Аnd, secondly. Secondly, comrades in arms, looking for treatment to hypertension for what to understand easier these endless delays with introduction any medical innovations, it is necessary simply although a little to dip in history of medicine. I already described on page of our site sad known history of obstetrician of the gynecologist 19го age Ignac Zimmeliveys. But since sick, calling at on any site, far from always прочитывают all that is there written, think that will be useful this history to remind once again exactly search for treatments to hypertensions sick. After all if looking for treatments to hypertensions sick will hear how much years has left in medicine only on пробивание the most simplest hygenic requirement for surgeon - wash and disinfect the hands before operation ( rather then after it), that him - modern search for treatments to hypertensions sick will ill become. If it took fifty years to force surgeons to wash hands and to disinfect their by ofspecial solution before operation exactly, rather then after, it that then to speak about of forcing to life of medicinalles Buteyko method, which simply makes revolutionary upheaval, both in domestic, and in world medicine... At first thought it is simply difficult to imagine presently that quite else recently surgeons approached to operating table with dirty hands... On hands has not yet coolled off the blood from one operation, but surgeon ( with these dirty hands) already does the next operation, but for it else one. And so constantly!

To the lookinging for treatments to hypertension sick, which presently sees on television set sterile clean operating field and surgeons, literally scratching by special brushes of their own hands before operation, such and in nightmareish sleep can not appear in the dreams.

But after all it was, comrades in arms, sufferring hypertension. There was and quite even (on history yardstick) recently! Here you are as inctructive example history of the long-suffering (for truth in medicine...) Ignac Zimmeliveys. The obstetrician-gynecologist Ignac Zimmeliveys, which lived and worked for one hundred years before of the Deep Breathing Illnesses Discovery, seamingly had not no relations hereto revolutionary upheaval in medicine . Concern with the treatment to hypertensions, angina pectorises and other diseases to civilizations by no means was going to. And all the fate of Ignaca Zimmeliveys is more inctructive and for lookinging for treatment to hypertension sick people including. The Age nineteenteenth be drafty from her prism very was transparent imposed on age 20 and 21. And to sic people, searching for treatment to hypertension sick in 21 age will be not out of place hear, what did with trailblazer in medicine in age nineteenteenth, for instance.

Died then in clinic Wretch women in childbirth died then in clinics from of sepsis (blood poisoning). It was interpreted ( by the physicians!) on different: the moon, they say, not so mounted during childbirth, Roman-Catholic priest, it is said, in time did not prayed... Do you feel, hypertensive patients, what "powerful" motivations were brought forth. This even on such asked mate, as blood poisoning. But that where beyoind them to solve the secret of the treatment to hypertension! And suddenly beside Zimmeliveys perishes the buddy-physician, which opened the dead body a deceased from sepsis of the woman. But buddy-that itself did not give birth himself, why did he die? The truth he had a cut on right-hand, when he was doing the opening. And Zimmeliveys declares about existence of the ptomaine! Do you understand you, people tormented by hypertension, on that some accoucheur-gynecologist dared to attempt?

The friend of Ignac Zimmeliveys had bleeding cut on right-hand man. Blood from of dead body has fallen into his blood, when he opened the dead body. And contamination has occured. The persons became dead. Well what is here such super intricate, seditious, unexplained? It is not relationship of the treatment to hypertensions with deep breathing. Here all are seen, as on palm. And what has required Ignac Zimmeliveys from of physicians? Yes whole only that they carefully washed of the hands before(!) operation. In that timeses them, alas, washed only after.. Zimmeliveys has offered the usual chlorine, as desinfector (the sick hypertension people, value th simplicity nd accessibility of proposed). Trifling like requirement to colleagues (let comply with me the people, which search for treatment to hypertension) - take yes and wash spare once hands. But no! The scoundrels like academician Brown picklinged Zimmeliveys for this good advice integer long thirteen years. When read like, that risks to catch the hypertension (but together with it to gain and need of the treatment to hypertension) from of indignation. After colleagues in white robes have hidden Ignac Zimmeliveys in psychiatric clinic and have destroyed his there by pricks. Well as? You did not become ill from similar pranks that people, whose descendants in the future will concern with "treatment of" hypertension?! Not weakly diposes of high wite robe mafia with trailblazers. If Zimmeliveys for chlorine have hidden in psychiatric clinic, that where must they were to hide Buteyko for announcement of the hypertension by disease of the deep breathing, but treatment to hypertensions - a deal of the method VLGD?!...

In twenty years after statement of Ignac Zimmeliveys (and already after his ruin) beside he appeared the follower - a professor Lister. The truth, dear sick hypertension people, he has changed chlorine by the carbolic acid. But also for carbolic acid they pursued his before most deaths! At the average fifty years has left on that to prove to the professors Browns and others absolutely the most obvious truth. And whatdo you think, (you - those people which suffer from of hypertension) what exactly did help to Browns to begin to see clearly? Never do not guess. No! Not the decisive understanding of that fact that dirty hands of the surgeon carry infect straight in the blood of handled sick man. No, looking for treatments to hypertension comrades in arms! What there... The ambrellas helped to the surgeons to begin to see clearly!! Yes, yes! The most usual umbrellas from of the rain. Just by them -by these the most unti -rain's umbrellas relatives of handled started to beat on head the surgeons, which not washed his hands before operation. Here is she where the having solid, sermyaga's, severe truth of life. They Started to beat on head one, with dirty hands approaches to sick and understood.

But to Zimmeliveys and professor Lister, tormented before death for their own offers, is not easier from of that. As was not easier and for Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko, when on he was crushed chastisingn hammer of official medicine, for announcement of the hypertension by disease of the deep breathing (but treatment to hypertension-deal of the method VLGD).

Buteyko, certainly, rescued himself from of malignant hypertension by the help of his method VLGD. But from of that persecution, which he has felt after, it was easy to get and the repeated need of the treatment to hypertension...

So is clear to you now, interested in treatment of the hypertension people, why hypertension sicks as well as can not learn the truth about of real way of the treatment to hypertension? Since nobody did not yet beat by the umbrellas on head physicians, trying produce the treatment to hypertension by poisonous and absolutely useless chemical tablets...

I have in some details told (in my trilogy "Doctor Buteyko Discovery") and about of attempts of the physical removal of the great former hypertension man, and about of attempts to hide his in psychoneurological hospital. But beside I hitherto do not come out of memory moscow methodist Aleksey Perepelkin.

I wrote about his tragic fate in the second volume of my trilogy. Thrice high officials in white mantles concluded him on physical and moral tortures in the famous moscow psychiatric hospital on Varshavskoe freeway. Else under Brezhnev. In seventies.

But I simply was beat by tremor, when we together with Perepelkinym avoided the lattice floors this psychiatrical hospital by summer 1988. Aleksey shown me chamber, in which his 75 days kept without walks. Picklinged the horrible pricks only that Aleksey came to believe in method former great hypertension man and propagandized it, where only could!

I do not know, comrades in arms on treatment of the hypertension, was Perepelkin sign with historian of Ignac Zimmeliveys and what he thought in its psychiatric camera, closed from of normal world by steel lattices. But he, dear hypertension patients, suffered for you! For that, what you all the same learnted the truth of treatment of the hypertension, asthma, headache, stenocardia and the other diseases as quickly as possible. The family disintegreated at Alekseya. Mutilated by psychotropic pricks he went in grave hardly reached before fifth-year age.

Remember you - looking for treatment to hypertension sick patients, what expensive price scintillas of the truth about of Buteyko method entrenched to you. For that what you could realize the treatment to hypertension without poisonous tablets, such patriots, as Perepelkin placed their own light heads under travells about white-robe of the semi-official publication.

It was cost to Alex only to say to the murderers - "Recant from of the method Buteyko. Buteyko is unright . Tablet's mafia is right" . And door of the psychiatric prison then and there opened, releasing him on long- awaited freedom. Aleksey has preferred the early death. So particularly offensively can be presently, when hear from some of so passionately looking treatment hypertension sick patients that education in the Centre Buteyko, it is said, too dearly for it. But after all the question is amount in 1000 dollars. In our, concretely, the Centre about of one thousand. Yes today each schoolboy is spoilt on road by cellular telephone, which often costs and more dearly. But here the question is about of saving from of cureless by official medicine of the diseases!! About way VLGD, for fighting to light which is paid by years of prsecutions of most author of the method and of his pupils!

Before what all become smaller the people! On refrigerator, which costs same 400 dollars will borrow anywhere. But prolong its life for $1000 turns out to be backbreaking... To somehow hide its unwillingness to help to itself like, ostensibly really looking for treatment to hypertension sick people, declare that, breakwater, here is if they have believed that they will be cured - then...But allow! The Essence of the curing to hypertension by method VLGD is so simple and obvious that person, having in brain even three convolutions can not its not to understand:

  • The Deep breathing washes out from of organism of sick man the most adviseable CO2 very superfluously. Its it is necessary to have in rate 6,5%, but beside you only 3,76%. Below 3% approaches the death. Once, the carbon dioxide excessive deletes from organism, circulatory arteries begin be narrowed, for what to delay the drain of the carbon dioxide. Well, but if hose with water (or blood) will be narrowed, wtat will be? The Pressure will rise!! The Method Buteyko - brings your deep breathing to norm. The excessive drain of CO2 stops. The arteries cease be narrowed and pressure normalizes. Yypertension disappears!! Occurs the most reliable treatment to hypertensions. Say please, dear looking for treatments to hypertensions sick, - is there in this triad although one section, which you incomprehensibly? Is there although one point, which you may split in fuzz and ashes? If you will find such point -, ( will find you - who itself searches for the treatments to hypertensions), write please me. I shall give to you additional explanations. The Afore-cited triad - a law of the nature. Just the same, as law of the terrestrial attraction Newton. You, dear looking for treatments to hypertensions sick, can and disbelieve, certainly, to Newton. But if you will throw up heavy stone above your head, and aloud say: "Terrestrial attraction is no! I not faith Newton!", that stone-that from these shouts to hung on your head will not remain. It (by the law Newton) will fall on your broken by hypertension head and... Possible ( after its fall) head from hypertension beside you already will not be ill... You may although a thousand once to repeat that Buteyko is unright and all that he speaks - is a rubbish. Speak all this you, people, being ill by hypertension, certainly, can. But breathe five minutes much deeply, being enough air broadly opened mouth. Swallow it. And... some from of you more already never will disturb the hypertension.

    Will not be necessary more and treatment to hypertensions. The death from of deep breathing can approach and for this (so short) time. Well but half-syncope condition is provided practically to each. The main - honestly to swallow air by the opened mouthbefore refusal of current five minutes... But I, dear comrades in arms, sufferring from of hypertension, do not want at all of your death from of deep breathing. So ready and immediately answer some - "intrigue" questions, which will sometimes assign sick on public lecture of our methodists:

    • For instance, often ask - Well, but if carbon dioxide is so useful, that why do not simply to carry for back gas balloon with CO2 and now and then to breathe it through tube, openning tap?...
      - The question is comprehensible. Incomprehensibly is other - why do all sick prefer to assign "questions", rather than to breathe deeply some five minutes?...
    • The second question, which will often assign on public lectures looking for treatments to hypertensions sick , concerns the device Frolova and Nenasheva. Why, breakwater, do as that itself to tense?
      - To train its breathing on method K.P. Buteyko... That deal respiratory device Frolova or Nenasheva. Has breathed in it, accumulated CO2 and has ed. Here, dear looking for treatments to hypertensions sick , beside asking is all the same problem - do not want to tense their own brains. Any person, who will hear (or will read) lecture about method Buteyko wholly able to understand - a hypertension (and else 100 main diseases to modern civilization) appears from of deep breathing exactly! The method of Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko helps by the way of specially designed trainings much finely and gradually to reduce the depth of your breathing. And hypertension will go away! The necessity in treatment of the hypertensions will fall off. You will become sound. But what do offer the instructions to device of Frolov or Nenashev? They offer for 20 minutes to breathe through device enough deeply. With brightly expressed the breath and exhalation!!
      Yes, you will accumulate (temporarily!) CO2 and little will ed for some period - since 20 minutes you breathe through device and the deep breathing in this time does not miscarry your CO2 in atmosphere. But through hardware camera to you, dear looking for treatment to hypertensions sick, and returns. But... Will Finish 20 minutes of deep (well-marked) "breathing through device".
      And you, remained already without device, will exhale your CO2 in the opened atmosphere! But breathing-that you work out by the device israther deep!! In any event not less deep, than it was beside you before device. And here is you with this deep (but possible, as else more deepenning...) by breathing will be be hard excessive to throw in atmosphere the most adviseable CO2! Yes, you it right before through device acculated.
      But now-that (without device) you will his delete hard from of lungs ! And what will be in total? Some time accumulated through device CO2 you mildly embolden, but afterwards (when you all accumulation fling out in atmosphere by your's deep breathing) to you, people, so needing for treatment of the hypertensions, will become bad. And then that? As output? Put on the device on nose and go with him all over?
      You do not want so. But here is method Buteyko will adjust the depth of your breathing before rate and nothing on street on nose to put on not to come. So I think that you -search for treatment to hypertensions sick, there are need think: but what for you isbetter. I do not want unfair to find fault with the device of the breathing. Despite all, but his creators have taken on arms theory K.P. Buteyko about deficit of CO2 in alveolus our lungs. But... the device this all nothing else than suitable crutch. But go always better without crutches.
    • And, finally, (for one, strives to treatment of the hypertensions), the third question, which will usually assign your colleagues on public lectures. "But what do you think about of respiratory training of Strelinikova? Buteyko requires to breathe quite intelligent. А beside Strelinikovoy whole drill is built on freguently deep breathes. And, however, many this training helps..."
      The question, certainly, is interesting. Only here is that else more interesting - if I (once and for ever!) deeply understood in theories K.P. Buteyko and has adopted the method VLGD, that I myself like questions shall not assign. I on subconscious level understand that atheletics Strelinikovoy more close to nature, than method K.P. Buteyko. But here is exact answer most Konstantina Pavlovicha on this question. I heard this his answer repeatedly.
      And never doubted in his rightness. Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko spoke: "Yes! On training on method Strelinikovoy people breathe deeply. But take into account, as much motions hand they in this time execute! Cross, notice motions!! These are a cross motion hand, as special barrier limit the depth of the breath. Do not give her to reach its maximum.
      Yes plus themselves-that motions are much. Much physical activities. But any physical activity intensifies (!) production CO2 in your organism. So atheletics Strelinikovoy can give certain effect on time cumulation of the carbon dioxide. But after completion of the atheletics beside you remains the deep breathing and all that problems, which it creates."
      Does it nderstandable to dear, search for authentic treatment hypertension sick? The Atheletics Strelinikovoy, as well as respiratory devices Frolova and Nenasheva, gives the temporary accumulation of CO2, but leaves your ruinous deep breathing for you... The hypertension so safely does not cure. Get the temporary improvement, probably, is possible. But it is impossible here dispose of hypertensions by such way . It is impossible to get the real scientific, reliable treatment to hypertensions.
      What only questions will not assign the hypertension sick on public lectures. One looking for treatments to hypertensions sick constantly high-hat to me on lectures same question: - Here is we teach to breathe quite intelligent, on method Buteyko. But do not atrophy from such small breathing our lungs, not will in them all stay (infect any...), as in accumulator. Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko so was responsible for this cause: "Our lungs - are much and very fine instrument.
      And even under the most small breathing they are included in work completely! Nor the most slightest sluggishness occurs. And under the most small breathing work is corrected all share light. But here is under deep breathing light do not work orderly, but simply shudder as rickety pump at storm. And this in one hundred once more bad, than all misgivings about any sluggishness. We all this checked in its laboratory of the functional diagnostics."
      And even under the most small breathing they are included in work completely! Nor the most slightest sluggishness occurs. And under the most small breathing work is corrected all share light. But here is under deep breathing light do not work orderly, but simply shudder as rickety pump at storm. And this is in one hundred once more badly, than all misgivings about any sluggishness. We all this checked in oure laboratory of the functional diagnostics."
      The answer, dear looking for treatments to hypertensions sick , is clearest possible. But this question will fairly often assign on public lectures. But the main, why so far little people are aware about of harmfulness ruinous breathing, this is their unwillingness simply to breathe deeply (much, much deeply, swallowing the air by the opened mouth) during five minutes. This idle time experience proves the harmfulness of deep breathing by leaps and bounds. But method Buteyko by leaps and bounds confirms curative quite intelligent breathing.

be continue

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