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Chapter fifth:
Why scientist husbands of official medicine does not manage
to understand the authentic reason of the origin to hypertension?

"Tight-fisted pays twice" (dictum of the ancient philosopher)
"I am not so rich to buy cheap belongings" (Rhenium Dekart)
"Often good belongings cost not cheaply. Many know that aquisition of good belongings -is not wasting, but it is embedding. Embedding in health gives profit 1 to 15 - big profit can be when trading heroin only..." (P. Suharev)

Often at our difficult time indigent, penned in corner sick try to find in internet so named "free" sites. And " are learning" method K.P. Buteyko on him. Want to forewarn that wretch, which dare on such.

Little about itself. My name is Altuhov Sergey Georgievich. I am 56 years old. 20 years of them I am faithfull and callous follower of the academician international to academies of the informatics, candidate of the medical sciences Konstantina Pavlovicha Buteyko. The Long years I veins near by Teacher in Novosibirsk Akademgorodke. In his local Centre "Breathing on Buteyko" I from job title of the ordinary methodist gone before vice-chairman on information. Have two high diplomas of the methodist VLGD.

But diplomas (let and not two) got in that timeses (1988-93гг.) many from surrounded of scientist. But here is certificate of the methodist-auditor Konstantin Pavlovich gave whole to several specifically fiduciary associates. And I was in their count. This, practically, general's rank in system Buteyko teachings. The Methodist-auditor has a right to be present at occupation beside all methodists without exception. As required he has a right to select the diploma beside disqualified specialists. The Methodist-auditor is obliged (!) keep a check on any publications about method Buteyko and give him its estimation.Now you know, who I am and as my authorities. About that that I show the author of the novel-trilogies "Opening of the doctor Buteyko" to you also already probably isknown from our site.

So here is for all, who searches for "free" education to method K.P. Buteyko in internet, I absolutely officially and with the whole responsiblity declare - such is no in internet! Author of the great Opening Itself confirmed: "No book, article or instruction in no event can cure concrete sick with all hi) individual particularities! Concrete sick can cure only experienced, skilled, certificated methodist".

But, all us, all us always to want to spare. We buy (easy!) cellular telephone, but consider the luxury to pay at least as much as for health. Such sick search for in internet all the manner of articles with "free" description of the methods of the drills. And fall into network of the student V.V. Beznosova, athlete-bicyclist Alekseya Marksa and philosopher Kolobova. Nothing other in internet like and no. I anyway do not see. The most irresponsible and the most bad (better say criminal) is an article-abstract of the student of the fourth course (azh Udmurtskogo university...) Vladimira Beznosova. This student gone all.

He has published not even travesty on methods K.P. Buteyko. But its own (the God knows whence got) broth-mixture from yoga, from teaching about of deep breathing and from mythical delays of breathing. "7 seconds exhalation, 7 seconds breath, 5 seconds pause" - writes Beznosov. Yes for such it is necessary morally to shoot up and punish the rod on area. It is no beside Buteyko no count of the seconds! No. He always spoke - "Any count will deepen the breathing". And delays forcible are no. Dear sick! In no event Do not learn on Beznosovu in no event! What can take with student. He will afterwards say - I was mistaken... But you will suffer.

The article ofAleksey Marks "History of my recovery. Eight years after..." is thing, certainly, more soft. The Crime its openly name it is impossible. Aleksey had a good blasts under its publication. But he himself writes that he is not methodist, not instructor. And learned the method beside an unknown nobody methodist V. Korobeynikov. The Trouble of the article is in that what not specialist tries in brief to state sick that in brief will not state. He writes that running on ski, delayed the breathing with such power that snow became lilac... Alesha! Do Not take offence.

This is foolishness. Dangerous for publication. The interested persons are Found to repeat. Aleksey writes about soft and hard drill. The Nature does not know neither that, nor other. The Process of the breathing, what spoke Konstantin Pavlovich, this is process unceasing! No delays before becoming blue, no acerbity loves and does not allow. Alekseya can excuse only that he all send their own readers on education to methodist. It is Correct does. But will all listen?

And, finally, book of Kolobova "Breathing on Buteyko". Kolobov is not student, not emotional athlete. He, in the general-that, is known in Moscow. And that book his there scolded, personally I did not hear. But trouble in that that many readers simply miss his words in this book. Kolobov all time writes as it were about preparation to method. About entering in special condition. Sometimes advises to address to methodist.

But can be and comes off. Gives the direct instructions on practical drill. And here is this carries the harm! In these instructions are mass inexactnesses. But the most rough from the most rough practical mistakes in methods is shown on cover of the book straight. How many times spoke us Buteyko about possibility of the similar mistake on methodical studies. But in that distant years (1987-91гг) Kolobova in our motion was not. He came to method to 2000 already. I do not know, what has forgiven K.P. Buteyko him this mistake on cover, but this is one of the extremely blunders. When yoga mix with teaching K.P. Buteyko. It is Necessary to choose something one. The Book-that itself is useful. The Method is praised. If only sick understood that this is theory, rather then practice... Not always understand.

To me in the Centre sometimes come the letter from sick, which write that concerned with by itself on "free" site. One such "none-money" - an asthmatic from Kiev in addition sufferring bud I ate-ate rescue reeducation from cancer bud. The Second гипертоник and почечник I was ed on deterioration of the work bud after training on "free" site, but relearn did not become, hypertension-that he small size to itself поубавил and that pleased. But that buds will newly give since time гипертонический криз does not understand. One woman has written with pride that gave birth the child on pause (learned;learnt on "free" put). I think that she gave birth where easier if has masterred the authentic methods in official Centre. We Ask all: remember - a free cheese can be in mousetrap only. All Centres keeps that price, which will not give they are closed. No need to spare on its health - cherish will dispense. Better occupy, перезанять, but learn it is correct once and for ever. But afterwards train whole family. Else and spare in the future on their treatment.

In this plan, dear needing for treatment of the hypertensions sicks, it is possible to give you and some practical advices. Here is see - somebody from hypertension sicks can say that $260 for education method is dearly. But for cellular telephone, which tears the warble in pocket beside this needing for treatment of the hypertensions sick, he has paid even cherish. But if for telephone it is possible, but for health it is impossible that is to say after all and other outputs. Beside any needing for treatment of the hypertensions sick always to find the pair familiar, which also does not shine by health. Wholly probably, as their torments and hypertension and angina pectoris and miscellaneous. So speak to them on shower! Tell about Opening of the Diseases of the Deep Breathing, about method Buteyko. And if you will manage to convince their begin to treat at method Buteyko, that you will become already three. And cost of the course education by correspondence you will be able to divide already on three. This after all confrontation education will not do. There on occupations passes only that requiring in treatment of the hypertensions sick, which has paid training. At confrontation way education you get on internet ready materials in electronic form. Their is possible to study and two together and three together... But pay to come each somewhat less.

Certainly, dear needing for treatment of the hypertensions sicks, and is here cut difficulty - their own familiar it is necessary to convince. But they also want the tablets instead to work on its breathing. But without labour, as it is spoken... In general, one, really wants to win its hypertension without medicines, always anything may do. But one, who has not a hot desire to health - him in general it is difficult to help. ByAny method. Health goes to one, who his passionately wants.

be continue

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