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Chapter fourth: What sick is cured from hypertension in the first place?

On public lectures on method Buteyko to me address different sicks. And with different questions. Will Assign and such - "But here is my hypertension with factor of the pressure (are identified the numerals of the pressure) will be cure by the method Buteyko or no?" I am a long years meet different sicks and with needing for treatment of the hypertensions sicks including. And here is what conclusion for myself I have done. Quicker whole and more simply by method Buteyko are cured from hypertension that sicks, which does not disturb to go their nature to the health. Cure, certainly, and the other hypertension sicks. But quicker whole method helps to people, which from the very beginning are not adjusted aggressive to most theories of"Opening of the diseases of the deep breathing".

I am recalled small group of sicks (the persons four) with which I in due course concerned with as far back as Novosibirsk. Concerned with we in big three-room apartment on fringe of the noisy city. The Landlady - Izolida Gansovna, bright heavy hypertension sick woman was a german on nationalities. The Age 65 years. The Vein together with daughter and her children. In group was else two asthmatics and hypertension man - a teacher of the economy one of the Novosibirsk High school Viktor Ivanovich Dektyarev, pleasing 43 years man.

Concerned with they all together. In one room. The August 1999 stood For window. The Successes beside sicks were not bad. With each daytime of studies they noted some improvements. Including Izolida Gansovna. After using the training No 1 her pressure with 190 fell before 160. And this at short period... Less became to be ill the head. But here is that interesting, striving to treatment of the hypertensions comrades in arms, - Viktor Ivanovich all studies perceived with understanding smile.

His clear blue eyes so and shone, he literally absorbed in himself whole got information. Quite other deal Izolida Gansovna. Since the most first minutes of our meeting I constantly faced with her mistrustful glance. She nothing do not want to write. But to remember whole, certainly, too could not. The Woman enough loosenning, fat, dressing in crushed green robe, she inadvertently climbed down with sofa and sat on chair during drill. Certainly she suffered from hypertension. And much powerfully. But in any, who red her cure saw similars only some cheater. Though I to her in friends did not mob. Pass the course of method Buteyko I this needing for treatment of the hypertensions sick did not agitate. On the contrary! That her 35 years daughter has heard my lecture and literally with tears persuaded to study in the the building with her sick ma. I at first refused. Far, there was go. But daughter has collected else several interested persons and I happened to to yield their general request.

On question- what is a reason to your hypertension, Izolida Gansovna well at all did not want to answer it is correct. Already, the whole group prompted to her that reason to hypertension is the deep breathing, but... But landlady of the apartment preferred to mumble something about of weaknesses of her own vessels... But after all I else on introductory lesson gave the detailed answer to this question!

Once again repeat - in spite of obviously not very well-disposed attitude to training, sick hypertension did the evident successes. And acknowledged them. But... very inadvertently. The Breakwater, it is necessary, and pressure beside me fell. Perhaps weather changed? In ditto time Viktor Ivanovich, reduced its pressure with 180 on 110 before 160 on 100 in the first days of the training was simply delighted with method. I probably so powerfully has not remembered this difference in perception one and same knowledges about reason of the hypertension by two needing for treatment of the hypertensions sicks if in medium of studies has not occurred the more unattractive event. I have arrived on outskirts, either as usually - to four hours of the day. The Whole group was in collection. But my charge were obviously than-that alarmed and conducted the eyes aside. Izolida Gansovna was ajusted agressive more of all all . Closed floors of its green robe, this needing for treatment of the hypertension sick under my appearance so and remained to recline on sofa. Her chair in general row remained empty.

- I today in the night caused fast, pressure azh for 200 was, - not see on me, gloomy said Izolida Gansovna. In voice requiring in treatment of the hypertension sick so and sounded the deaf insult and suspicion. Here is breakwater, taught, taught, but method does not help. About what that else day back she successfully lowered by the method its pressure and her achievements recorded in general journal, sick hypertension as it is woke,waked has completely forgotten completely...

In work of the methodist, dear needing for treatment of the hypertensions sicks , miscellaneous can be. The Person is not machine. With him can happen any. But I brushed against other - this openly hostile tone of the mistrust. He tensed whole trained group. Each of they most certainly thought about himself, as his successes, perhaps, is deal temporary... But Viktor Ivanovich don't care held very good. - А beside me al arel well, - see wanting somehow to rehabilitate the methodist, he has said not loudly. The oppressive silence was fixed In the room.

- what did you yesterday after my care? - I has asked of Izolidu Gansovnu.
- Trained, as always!, - a cruel voice cut needing for treatment of the hypertension sick. And suddenly in room has sounded the remark, which has in a flash made clear all deal.
- Yes my senior brother came to ma yesterday in eight of evening, - somehow with difficulty has explained the daughter of Izolida Gansovny. - Well he was drunk. Yelled on ma. Required the money, even in fight climb!!

Thence is easy do the idle time a conclusion: on method K.P. Buteyko quicker are cured that needing for treatment of the hypertensions sick, soul of which is not covered from the whole new, fresh. The Hypertension, certainly is terrible disease. But for it (and else for 100 diseases) liquidation wholly it is enough well to adopt the theory of the Opening of the Diseases of the Deep Breathing. When I itself think, what prevent the development (or origin) to hypertensions in human organism, I first of all imagine our blood vessels.

In the first place arteries. While person is healthy and breathes not deeply, his scarlet clean blood peacefully and measured flows on riverbed of the arteries. Nowhere and nothing this artery does not constrained, nothing do not obstruct blood vessels. And no, naturally, no hypertension. No and nor what necessities in treatment of the hypertension. But here is on person has yelled on work (on simple cause) high-handed person chief. The Person took offence, beside it, what speak - simmers from indignation blood. The Person is offended, is agitated, sniffles. And,... the comprehensible deal, - breathe much deeply. Begins unrestrained (excessive) washing out of precious carbon dioxide from lungs. The Arrow of the unencountered instrument already is obviously biased to forbidden devil. Here is she passed the numeral four. That is to say contents CO2 in alveolus your lungs is lowered below this mark. The Organism yells: "Stop! You else little so will breathe and to you will be end. It is Necessary you to rescue". And smooth musculature of blood vessels begins to spasm... The Artery is narrowed to reduce the section of the vessel and hereunder suspend excessive washing out of CO2. Here is it!

Was made!! This and there is very secret turning the person from health to disease! Else recently blood went on arteries liberally. But now she becomes closely. And... increases the blood pressure. The Hypertension by heavy walk rushes you toward. Immediately appears and need of the treatment to hypertension.

As is output? It is Necessary to a nicety to study classical receiving the reduction of the depth of the breathing on method of the academician K.P. Buteyko and at moment of any stressful situation will power to suppress the attempt of your breathing to come out of under your checking!

When in perfection know the method Buteyko, this is not so-that and it is difficult. When does not know - it is nearly impossible. So once again repeat - easier whole cope with hypertension that sicks, which are not locked for new knowledges. Do Not finish the general phrase -to speak, breakwater, all will die, we do not believe we for nothing. It is no need to believe. It is Necessary to include the brains and understand the essence.

be continue

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