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Chapter fifth:
Why scientist husbands of official medicine does not manage
to understand the authentic reason of the origin to hypertension?

"Tight-fisted pays twice" (dictum of the ancient philosopher)
"I am not so rich to buy cheap belongings" (Rhenium Dekart)
"Often good belongings cost not cheaply. Many know that aquisition of good belongings -is not wasting, but it is embedding. Embedding in health gives profit 1 to 15 - big profit can be when trading heroin only..." (P. Suharev)

Dear needing for treatment of the hypertension sicks! You have read already four chapters of given book of literary scientific marks, denoted to treatment of hypertension. And beside you, see, already not once appeared the question - why aiming army of professors, finished medical high schools, hitherto unable to understand the authentic reason of the origin to hypertension? The Professors with academic type declare that name hypertension has grown old, that now follows to speak about of arterial hypertension. The Professors cheat the cheeks and take the important type. They long concern with the treatment to hypertension by useless (but additionally powerfully poisonous) chemical tablets. But hypertension ( or arterial hypertension) not only is not cured, alas, she takes all more terrible forms. In witness I shall bring here whole only one letter ofwife of sick from Erevan. Her name is Dariko. She is 42. The Husband is vastly senior of her. He is 60 years. Beside them are two children - a students, which it is necessary to teach. Naturally that beside Dariko worries about health of the husband. Here is that she writes in our Centre: "Dear Sergey Georgievich! My husband is il byl the hypertension already much years. His hypertension began with pressures 140 on 90. What only high-priced preparations did not cure him in the best clinics of Erevan. But medicine did not rescue my spouse. Presently his pressure is already 220 on 130. And that is the most terrible - even the most strong tablets ceased in general as or act... I am simply dread. Fear for life of the husband. Has Broken whole internet in quest of savings. Help if can. Dariko."

Here is so here is, dear needing for treatment of the hypertensions sicks. This letter came to us not much years back. This is a fresh letter from 1 June 2006. You only visualize, hyprtension sicks, - 54 back, at October 1952 russian scientist Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko has found the reason of the origin to hypertensions - a deep breathing. On the base of his Opening of the Diseases of the Deep Breathing he created miraculous medicinalless method to volitional liquidation of the deep breathing. Cured himself by this method not from idle time, but from of malignant (!!) to hypertension.

But today, after half a century after the opening of genious russian scientist, orthodox physicians bring their own patients by poisonous chemical tablets from of hypertension 140 on 90 before hypertension 220 on 130 and afterwards squeamish wash the hands: we, they say, have done all(!) that have been able...

As?! Well is this not plot for drama like famous dramas of Ostrovskey?... Yes only, dear needing for treatment of the hypertensions sicks, will find at our time playwright, which will describe all flours, all sufferings, all despair and hopelessness of hypertension sicks, falling into the hands of tablete aesculapiuses. After all know, know or at least once heared scientists husbands from of medicine about Opening of the Diseases of the Deep Breathing! So why do they bring sicks from hypertension 140 on 90 before hypertension (arterial hypertension) agio to 220 on 130? Why?!! After all it is possible to howl by wolf from such безбразия ugliness. On my glance the reason of such amazing "not understanding" by medical professors to essence of the Opening of the Diseases of the Deep breathing is hiding again in gloomy hiding places of the history of modern medicine. I already not once cited on this history, as on the source of the explanation of many our troubles..

But what does speak the history of medicine to us on given cause? But she, dear needing for treatment of the hypertensions sicks, shows following. In questions of authentic health enormous role plays, turns out to be, not traditional medicine, itself (with all its poisonous chemical tablets and sharply sharpened steel scalpels) - nowhere near no. The Leadinging role in conservation of our health (and maintenance of the normal arterial pressure including) plays (what has shown the practice) that part of medicine, which is usually accepted to consider applied. Is identified she - a physiology. Here is if physician in perfection has masterred the rate of the medical institute and also has beautifully possessed by the physiology - then him price no.

But say please, dear needing for treatment of the hypertensions sicks, often did you happen to meet in hospital cabinets physicians - a physiologists? I think that you did not meet them completely. Fiziokabinet in the total-that is not in count. There sicks warm up the special electrical appliance a nose, ears. But physician-physiologist, as such there you do not examine by the most careful image. Does Not ask thorouhly history ofyour disease. On essences of the deal physician - a physiotherapist in physiotherapeutic cabinet only automatically executes the prescriptions of the usual physician, stated by latin on prescription.

That is to say, dear needing for treatment of the hypertension sicks, I want to say, as today - at June of the year 2006- physiology in medicine else far as is not lifted on shield.

But that with her (with physiology) was in medium 19 ages? The Whole-that 150 years back. The Period on history yardstick more then trifling. But physiology then (exactly also, either as presently) was considered only by applied part of main traditional (tablet-scalpel's) of medicine.Its more named not physiology, but physico-chemistry... And here is here-that, expensive, dear needing for treatment of the hypertension sicks , and is conseald the secret of "incomprehension" by professors of the present authentic reasons of the origin to your hypertension! You this "incomprehension" concerns by the most direct image. Pickling-that by poisonous chemical tablets aesculapiuses not anyone there, not uncle Vanyu with the neighbor's lane, as follows you.

You, dear needing for treatment of the hypertension sick, only consider in this phrase: "physiology - it is applied physico-chemistry...". About what does speak that phrase? Yes about that what the physician-physiologist (if he wants to be a skilful specialist on the health) must have a greater cognitions in the field of physicists and chemistries. But do you think these cognitions there is beside physicians, finishing medical faculties of our medical High school? You re Mistaken, expensive, needing for treatment of the hypertension sicks. The Greater cognitions in the field of physicists, chemistries, but more so in the field of high mathematicians beside our high-educated specialists in white robe is no. These disciplines deeply and strictly study in engineering High schools. In medical High schools physics, chemistry, mathematics - are disciplines of the second order. The Physicians their study, as exasperating additional load. Study fluently, superficially - and nobody them for this does not reproach. The Main discipline there - "bone tibial, bone butt-end's..."

That is why in 60е years of 19 age exactly Ivan Mihaylovich Sechenov, rather then who or another from of russian physicians, became the great domestic physiologist! This manages to him therefore that before Moscow Medical faculty he finished military-engineering school. As engineer-sapper much has well studied the physicist and chemistry, and high mathematician. Most he-that much close approached to solving of the reason to hypertension! Then its characterized as tides of the blood to head. And cured by the leeches. Helped

Better, by the way, than oisonous chemical tablets. Ivan Mihaylovich Sechenov integer 25 years to his lifes have returned to the study of the influence of the carbon dioxide on human organism. Carrying gas by blood - it is one of main his themes. Himself-that Ivan Mihaylovich is exceed understood in what else germinal condition is found domestic physiology. But probably even great scientist could not expect, as in 150 years this position fundamentally will not change.

If, dear needing for treatment of the hypertensions sick, people (the most light wits of mankind) like Sechenov veins not 75-80 years, but years on 200, that riddles to hypertension and else many diseases simply did not exist. And blood pressure did not kill each second inhabitant of the planet Land. Cost to Sechenov " to live so long", shall say, before 1952 and he most certainly became friends not only with russian scientist-physiologist from Permi on surnames Verigo. Just this scientist has also returned much their own power to study dug the carbon dioxide in blood of the person. Nor who other, as Verigo has proved that if contents of the carbon dioxide in blood is lowered, that haemoglobin of blood will worse return exportable him atmospheric oxygen in the cells of the human organism. And... the cells begin to choke. Including cells of the cerebrum. But cerebrum in this situations will return the order on narrowing of arterial vessels to decreased washing out carbon dioxide... Well, but if narrow the hose - a pressure increases!! Here is she already and rests upon palm - a main reason of the origin to hypertensions!! But firmly said about her only K.P. Buteyko. Bring Sechenov and Verigo and Buteyko to live on one time cell and solving to hypertensions (or tide blood to head - on former) was perfect or for 50 years earlier, or for 50 years earlier was bring to life. But so and at year 2006 m little who knows the secret of the authentic treatment to hypertensions.

But, dear needing for treatment of the hypertension sick, about us with you then nobody has not thought. If have thought, that to the great physiologist of the land Russian Ivan Sechenov tsar and tsarist government would created all conditions for long-lasting life. But his pursued as soon as could. On multiple interrogations - in tsarist secret police beside miscellaneous of the people all way tried to dislodge the evidences about "criminal" relationship Ivan Mihaylovich with CHernyshevskim... The Book of Sechenova " Reflexes of the cerebrum" thrice(!!) subjected to the arrest. But if this book though and arrested, but all afar, that his work about dug the carbon dioxide in human organism (work, throwing light upon secret of the hypertension) and presently it is necessary to search for with fire daytime. Already long ago no tsarist secret police - but then there are professors, which intending before death to stuff the sicks by chemical gunk!

The Physiology - that most physiology, without knowledge of which it is difficult to support the good health, and now, alas, is found in terrible unimportent state. Ask any physician that or about differential calculus, assign him not the most complex questions on physicist and chemistries, and you will understand that modern physician is very far from of these disciplines. "Bone tibial, bone of the end..." - oh as they were remembered me these bones on lesson of the anatomies in surgeon's school. Girls in irond white robes, dear needing for treatment of the hypertensions sicks, whittling lady - an teacher literally trained on this bones on demonstration skeleton. To answer forced quickly, as robot. But nobody, never asked the future physicians about role the carbon dioxide in human organism. About reason of the reduction of the section circulatory arteries... Why? Let this physicists and chemists in engineering High school study. The Physician needs "bone tibial, bone of the end..."

As was saying professor of Moscow medical faculty Axe in timeses of the training Sechenova: "Why us, gentlemen students, must we search one or another disease before authentic reasons of the origin? Why us is it necessary to break the head on study these any theory? We and without any theories, by means of nacked practical persons were able to build Toporovku..."

I.M.Setchenov and his friends students well understood about what speaks one of the most notable and rich professors - medical men of the Moscow university. Not wanting to seek the original reasons of occurrence of this or that illness professor Toporov, nevertheless, giving to the patients when poisonous tablets and when simply sal ammoniac, has managed nevertheless to collect from them so much money for "treatment", that they have with interest sufficed to construct in Moscow in the fiftieth years of 19 centuries two enormous houses. Students of medical faculty of the Moscow university have nicknamed its estate Топоровкой. Here and think, dear hypertensions requiring treatment patients, whence was to undertake to good doctors if them trained such here Nicolays Sylyches Toporovs. " To what to us thermometers, yes microscopes, would be head, we and without them will not be gone ". Similar sayings of professor Toporov reading at medical faculty a course of a private pathology and therapy (and easier speaking a course of internal illnesses) many medical students absorbed in themselves, as a dry sponge water. Whether before searches of the original reasons of a hypertension (приливав blood to a head on terminology of that time) it was? Yes is not present! Before their obscured look there was Nikolay Silycha's harnessed in pair of thoroughbred trotters the rich droshky. Its footmen and servants. Its dining table served by silver devices.

Alas, and in the fiftieth years of a century 20 го descendants of those physicians and have not learnt to treat a hypertension. And how it, tell on favour, was to learn? Nikolay Silych Toporov studied under the textbook of therapy of near French author Grizollja. Even first-year student Vania Setchenov had enough sharpness to understand - the textbook absolutely empty and inutile. Except transfer of symptoms (signs) of diseases, their outcomes and rather handicraft attempts of their treatment Frenchman Grizoll in the textbook did not describe anything. He did not know of the reasons (the main reason!) of hypertension occurence (that is rushes of blood to a head) . He did not know and how develops illness (including rushes of blood to a head), in what is its essence and why, say, do help from it bloodsuckers ... Did not know it big (and exaggerated) the French authority. Did not know it and the leading professor of medical faculty of the Moscow university Nikolay Silych Toporov, very propagandising given textbook.

Ivan Mihajlovich Setchenov is, certainly, our Russian nugget. And then (in the fiftieth years of 19 centuries) inquisitive mind of student Setchenov was in confusion. "Really is it also scientific medicine? - Ivan Mihajlovich was tormented with sleepless nights. - Where here a science?" He wished to be the doctor meaningly treating patients, instead of the sorcerer of Toporov trainings.

Here, here where, dear hypertonias requiring treatment patients, are covered original roots of your sufferings! Unfortunately and in 150 years in medicine there are many doctors who and remain sorcerers of Top Orovsky type. My Teacher - the candidate of medical sciences, the academician of the international academy of computer science Konstantin Pavlovich Butejko spoke time and again: "Even in the fiftieth years 20 го centuries (that in 100 years after the Sechenovsky student time...) sick of a hypertonia if it very strongly solicited to learn nevertheless the original reasons of the hypertonia, said directly directly - your disease is incurably!"

Traditions of professors Grizols, Toporovs have appeared very strong in medicine. To go counter to them, to break them is not to everyone was under force. Even to Ivan Mihajlovichu Setchenov has not sufficed during lifetime of forces up to the end to bind a carbon dioxide role in a human body to direct and immediate occurrence of a hypertonia.

It is not enough, was very little (and is) physiologists on calling! And the reasons of their reproduction it is not expected. They live poorly, them constantly pursue. Any doctor, naturally, prefers to go in medicine on a way of tablets and potions like rich professor Toporova, rather than to be exposed to various prosecutions as we will tell, Ivan Mihajlovich Setchenov.

The died Setchenov's banner was picked up by fair English p Why did asthmatics begin a thicket to perish after the invention as treatment of an asthma of hormonal preparations? Has put here in what. The person who requires asthma treatment, basically (even somewhere at subconscious level) guesses, that hormones do it harm. Therefore the asthmatic uses them unwillingly and tries to accept them less often. But, whatever one may do, dependence of an organism on them thus is all the same developed. And here to the asthmatic it became again bad. But it has overcome himself and at once has not accepted a hormone. To it all is worse. Hormonal "treatment" of an asthma has not come also a dyspnea attack continues to develop. Then the patient requiring treatment of an asthma nevertheless accepts a hormone! Accepts, when already forces any are not present. To breathe there is nothing. The patient requires urgent treatment of an asthma. It Genius of Konstantin Pavlovich Butejko was necessary to make the way through dense wood of their scientific heaps, on advantage to estimate the book. And firmly and safely to finish speaking that, on what Englishmen only hinted. And not easier to finish speaking, and to support with the facts, to think up and prove method VEDB (strong-willed liquidation of deep breathing). By means of this method to salvage himself from of a malignant hypertonia.

Only then (in second half of 20го century) it was possible to tell with confidence - the hypertension any more is not an incurable disease! But even after Butejkovsky experiences, publications in magazines descendants of Grizole and Nikolay Silycha Toporova have not wanted to leave with big and small grizolevky and toporovkamy, acquired on sale of toxicant chemical tablets and every possible potions.

It and now - in June, 2006 can read from sick of a hypertonia of the letters that doctors longly longly medicated sick from of a hypertonia. From indications 140 on 90 have finished it to indications 22 on 130 and more their tablets "do not help".

I think, dear hypertonias requiring treatment patients, that now nevertheless it is easier to you to acquire, in what roots of "misunderstanding" present Nikolaev Silychey of the original reasons of occurrence of a hypertonia are covered. "What for to us thermometers, yes microscopes, would be mind. And with mind we and without of them will acquire Toporovku..."

Present Nicolay Silyches, of course, apply thermometers and microscopes. But irrespective of, on what these devices specify, they see only one and understand only one: it is better to live with tablet mafia in frets, than to be in it way.

be continue

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