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Chapter sixth:
Treatment of hypertensive patient Sablin
(To the maintenance)

Dear hypertonias requiring treatment patients, I certainly understand, that each of you cases of practical treatment from a hypertonia of those or other patients first of all interest. Concrete, so to say the facts. In this occasion I should tell the following - of the facts of treatment sicks of a hypertonia from the disease by means of K.P.Butejko's method are much. But understand me correctly - if I shall begin to list only real facts are in what that will remind a way and traditions of professors Grizol and Nikolay Silych Toporov. Toporov too did not wish to press in any "theories". Here supposedly practical сметка, this or that more less successful reception - and please: the patient is healthy and pays money.

Thus there is behind a board a question and how will longly last this or that improvement of a condition of the patient ? And what price does it get to its organism? Probably for some time illness also will recede. But when action of toxicant chemical substance illness (and a hypertonia will come to an end including) will pull hard on the patient with new force. Therefore I consider, that it is necessary to explain openly to sicks of a hypertonia, that K.P.Butejko's method it is not respiratory gymnastics any there (like, say, gymnastics of Strelnikova). No!! This harmonous, absolutely proved logic doctrine. It is not gymnastics, and system of a healthy life. It is the physiological law of the nature: deeply you breathe - you will receive excessive leakage from of organism of carbon dioxide - a spastic stricture of arteries and rising of arterial pressure.

It is the law of the nature and it operates irrespective of - we know about its existence or not. Therefore, dear hypertonias requiring treatment patients, I also give so a lot of place in this book of the theory. If requiring treatment of a hypertonia of the patient it will be good to own the theory of Opening of Illnesses of Deep Breath its hypertonia already will start to recede. The thought gives rise to action. If all your thoughts are about reduction of depth of breath it (this depth of breath) will start to decrease gradually even before you start practical trainings!

As to concrete examples of treatment from a hypertonia by means of K.P.Butejko's method of concrete people in this chapter I wish to tell about one classical example of treatment from a hypertonia on method VEDB. To tell about the person who has cured at itself a hypertonia not for a month and not on two, and for long, long years. Called this person - Victor Timofeevich Sablin. In 1962 year to was only 37 years.

Also it would work like not on heavy physical work any where in martin to shop. No. He was the assistant producer by an economic part of the big academic theatre in Novosibirsk. Cultural like work, dear hypertonias requiring treatment patients. But there was our Victor Timofeevich by 37 years full invalid. A hypertonia, a stenocardia, ischemic heart disease - the whole bouquet of awful chronic diseases literally bent down he to the earth. And after all the academic theatre in Novosibirsk - a place elite. The assistant producer had possibility to address in the first class Novosibirsk clinics. He was cured at the best Siberian experts. He accepted the most scarce medicines for a damned hypertonia. But pressure, alas, only grew. If in 28 years it began with a hypertonia 150 on 100 by 37 years results of tablet "treatments" have led him to hypertonia 190 on 110...

Once again I will repeat - this person had rather extensive communications in enough influential Novosibirsk circles. Sometimes after all happens so difficultly to get the ticket for representation using the big popularity. Hypertensive patient Sablin always had scarce complimentary tickets in a stock. But even they could not salvage his from horrors of a hypertonia.

In the first volume of the trilogy "Opening of doctor Butejko" I mention Victor Timofeevicha's history, dear hypertonias requiring treatment patients. But only I mention. There to it it is given any one and a half page. It is natural - in the book it was told about very many events. Therefore to each event it was given a few places. There are no many details, dear hypertonias requiring treatment patients. And they - these details sometimes happen for you are extraordinary important!

And afterwards - my trilogy – it is artistic-documentary novel. But novel form always expects the certain share to artistic values. Some facts in novel can be changed. There, dear needing for treatment of the hypertensions sick, I, for instance, write that Viktor Timofeevich Sablin himself (their own legs) came to laboratory K.P. Buteyko. On deal his (completely broken by hypertension) have brought on stretcher there... Novosibirsk of beginning of the sixties was miraculous. The Flowering Red avenue. Blue glassy of broad full-flowing Ob. But nothing did not please Sablin that springtime memorable sixty second. Ishemiya, angina pectoris, hypertension. These three words have formed Burmudskiy triangle for him, output from which what seemed was not no.

The Angina pectoris in heavy form itself can reduce with wit of any person. After all at one time this person was healthy, could quickly go. But now each hundred of metres is given with big labour. The Shortness of breath, perspiration, strong sharp pain in the field of heart. But here else is hypertension. Sablin began already to forget that time, when this word was him absolutely unacquainted. Cost Viktoru Timofeevichu only to get to the first floor of the service entrance, as in whisky literally began to gush the blood. The back part of head broke From risen pressures. The Faithfull harbinger quick and inevitable insult. The Hypertension! Dearly has returned Sablin to from it to dispose. With what hope he looked at each new physician, to which he happened to to address! He has returned all their own the most deficit free passes for that to nevermore hear this terrible diagnosis - a hypertension in heavy form. Yes! Yes! The Hypertension physicians separated on degrees. And beside it, regrettably, was not first...

Viktor Timofeevich daily communicated with beautiful young actress. Seamingly - live yes rejoice. An no! At pressure 190 on 110 even uniting wife ceased to bear his become all more foul nature.

- I you asked to bring seven kilograms of the potatoes with market! - nervously asked wife.
- But I can not, Zina, you understand, can not... - a little not weeping answered the spouse a wretch hypertension man.
- As this muzhik can not bring even seven kilograms else more an to resent the wife. - You know that beside me hypertension, pressure high - tried be justified Viktor Egorovich.
- But you somewhat less on it attention turn! Think this hypertensions is no beside me? Only go to physician - he you such measures...
- Beside you not such. 135 on 90 else possible tolerate, - weakly was beaten off tired from similar explanations husband.

But hypertension beat him and with each daytime all stronger. Viktor Timofeevich already has well studied the bloodthirsty habits this most hypertensions. Particularly she gave itself to know in beds. At night, when he finally-that got before pillow and closed the eyes, trying subject the blessed rest, this the most blessed rest, alas as well as did not approach.

The Darkness surrounded him with all sides. And together with this darkness in all body began to be felt the opposite easy stitch in his side. Particularly it was felt beside basis of the necks, on cheek and shoulder. Then, in 1962-m tonometr for measurement of the blood pressure was a trick deficit. But assistant of the stage manager to hmiself its has got. At any minute he could its measure - most pressure. But also without any evening measurings on night Sablin felt the prickly needles own hypertension. About as it was dangerously this gradually grown stitch in side pulsing in blood vessels shelters! The Persons clever - Viktor Timofeevich understood - first or last some circulatory vessel cerebrum will tire to fight with his hypertension. The Patience of this vessel finished and he will brake.

The Whole-that droplet of the blood will spill прольется in his brain herewith. The Droplet of the blood, generated perennial hypertension. But from that moment, when hypertension выплеснет this droplet to him in head, will disappear with human scene assistant stage manager of the academic theatre Viktor Timofeevich Sablin. Instead of it on beds in big room will lonesome lie quite other person - paralyzed sufferer, which already not in power will even order the own life or death. The Hypertension safely went Sablina exactly to such end and he well this understood. Not once wretch гhypertension man mentally mourned its 12 years daughter. Of course that Irishke without father to live will double be more difficult. Zina, certainly, will find to himself other husband, but second father to daughter does not find.

Not once Viktor Timofeevich, tormented by fits to hypertensions, was thinking of and about suicide. This, certainly ,will too be a loss for his family. But care for bedridden, recoverring under himself paralytic seemed him else more worst play-off.

Here is in this-that critical moment to life before killed hypertension of the person came rumours about ofmysterious laboratory of the functional diagnostics from Novosibirsk Academ-town. The Rumours were simply shocking. Polushepotom communicated that cureless hypertension people and asthmatics found in this laboratory deliverance from their own sufferings. Managed the laboratory relatively young else scientist Buteyko.

Viktoru Timofeevichu passionately wanted to fall into this most laboratory. But no physicians, tormented chronic hypertension patient by tablets, did not give to him direction there.

- That you, comrade Sablin! Realy is possible with your pressure to set off in some adventures? In laboratory in general nobody does not cure. Cures in poliklinik. - Here is and the whole answer. Happened to Viktoru Timofeevichu to act on its awe and risk. From hypertension his experienced physicians have not cured. They her have aggravated. So why must he their listen? Get from Novosibirsk before Akademgorodka like not so-that and in a complicated way. Some thirty kilometers. Goes regular bus

But hypertension, iscemia and angina pectoris have already done its deal. To 12 May 1962 Viktor Timofeevich diligences of tablet physicians, which hiscured became from walking already recumbent sick. And in Akademgorodok his was necessary already carry in horizontal position... The Hypertension has even so put Sablina on the bed.

These thirty kilometers on back seat bumpiness taxi were shown wretch to victim to hypertensions infinitely long. Akademtown - green and smelling sweet springtime introduced grow terrestrial for many sitizens of Novosibirsk. For killed hypertension Viktora Timofeevicha this paradise was a last attempt to get free from hell of the most heavy ill. When started to drive up to Akademtown, Viktor Timofeevich VWXbe drafty half-open window of the machine has felt the fresh sea wind.

Sometime there for edge flashed along road wood was guessed Obskoe sea. Knew Sablin that from this wind was compressed inwardly it from awe in taut pies viper-hypertension. She-that well understood that approach its last days...

The Street Pirogova, where was situated the mysterious laboratory, turned out to be hidden at heart green borough siberian scientist. The impression formed Beside Viktora Timofeevicha that they searched this street in big wood. The Builders of the borough left the maximum of trees. And the whole hospital borough was situated amongst birches and pines.

Finally,-that taxi затормозило beside sulphur of the brick building under number 25. Here, exactly here was situated the laboratory an опального (but he already and then was in opal beside таблеточников) Buteyko. This here, on втором floor, he cured without tablets and scalpel and hypertension, and angina pectoris, and ишемическую disease heart. About if only anyone knew, what wanted Sablinu running взбежать on the first floor! Their own eye to see the place, where dipose of with hypertension. But взбежать on the first floor at their own 37 years he already could not. The Hypertension tried on glory. Her(its) charge it is necessary was upstairs bring. And his(its) carried - on stretcher.

The Laboratory has struck the wretch hypertension patient since the first minutes. The unusual couch stood In the middle cabinet. On she lay the woman, the whole girded some sensors. The Wires left and under couch, and somewhere aside. On side stood the oscilloscopes and other unknown Sablinu instruments. Some lines slithered On their screens. High, graceful physician in white robe and white cover approximately one with Sablinym age ed on woman and returned the dictations two its assistants. "Yes! Such instruments my hypertension else exactly did not see, - has astir thought about itself Viktor Timofeevich. - Than devil does not jest - can she them and be afraid.

He did not read as far back as that time article "Combine against hypertension", which was published whole ten months in journal "Inventor back and rationaliser". Did Not know the wretch hypertension patient, naturally, and that, what works cost Konstantinu Pavlovichu Buteyko to overcome wild resistance supporter tablet of medicine and all publish (although and in narrow professional journal) this small mark.

You, dear needing for treatment of the hypertensions sick, too, comprehensible deal, never that marks did not see. Her it is necessary to find now in dusty library archive. But she, her God, costs that! Take into account - one of the most first their own printed interview 38 year K.P. Buteyko has denoted not asthma.

"Combine against hypertension" - here is what written article a journalist gave her name! "No lifes without electric processes, all alive -is electrically actively, - so began the article about unusual medical device-complexator, which created the genius of the former Great Gipertonika. - an Electrocardiograms, record current warmhearted muscle - became everyday facility of the diagnostics. Self- knowledge of person, development of his beliefs about own thinking is impossible without of encephalography - a registrations of bioelectric potentials of brain..."

You Feel, dear needing for treatment of the hypertension sicks, as deeply dug Buteyko as far back as most begin of the sixties years of 20 ages. Then after all was not as far back as mention of tomograph examinations. But, what spoke, already in 1998 academician to international academy of the informatics Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko - "my combine-complexator sample 1961 was so above (on quality of the examination sick) modern tomographs that tomograph against my combine possible conditionally to take for bad x-rays only..."

What see, Konstantin Pavlovich not only rescued the sick hypertension already then - in 1961, 2м year. He else and strongly registered all vitally important factors sicks hypertension on its prodigy combine-complexator. And results were simply astonishing. Beside need for treatment of the hypertensions sick, passable education method VLGD, registered not only normalization of the pressure. Improved work a heart, lungs, was Normalized contents of the most necessary gases both in blood, and in alveolus of lungs sick.

"Physiologists of the whole world write the curves a current muscule, glands, even separate cells - wrote with article amazed by korrespondent. - But researchers, as this often can be, raged the detail of the bounless picture to electric life of the organism. CHastnosti become cover general. Indissoluble bound turned out to be decomposable on boxes of the separate observations".

See, dear needing for treatment of the hypertensions sicks, what Ezopovym language happened to to write the journalist about obvious fact even then - at the beginning initially sixtinth 20 go age. Buteyko spoke more simply: "It is impossible cure only ear sick or his heel - it is necessary to cure only whole organism as a whole!". But who such was 38 year K.P. Buteyko in 1962. Yes! He already and then cured of the group of ten sicks hypertension. But after all their cured not academician General. No... Sicks rescue from terrible hypertension ordinary physician. Then (the springtime 1962) else even and not candidate of the sciences...

Doctor Buteyko did not think to embrace bounless, - continued its article honest korrespondent. - Amongst ensemble of the most fine internal relationships of the organism he has chosen one: relationship of the cardiovascular system with breathing". Costs to note insofar modest journalist in estimation genius discovery Buteyko. Yes take and consider in detail relationship of the cardiovascular system with breathing - and there is decision of the riddle to hypertensions! That is most decision, which long years was not given in hands nor one physician in the world!! But modesty, modesty constrains the mouth of the stolichny corresponder. He-that well knows, as laboratory, and combine-complexator, which strives with hypertensions, yes and author himself and combine and method VLGD are not in honor beside physicians power slow downed.

The Corresponder knows, as it is difficult will overpunch to lifes this interview and that continuation not soon will be. "Study this relationship possible compleately, exactly and complex! – is said hereinafter in article for information of readers. - a Block device, created K.P. Buteyko so and is identified - complexator. The Surgeons named its by medical combine." Corresponder can not write in article that surgeons, named unusual block device by medical combine, cliff hated and this combine and his creator. Though Buteyko has in detail described him war in their scientific institute. The Surgeons after all that did - they "cured" heart by operation, sharp scalpel. But Buteyko that did - he with its combine and method VLGD cured the heart without operation! And sick hypertension including. But realy is it necessary this was a surgeon that someone beside them their bread selected?...

Really combine! - handily avoids the acute angles zhurnalist. - Synchronous work fourteen the most complex electric instruments. The Infrared analyzer each 0,08 seconds defines the percent of the contents of the carbon dioxide in breathed and exhaled air".

Here is! Here is she, dear needing for treatment of the hypertensions sick, scientifically-motivated and by means of the most exact measuring instrument proved solving your terrible enemy!! Infrared gas-analyzer each eight hundredth (!) by fraction of a second (!!!) defines the percent of the contents of the carbon dioxide in breathed by you and exhaled air. Here is what instrument then - 45 years agoes has delivered on duel with hypertension Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko.

I do not think that he created gas-analyser himself. Realy that small size in him something have improved. But to force it measure CO2 in breathed and exhaled by hypertension patient air – it is congenial! This has proved all and each - there is, there is relationship between hypertension and percent contents of CO2 in alveolus of lungs. As soon as percent contents CO2 in alveolus lungs falls - so begins to increase the arterial pressure beside sick! But not only CO2 measured combine, dear needing for treatment of the hypertensions sicks.

Simultaneously is measuring the amount of the oxygen in breathed air accurate to tens of percent, - was written hereinafter in statie. - is Registered velocity of the breath and exhalation (feel, гипертоники, - as power and depth of the examination!), leaves 12 electrocardiograms (twelve!!), on three channels are written sounds heart and graph to pulsations the most small container finger of the hands. (All interested K.P. Buteyko. Even that, what the most small container finger deep breathing sick hypertension upon pulsation influences. Who presently from "таблеточников" this interests...). The Photocells define oxygenating the haemoglobin shelters. (too very important detail Buteykovskih studies.

The Russian scientist Verigo has proved that at reduction of the percent contents CO2 in theblood sick haemoglobin of blood will worse return received from atmosphere oxygen in cells of the human organism. Here is photocells and define the saturation this most haemoglobin by oxygen. There is, say on favour, in our laboratory presently although that or like, dear needing for treatment of the hypertensions sick?!). Under each blow heart we a little noticeably shudder. Three ballistocardiographs(especial merit of K.P. Buteyko - these, made by him himself ballistocardiographs -they tenfold more strong of the electrocardiogram) write the velocity and speedup of the offset of the body on three mutually perpendicular directions. But value of the offset - a thousandth shares of the millimeter! For one hour - a thousand of records...

Dear needing for treatment of the hypertensions sick, you only think - what electronic-computing power has put(deliver)ed on fight with hypertension genius Konstantina Pavlovicha Buteyko as far back as 1961м year! It After all was exactly at that time typed given article. Here is so K.P. Buteyko possible with full right to refer to great physiologist of our time. In previous chapter I explained that only physician, in perfection having and mathematics and physics can reach the unprecedented tops in physiologies. Sechenov before medical faculty окончил Main military-инженероное school. The Sciences these knew. And Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko before arrival in Moscow medical institute learned;learnt on автодорожном faculty pollytechnic institute. Wanted to study the organism of the person, as organism of the machine. The Mathematician and physicist knew beautifully.

The Author of the article surprises such abudance removed parameter with sick hypertension. He writes: "What is this- ungovernable exploratory passion, fascination new possibility, openning before medicine with receipts of the electronics in it? No. This is clear realized longing of the physician (certainly, researcher and scientist), already tomorrow, or still better, in that minute to bring the people a deliverance from heavy, "cureless" ill. The Clarification of the dependencies between rhythm, depth, quality of the breathing and narrowing or expansion of the blood vessels – it is a guarantee of the victory on гипертонической by disease, sclerosis, angina pectoris".

Here you are please, dear needing for treatment of the hypertensions sicks, - an usual corresponder (without of high medical formation...) of the journal "Inventor and рационализатор" has understood (from tale K.P. Buteyko) that hypertension is possible to win, only having traced narrowing the blood vessels under deep breathing of hypertension patients. Has Understood in medium 1961го year. But physicians-professors "do not understand" this even in medium 2006! The Paradox? No - not paradox. The Profits from selling of the tablets any scientist physician close the eye on obvious. Only on one description this prodigy-combine you, dear needing for treatment of the hypertensions sicks, most certainly have already understood that all talks about ostensibly "scientific groundlessness" theories of the Diseases of the Deep Breathing are not simply delirium. This is absolutely realized introduction to error needing for treatment of the hypertensions sicks. If uzh measurings of such instrument for physician is not proof, that will let present to the hypertension patients measurings more exact...

But no! They are unable to do this . Buteyko said: "Even newcomer modern tomograph - is whole only bad x-rays in contrast with my combine." "For this costs to fight (for curing the hypertensions) - continued its article honest zhurnalist. - a Physician, scientist, engineer Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko thrice on length last nine years (with 1952го on 1961й year) proceed its "combine" with creation. Twice retreated - disturbed scientific, engineering and, probably, the main, "organizing" difficulties. The New scientific centre in Siberia (the novosibirsk academtown) created the happy circumstanceses for coming on disease. The Centre is young and no here place to very old theory, bad futile ideas". Careful, very careful journalist, dear needing for treatment of the hypertensions sicks.

Buteyko integer nine years disturbed to create the combine not "organizing" difficulties, but direct reluctance of high medical official. Even then - at the end of fifties of 20го age top-level physicians preferred to report about their own "success" in fight with hypertension by making the new tablets, rather then some prodigy-combine, confirming rightness of medicineless method VLGD.

The Corresponder writes that Siberian Centre young and all here will well... No, dear needing for treatment of the hypertensions sick! As soon as in this молодом scientific institute have understood that method VLGD will change many tablets and operations, was given command - "Front!".

After all any six and a half years after this those articles, who poisoned sick of a hypertonia with tablets, (and sick of a stenocardia and an ischemia - heavy operations) - have thrown out "the doctor, scientific, the engineer" Konstantin Pavlovicha Butejko from work. And its wonderful combine is a creation of the Butejkovsky engineering genius have disassembled in parts... In separate from them (in due time bought for currency) таблеточники have ordered to aid-women пропаривать dirty hospital linen!

To what meanness, to what bestiality some men of science in white dressing gowns in struggle against new and light in medicine sometimes reach! And then - in July 1961 го the journalist wrote: "here, at Institute of experimental medicine and biology, has been framed first-ever комплексатор -" a medical combine "by K.P.Butejko. Results of researches are surprising. If they prove to be true the further observations is there will be a revolution in our views on the most important processes in a human body - a circulation and breath. At last we will give out small" a medical secret "doctor Butejko. Already is about fifteen patients, (it only for the first months of work of a combine!) quickly and simply cured of the most severe hypertonia is the first certificate of success of the new theory" "The inventor and the rationalizer" 1961г

Correctly the correspondent wrote - if the researches have given the chance to continue K.P.Butejko is there would be a revolution in all medical science. And first of all revolution in ways of struggle against a hypertonia. The combine, by the moment of a writing of article worked counted months. And already was the whole fifteen patients cured of the most severe hypertonia quickly and simply. You only think, hypertensive patients! Fifteen patients suffering "the most severe hypertonia", have been cured quickly and simply Konstantin Pavlovicha Butejko's by method in July 1961го year, and about them have not trumpeted for the whole world... Why? After all all over the world you will not find (and till now!) Any cured by tablets from "the most severe hypertonia" hypertensive patient!! You, dear hypertonias requiring treatment patients, will not find it. And about this sensation physicians 1961 го were silent year. Physicians of year 2006го are silent also. What is it? Scientific blindness? No! This scientific treachery of vital interests requiring treatment of a hypertonia of patients. The domestic scientist has framed a unique combine-kompleksator. On tens and hundreds the most precise measurements has firmly proved, that the narrowing of arterial vessels causing a hypertonia, it is unequivocally bound to deep breath of the patient.

K.P.Butejko has developed a method of strong-willed liquidation of deep breathing which in short enough term led killingly deep breath of sick of a hypertonia to norm. Has cured by this method not one patient, and on whom depended to start up a method on advantage of the people or not to start up, pretended, that anything especial has not occurred... Moreover. To the first class physiologist have started to build such slingshots, that just right was to hang. And after all Konstantin Pavlovicha Butejko's name should rank by right with Nikolay Pirogova, Ivan Setchenov's names and Ilia Mechnicov. Juvenile Konstantin Butejko has become engrossed in reading Ivan Mihajlovicha Setchenov's of works. He has made all from of him depending precisely to establish influence of percentage of a carbon dioxide on human organism

be continue

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