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“Carefully - hidden Great Medical Discovery... ”
(The legend on K.P.Buteyko's Method)
(Mini - novel - an epilogue)

The contents

I. Page the first: As all began (in Stalin’s period)
Chapter 1 We will begin with the beginning …
Chapter 2 From what illness did Buteyko perish himself?

II. Page the second: That was during the Soviet period...
Chapter 3 Farewell Moscow-be well the Novosibirsk Academtown!
Chapter 4 To hear up candidate’s the dissertation – here is the primary goal!
Chapter 5 The Candidate of medical sciences …
Chapter 6 To hear up state approbation of the method Buteyko – here is the primary goal
Chapter 7 These two dreadful months of struggle for method Buteyko in Leningrad.
Chapter 8 Artful maneuver of tablet-skalpel mafia …
Chapter 9 Do not wish to share - we will destroy you!
Chapter 10 To close both his laboratory, and his method.
Chapter 11 Have closed not only laboratory … Have destroyed also the Miracle-combine!!.
Chapter 12 Love rescues the Genius.
Chapter 13 Plot against method Buteyko.
Chapter 14 the Enemy report.
Chapter 15 The woman has won the duel for justice.

III) Page the third: the reorientation Beginning!
IV) Page the fourth: the reorientation middle...
V) Page the fifth: the reorientation decline.
VI) Page the sixth: And what will be further?...
VII) Page the seventh: the Fate of patients.

Page the first: As all was begin (in Stalin’s period).

Chapter 1. Let's begin at first …

Dear patients! For the sake of you to give the chance to you deliverance from of of heavy sufferings, I begin this mini - Internet -novel during our hard, rough time. Why do I begin it with the such... obvious difficulty? Yes because everything, that it is necessary to know sick of the asthma, hypertension, diabetes, female pathology, stenokardia, ishemia and e.t.r. I have written and have published still almost twenty years ago.... The first volume of my trilogy (this is art-documentary novel): “ Of doctor Buteyko Discovery” was issued even in the autumn of 1990! But who from of you read this trilogy? At the best now on book markets Russians find a small blue book "Breathing on Buteyko" which was written by philosopher Feodor Kolobov. In the book are of only 100 pages. The author in the foreword writes, that he is not the methodologist, to the method does not learn. And gives only method phylosophy...

And nevertheless patients try even to practise on it the method... Try to save money against the real training. And... At times receive a boomerang effect. The book this was published in 2003. It is it the year of death of Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko... And here the wide reader practically does not know my novel of 1990. Konstantin Pavlovich always spoke: "Before all also be in detail presented to patients. Tell about himself. Otherwise they will trust to you badly. Also will learn the method badly." For today I sign my official answers to the patients (about method K.P.Buteyko) so at now:

The director of the Center of effective training to method K.P.Buteyko,
Diplomaed methodologist Buteyko with the twenty years' experience,
Senior methodologist-auditor Buteyko,
The author of the trilogy: " Of doctor Butenko Discovery",
Sergey Georgievich Altukhov.

From these ranks the highest line: the senior methodologist-auditor. This is general rank in Buteyko movement. And it was needed to be deserved... I have come to Konstantin Pavlovichu in 1987 far already. In Novosibirsk the Academgorodok. Strictly speaking in 1987 I have come to his assistant on organization work to Boris Mitrofanov. And in June, 1988 I have been officially employed by Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko in his Novosibirsk Centre "The Breathing on Buteyko". At first as the ordinary methodologist. And has soon been appointed by assistant K.P. Buteyko on the press and method propagation. As in any way I am the professional writer. And even in that 1988 already was the author of three books:

  1. "I Also live on the earth kind" (Novosibirsk 1986year) - the story about Siberians guerrillas.
  2. "the Hero of labour" (Novosibirsk 1987) the-story about the Hero of Socialist work from Chkalovsky factory.
  3. "the Magic trade" (Novosibirsk 1988) the story about member C.К. The CPSU, Raisa Silantevna Udalaya (the worker, the Hero of Work).
When I have laid out these books before K.P.Buteyko, he has grinned. "Yes. Work is big... But who will write the honest book about my Discovery and the method?". I have answered, that I am ready. "Then get a job to me. Study thoroughly the method and Discovery! Spend groups of live patients. Receive good results and documents of the methodologist. Here then to you will be to write about what..." Behind a window of an office of Konstantin Pavlovich stood June, first, 1988. Then I have personally seen for the first time the present medical Genius!!

And soon I have learnt also sources of Great Medical Discovery. And how it is hidding from of the sick people.

Chapter 2. From of what illness K.P.Buteyko the same was perishing ?..

Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko in October, 1952 (Stalin was still live) was perishing from a transient, malignant hypertension literally!! Pressure was 260 on 170. With such pressure long do not live... The maximum year also remember as called. Konstantin Pavlovich only has finished recently the First Moscow medical institute. As the honours pupil of study and the head of a course have been left in postgraduate study of academician Tareev. Like would live yes rejoice! But is not present...

At the age of 29 years old (he was born on January, 27th, 1923) to live to him was remained absolutely hardly - hardly. His teacher - academician Evgenie Mihajlovich Tareev was great. In 1948 he even has let out the monography under the name "Hypertensive illness". But..., alas, a malignant hypertension at Konstantin Buteyko even he was not in forces to cure! Friends advised twenty years old Kostia gradually to turn off terrestrial affairs. To write the will, to put in order personal things, to take care of property... And suddenly at night with 7th for October, 8th, 1952 Konstantin Pavlovich was lighted up by an ingenious (!) guess!! It was in an attack of a malignant hypertension. Terribly ached a head. Did sth. pulse. And suddenly he has thought, that the reason of it is deep Breathing. Has reduced depth of breathing and... Pressure began to go down!! Hardly later Konstantin Pavlovich has proved, what and the asthma, both the hypertension, and the stenokardia, and the female pathology, and nephritic illnesses, and the allergy the main reason have Deep Breathing! And that night and morning-8 of October, 1952 he, having been stunned by the made from of the Discovery of huge importance, has told about it to the his immediate superior on watch. Only to the assistant. Buteyko waited for pleasure, recognition tears... But... On a court yard still there was a Stalin Epoch! In all preparation to well-known to "Matter of doctors-poisoners" was already developed! The assistant not that there was delighted to something... It was mortally frightened to the sedition told to him!!! The best scientific-physicians of the world... glorified medical nature of deep breathing.

And here... Any half-dead puny to which and to live remains practically nothing, suddenly something murmurs about harm of deep breathing! Oleg Anatolevich even has turned white from of a fright. Hantedly down has looked round on the parties. And he is literally began to say hush on the young graduate: "That you, what you, Кostia! Regain consciousness. It is not you - your illness speaks now! Forget. Repent... In the mornings all radio gymnastics are constructed on a breath deep-three-four... And you!! Forget... And after all I should be informed that... Where follows!

About repent Konstantin Pavlovich has caught at once. Of torture chambers of Beria smells slightly... But for what?! That now it is possible to treat both the asthma and the hypertension and e.t.c. without tablets?!! He not so has simply declared, that supposedly deep breathing is harmful. Not from a bay-barahty... That evening Buteyko did in hospital detour. Also has seen as the young sportsman suffices the air by his a mouth . "Here is the typical example of the asthmatic!," - Konstantin Pavlovich has told to students-probationers surrounding his. He almost never (!) was mistaken in the diagnosis. "-Excuse me, the doctor, the-sportsman has bent directly to his ear that not disconcert doctor before the publik.-Doctor, you were mistaken. At me is not the asthma... At me is the malignant hypertension!!."

Here it was a shock! Well-known young superdiagnostician K.P.Buteyko has not distinguished his the own... Illness. Buteyko has already boiled from defeat. But... But is closer by the night when to him it became bad also he has caught, that breathing goes deep... Here then has lighted up!!! It is not present hypertension, there is no asthma, there is no stenokardia e.t.r.. And there are different displays of one and those illness. Illnesses of deep Breathing!! He thought, that scientists will strew his by colours... And to him-repent! Was from what to become gloomy. The further attempts to punch of Deep Briething Illnesses Discovery in Moscow in what good have not resulted. On what his teacher academician Tareev was great. The winner of Lenin and State awards! The honoured worker of a science... The Hero of Socialist Work...

But even the Hero did not have enough boldness to rise on protection of Great Medical Discovery of own the pupil. It was easier to declare, that the pupil is strongly sick. Has become worn out... Something seems to it. In general in Moscow Konstantin Pavlovich for the whole SIX years (since October, 1952 on 1958 year...) laurels has not got. More likely on the contrary... Has got under strong suspicion of tablet mafia. Whether Instead of shizophrenia you on deep Breathing, the colleague... It if it was not spoken in eyes it was meant! From a straight line of serving a term, if not in afterstalin’s camps, so in mental hospital K.P. Buteyko has rescued the offer of young then professor-kardiosurgeon Meshalkin. That has suggested to Konstantin Pavlovich to leave with him together in again under construction on coast of Ob the Novosibirsk Academtouwn... There supposedly enemies will not get you. You will be to manage at my institute by laboratory of functional diagnostics... Upon that also have settled. Moscow remained behind!

© all rights reserved

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