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S.G. Altoukhov
Novosibirsk 2000.

Medical conspiracy or human feeble mind
(documentary publicist novel chronicle)

Nobody kicks dead dog. Why as for then do they curse "charlatan" Buteyko?

  1. why does not suffice books about Buteyko method?
  2. Buteyko method practice in the concise form. method in the frame.
  3. what is more important - thoughtless training of the body on the chair, or training of the brain?
  4. every letter of this book already (!) cure you!
  5. why do physicians diagnose only the middle of illness to you?
  6. how does Buteyko method cure terrible headache?
  7. Buteyko discovery and method - these ate such indisputable law as attraction of gravity. you may not believe in it, but you must carry out it...
  8. concrete example of quickly recovery of headache. individual advises for concrete sick woman.

"Gold of medicine"

  1. history of financial crimes of official medicine. necessity of it's writing.
  2. how do members of medical conspiracy cure your diabetes? and how is it need to cure it? concrete example of diabetes recovery at sick machine-operator by the help of Buteyko method. details of his training.
  3. why do members of medical conspiracy keep silent about buteyko' s method?
  4. Buteyko method - is strongest and the most expensive weapon of any state.

"Why do diabetics perish?"

  1. what diseases do go in method best all?
  2. method in the frame. concrete advises by cleaning of nose from mucus. determination of maximum pause
  3. they cut off legs diabetics in tonga, but do not give Buteyko method.
  4. buteyko declared merciless war to diabetes in june of 1988 year.
  5. recovery of nataliatoropovafrom of diabetes.
  6. physician from krasnoyarsk, which can not go in the forest during 14 years because of allergy.
  7. practical advises by training of sick diabetics. peculiarities of diabetic's conducting in Buteyko method.
  8. splendid approbation of diabetes in novosibirsk academic smalltown.
  9. once more example of diabetes recovery from of personal experience
  10. let us help each other! address for yours questions and donations for development of Buteyko method propaganda.

Preface Respected readers of our site! We decided to supplement our site by novel chronicle, which will be continued from month to month. That novel will show how Buteyko method was born (in simple and easy form). What difficulties where by it's birth. And who and how prevents to it's spreading at now. We -this is editorial of our site. Writer-methodologist - Sergey Altoukhov. And editor web master of site and that novel- Jaroslav Egorov (former Buteyko patient). This novel sees light for the first time exactly in that site. Sergey Altoukhov translates it himself in English. That will not be shine translation certainly. But patients will understand... If readers of our site will be have suggestions about publication of this novel in their counties - they may apply to us. Why Sergey think, that he must write this novel? In addition to his trilogy "Doctor Butenko's discovery"? Answer is very simple. Trilogy - it is monumental work. Artistically -documentary canvas. Where even Buteyko himself was named as doctor Butenko... It is colorful panorama of the battle for human health. This novel - it is more simple work. It's aim (without further ado) to show - who exactly prevents to people to cure from asthma, hypertension, diabetes etc. without medicines. Who? Well, who prevents?! Where is the enemy?! He is near. It is unconscientiousness physicians first of all. High - ranking medical bureaucrats, which are working with tablet Mafia, in the first place. You see, tablets are very expensive. And they must sell it. But Buteyko method is medicineless!!! Well, who from medical bureaucrats want to stand on the way of tablet's profiteers?... Nobody. And if somebody will stand even - they will be bribed right away. And if will not be bribed, then will be poisoned. So that the first enemies of method -are diploma high - ranking medical bureaucrats. They are supporting international tablet- scalpel Mafia in a friendly manner. You see, tablets gives profit, and surgical operations gives profit. And that and other never cure illnesses practically. As neither tablets nor operations eliminate The Main Cause of yours asthma, diabetes, hypertension, stenocardia etc. The main cause - Yours Deep Breath! Only Buteyko method may do yours deep breath by normal breath. And who is the second enemy of the method? Alas, ours dear readers. We with you together are this enemy together unfortunately. Our feeble mind. Bureaucrats from medicine may rake gold on our illnesses only then, when we with you do not apply efforts, that to understand the Cause!! It is known. English scientists J.S. Halldane and J.G. Pristley hinted at it in the beginning of 20 century. In their main work "Breathing", which was published in Russia in 1937. And the young Russian medical-scientist Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko had made his Greatest Medical Discovery in October of 1952 at last. Discovery of second and third millennium. "Deep Breath Illnesses Discovery". Buteyko had saved himself from terrible malignant hypertension by help of Ms method. Well, what of that? Had sick people believed to him? Asthmatics, diabetics, hypertension patients, stenocardia patients? No, they had not! And once more- No!! They believe to medical bureaucrats. Expensive tablets. Expensive operations. Afterwards... cemetery... All in all anything except Buteyko method. So, tell me at last, dear our readers- may we consider us for human people after that? We have medicineless Buteyko method. And ourselves? And ourselves carry in drugstore ours last money. Pack in bags expensive medicines. Exactly therefore I pointed (in the tittle of novel) two main causes, which prevent to wide spreading of Buteyko method. It is medical conspiracy. This conspiracy exists undoubtedly. And the aim of it - to give profit to tablet-scalpel (do not forget about surgical operations) Mafia. The second cause is the human feeble mind. The same, which lead us in drugstore wit bags. But you see Buteyko method treats (or considerably makes easier) almost a hundred of illnesses. Let us to enumerate its by name. The list of the Deep Breath Diseases curable to the method of VEDB (Volitional Elimination of Deep Breath)

  1. Preasthma:
    • respiratory allergosis
    • polyvalent allergia
    • laryngospasm (loss of the voice)
    • food allergy
    • drug allergy
    • pseudocroup
    • pharynritis
    • laryngitis
    • tracheitis
  2. Asthmatoid bronchitis
  3. Bronchial asthma
  4. CNDD (chronic non-specific pulmonic diseases):
    • chronic bronchitis
    • obstructive bronchitis
    • chronic pneumonia
    • brochiectatic disease
    • pneumosclerosis
    • pulmonary emphysema
    • silicisis, anthracosis etc.
  5. Chronic rhinitis
  6. Vasomotor rhinitis
  7. Frontal sinusitis metopantritis
  8. Maxillary sinusitis
  9. Sinusitis
  10. Adenoiditis
  11. Polyposis
  12. Chronic rhinosinusopathy
  13. Pollinosis (hay fever)
  14. Quincke's edema
  15. Urticaria (hives, nettle rash)
  16. Eczema (letter):
    • neurodermite
    • psoriasis
    • diathesis
    • Vetiligo
    • ichthyosis (fishskin disease, xeroderma, alligatorskin disease)
    • juvenile acne (comedones, blackheads)
  17. Raynaud's disease (vasospasm of the upper limbs)
  18. Obliterating endarterilitis
  19. Varicosis (varix)
  20. Thrombophlebitis
  21. Hemorrhoids (piles)
  22. Hypotension (hypotony)
  23. Hypertension (hypertony, high arterial blood pressure)
  24. Vegetovascular dystonia (VVD)
  25. Vitium coridis congentium (congenital heart diseases)
  26. Articular rheumatism
  27. Rheumatic heart diseases
  28. Diencephalic syndrome
  29. Heart ischemia
  30. Chronic heart ischemia (CHI):
    • stenocardia
    • posthmyocardial ifarction cardiosclerosis
  31. Breaches of cardiac rhythm:
    • tachycardia (tachyrhythmia, tachysystole)
    • extrasystole
    • paroxismal tachycardia
    • cilinary arhythmia (cardiac fibrillation)
  32. Generalized atherosclerosis
  33. Arachoiditis (posttraumatic, influenzal etc.)
  34. Postinsultus states (conditions):
    • paralysis (palsy)
    • paresis
  35. Parkinsonism (initial form)
  36. Hypothyreosis
  37. Hyperthyreoidism
  38. Basedow's disease
  39. Diabetes mellitus
  40. Breaches of menstrual cycle
  41. Toxicosis of pregnancy (disgravidism)
  42. Pathologic climacterium(menopause)
  43. Cervical erosion
  44. Fibromyomes
  45. Fibrotic mastopathy
  46. Sterility
  47. Impotency
  48. Menacing abortions
  49. Radiculitis (nerve root syndrome)
  50. Osteochondrosis
  51. Metabolic polyarthrilits
  52. Rheumatoid polyarthritis
  53. Dupuytren's syndrome (tendon osteal contracture)
  54. Cout (podagra)
  55. Pyelonephritis
  56. Glomerulonephritis
  57. Nycturia (bed wetting)
  58. Cystitis
  59. Urolithiasis
  60. Obesity of any
  61. Lipomatosis
  62. Chronic gastritis
  63. Chronic cholecystitis
  64. Biliferous tracts dyskinesia
  65. Chronic pancreatitis
  66. Cholelitniasis
  67. Duodendal ulcer
  68. Spastic colis
  69. Peptic uncler
  70. Multiple sclerosis
  71. Epilepsy (spastic syndrome)
  72. Schizophrenia (at the initial stage)
  73. Collagenoses (dermatomyitis)
  74. Glaucoma
  75. Cataract (a)
  76. Strabismus (heterotropia)
  77. Hypermetropia (farsightedness)
  78. Radiation sickness
  79. Acute hepatitis
  80. Chronic hepatitis
  81. Cirrhosis of the liver
  82. HIV (human immunodeficiency virus)
  83. AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome)

It is the truth, dear readers, that doubt steals in your head at the sight of such vast list. They say give under our nose panacea from of all troubles. But it can not be. One method can not cure all diseases! You are right of course. One method can not cure all diseases. Only hundred of diseases - these are far not all diseases of humanity, you see. But medical conspiracy leans upon our ignorance. Hundred of diseases - oh!, how much it is... But do you know that there are already more than 45 thousands diseases at now in medicine. You do not know that, of course. And medical conspiracy counts on your lack of knowledge. So that 100 diseases it is only a little part of all diseases. And Buteyko method copes with its. And these diseases - diseases of deep breathing - are the main diseases of civilization. While cholera, for example you see, meets not very often. I shall not be to delay preface too. You will read in the novel everything else. However one question troubles all readers always. And is the Buteyko method in that book? Do you give training the same? I shall explain at once. That novel is explanatory supplement to my " Doctor Butenko's Discovery" trilogy, in which I even named doctor Buteyko by doctor Butenko. The chapters of practical training the same are in that trilogy. It is impossible to repeat its here completely. You must read trilogy. And you may give order it in site. It is truth, that English is variant only in manuscript. And the first volume only. As to mis novel. That... It's aim is to show more not training the same. The training is very simple - sit on the chair and do not make deep breath. Aim of that novel is to show those causes by the help of which sick people avert their faces from Buteyko method erroneously today. They doom yourselves and their children to slow dying from of serious illnesses. And nevertheless I shall give training the same in that novel. By the parts. With repetitions and explanations. By course of events. But it is impossible to learn method 100% only by help of the book. Aim of that book - is to bring you to Buteyko methodologist. You see, I am Buteyko diploma methodologist too. And already there - in the living educational group you may learn method for five days only. But you must remember, that World medical conspiracy against this medicineless wonder prevents to you to get to Buteyko methodologist today. And ... human feeble mind. We shall speak at now exactly about that on the pages of that novel chronicle. You will see how all this had begun. And miraculous escape people from their diseases. And... medical conspiracy. And then you will decide - are you need Buteyko method or no. The principal condition is that you may take this decision with opened eyes. That true information was at you. And I shall give such information to you. And about Russia, and England. And about Australia, and America. And about Israel and Germany, and Canada. We shall touch even Sweden... Buteyko method touched many countries already. But millions of sick people in these counties still do not may estimate method by it's true worth. World medical conspiracy, you see , and exist for that. Let us to try to reveal it.

With respect to you
Author "Doctor Butenko's Discovery" trilogy,
Buteyko methodologist - Sergey Altoukhov.
1 June 2000. Novosibirsk.

Chapter 1 (to contents)
Nobody kicks dead dog. Why as for then do they curse "charlatan" - Buteyko?

  1. why does not suffice books about Buteyko method?
  2. Buteyko method practice in the concise form. method in the frame.
  3. what is more important - thoughtless training of the body on the chair, or training of the brain?
  4. every letter of this book already (!) cure you!
  5. why do physicians diagnose only the middle of illness to you?
  6. how does Buteyko method cure terrible headache?
  7. Buteyko discovery and method - these ate such indisputable law as attraction of gravity. you may not believe in it, but you must carry out it...
  8. concrete example of quickly recovery of headache. individual advises for concrete sick woman.

It is rather known old proverb - nobody kicks dead dog. It is clear why. It prevents to nobody. Therefore there are people (although it is few of then), which are glad, when somebody scolds them. If somebody scolds them - so they have some cost. Medical scientist Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko is very happy man in that sense... They scolded his so much and often, that it is difficult to say. Not only scolded. They tried to kill Ms. Poison, automobile catastrophe, hospital for mental diseases. All that tried bis enemies. For what do they asking? - And you shall know for what, when you will speak in support of method. - Vilma Augustovna Genina - old Buteyko follower says to me. - You will be expelled from Writer's Union. And you will have seen much sorrow some more. - It was in the summer of 1988 year. I did not believe to such prognosis. They do not may expel me from Writer's Union. I did not join the writer's Union. I am handicrafts man working by himself. And about much sorrow I did not believed... My first (and sole!) article in Buteyko supporting was published in a big Novosibirsk newspaper in July of 1988. And... I felt. Something bad near. Of my friends (young writers) consideration for me changed. And my wife Lusy fell into Hare Krishna sect "suddenly" in a year after publishing of first volume of my "Doctor Buteyko Discovery" trilogy... I remained without of my wife in some years as result of that. And my little son remained without of his mother... I remembered warning of Genina again in October of 1997. But it was late already. Our wife and mother left us finally. She went away from our house. Lusy became by strolling sectarian. Alexey Victorovich Kuropatkin (one from of the most faithful Buteyko disciples) went away from life in 1990. At the age of 50 years only. They ruined his in Moscow psychiatric hospital for mental diseases. For supporting of Buteyko method. They placed his in psychiatric hospital three times by force. Injections, tablets. Gratings on the windows. Seventy five days without of walks. Every time... Punitive medicine does not doze. It vigilantly watches for it's sacrifices. Even small faults -these are enough to it. And Buteyko... He proved that asthma, hypertension, diabetes, stenocardia etc arise from of Deep Breathing! It is need normalize your breathing - and will not be any diseases. For that... Punitive medicine grinds people to dust for that. We where long learned, that all is bad abroad of Soviet Union. You see, there is capitalism. But capitalists watch for their health very good. Famous American journal "Who is who?" invented Buteyko in America 1963. With a series of lectures... They did not invite charlatans. Soviet Bureaucrats did not let young scientist out of Soviet country. But the fact remains by the fact. - Buteyko was invited! And the book about Buteyko method was published in the West (in Sweden) in 1983. "Russian revolution in the health". It helped to Buteyko very much here - in Russia. They became spoil his more less. Copyright was recognized on method VEDB (Volitional Elimination of deep breathing). I am holding that book in my hands. It is June of 2000. In our court. Swedish book is not big. Some page only are devoted to Buteyko method in it. But it did her work. My trilogy is much more. But it did not it's work still. Edition of first volume was 20 thousands of copies. The second volume -700 copies in all. And therefore are sick people... Their quantity is very much more. Can they publish more books about Buteyko method? So, that it was enough for all? It is impossible today. Simply impossible. Official medicine is incited distinctly against Buteyko method. It is need to sell tablets... To do surgical operations. Therefore books about Buteyko method will not find widespread demand.

One concrete example. From of most latest. I learned English very long. Looked for possibility to publish my trilogy in the West. These were some attempts. Here is the last of them. The main organizer of that site- Jaroslav Egorov (former Buteyko patient) helped out me Australian biomedical engineer in January of 2000. Good men. Understands greatness of Deep Breathing Illnesses Discovery. Such wards where in Ms first letter to Jaroslav: "... But I have no doubt that it would be possible to have Altoukhov's books published here. In the west". We began to correspond. Our Australian friend passed round big Australian publishing houses. Half year spent. And it nothing, that remained from of his former confidence. They said to him that translation is bad. What all that is incredible. One method can not cure asthma, and diabetes. And hypertension, and stenocardia. But all these - are exuses. They kept silent about of the principal! You see, it is need to sell tablets! And method-medicineless... Nobody said it aloud. But all they thought exactly about that. Who evidently. Who subconsciously. And you see, Australia- it is favorable region for Buteyko method at now. There is even Australian - Asian Union of Buteyko methodologist already. Certain propagandists work is conducting. But it cover only one asthma only for the present... Diabetes, hypertension, stenocardia etc remains still beyond the limits of that propaganda. Why? Because medical conspiracy slowly releases asthma from of yours his pads. Very slowly. Unwillingly. And not everywhere. But stenocardia, diabetes, hypertension etc - that is the same sack with gold coins for pharmaceutics bosses! They weight on physicians. And medical conspiracy surrounds these illnesses by high brick wall. Places trust worthy guard at the gate. And they do not give to method VEDB (Volitional Elimination Of Deep Breathing) the pass there. Special zone. Zone of medical conspiracy. I should think so! You see, tablets sell in a little expensive packs. It is need to sell them regularly. To give gold dinars to chemist's shops. But method...

It is all by the big account! By the most biggest account. For theoretically trained patients. How you see, respected our readers, I even did not come to put of practical description of Buteyko method to the end of the book. Did not come to make a fool of you. Here it is - Buteyko method! Surrounded in the frame. Take and make use of it!! You may give me a question. Why does five days cycle Buteyko method cost 2,5 thousands $ on average from one man in the West today? It all is so simply? Three lines in the frame... Because methodologist in the studies takes yours terrible diseases on himself! It is axiom. You may believe or not to believe to me. But remember. What physician does help to you better? Hardhearted or heart-felt?... This is exactly! Heartfelt helps to you better. You can give me a question. Why does five days cycle Buteyko method cost 2,5 thousand $ on average from one man in the West today? It all is so simply. Three lines in frame.. Because methodologist in studies takes yours terrible diseases on himself! It is axiom. You may believe or not to believe to me. But remember. What physician does help to you better? Hard-hearted or heart-felt?... This is exactly! Heartfelt helps to you better. But it is more easier for physician. He writes tablets. Patients believe in tablets. Methodologist does not give any tablets. He expends enormous energy in order that to convince you in the necessity of training by Buteyko method. To convince. To prove theoretically, that it is better any tablets and operations. Believe to me - it is heavy work. Invisible. Stubborn. Strenuous. And outwardly... Outwardly all work looks simply. Patients sit in the chairs and breathe by nose without of deep breaths. And method itself is not so simple of course. There are smallest details, which do not lie in general three lines. But nevertheless I assert constantly in all my lectures- The main it is to punch a theoretical hole in the wall of medical conspiracy. Theoretical!! You will master Buteyko practical training in 10 times more easier if you will be know theory of Buteyko method very good. In ten times more easier!!! Paradox? You see, practice- it is the main criterion of assertion Tightness... They taught us so always, you see. It is correct? They taught us so. But practice of Buteyko method -it is not sitting in the chair only. Training in the chair - it is final stage. And the main, first stage of training begins in the head. In our brains! And if you do not have clearness there, then and training in the chair will not help you. The brain is head to all. And in Buteyko method - especially. Therefore I shall be endeavor to knock till your brain is heard in this book. Till your consciousness is heard. Then every letter of this book will be cure you. Every ward, which you would read. You see, the work of yours brain will join in then. And it is enormous strength! Thoughtless sitting in the chair is rubbish in comparison with it. Idle sitting. With dead brain. Sitting with working in the method brain on the contrary would conquer Any the most heavy disease. Therefore will undertake for brain .

How do you think, respected readers, - What does your physician cure? What diagnosis does he diagnose to you? From of what does he give tablets? Your physician diagnoses only the fourth (!) stage of your disease. The fourth from of six stages!! Enumerate them: 1- psychical stage of disease, 2- power stage, 3- neuro-endocrine stage. These are the first three stages of your disease, which your physician does not diagnose! He diagnoses only the fourth stage. Symptomatic stage. What does ache? Where does ache? How does ache?... And gives tablets to you from of that stage. From of the fourth stage. If tablets does not help - the fifth stage is coming - toxic stage. That is poisoning of organism by its own poisons. Now it is not far and to cemetery for you. The last six stage - is terminal stage. Even the fool may diagnose it. Hot forehead, hot hands. Imminent death... Memorize. Yours physician begins to cure you only from of the middle of Yours disease! Off the fourth stage from of six... And you carry gold coins in drugstore. Pay for tablets. Tablets from what? From of the fourth stage of your illness? But where are "tablets" from of the first, second and third stages of your illness? Your physician does not give its to you. He has not its. Another matter is Buteyko method. Here is not so important what ache at you at now. Because method covers firstly the first, second and third stages of yours disease. The main - it covers the first stage - psychical. The very Beginning of illnesses. Holy of holes... Millions of women (and men too) suffered from headaches. No one physician still cured headache to somebody. But he writes tablets by tons to you. Yours gold coins ringingly knock in drugstore pay desk ... What tablets does your physician write to you from headache? Tablets, which widen vessels of cerebrum. Fourth stage- symptomatic. Tablets can not help to you! Why? Because you did not receive "tablets" from of the first, second and third stages of your illness. Buteyko ascertained real cause oh headache. Of heart-rending, breaking temples headache. That cause - is your Deep Breathing! Seven percent CO2 and only 2% O2 it is need to have for living cells of cerebrum, (as and to cells of whole human organism) for good vital activity. But physicians always shout exactly about of oxygen shortage. Stand for a while. Why? Our Earth atmosphere contains 21% O2. What shortage? Where... from? Be rather afraid of the God! And are you medical men after that? But Earth atmosphere contains only 0,03% C02. Members of Medical conspiracy pass over in silence about that. Here is shortage! For us and you do not suffice CO2!! It is need to have 7% for good health. But there is only 0,03% CO2 in atmosphere. Where must we take it? Our organism manufactures it. Manufactures 7% CO2 (in the cell). But we wit you lose it by Deep Breathing!!! Judge yourselves. CO2 accumulates in our lungs. But human lungs- these are only one from two communicating vessels. The second vessel - is air atmosphere of the Earth. Our lungs communicate with Earth atmosphere by the help of respiratory ways. What does physics assert? If one (from of two communicated vessels) is more liquid or gas, then they will begin to overflow in the second vessel! Where is of that gas less? Our cells manufactures 7% C02. Earth atmosphere has only 0,03% CO2. Well then C02 constantly (!) overflows in atmosphere. If you do big , deep expiration, then you and breathe out more CO2 in atmosphere!! Come it is need to do a little explanation. How it is possible? When you do a little, not deep Breath. And Buteyko method - it is breathing in small, imperceptible breaths. You breathe deeply -therefore you are ill. It is need 7% CO2 to your organism for good health. It is remained only 3,7% CO2 at you. Death is coming below 3% CO2. Do not do of deep breaths and health will begins to return to you. Why is man wit headache very nervous? In fact this is psychically diseased man already... Tablets from drugstore does not give answer on that question. Buteyko method has clear answer. CO2 is calmative gas. You threw out the half of it in atmosphere by help of yours breath- expirations. Consequently you half robed yours nervous cells. Not only nervous cells, of course. You robed all cells of your organism. But nervous cells suffer from shortage of CO2 in the first place. You breamed out in atmosphere their nourishment. You see, they feed on CO2. You left nervous cells very hungry. And the whole of your nervous system became exited awfully! You have headache. Wild pains. Insomnia. You became awfully irritable. And no one physician can help to you. Members of medical conspiracy thrust to you chemical tablets... But it is need yours own CO2 to you. It is impossible to pump over CO2 to you from the balloon behind yours back. It is need yours own CO2 to you! And Buteyko method accumulated it quickly. Headache disappears. Therefore I assert that Buteyko method covers the first, second and third stages of yours disease. Especially the first! Psychical stage. Yours nervous cells receive enough nourishment and... calm down. And no one psychoneuropathologist will cope with that task. Only Buteyko method can accumulate CO2 for yours nervous cells. It is the law! Axiom! You may not believe in the law of gravitation. But the stone, which was tossed up, will punch your head with fail. You see, it will fall down again... You may trust Buteyko method cures headache excellently. One concrete example. There are many examples of recovery by the help of Buteyko method in general. But all of its do not go in here.

I gave lecture by Buteyko method in not great hall in March 1998. Forty men only were in that hall. They studied in courses by improvement of eyesight. Buteyko method very improves eyesight. Long-sight especially. Removes glaucoma, squint, cataract. I gave only one lecture. Showed primary training very briefly. Method in the frame... The aim of lecture - to tell about of Deep Breathing Illnesses Discovery. It is impossible - to master Buteyko method properly for one lecture. It is need to go in educational group To methodologist. I always let know before-hand about that my hearers. One woman (which listened my lecture) phone to me in two days. She declared, that her headache very diminished for the first time in the life... And asked me to be engaged in for herself individually. Her headache disappeared completely in two first studies!! Completely Nina Maximova could not believe in that. She had headache from 20 years old. She was 33 years old in moment of our meeting. It is incredible! - she exclaimed. Simply wonder some. I swallowed hundreds of tablets. They did not helped me. I want to hang himself by every nights from terrible headache. It seems that head will break at now. And I sleep calmly after yours studies. It is incredible! I drove Nina Maximovna to Buteyko. She thanked the Teacher for salvation. We recorded her account on video. It is very striking example of headache recovery. Repeat. There are many of such examples. By every illness, which is in Buteyko list. People very often do not believe, that Buteyko method exactly helped to them... They call that by wonder... Yes. This is the very real wonder! The greatest Medical Discovery of the second and third millenniums! All patients ask to give more practical advises. How exactly is it need to train in the method? Alas, these advises it is need to give separately to every concrete man. You see, all we are different. I want to emphasize. Nina Maximovna takes away headache for the first time simply.

You see, I do not give more in lecture. I gave to her some personal advises in individual studies. Here is one from of its. "It is need to sit in Buteyko method so, that yours knees where slightly lowered down!" It is very important!! She held its high... Of course, my advice very helped to her. But she took away her first headache even after one my theoretical lecture!! Because theory in Buteyko method - it is 70% of its practice. It is not difficult to sit in the chair. It is easy not to deep breaths. The main - you must know what for is all that! What for?! Otherwise... Otherwise official medicine will ass before fleece gold dinars from of you. To replenish it's reserved funds. You see, members of medical conspiracy know very good what they do... They forge gold of medicine. We will say with you about that in second chapter.

Chapter 2 (to contents)
"Gold of medicine"

  1. history of financial crimes of official medicine. necessity of it's writing.
  2. how do members of medical conspiracy cure your diabetes? and how is it need to cure it? concrete example of diabetes recovery at sick machine-operator by the help of Buteyko method. details of his training.
  3. why do members of medical conspiracy keep silent about buteyko' s method?
  4. Buteyko method - is strongest and the most expensive weapon of any state.

Financial history of official medicine is described still by no one. It would be fascinatingest, with a chap plot book. But secrets of financial crimes of official medicine are protecting much more strictly than political and military secrets. Will stipulate for at once. I do not consider, that all physicians in succession are rogues and swindlers. And what is more. The main part of white - smock army works just hard as miners and teachers. They do hardest work. However white - smock army has the generals. They are high rank - bureaucratic nomenclature. Which often does not have anything general with true physicians. But mis bureaucratic nomenclature publishes medical orders. Open and secret... And the life of patients elapsed according to these bureaucratic directions. Independently from of that - ordinary physicians approve its or no. They must obey to these orders. And selection occurs gradually. Physicians, (which are disagreeable to command) drop out in side of road. Physicians indulging to bureaucrats raise by official stairs. Patients think in vain, that all physicians only and do, that take care of their health. Physicians, cultivated by white - smock bureaucracy, think often about their purse first of all. You call on yours physician consulting room. And prepare to tell about yours sores in detail and for a long time. Physician politely nods assent in time of yours complaints. In the majority of cases physician even knows the most simple and cheap way of yours illness treatment. But he does not offer it to you. Sack with gold coins stands before Ms eyes. Not because physician is bad man! By no means. But exactly because he is man. Gold dinars constantly flash in Ms imagination. You with enthusiasm tell to Mm about your terrible diabetes. You already drink by pailful of water in the day. Dreadful tMrst harasses you constantly. Strictly speaking, only Buteyko method can help to you. Member of medical conspiracy (in which paws you found Mmself...) feigns, that he never heard about of Deep Breathing Diseases Discovery. Did not read medical newspapers. Did not look over internet pages. But conspirator has choice and in that case. He can simply to seat you on cheap millet gruel. And diabetes will begin to step back. One gruel will not cure it on 100%. But gruel will lower it on 30%. It seems that - what may be more simply. To recommend to you to have millet gruel and oatmeal porridge... On the contrary no! Gold! Gold of medicine does not give rest to your Aesculapius. You will fill his sack by gold dinars? Conspirator nods assent to you by his head with sympathy. Writes very long and expensive prescriptions. He hears already how dinars tinkle in yours pockets. You receive expensive ( and useless) insulin injections instead of cheap gruel... Instead of recovery dose of insulin will be increase... One concrete example. I trained to Buteyko method the young machine operator in last summer. Vladimir Petrov. Twenty four years old. Fair-haired fellow of average stature. Attentive Grey eyes. There is inescapable anxiety in his eyes. Vladimir worked in Kolkhos by macMne-operator during some years. Big troubles arose at Mm on his work after that. Fellow very suffered. He felt intense thirst. Vladimir drank water mug after mug. And could not quench his tMrst. Physicians (members of medical conspiracy) passed verdict - serious diabetes. Insulin, insulin... And insulin once again. Vladimir began to go with difficulty by the street soon. Physicians prescribed fractional nourishment to him. But it was notMng, that helped to Mm. Petrov was very wondered, when I told Mm, that the main cause of Ms disease is - Deep Breathing. - You see, I do not breathe deeply! - macMne -operator debated. But of control pause measuring showed -only 7 seconds... Control pause - it is delay of breathing after usual expiration to appearance of first slightest wish for breath! First and slightest. TMs control pause must 60 seconds at 100% healthy man. Petrov had 7 seconds... Let us to divide 60 seconds by 7 seconds. It will receive 8 times. Breathing of machine operator was deeper than norm in 8 times! I sat down his on corner of the chair. Closed his mouth. Asked Mm to weaken stomach. To uplift pupils upwards. And we began to train... The thirst at Vladimir diminished by far in three days. He already did not snatch for mug with water every half - hour. And the head stopped to turn from of "hungry" swoons in week. We lowered from 40 units of insulin to 20 units in twenty-four hours. And he relieved from of insulin completely in two months. It was victory. Diabetes stepped back. All sick men want to know details of method. Small details. Vladimir had such detail. I advised to him to straighten shoulders so, that spine did not protrude as hump between shoulder -blades. And hid in hollow between shoulder - blades. -1 felt himself in the method completely here after that! - gladden machine - operator exclaimed. His grey eyes flashed joyously. I felt unusual lightness as soon as spine had sunk in hollow... Petrov got rid of very cheaply, how you can see, our dear readers. He paid for studies of course. But paid one time! And he will never pay more for expensive insulin. Never. But members of medical conspiracy are against of such recovery. Sack with gold dinars looms before their inflamed look. Even columns of gold coins... Conspirators will not sit down you on corner of the chair. They even will not sit down you on cheap gruel. Expensive insulin! Expensive injections. You will be eternal slave of their needle. Gold of medicine is above all for members of medical conspiracy. Why do conspirators or keep silent about Buteyko method, or speak, that method fights only with asthma? And even, they say, fights badly... But you try to imagine himself on their place. You (as for) want to sell yours goods more expensively! Not simply to sell. But as expensively as possible. Physician sells his goods too. He has three kinds of goods in Ms warehouse. The first good is expensive tablets. It is profitable thing. It does not need to work especially. Physician will hear you with clear air. He will force you to breathe more deeply by that.. .After that He will ask you to put out your tongue. Will screw Ms face into wrinkles by it's air. Will say , that yellow tMn coating is not like to Mm. But he will think not about yellow thin coating on your tongue by that. And about yellow - golden magic dinars, wMch must be rushed from you for tMs thin coating... The second good of conspirator - it is surgical operation. TMs extremely expensive thing. Profit will be ensured. And it is always anything at man what you can excise. They may excise appendicitis and at absolutely healthy man for example. Why is it badly? You will pay for work of surgeon and for medicines, wMch will need after operation nevertheless.. And the third good, at last. About which conspirator knows something too. These are medicineless ways of treatment. Raspberry decoction instead of aspirin. Hunger instead tablets for losing flesh. Urine - therapeutics from of cold. And the main medicineless method - Buteyko method! Conspirator knows about it usually. But keeps death- like silence. Medicineless method seems for him as free of charge method. Serious mistake of medical conspiracy members consists in that, by the way. Method is not free charge! It is very big work for methodologist. And what is more, honest, competent physician must understand, that method can not deprive of drugstore's share completely. The man is not in condition to tMow out all tablets at once. Enough quantity of patients will remain always, which will prefer medicines all the same. But even those patients, wMch would take Buteyko method completely will be needed to have habitual medicines by himself some time. May be different situations, you see. The man got exited heavily. Bout. Tried to take away bout by the help of method - it is not turned out. Will then it is need to help Mmself by the tablets for the present. So that the fear what Buteyko method will bare drugstores absolutely - is false fear. And honest, competent physician must understand that. And... to propagandize Buteyko method. He must. But members of medical conspiracy do not want to risk! You see, they know, that there are patients, which got rid of medicines by the help Buteyko method absolutely. And connect that circumstance with lessening of their personal gold sack.

Gold! Gold of medicine does not give rest to them. But again the are extremely improvident. Method can give such gold, which did not dream to them. There is no secret for anyone, that every State invests enormous money in defence industry. All the World trades in weapon. And method... Method can not only cure. It is huge error in general, that method is need only to sick people. By no means! Young, healthy sportsmen are need in it some more. And army? If army generals could imagine themselves real essence of method... They would break forehead, that to teach their soldiers to it. Soldier, which was not taught to Buteyko method (Volitional Elimination of Deep Breath method -VEDB method) becomes double of great endurance at the mimmum! Double. And that is still not the ceiling. Reaction increases. Flair. He can run much more. To go in assault more rapidly. Buteyko soldier bears stress more easier. His eyesight improves sharply. And do you know what is good eyesight for soldier? Every second recruit has bad eyesight today. Intensive Buteyko training improve eyesight very strongly even in first ten days. Soldier with lowered eyesight is the first sacrifice of enemy. From of what does eyesight deteriorates? Optic canals compress from of baneful deep breathing. Buteyko soldier has excellent eyesight. All know today how strong Navy is important for any State. Huge battle - ship furrow World oceans. But what is this the warship with sick ( or half- sick) ships crew? These are money, which were wasted in wind. Sea rolling. Absence of flesh vitamins in food. Storms. Contemporary youth does not bear such overloads. So - money of tax-payers wept Half- sick ship's crew will never fulfil urgent task in 100%. And if mis ship's crew will repulse dive-bombing of enemy. Slightest delay. Bad reaction of exited (by deep breathing) brain. And unrepulsed bombs will fall on our with you, dear readers - half-sick crew. Because deeply breathing seamen - these are half- sick men. Independently from what recruiting commission thinks about them. You see, members of medical conspiracy diagnose only half of your disease. Japanese militarists perfidiously attacked on American Navy in Hawaiian Islands the seventh of December 1941 year. Japanese fighters struck terrible bomb blows. Hundreds of American seamen perished. Do you understand what responsibility lay on those two American servicemen, which watched for screen of radar in that tragic morning? Yes, those fellows noticed fighters still in one and half hour before attack. But who may know - it is possible (would be they by Buteyko servicemen) they would notice these fighters much earlier. You see, deep breathing blunts reaction... Famous submarines. This is where seamen in Buteyko method are need! You see, seamen in Buteyko method - these are super - seamen. Why Buteyko soldiers are of greatest endurance soldiers in the World? In what is shortage for submarines in big depth? Or for war pilots in big height? They have not enough quantity of oxygen! It is untruth!! They have not enough of CO2 (carbonic acid gas). And already shortage of CO2 calls shortage of oxygen in the cells of human organism. Buteyko method raises level of CO2 in yours organism. And then oxygen begins to pass from the blood to the cells if tissues. War pilot receives the second breathing. Without help of oxygen mask. All the World trades in weapon. And it costs extraordinary expensive. But half-sick soldiers can not use it in 100%. Shoot beside the mark. Do not notice in time flying rocket in radar. In general they cheapen that salable good in 50%. Soldiers in Buteyko method on the contrary -raise effectiveness of any weapon. Very likely, what they understood that in England still in the early thirties of 20 century. You see, exactly English scientists Haldane and Priestley for the first time hinted about possibility of Deep Breathing Illness existence. Published fundamental work - "Respiration". And... Suddenly silence came. No development of sine idea. And, you see, Englishmen are not fools. The more so Haldane and Priestley examinated (for purpose of standard) the health and breathing exactly English war-seamen. Not breathing of miners, for example. The breathing of war seamen exactly. And decided to consider to consider by healthy men only those seamen, which had 6,5% CO2 in their lungs. How the nature itself demands of that. Seamen with 4 % CO2 considered for the second sort already... And publications of Haldane and Priestley stopped suddenly... Why? And because English War-Sea department quickly understood it's advantage. Super of great endurance war-seamen! Is it badly? And researches of Haldane and Priestley were made secret at once. You may have asthma, diabetes. To suffer from stenocardia. It is yours private affair. War-sea department wants to have super-submariners. And yours sores are not interesting to it.

Something similar to that happened and with Buteyko in Russia. Members of medical conspiracy stared to hunt Ms as wolf in the beginning. Famous academician offered Buteyko deserving going out, when it was got very badly to him. To turn Ms Discovery to blessing of cosmic researches... Super-cosmonauts are not lie on the road also, you see. They offered all to Buteyko. Excellent scientific career. Many scientists can only dream of that. They promised to protect his from of any persecution. But they put one condition - Ms researches will be top secret. Buteyko refused. He was sorry for those thousands patients, wMch Ms method can to save. And persecution of scientists heightened many times. So that Buteyko method has big price. And for sick men and for war men. But do all from of them understand that? Let us take diabetics for example. I already gave example of quick recovery sick macMne-operator in that chapter. We shall continue tMs time farther. In the next chapter.

Chapter 3 (to contents)
"Why do diabetics perish?"

  1. what diseases do go in method best all?
  2. method in the frame. concrete advises by cleaning of nose from mucus. determination of maximum pause
  3. they cut off legs diabetics in tonga, but do not give Buteyko method.
  4. buteyko declared merciless war to diabetes in june of 1988 year.
  5. recovery of nataliatoropovafrom of diabetes.
  6. physician from krasnoyarsk, which can not go in the forest during 14 years because of allergy.
  7. practical advises by training of sick diabetics. peculiarities of diabetic's conducting in Buteyko method.
  8. splendid approbation of diabetes in novosibirsk academic smalltown.
  9. once more example of diabetes recovery from of personal experience
  10. let us help each other! address for yours questions and donations for development of Buteyko method propaganda.

Buteykos method cures, or considerably makes easier about hundred of diseases. But some diseases yield to method more quickly and others more slowly. Diabetes, heart pathology, female pathology and asthma go in method best (and quickly!) of all. I should remain you once again- diabetes arises ( in the main) not from of surplus consumption of sugarIts principal cause - it is Deep Breathing! Obesity favors the development of diabetes too. But principal cause of obesity is breach of metabolism, which was called by deep breathing. I saw tens of sick diabetics, to which method VEDB (Volitional Elimination of Deep Breathing) helped quickly. I saved personally many diabetics! Method helps to diabetics very quickly. And diabetes will begin to step back. Any diabetes. Any degree of heaviness! And what do members of medical conspiracy? They sit down the man on insulin needle! Believe me dependent on insulin patient is not better than (drug) addict. Both sat down on the needle. Both can not live without of it. And if insulin can not help already. Then members of medical conspiracy begin to cut off extremities to you. At first the left leg. Afterwards right leg It happens that fall and into hands. I personally saw elderly diabetic with recently amputated (because of diabetes!) leg in ward. But there are many diabetics on the Tonga islands in the Pacific Ocean. Members of medical conspiracy cut hundreds of legs there. And not to old men. But to young and ran to flat aborigines. Journal Readers Digest wrote about that in October 1997. I could not sleep calmly after that article. Unhappy leg less islanders pursed me in nightmarish dreams. Obesity. Diabetes. All that Buteykos method excellently cures!! I wrote two letters to Tonga King. Sent two my books. Offered my help. Death like silence was in answer. I wrote two letters else in department of nutrionisty of Tonga. Death-like silence was answer. I wrote two letters to Prime minister of Tonga and to his secretary. Sent two may books. Death-like silence was in answer. I hope, now, respected readers, you understand Why do diabetics perish?! And what do members of medical conspiracy make? My letters did not sink in the Pacific Ocean. I received two notifications from of Nukualofa post. It is the capital of Tonga Kingdom. And no one line of answer! May you imagine that to himself?!!! No one line in answer. They cut people as dogs and beat by hand of help. Gold of medicine! It sparkles by its terrible lustre. You see, there was found scoundrel-medical man, which said bad words about Buteykos method on these islands! And offered to continue to cut off the legs. In order that his Gold sack would become some more much! I must say, that King of Tonga in generally takes care about the health of his subjects. There are rulers of quite different trend. How do you think, dear readers do yours rulers show more attention about yours health? Will they take in consideration you in similar situation? Or they will fill with gold yours legs bottomless sack of medical conspiracy members?

And how well diabetes goes in the method!! If you only could see that. But I heard from of Buteykos theoretical substantiation of that wonder, still before I saw the first cured (by the help of VEDB method) diabetics by my own eyes. I already said to you, dear readers, - practical training in the VEDB method begins from theoretical preparation. Your brain must begin to work at first. And already afterwards your sick pancreas will improve its activities! Only afterwards. We gathered together in Buteykos deliberation in Wednesday of June 1988. It was wonderful summer weather in that day. White Siberian birches stired by its green crowns in Novosibirsk academic little town. - We with you are announcing War to Diabetes! declared at once somehow looked yonger Buteyko. - Decisive and irrevocable War. Up to complete destruction!! Bluish eyes of 65 years old scientist look cheerfully and defiantly. Embroidered Ukrainian shirt with the red lace was reminding to us about of mild land, in which Konstantin Pavlovich was born. - I was in reception at Minister for Care of public health of USSR Chazov. continued Buteyko. - He will not prevent to us. Deputy Minister Baranov especially asked to set to diabetes. And I promised firmly. It is need to explain here, that Buteyko cured many diabetics (from of October 1952) for 36 years. But he declared wide-scale War exactly to Diabetes only in June of 1988. And I had happiness to be present by that. - What foolishness does our medicine with diabetics? Buteyko raised his well cared -for forefinger. She judges about their health by level of sugar maintenance in the blood! It is incredible nonsense without fail!! Crime. We observed tenfold raising of sugar in blood. And what of it? There is nobody, who perished from of such hyperglycemia. You see, sugar is not poisoned It is clear to all. It was not clear to all unfortunately. Even in the our separate Buteykos consulting-room. Physicians on tour, which where present in deliberation, (yesterdays members of medical conspiracy) pursed lips ironically. - Regulation of insulin dose by the level of sugar maintenance in blood is absurdity! It is flagrant error. Buteyko knew very well, who set before him. - You see, they do not know real cause of insulin shortage. It is Deep Breathing of sick man! That breathing compress patients vessels. Strains and pancreas. Production of insulin decreases as a result. And only diminution of breathing depth can cure patient. That is our method! I was, probably, the only man, from of fifteen collaborators, were present in consulting room, which began loudly to applaud to declaration of scientist. And what is more Buteykos speech shook me to the bottom of my heart. My father had diabetes during forty years from of his fifty six (on that moment) years old I am modest man. But I could not bear here. I declared loudly and distinctly, what Buteyko is Genius!! Some collaborators( yesterdays members of medical conspiracy) considered my declaration as toadyism for me in that moment. Only Genius could explain so simply very complicated questions. I saw many physicians for my (summer 1988) thirty six years old. And I knew excellently, how they are able to muddle up the very simple things. Probably, even perfect idiot can understand Buteyko. And nevertheless not all understood - How does West medicine do? Buteyko slammed down by palm about polished cover table. Blind empiricism lies in its basis. The most cultivated methods and medical preparations make use. And no result It was need to find the Cause of insulin shortage, that to take of pathogenic factors of diabetes. Afterwards to remove this Cause, and, consequently and shortage of hormone. - It is interesting pretty physician flung remark. - We had found that Cause! Buteyko firmly uttered distinctly. It is Deep Breathing of patient. If patient will have normalized his breathing that will have not be diabetes at him!!

Buteykos words turned out prophetical. Attack on diabetes was begun. And wonderful recoveries followed one after another. I tried to describe the most bright cases by course of events. In order that it would not forget because remoteness of years. Recovery of Natasha Toropova for example. It is difficult to forget that girl. Not high eighteen-years-old beauty. But diabetes disfigured by yellowness all her face. Even teeth was turned by yellow. Diabetes developed in sharp form at her. Natasha reached twenty eight units of insulin in twenty four hours in a very short space of time. She became insulin addict. Her forty-year-old farther turned grey from of grief. The last course of airplane technical school remained to her. Likeable fellow follows on her heels. But diabetes began to eat her not by days, but by hours. They refused to help her even in Moscow, in the institute of endocrinology. In the such age! In such stage of diabetes! We can not help They did not advice to her to go to Buteyko. It is dark. Little known. Scarcely can help, if even medicines are powerless. - I should better hand myself in basement, than become wreck from of insulin in ten years!- Natasha cried in a fit of temper to calming her female friend. Natasha and her broken-hearted farther appeared at Buteyko at six oclock in the afternoon, in the seventh of July 1988. Three weeks had passed from that time, when War to diabetes was announced. - Konstantin Pavlovich, can yours method help to my daughter? Natashas farther asked Buteyko with folded arms on the breast. - If she will study very good then can help without fail! Buteyko answered with confidence. Natashas group graduation took place in two week of studies. Former sick men spoke in turn. Physician from the side would never believe to their stories. That simple normalization of breathing could give such unprecedented results! Physicians on tour refused to believe his owns ears. At last turn reaches and Natasha. It was difficult to know her. Dead yellowness almost came off her face. Young beauty Natasha Toropova stood again in the hall. And how her eyes changed! Its were overflowing with vitality at now. - I had twenty eight units of insulin in twenty-for hours, when I arrived in Novosibirsk. I did injection myself to me- girl began to tell glibly. - And I lowered it up to six units at now already. (It was done in two weeks!). I was afraid to go out of home alone, because I could faint away by the road. Now run as before. It is need to put up Gold monument to Konstantin Pavlovich in the time of his life! And it would be little!! Natasha are closing her face by palms from confusion. She is trying to conceal happy tears. Oh, how I want, that the rest of diabetics would hear her words! Sufferers, sentenced to insulin needle by members of medical conspiracy. How much human fates would be saved!! You see, diabetes literally eat man alive. Exactly eat. Vessels are striking by atherosclerotic patches. Its simply cork up. And they cut off hand to man. Or leg How much are being given to me ones and same questions on my lectures. - And does Buteykos method cure diabetes? Really? Or heart diseases? We heard about asthma only - Here is poisonous work of medical conspiracy members! Here is dreadful glitter of these monsters golden dinars. Gold of medicine! Bloodily Gold. And, you see, not these ordinary physicians, which deceive patients (in according to order from above) will receive the most part of that bloodily Gold. The most part will have high bureaucrats. Pharmaceutical bosses. And members of medical conspiracy will receive only his thirty Judas silver coins.

Not only Natasha Toropova appeared in that day. The patients, which had cured different diseases by the help of method appeared in that day too. The speech of elderly woman physician from of Krasnoyarsk was especially demonstrative. Vera Nikolaevna Vasilieva. Woman after thirty years. She worked by therapeutist in Krasnoyarsk for long years. And she was ill dreadfully herself all these years. It is characteristic feature of very many medical conspiracy members unfortunately. They acquire incurable (by tablets) disease in the childhood. Afterwards go in medicine with hope to have recovery. Receive medical diplomas. Convince, that tablets and injections can not cure their disease. Nevertheless continue to regale patients with these the same tablets Slender, black-haired woman physician from of Krasnoyarsk said very loudly. - I am physician from Krasnoyarsk! Vera Nikolaevna swallowed tight lump. I had terrible allergy to smells during of fourteen years. I ran by of green lawns, stopped up my face with palms. The grass, trees, flowers all were my enemies! Woman-physician hated forest, grass. That is all. That supports the life on the Earth. And it was need desert to her. Hot sand without of smell. That it would not be allergy Thus of Deep Breathing Illness disfigured her body. But there was nobody in medical institute who taught her to Buteykos method. They disseminated slanderous gossips about it. - But what is in the forest Vera Nikolaevna are smoothing her hair - I did not go out from home in generally. Covered all my body hermetically. Almost veil wore. Fainted in the bus from petroliums smell. woman are falling silent on second. - I am physician. And I lost my faith in all medicines. And here we studied in green lawn yesterday. I sat side by side with my green enemies. Saw trembling stems. For the first time in one ten and half years. I do not know what my colleagues physicians will say. But I speak firmly to day,- she has raised the head,- I was diplomas killer of people during of fourteen years!! Physicians, recognizing medicines only are killers in white doctors smocks!! Fourteen years of self murder are bail to that. These were simply fiery words. You see, I sat side by side with Vera Nikolaevna in the time of that lesson. On green lawn. I saw how she was glad to young green stems. Fifteen years without of green grass smell. It is dreadfully even to imagine. Method returned warm of the life to Vera Nikolaevna. I give lectures by Buteykos method many years already. And I repeat her words every time. They burn my heart.

I have described striking example of diabetes recovery in that chapter. Buteykos method saved beauty Natasha Toropova. Nevertheless all that are isolated cases. It was need to conduct Official approbation in order that Victory of Buteykos method over diabetes would be convincing. To take fifty serious diabetics and... to cure them in two weeks Official medicine can be broken anly so. And that it would not be for along time. And we (already in summer of 1991) gathered fifty the most serious diabetics. Combined them in two day-groups. Buteyko entrusted leading of studies to one from our best methodologists. To my never to be forgotten Klara Lagunova. She is my first and main Buteykos methods practical teacher. I gave her studies as standard in the second volume of my trilogy. And I cure people (in the main) by her model. Although Buteykos method is creative thing. You has to supplement anything or to take away. But backbone must be one. And supplements must not wreck it. - Diabetes it is shock question of World Medicine Buteyko declared in memorable deleberation in summer of 1988. - I could declare War to cancer already at now. There are many cases of cancer recovery at me and my methodologists. Even in the last stage. But - scientists was silent for a minute We will undertake for cancer in the last turn. Ther will be terrible opposition of Conventional medicine. You see, it is their feeding-though! They torment cancer patients by tablets and operations. And send them in grave. They annihilated physically five of my best friends for invention of neans of struggle with cancer. Therefore we for the present take Diabetics publicly! To take absolutely all of them!! Except very easy diabetics. They have not evident symptoms. I is already nothing, what causes inconvenience t them. And they do not appraise effect of the method at now.

The order was given. Approbation was planed in perspective. And banner and bugle were entrusted to Klara Lagunova. Buteykos army had gone in attack. I shall acquaint you, dear readers, with splendid successes of that approbation . Slightly later on. An at now. At now practice. Every patient gives to me insidious question. - And here is my diabetes being cured by Buteykos method? Or my hypertension? And if it is being, then how is it being? I answer always, that method is ONE. And it cures approximately 100 diseases, which are in Buteykos list. And nevertheless How is diabetes being cured by Buteykos method? It is general position. And what else can we advice to diabetics? Practical advises by diabetics training. 1) Do not forget, what your knees must be slightly lowered under the chair! Its must not stick up (upwards). I gave that advice to woman, with suffered from headache. But it is need and other patients. Buteyko explained only one time why knees must be slightly lowered under the chair. It was found, that muscles of the stomach weaken more better in that position. I wrote word by word. I one from of twelve physicians on tour (former members of medical conspiracy). There were no one from of them, who took the pen. They were lazy. And I wrote. And give to you. It is very important!! 2) Diabetics must not train VERY forcedly. It is direct advice of Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko. Remember it. Why is it not allowed to give very intensive training to diabetics? Answer is simple. More haste less speed. You see, diabetic it is insulin addict. And it is possible narcotic breaking if he would leave insulin very quickly. In two three days for example This breaking is not without fail. But it is possible! I tell to every concrete diabetic in studies in what rhythm he must conduct training. I see his concrete condition. But there are causes in our studies, when insulin dose is lowered twice and even in three times in ten days. There are and perfect refusals. Natasha Toropova lowered (in ten days) insulin dose from 28 units up to 6 units in twenty hours. That question patient decides together with methodologist. 3) Diabetics! Do not be afraid, that sugar content in the blood would be more of norm. Twofold exceeding of sugar norm in the blood is admitted in VEDB method (Volitional Elimination of Deep Breathing). Sugar is not poisonous! Do not be afraid. The main is good feeling. Buteyko explains The cause of illness is not rise of sugar content in the blood. It is shortage of insulin! That shortage is begotten by deficit of CO2. Deficit of CO2 causes spasm of vessels. Oxygen exchange becomes worse. And pancreas works badly. Shortage of insulin causes lowering of sugar entering in the cell. Organism is forced to rise of sugar content in the blood and by force to push it into the cell. The rise of sugar content in the blood is even useful in that moment. The level of sugar content in the blood can not be criterion of abolition, or rise of insulin. We take for criterion General condition of the man. Buteyko affirms so. Our treatment is inverse to that, how conventional medicine treats diabetes!. Medical men adds insulin by rise of sugar. But we affirm sugar can not be lowered by insulin below of twofold norm! It is need to lower it by accumulation of CO2. With the help of VEDB method. 4) Diabetics must pass on Buteykos nourishment. These are gruel in the main. Millet gruel. Oatmeal gruel. Buteyko does not low to give that advice at once. Because the main treatment it is training of breathing!! But Buteyko declares one transition of diabetic to gruel gives 30% relief of diabetes. That is you will be more healthy in one third. So long as heave food gives deep breathing. Gruel gives not deep breathing. Organism spends less of energy for its digesting. How it seems that simply.. And how genusly it is!

Concrete advises exactly to diabetics may be finished on that point. Methodologist only gives all the rest of niceties. In the studies To every concrete diabetic. Depending on heaviness of diabetes. And of common condition of patient. I have promised to tell you and about of diabetes approbation in that chapter. That the same approbation, which Klara Lagunova conducted brilliantly. Let us to see what she could achieve. I emphasis once more. Diabetes is cured very good in Buteykos method. I personally and other our methodologists helped to many diabetics to return health. But Buteyko chose exactly Klara Lagunova by standard-bearer in attack on that insidious enemy of humanity. She is 63 old at now, when I am writing these lines. That is June of 2000. And then (summer 1990) Klara was on 10 years younger. She conducted her the most remarkable approbation in fifty three years. Buteyko knew to whom to entrust the banner. Klara save herself from cancer of breast. By the help of method first of all She had, what to say to diabetics. Now and then You see, two years had passed already from memorable deliberation. When Buteyko declared War to diabetes and planed future approbation. Diabetics had been in all our educational groups in these two years. They received deliverance from of dangerous illness. It was required to generalize. T prove by one powerful blow! To cure fifty diabetics at once. Klara Lagunova is fragile woman by looks. She is not physician. She is mathematician. But fifty patients felt her enormous energy quickly. Her faith in the Victory. She knew well, what it is need to do. Approbation was conducting not only by diabetes. But and by atherosclerosis simultaneously! All chosen diabetics had highly serious atherosclerosis. Inspectors verified Klara Lagunova so strictly what any mistake could not be done. Approbation had place in institute of mathematics. And the best mathematical machines worked up its results. Approbation the same lasted two weeks. And afterwards inspectors from institute of mathematics looked after Klaras patients still the whole year. Calculating machines were buzzing from of strain. The tens parameters of human organism health was obtained. Klara Lagunova did not let down Buteyko. Absolutely all of her patients lowered insulin dose not less than on 15 units even in first two weeks. Many of them had lowered it much more. Atherosclerotic patches at patients were resolving absolutely. Even on eyelids. Inspectors have watched vigilantly for condition of eye-ground of Klaras patients. And learned man can read much there.. And inspectors have read. Haemorrhages resolved at five men (from of seven). Microaneurysms had worn off. Retina edema resolved in two cases (from seven). And all of that in addition to absolute lowering of insulin (on 15 units minimum in two weeks). At all fifty patients! That is - diabetes is conquered ON THE SPOT!! Atherosclerotic patches resolves before eyes literally.

Klara Lagunova success was Staggering. Absolute success! Newspaper Science in Siberia had places the big article about that success 27 July 1991. Article was named With mathematical accuracy. It is absolutely right name. Klara Lagunova (she is mathematician by education) had proved really, what Buteykos method works better of electronic computer. It itself find painful zones at patients. And itself cures them. Painless. Without of medicines!! I am emphasizing once and once again. All Buteykos methodologist cures diabetes. In Russia in any case. It is possible what some of them cure it better, than others. But all of them cute it. Klara Lagunova officially had summed up these separate results. Officially summed up! And it is her enormous service. I am of Klaras disciple already many years. I visited institute of mathematics, where she conducted approbation by diabetes and atherosclerosis. It is beautiful stony building. It countersinks in verdure. Klara has implanted to her patients thought about of deep breathing harmfulness. They visited diagnostic room with horror because they were must breathe deeply there. Members of medical conspiracy conducted so control measurements Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko was must ask inspectors not to deepen of his patients breathing!

This is how matters stand with treatment of diabetes and atherosclerosis, respected readers! Buteykos method cures spendidly and that that and other! We believe to our own experience most of all. I described already diabetic, which I had cured personally. And I had far not one diabetic in general. I shall give some more personal example. Valeriy Sokolskey. He is father of my wife Lusy. He was 68 years old in 1988. The old experienced surgeon in pension. Gold hands. He had gone all war against of Hitlerite occupants. He was wind. Valeriy suffered from of terrible diabetes. He had 60 units of insulin in twenty four hours. It is very big doze. Members of medical conspiracy say incurable patient. By their opinion Buteykos disciples think other wise. Surgeon Sokolskey had very diseased heart besides diabetes. Preinfarct condition. His wife Zoja was afraid of husband rapid untimely death. I was only beginning methodologist in 1988. But Buteyko already had declared the War to diabetes. The time did not wait. We with Lucy have called her father and mother from of Krasnoyarsk. Lusy had known of her father very well. The old medical man did not believe in Buteykos method absolutely. How many medical men too. Members of medical conspiracy. Therefore Lucy gave telephone to me. I could have persuaded wifes parents to attempt. And they had arrived in Novosibirsk academic little town. Valeriy did not believe in method in grain even. Typical physician of old hardiness. Physician, which did not take bribes on principle. He had paid for that cruelly in his life. Splendid surgeon. He did the most complicated operations. They had given good flat to him in beneficial South of Russia. In Apsheronsk. It is Krasnodar territory. The Black Sea is near. Caucasian mountains. A lot of grapes and cherries. But members of medical conspiracy( especially in the South) adores bribes. And Valeriy did not take bribes. And put his colleagues in an awkward position. They hinted t him several times, what he must change his behavior. He had given a slap in the face to head physician. They drove his away. From of beneficial South in cold Siberia. It to snowy Krasnoyarsk. Seedy nerves. Very deep breathing. Serious diabetes. Sokolskey did not believe in principle what it is possible to cure diabetes by the help of some breathing. If it would be unusual operation on the pancreas We with Lucy have placed his ( and Lucys mother) in group of our best methodologist to Klara Lagunova. I am methodologist myself. Disciple of Klara. But life of surgeon already hung by thread. We came to a decision. Official studies (by one hour and half in the day) will be at Lagunova. And I shall study with him(at home) in addition without of limitation. Double pressure. Teacher and her disciple will be to pull the old surgeon. And we have pulled The autumn of 1988 was standing. Beginning of September. Klaras successful approbation was yet in front of. But she was Klara already! Our the best methodologist. My dear teacher. The old surgeon did not bear of double attack. He believed, that not only scalpel can cure. Surgeon was coming to home from the studies confused. Asked me about small details. Small but very important. - Why, is it necessary to press by hands on stomach?- Valeriy asked confusedly. - Because stomach mast be weakened in method answered I to him. If stomach will be weakened, that and respiratory diaphragm will be weakened. And the depth of breathing will be diminished. The old surgeon was shaking by his head, but was sitting down humbly on the corner of chair for training. - Uplift your pupils upwards prompted I to father-in-law. - Only do not uplift the head. It was difficult to Valeriy Sokolskey. All in general. All these studies. He smoked a little. Secretly from of wife. Deep inhalations gave pleasure to him. As for us, we have demanded to stop deep breaths Surgeon tried. Results have gone. He lowered his insulin doze on 20 units in ten days. From 60 units of insulin in twenty four hours up to 40 units. Members of medical conspiracy only had raised insulin to him before. The work of heart became better. Even masculine potentiality have appeared. He had lost it five years ago. - Do you know, Sergey, that Buteykos method helps me very magnificently? - Valeriy said already on the fifth day. I am even going to bed wit my wife to day Do you understand me? - it was very nice to hear for me. The work of Klara Lagunova and me was giving its yield. Old surgeon lived two weeks only in our little town. Only two. And diabetes have stepped back in one third! Members of medical conspiracy could not achieve nothing similar to that for YEARS. For YEARS! Valeriy already came up to 20 units of insulin in twenty four hours after five months of training. From of 60 units before. Is it much or little? Decide yourselves. Old surgeon could not leave insulin completely. Age about of 70 years. Front wounds. Hot temper. But two third of illness have gone away! It is brilliant Victory of VEDB (Volitional Elimination of Deep Breathing) method.

I should finish the third chapter on that, dear readers. We with you shall speak about stenocardia in the fourth chapter. Will discuss how members of medical conspiracy jeer at you< and what Buteykos method can do for you. But I should want to discuss wit you one question before hand. Not big question, but important enough. It is known long ago, that it is necessary to show gratitude somehow to doctor for treatment. To do small donation. Otherwise it will be sin for you. You have received help, but did not thank for it It can strengthen your illness. Because I must give to you chance to avoid of that sin. I am publishing that book in internet. In the opened air. Members of medical conspiracy do not do so. They placed only one cover of the book. And indicate its cost. 30$ in average for book like that. It is not my way. It is not to my pocket. Publishing of the book costs very much at now. Members of medical conspiracy have taken care, that I had not the means for book edition But I am of many years disciple of academician Buteyko. Diploma methodologist VEDB (Volitional Elimination of Deep Breathing) The author of Doctor Butenkos Discovery trilogy. I worked by Buteykos assistant in information already in 1988. And I am professional writer. I was present at all conferences of famous scientist. Did the most detailed writings. Was in studies at many our methodologist. That is enormous archives material, which I had let passed through my personal experience of patients treatment. Which I can show professionally even on the paper. Because I must write. To help for you. But it is need your help to me too. I am publishing that book in two languages. In Russian and in English. Translate myself. How I can. I asked those readers, which already have read these first three chapters and received use for himself (in aspect of information, description of training etc) to send me a small donation. In order that I could continue this work. You may decide yourself how much will be that donation. You see, the rich man can give on the whole book edition for example. Average reader can simply thank for Opened book. Possible 20$ for West readers. Repeat once more that is for those readers, which received concrete use even from of first three chapters of Opened novel. You can send your donations by that address (personal account)

NAME Altoukhov Sergey Georgievich

The West readers must know, that our savings-bank takes donations on that account only in American dollars. It is not for all comfortably. And our bank has not of internet clients services at now unfortunately. But boar-spears of censorship And some more. I can receive from that account only donations from private person. If any organization wants to do donation, that it is need simultaneously to send me ( in my home address) document with seal, where is said, that it is exactly donation. My home address is:
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I beg yours pardon for that material insertion. But I doubt whether I could finish Opened novel without of it. Members of medical conspiracy very vigilantly watch, that Buteykos method did not receive of wide spread elucidation. Tragedy with my wife is true proof of that. Because it will be need for me to repeat that insertion some times else by course of that book. I have written all that for those readers, which approved these three chapters. And want to see continuation of the book. Those readers, to whom that book i snot interesting (who does not believe in Buteykos method) may not worry, I shall manage without their help. And what will be with their health? A small donation an good affair publication books by Buteykos method it is sigh of attention and gratitude from your side. It will help me in work. None will be write book unnecessary to people. But I wish that our living connection with you, dear readers, would be double sided. Therefore I am asking those readers, who would send donations, to write me ( in addition ) personally the letter with response on these thee chapters. And with your wishes. Write me what in Buteykos method is interesting exactly for you. What illness? What questions? I shall try to answer to you in pages of that book in general. If I could not answer to you personally during the year. I shall summarize resembling material and give answers to many people at once. I shall try to give and personal answers during the year. By possibility. You see, the book and translation take the main time. I am asking and West and Russian readers to write me in such form. The first copy of letter send to me personally. In usual post envelope. Because I have not computer even still. Russia
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I am understand, that post correspondence is undesirable for internet users. Therefore your donations can to help me to have computer and internet. It would hasten our intercourse. My personal account is empty at now. Members of medical conspiracy do not doze.. It is bad, that Russian banks not takes money by internet for the present. You will have to take into account that fact. The book is your first step to health. Afterwards you may invite me for conducting of studies. You will be must pay the way, visa and living, and studies f. Five days cycle. By hour and half in the day. It cost about 2500$ from one patient at now. But yours expenditures will be compensated with interest by help of economy on medicines and operations. I am waiting yours responses for the present. The continuation of VEDB method detailed interpretation in opened book depends from of you. I must let know beforehand. Very many people (at now) give themselves out to be Buteykos methodologists. They very often simply injure to method. Push away patients (for example) even three book in English (about method) in internet. I asked the scientist (the author of the method VEDB), what does he think about these books and their authors? I asked his 11 July 2000. Konstantin Buteyko was swearing for a very long time. He said, that he could not verify these books in the right way. What these books give harm! What they showed to him only fragments of manuscripts before publication. It is said very little about my Discovery. It is given faulty practice of VEDB method in them! Dreadful practice of nose plugs!! Buteyko cried to me in face. Thats the way, dear readers Be careful! I am already 13 years beside Buteyko. There are three the main types of Buteykos training. Plugging of nose is the most primitive and bad from its. Yours responses will decide affair of that book continuation. All good to you! And I am beginning the fourth chapter. Remember about a lot of rogues from of method. Be careful!

The author Doctor Butenkos Discovery trilogy
Sergey Altoukhov
4 August 2000.

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