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Part the second chapters of the third: For what to it it?

And this horse preliminary cure against diphtheritic toxin. Whey, thus, contains substances, neutralised diphtheritic poison. But for the person it is alien. This circumstance has served as the reason of the complication which have arisen at our patient. Similar painful reaction of an organism to the entered whey concerns the allergy phenomena. At сывороточной illnesses alien fiber for an organism causes a hypersensibility condition. As under its action in a human body specific substances of the albuminous nature - of an antibody are formed. Method Buteyko would help here again.

This place in the brochure on an allergy seemed to Nina Fedorovne especially interesting. As - in any way and treatment of an allergy by method Buteyko at it Igor yet hxas not begun. Interestingly while was to learn and about these antibodies...

Further she has read, that different allergens cause formation of antibodies of various type. But for them one essential property is characteristic: ability to incorporate to that allergen which caused their formation. And this reaction is strictly specific. That corresponds always to the same allergen.

In 1902 scientists Pishe and the Porter, entering dogs glyceric extracts from feelers actinium, observed at them the sharp unusual phenomena from repeated injections. Nina Fedorovna has involuntarily noticed about itself, that scientists observed at dogs the unpleasant, itching phenomena not at the first introduction of this muck by an experimental animal, namely after repeated introduction... As it was informed in the book about an allergy these phenomena have been named анафилаксией. Mum Igorka and an explanation of this word has read. It appears on the word анафилаксия is Greek means - defencelessness. There are those scientists have considered, that from introduction of their substances of a dog were defenceless, is had no corresponding immunity. Treatment of the allergy by method Buteyko still was absent.

Treatment of an allergy by a method to Butejko Nina Fedorovne just should be found in due course in the Internet. But here live books on that a theme, too to it were not indifferent. Having read it is more, mum Igorka has learnt, for example, that the term "allergy" occurs from two Greek words. One of these words - "аллос". In transfer it means - another, other. The second word - "эргон". In a translation from Greek th means I do. Thus, in literal transfer - "making on another" as a result turned out. In a modern science the term "allergy" designate a hypersensibility in relation to this or that substance

Here now it became clear to Nina Fedorovne, what exactly term "allergen" from similar treatment and has appeared. But interest of scientific and practical doctors to allergens to the substances causing disease by an allergy not only does not decrease, but increases more and more. Already allergens are found out among foodstuff (a berry, vegetables, fruit, meat), chemical substances, medicines, varnishes, paints, pollen of plants, medical whey and e.t.c . Treatment of the allergy by method Buteyko, here does not appear yet.

Allergy displays can have the most various character. We will give an example from clinical practice. In hospital there is a child who is sick of a diphtheria. In the medical purposes to it have entered whey for neutralisation of diphtheritic toxin. To the child all becomes better also than it prepare for an extract. (Yes. If allergy treatment was spent by method Buteyko...) But suddenly at it the temperature again has raised, swell up joints, lymphatic glands increase, on a skin blisters are formed. So proceeds within a week. Then for short time all painful changes disappear. And then arise again. The specified phenomena have no relation to a diphtheria. It is so-called syvrotochnaya the illness caused entered untidifteria by whey.

The reason сывороточной illnesses in this case consists that apply to diphtheria treatment usually the whey received from blood of a horse.

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запись на обучение методу Бутейко
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