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Allergy curable


The Life sick allergy - a present torture. Has Eaten he orange - a person was covered crimson allergic spot... Otvedal strawberrieses - again fired the person, itch, scratch the skin... That to do? Where search for the savings from this disasters?! Regrettably medicine do not give protection from allergy. On the contrary - frequent their using itself causes the new types to allergies. But signifies and new sufferings.

Occurs this therefore that medicine for time take away (or a little relieve) visible симптомы allergies. For instance same skin itch. But they in no way take away the main reason to allergies-breach metabolism beside given concrete sick!! But is violated beside sick this metabolism because of lethal-bad deep breathing... This else floor-age ago has brilliantly proved;proven great our domestic scientist-physiologist Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko. Already at October 1952 he has done its grandiose Opening of the Diseases of the Deep Breathing. Then he and has developed miraculous безлекарственный method of the fight with this breach metabolism. The Method to Volitional Liquidation of the Deep Breathing!

To great unhappy one, gets rich on sale road (but poisonous...) medicine has done all that this method has not got the broad publicity. The Salesmen "medicinal" poison rescued their own incoms. But sick adult and children continued and continue to suffer! Today already becomes all harder keep the method Buteyko in shade. Internet helps the people to hear the truth. So we and created the centre on education to normal quite intelligent breathing on интернету exactly! That each interested person to return itself normal metabolism and уйти from terrible allergic sufferings could do this. We invite the sick allergy to use this possibility and once and for ever уйти from medicinal dependency and endless torments. Believe - enough not difficult. The Method Buteyko already has successfully possessed the thousand sick. At desire and you master! After all breathing on Buteyko- normal physiological breathing. But deep breathing - a result of the ignorant propaganda.

Author of "Doctor Buteyko Discovery" trilogy.
Two diplomaed Buteyko methodist.
Sergey Altoukhov

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запись на обучение методу Бутейко

! Жизнь без таблеток и скальпеля !

Открыта запись на обучение методу Бутейко с получением «Практического видео-курса метода Бутейко»:

курс поможет без лекарств устранить или серьезно облегчить: астму, бронхит, аллергию, гипертонию, ИБС, стенокардию, женскую патологию,...

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запись на обучение методу Бутейко
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