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Part the second head Sleepless nights

Simultaneously in a combine the quantity of oxygen in inhaled air to within the tenth percent was measured. Speed of a breath and an exhalation was registered. You feel, the dear patients requiring treatment of an allergy by method Buteyko, what device was created by genius Butejko in the sixtieth years! In the sixtieth years of the twentieth century...

And at us on a court yard the eighth year of a century of twenty first... And you saw the similar device in any clinic of 21 centuries?... The combine removed not one, not two, and the whole twelve electrocardiograms!! Twelve - same it is necessary to itself to present the such! On three channels sounds of heart and the schedule of a pulsation of the smallest vessels of hands registered. One word - it was method Buteyko

Would eat Nina Fedorovna knew-what miracle barbarians from medicine have destroyed! Photo cells defined saturation by oxygen of haemoglobin of blood... Yes! Such unit could help to spend Игорьку the most high-grade treatment of an allergy by method Buteyko. With all necessary scientific gaugings and subtleties. Not only that the combine removed simultaneously fourteen electrocardiograms so it still did also more exact gaugings of work of heart. Buteyko in due time grinned-say, to judge a heart condition only under the electrocardiogram-was ridiculously!

The author of a method of treatment of the allergy, that is method Buteyko, considered what to judge about heart condition on record of the electrocardiogram - it all the same, what to try to judge capacity of the motor of the car how has worked ignition... Buteyko spoke: "Well here you have turned the ignition key and it has worked. But unless it is possible to judge on ignition inclusion capacity of the motor? It is impossible! And under the heart electrocardiogram it is possible to judge authentically only that. That it-heart works at present. But about capacity, force from which heart works, under the electrocardiogram authentically to judge it is impossible. How many time happened, that to the patient remove the cardiogramme. All like more or less. And the patient leaves an office and... Dies there and then on a ladder of heart attack!

Therefore the author of treatment of an allergy method Buteyko did not trust even twelve electrocardiograms which have been mounted on its wonderful combine. At each blow of heart we hardly considerably shudder. Three special balistocardiograph wrote down speed and acceleration of displacement of a body in three mutually perpendicular directions. And the displacement size makes thousand shares of millimetre! For one hour the combine did one thousand records...

Here what equipment in the far sixtieth twentieth century was placed by Konstantin Pavlovich Butejko in the service health of the person!! And how its these most человеки have thanked? They have broken this precious combine with envy into pieces... Strange people these scientists. Numerous Игорькам and then and later it was required and treatment of an allergy by method Бутейко will be required. And they took and have destroyed the precious device... And among the same scientists there are the people similar, for example, to Dutch doctor Ezhenu Dubo. Since the youngest years it burnt with the desire to find traces of the most ancient person. On this business the whole expeditions were released, but find could nothing. All huge energy, all forces, time and Dubo's health has given to these searches. And its works have crowned success!

In 1891-1893year he has made excavation on the bank of the river Solo near settlement Trinil. It is easy to tell - has made excavation and... Has won. Yes how many it before years мытарился on the most thrown islands of our planet, how many the earth has for nothing shovelled! Yes from one nerves on this business no wonder to earn necessity of treatment of an allergy method Бутейко, or any other method occurring in those days in medicine... And this time Ezhen Dubo has thrown out on a surface from a deep hole not one shovel of the earth. Workers dug, of course. They, of course, did not know method Buteyko

But often impatient researcher and itself caught at a shovel. Depth became already enough considerable when suddenly the shovel has obviously touched something in any way similar for the next portion of the earth... Эжен even has sweated for excitement. At first from under clay sand a teeth has seemed... It would Seem well such, teeth any there! Whether few these teeth on a planet decays in the earth. But... After a teeth отрыли a cranial cover and a femur amazing beings. On a femur structure it was visible, that this being went on two feet, and the bone did not differ almost from the human! But the cranial cover was absolutely special structure. It was less, than at modern people. But it is much more, than at the largest monkey, for example at a gorilla...

Yes. Ejen Diubua was not engaged by allergy treatment on method Buteyko! And, nevertheless, both these scientists makes related passion to the business. Huge burning passion! It is so much earth on light to dig over! A life - unique to this business to devote!! But to find remains of the primitive person!

At a cranial cover of it of a being was, for example, acting надглазничный the platen and the forehead very strongly thrown back back passing in very flat cinciput. The brain which should be located in this skull, had volume about 850 cubic centimetres. It is less brain of the modern person. But on third there is more than brain of a gorilla!

There are diligence of the doctor were not vain! This being means combined in itself signs of the person ( streit going) with signs large monkey. Besides it had a brain which was more monkeys and less brain of the person. Dubo named the being opened by it the obezjano-person. On it is Greek the pithecanthropus. Development of the person begins with the pithecanthropus. Yes, is among medical brotherhood and such people. And is, it appears, and that anywhere, dug nothing. On far islands any there... Hands with the earth did not spoil. And took here готовенький, a unique combine - which helped treatment of an allergy by method Buteyko, broken it on separate parts. As pithecanthropi!

Actually it needed only treatment of an allergy by method Buteyko. But as the destiny yet has not reduced it with this movement mum Igorka read about an allergy in general... She has learnt, that the term allergen, designates the substance, capable to cause allergic reaction. In 1905 Russian патофизиолого G.P.Saharov and English pediatrist Smith have described the phenomenon анафилаксии at porpoises. The assumption was come out, that a hay fever and анафилаксия have the same nature of occurrence.

About it Volf Ejzner wrote to Germany in 1873, and a little bit later Charls Harrison to England. Since then there has passed a lot of time.

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запись на обучение методу Бутейко
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