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Destinies of allergy patients

Keep Igor!
(Destiny the first)

Chapter №1: I beg you - help!!

The letter began with these words from Buelorussia from mum 9 years boy Igor Dybalja. Mum of the sufferer called Nina Fedorovna. Also there were to her from of birth only 32 years. Whether it was thought once to this unfortunate woman, whether it was guessed, that the child whom they with the husband so passionately wished, will be born for awful sufferings on a this world!... Necessity of treatment of the allergy by method Buteyko to it then and in a dreadful dream could not come in dream. An allergy! Many, many children soon enough get acquainted with this awful word. But acquaintance to acquaintance is different.

At one baby it is only small pots on a body in three years. Another, you look, in five years suddenly to be scratched begins, as berries from the market attempts. The third years to ten already house household dust on spirit does not transfer. On - to a miscellaneous at children (and at adults) happens. Differently people from a trouble allergy suffer. But at Igor all was much more terrible. Literally since seven months the child began to test an intolerable itch. Year from a year this wild allergy increased. And eventually all body from расчесов has become covered by exuding crusts.

Nina Fedorovna had very good husband. Another probably has thrown for a long time both unfortunate mum and such sick son. No! Anatoly together with the wife, having compressed a teeth, struggled for rescue of the child. That only they not attempted! At what only allergists have not visited... But disposal of illness was not. To pass treatment of the allergy by method Buteyko it actually anybody even did not advise

Igor grew up. To him put various tests. On pollen of that grass, on pollen of this... Did tests for food allergens. It was found out, what even the boy cannot transfer beer honey. And after all such happens only at two-three children from hundred! And Igor nevertheless has got to this a three. The study which has begun in due course at school brought to Nina Fedorovna only superfluous sufferings. It is necessary to go to school regularly... Here you will not wait, when this or that grass отцветет will dead. And a smell of gasoline from passing on road an infinite stream of cars!

About if these notorious motorists knew, that they not only poison surrounding atmosphere, but also poison and badly transferring a smell of gasoline of people. That allergy treatment on method Buteyko treatment of the allergy by method Buteyko then is required to these people... No! It careless motorists do not wish to know anything rushing with music in salons. Though after all such time when their children begin heavy and painfully to be scratched at night, from the atmosphere spoilt by their exhaust gases will come soon!!

The life of mother of the sick child all became more difficult. Nights have turned to a continuous nightmare both for Nina Fedorovna and for Igor. Nina already began to forget, when she easy slept night in bed with the husband...

The room of the unfortunate small sufferer became her room for the night now! Many mums, of course, occasionally have sleepless nights near bed of the ill kiddies. But it is all for a short while.

Well week the child will be ill. A maximum two! Nina Fedorovna spent the night at bed of the son months... Tteatment of the allergy by method Buteyko, know about it during the necessary moment mum Igor, would facilitate its cares. But she knew nothing about it.

Allergists appointed that one medicine another, however the boy all have been covered by exuding crusts! Also it was necessary not simply after all to have a sleep in its room. It was necessary to listen to its groans and to try though somehow to reduce pains the sympathy and arrangements.

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запись на обучение методу Бутейко
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