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Part the second chapters of the fourth: Preventive maintenance on the contrary

Rabbit, for example, will not cause anafilaksia a shock. Its second introduction will lead to a shock under condition of primary injection whey of a rabbit. Subsequently it has appeared, that anafilacsia the shock can be reproduced not only at porpoises, but also at animals.

It was found out also, that anafilaksija - it not simply interesting consequences of specially put experiment. This frequent and unpleasant complication in clinics. At the person at repeated introduction to it of alien whey too can develop анафилактический a shock with a deadly outcome. And after all introduction of whey - the important medical procedure. At wounds necessarily enter противостолбнячную whey. And, if it is necessary, and противогангренозную... At a diphtheria enter untidiphtheria whey.

And almost always this whey prepares, immunizing corresponding toxins of horses. If the shock does not come, and it is easy for avoiding, entering a preparation fractionally. Small doses long complication in some cases develops. So-called serum illness with a fever, the vascular frustration, itching skin rashes.

So treatment of the allrgy y method Buteyko would relieve people of many problems... These are all there was a story about Teobalda Smith's experiences which have been published in 1904. And one year later in magazine "the Russian doctor." Supervision Saharov which too has described serum anafilaxia at porpoises have been published. He spent the experiences when yet did not know about sea anemones Рише and about saved свинках Teobalda Smith. A year later there was very detailed research of this phenomenon. It has spent Отто. Pupil Ehrlich. Отто already knew about supervision of the predecessors. Interest to анафилаксии has increased. It became clear, that it иммунологическая reaction. That it is one of the parties of the second person of immunity. That immunity can be not only the friend, but also the enemy. There was a series of the works showing danger of repeated introduction of not microbic fibers.

Antibodies of class Е

Ten years on end Sergey Vasilejsky left Moscow during a time of "flowering" of a poplar. Left on the south where the poplar already faded. Or on the north where it did not blossom yet. And this year has not left. And anything bad does not happen. It not only has not got to hospital as once, but did not sneeze at all. Allergy treatment though also not method Buteyko, has helped it.

The matter is that Vasilejsky – is allergia patient. From 16 years he was tormented by asthma attacks, severe cough and warm frustration in the beginning of summer. All it happened among full well-being that in the middle of June, in the beginning of July. Within several days illness accrued. It got to hospital. It pumped up chloride calcium, a Dimedrol and any other means against an allergy. Weeks through two illness passed, that in the beginning of next summer to begin again. He was afraid of approach of summer. Thought, that illness comes together with heat. Yet has not noticed, that it begins always that day when in air there is a poplar down. There passes illness when the down ceases to be rolled on streets.

The poplar down irritates many. It jams in apartments, climbs in eyes. Prevents to breathe. In droughty years because of this down there are fires. Many grumble: "What for only these trees put in cities". And Vasilejsky it would be desirable them to cut down. But it is impossible. When Nina Fedorovna read about poplar down and about that Vasilejsky it would be desirable a poplar to cut down in a city she understood the patient. Having seen enough of sufferings Игорька, it too much that has cut down... Allergy treatment after all can be spent on method Buteyko, and it is possible and on a method of liquidation of the allergen. But Nina Fedorovna as dream to cut down all bushes амброзии inhabitants of Krasnodar territory would know!

These bushes (in the form of diversion...), speak, wars with Germans have been thrown to Krasnodar territory by one foreign power right after... To Dream to cut down these bushes ambrosia inhabitants of Krasnodar territory, of course, dream. But... After war has passed sixty years, and bushes ambrosia and were not translated on Kuban. How many people suffer in August and September from pollen of this not striking by sight, a greenish grass. Who could think, that here so - green grass any there it is possible systematically, from year to year to undermine health of the population of the whole edge! The authorities try to struggle, of course, with domination of this grass. But it all grows and grows... And practically every second newborn in these solar southern edges becomes allergic since the childhood! Children suffer, adults suffer. And whence it only undertook this strange grass? After all there were on Kuban times when it at all was not.

Therefore Nina Fedorovna perfectly understood this patient. No, she did not suffer in Krasnodar territory from ambrosia! But there lived his acquaintances who simply did not know from August, 1st till September, 20th where with it to disappear from this ambrosia allergies. Far not all patients after all know about possibility of treatment of the allergy by method Buteyko.

But it is necessary to tell fairly, what even so powerful method completely cover the person from амброзии cannot. It will give simplification of percent on sixty... It very much and is a lot of, for those who knows, that such ambrosia tortures.

But nevertheless it not absolute disposal of sufferings. Absolute disposal gives only full leaving from terrible allergen for you. That departure in edges where is not present ambrosia.

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запись на обучение методу Бутейко
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