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Part the third chapters of the third: For what to it it?

And this horse preliminary immunize against diphtheritic toxin. Whey, thus, contains substances, neutralised diphtheritic poison. But for the person it is alien. This circumstance has served as the reason of the complication which have arisen at our patient. Similar painful reaction of an organism to the entered whey concerns the allergy phenomena. At сывороточной illnesses alien fiber for an organism causes a hypersensibility condition. As under its action in a human body specific substances of the albuminous nature - of an antibody are formed. Treatment of the allergy by method Buteyko does not give such consequences.

This place in the brochure on an allergy seemed to Nina Fedorovne especially interesting. As - in any way and treatment of an allergy by method Buteyko at it Igor yet has not begun. Interestingly while was to learn and about these antibodies...

Further she has read, that different allergens cause formation of antibodies of various type. But for them one essential property is characteristic: ability to incorporate to that allergen which caused their formation. And this reaction is strictly specific. That corresponds always to the same allergen.

Allergens in the nature, it appears, very much. Nina Fedorovna has read that one of them are found out rather easily. And others it is much more difficult.

It is always quite good to patient to get a minimum of data on an allergy and allergic diseases. It can help and to him, and to the doctor - to the allergist by common efforts to find an aetiology and to liquidate it. It appears, that many patients spend a lot of time for struggle with чиханием, an itch, слезотечением, экзематозным irritation of a skin etc. And unfortunately do not guess, that the reason of these unpleasant symptoms is often covered in the house things surrounding them daily. The wool of a cat or an ivy branch can be allergen. Method Buteyko is often unknown to this patients.

Having read these lines, Nina Fedorovna even has shuddered. How much difficultly to spend allergy treatment (about method Buteyko she more plainly did not hear), if both the wool of a cat and an ivy branch can cause it!. It appears, that in someone an allergy can cause both green fennel, and spinach, and an aspirin tablet. In the book it was explained, that all is so-called potentially allergenic substances. One of them can cause an attack of a hay fever, or поллиноза (from an English word "pollen" - pollen of plants). Others can cause крапивницу. The third provoke an attack of the sharpest cold. If to try to make the list of all allergens known now and to plus to them potentially allergenic substances the weighty volume will turn out.

Mum Igorka, heavy suffering from the ulcers caused by an allergy on all body, has decided to stop in this place. And again to return to sources. How all the first researches on an allergy began? Who stood at sources. On eyes article telling about pioneers of this science has got to it. It has appeared, that else in 1902 the French traveller and the scientist, the chemist and the pharmacologist, and in general widely formed person on surname Рише has equipped small expedition across Mediterranean sea. The purpose of expedition it put attempt to find new poisons unknown to pharmacology with which it would be possible to allocate from simple sea animals. Treatment of the allergy by method Buteyko in the plan did not stand …

Nina Fedorovna has taken a great interest in this article. Treatment of an allergy by method Buteyko it just should pass in the near future. It was the prospect. It now studied roots of this illness.

On a yacht has been organised vivariy with various laboratory animals. There were also dogs. The samples of sponges caught from the sea, molluscs and others were crushed. From them экстрагировали soluble substances in water also entered in different doses an animal. Searched for strong poisons.

And the turn has reached sea anemones. They are small animals, bright, as flowers. The water extract containing fibers of anemones, has been entered into blood to dogs.

Profilaksis "in a translation from Greek means" for protection ". (For protection would be better to be engaged in treatment of an allergy by means of method Buteyko...). If to add other Greek prefix"ана"other word - anafilaksia will turn out absolutely. This prefix changes sense of a word for return.... For example, the anachronism means wrong, return representation about time.

Nina Fedorovna so has taken a great interest, what even for some time has forgotten, that to it not the history, and treatment of an allergy, as a matter of fact, is required.

And we would add - treatment of the allergy by method Buteyko. But Nina Fedorovna with interest read, that, for example, the word anarchism - means something opposite to an order. Then it turns out, that the word "anafilaksia" makes sense, opposite to preventive maintenance. That is – untu-garding. Not stability increase, and susceptibility development... Hypersensibility Occurrence to what or! Here introduction in an organism оспенной vaccines - is preventive maintenance. Because creates immunity, immunity to a smallpox. That is provides smallpox preventive maintenance. But, as scientist Rishe has shown, happens so, that introduction of alien agents does not protect, and creates a hypersensibility to them. Generates anafilaksia...

Teobald Smith did not know about supervision Rishe and has opened anafilaxia anew. It has even more brightly illustrated, that immunity not always the friend. It can sometimes cause death. There was it in 1904. Smith defined antitoxic force horse untidefteria whey. For this purpose horse whey needed to be entered intravenously to porpoises. Experiences needed many these completely not cheap animals.

And the experimenter has wanted to save... It has been decided to use sea pigs which for some weeks before already entered horse whey. Saved pigs looked absolutely healthy. Yes so it also was actually. Detailed clinical inspection would not reveal any deviations from norm. Therefore Smith took a syringe and has confidently entered to one of animals investigated whey. Has not passed also minutes as pig has expressed unusual anxiety... She began to run on a cage, учащенно to breathe, sit down on back pads, and lobbies to scratch a nose, as though trying to be released from something stirring to breath. Actually свинке allergy treatment already was required. But then about it still anybody also did not know. As did not know and about method Buteyko... To pig obviously there was no air. Half-minute later have begun sneezing. Then sharp, barking cough. The animal choked. In 2-3 minutes there has come death.

In what business? Can be at an injection in a vein air, a vial which has corked any important vessel of a brain has got? The experimenter took the second pig, third... The picture repeated. There came a shock. When it took fresh, not saved pig, not receiving before the horse whey, any adverse consequences the injection has not caused. Nina Fedorovna, reading these lines as if itself has felt on a place of the pioneer. It turned out that the previous injection has made animals supersensitive to the subsequent introduction of the same whey! The same...

This phenomenon, as well as development of antibodies, differs especial specificity. Primary introduction of alien whey immunize in the special way. Unlike reaction to microbes the organism develops not stability to repeated introduction, and a hypersensibility!! The hypersensibility condition has received the name анафилаксии. There is it from words-ana-against and филаксис protection. Allergy treatment goes from the return.

There is an allergy treatment began with studying of this most protivozashchity -thought Nina Fedorovna. Before treatment of an allergy by method Buteyko she is yet cunning. And here before initial experiences of the scientists who have opened the phenomenon of an allergy, to it to reach has had the luck. Now she knew, that the death which has come at displays described above, name анафилактическим a shock. Pay attention: any microbes, any poisons. Anything harmful! Simply repeated introduction of alien whey... And death!! But only the same whey. If first time entered horse and in second time should be horse.

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