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How struggle in the south with an allergy?
(Article continuation "Allergic paradise")

I all time thought, how it is bad, that in such allergic region in polyclinics there are no offices on method Buteyko. After all one business when the private methodologist who at all desire cannot accept many the sick is engaged in allergy treatment. And it is perfect on other basis allergy treatment if patients, coming to the state polyclinic, could visit among other offices and offices where they would be accepted by experts in method buteyko would be put. It would be, of course, good. But while such kind of treatment of the allergy remains only unrealizable dream. Too method Buteyko stirs that who receives the big money for sale of expensive tablets. And there, where the big money is got mixed up, no arguments of reason will help. Money speaks all for themselves. And to argue against their arguments who has not enough this money, business practically unpromising...

In that small provincial small town where I could live in the south, me even named one local doctor which ostensibly went in due time to Novosibirsk, There she studied in method Buteyko. Has treated an own asthma. And after began to treat patients in this southern small town on method Buteyko... It would Seem where as well! In edge where allergy treatment on method Buteyko is required literally continually, at last began to train patients in method Buteyko in a usual city polyclinic. I just above wrote, as though it was good for those who wishes to receive reliable treatment of an allergy with the help безлекарственного method Buteyko.

I the first would welcome such treatment of an allergy. But, alas, about this woman of the-doctor new patients spoke only in last time and almost half-whisper. Spoke so "She was has tried to train in method Buteyko in a polyclinic. But from loading at she her own illness began to come back. And she has ceased to conduct these employment." Did not leave here as a result of any treatment of the allergy method Buteyko...

There was no allergy treatment on method Buteyko even in one polyclinic of small southern small town. Did not leave, and it is very a pity! Attempts of the given doctor could be welcomed from the bottom of the heart only. Allergy treatment has not taken place. But to understand the physician to whom after a concentrated study with many patients its own illness began to come back, it is quite possible. After all nobody has allowed to this woman - to the physician to be engaged in walls federal a medical institution only in treatment of patients on method Buteyko with preservation of the normal working day. No! What here treatment of an asthma, what here allergy treatment on method Бутейко in working hours in a state institution. Asthma treatment, allergy treatment on method Buteyko-please! But only after the basic work!! After. In bo-olshuju, so to say, loading... Well and big (over the working day) loadings this, still yesterday on terrible the ill doctor, could not sustain. On as corresponding calculation has been made...

Method Buteyko could rescue many people who require now allergy treatment in fertile and warm southern to edge! Many sufferers could facilitate the sufferings essentially. I at all do not speak here about full treatment of the allergy method Buteyko. I speak about сущесвенном simplification of sufferings of those poor fellows who here is tightly adhered today to tablets and pricks... Treatment of an allergy by means of pricks leads up them to all new and new kinds of an allergy. Already the medicinal! Whether it is necessary for them? Yes in no event!! Would help to facilitate method treatment of the allergy method Buteyko without any medicines their sufferings? Certainly would help!!! So in what has put? Why in allergic paradise this method (as well as everywhere) in a shelter and in stagnation? Unless allergy treatment is not here a problem №1

No, allergy treatment in this region is a problem №1! But..., that method Buteyko was is taken here everywhere on arms, it is necessary, that it was is taken on arms at least across all Russia. Otherwise people will be simply afraid to spend treatment of an allergy by method Buteyko... It after all too in a head the question first of all will come - and why it is so remarkable method is not known almost to the ill people? Why! If it so is good. If asthma treatment passes on method Buteyko without any tablets and pricks... Why then the people giving a Hippocratic Oath, do not hasten to do much good sick of this remarkable method? For the ordinary patient after all the medicine history is badly known. If they well knew it, then it it would become clear, that a situation with allergy treatment in the big medicine at all any exception.

Konstantin Pavlovich in this occasion repeated, that each of diseases of a civilisation which is facilitated or is completely eliminated by means of method Buteyko for today demands till FIFTY years from present physicians that they recognised it as the come true fact. Allergy treatment here not an exception. We that the medical semi-official organ recognised allergy treatment behind method Buteyko want, - means should wait a half of a century... And there is at the patients requiring treatment of an allergy, so long term? Yes is not present, certainly! But them, clear business, nobody asks. If that who decides to enter or not to enter everywhere training to method Buteyko of all requiring allergy treatment, had been conducted torments of those who is torn apart from within by a smell амброзии... And it after all in August does not spare anybody. I saw, how the mayor of a large southern city did not take away a scarf from the nose in August. He suffered mercilessly! Allergy treatment required not less the other. But also its powers did not suffice to order to physicians!

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