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The method Buteyko - a miraculous salvation from any allergy. And its treatment.

Why method Buteyko rescues from any allergy? Why not it is necessary to search for what - that concretely your allergen ? Since the carbonic acid washes out according to theories of the academician Konstantina Pavlovicha Buteyko deep breathing excessive from your organism. Consequently carbonic acids in organism becomes necessary rate less. And, what speaks Konstantin Pavlovich, " Organism is alkaline. The Alkali in he becomes more, than it is necessary. (the treatment to allergies by method Buteyko gives the inverse effect) But such shift of the ambience of the organism in alkaline side brings about:

but) to change to activities ferment, vitamin. That is to say one ferments and vitamins intensify its activity, beside other she is on the contrary slowed. And this in turn inevitably leads to:
b) to breach metabolism (!) - a bases to lifes. That - there is, ferments ( but them openly already more than 700) and vitamins (their known already more than 20) - all these regulators metabolism begin abnormally to work. It Is Broken metabolism!! The Base to our lifes is broken. And beside such sick ( beside deeply breathing) ) breach metabolism perverts natural immun to reactions and transforms them in allergic reactions!! That - there is transforms them in inadequate return reactions on external irrotants. This is an abnormal reactions. Beside such deeply breathing sick appear such allergic reactions, as: зуды, skin hives, eczemas, chronic head cold, same asthma and others..." Treatment to allergies by method Buteyko greatly corrects this pathology

Shall Immediately provide in acknowledgement alive demonstrative example from my big practical persons methodist Buteyko. Their ( these example) much. But I like to take the examples from the end eigtieth years 20 go age. Then in Novosibirsk academtown in our Centre " Breathing on Buteyko" methodists created the persisting miracle. I too was a methodist given centre, but subsequently even occupied the job title zam. director on propaganda. Why then all very sound was got? Yes since this was a most first days, when method Buteyko has released from subfield! The Energy and enthusiasm beside us - an employee of the Centre, were an unusual. It Was Made simply magic what - that. The treatment to allergies by method Buteyko went incredible

It is made, naturally, and presently. But no that enthusiasm. We all have seen, what has met us in bayonets orthodox west таблеточно - скальпельная medicine. She has met us, as enemy. She it is necessary to prescribe and sell the tablets, but method K.P. Buteyko -medicinalless... So treatment of the asthma by method Buteyko undesirable im.

The Ithaca, here you are alive demonstrative example. Time of the action - summer 1988. The Locale - a Centre "Breathing on Buteyko" in Novosibirsk Akademgorodke. Pyatnadcatiletnyaya Tanya Nikiforova from Komsomol on Amur. Zabolela in three годика... The Terrible word - нейродермит вкралось in their comfortable calm house! The Constant pain and scabies nigh only before shelters pursued her daytime and in the night method Buteyko does not give such bad..

- Wait before seed of the years. Since time will pass... - gratifying has said the curing physician. However did not pass. The body combed On night Tanya already before blood sheets. The Hands and legs were covered by crust. Did Not stop the streaks fester. Where her(its) only did not carry descended from mountain with wit of the parents. And on cleaning keys. Bathed in Anenskih water on Amur. Went in exude on Black more., in Bulgaria.
- Now already will not pass... - with sadness has declared earlier saing that their physician. And really - did not pass. Dosamyh fifteen years девочке happened to to sew the charge with long sleeve only... Go on dance? About this already not even it was dreamt. Although night although one only night peacefully to sleep!

The Mother with father, be seeing on sheets in bruise, undertook the frantic efforts. About treatment of the allergies by method Buteyko not has immediately heard Heard that in CHegdomyne - in korean hospital cures by prics. Have Went there. Koreycy have shown the maximum a skill. Eight once (!!) took they in their own wall wretch girl. Have Begun with five pricks. Afterwards went azh before twelve and fourteen pricks! Resorted to phlebotomy. The Scarlet Tannin blood filled the substituted баночки. But disease has not retreated!! Have Gone to Chita on lake by Macaw. And once again bezrezulitatno.! On morning, either as previously, mother wiped for дочерью horrible blood to sheets.

Long agonized Tanya on this for it turned out to be nowhere near not beautiful white light. Agonized the mother, father - native and close. They did not know about treatment of the allergies by method Buteyko But after all not so uzh and far from them ( anyway much closer Bulgaria) already not one year treated for нейродермита candidate of the medical sciences ( later academician to international academy of the informatics) Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko. Cured without needles, without phlebotomies. But did not be aware of this neither itself sick, nor her(its) parents. Did Not know all these terribly lived, the most nerve-racking years.

Only ox of the event ( but as often he comes too late) by remote echo, through the outside parties цуте before them more vague and dim rumours about siberian scientist. treatment to allergies by method Buteyko gave the hope Dared to go ( the choice - that don't care no was not). All, who saw Tatiyanu falling into receiving cabinet of the Centre "Breathing" in Novosibirsk Akademgorodke, were most certainly remembered her eye. In them seamingly for ever heaveses sulfuric ишп sadness and great suffering. The Red gown in white polka dots closed her fine hands before most fingers. Fifteenth summer in its life Tanya met in heavy suffering... The method Buteyko was to help her

- Tanya for the first time has here been able to sleep in the night! For the first time!! - A Mother of the girl in emotion has compressed the back confronted by her stula. - Disappeared these red bands on her(its) sheet on morning. Nearly сошла with skins hard crust! - Valentina Filippovna has closed the eye by hand... - And so much for for what - that fortnight of the education to normal quite intelligent breathing! But after all we twelve years, integer twelve years agonized!!! And else unknown how much suffered if not event... More, dear readers, on my nothing add and does not follow. Having VWVtake in yes will hea! The treatment to allergies by method Buteyko gave the health to her .
Sergey Altuhov

On the Internet a page devoted to the allergy, probably, one of the most visited.Treatment of the allergy by method Buteyko - these four magic words conduct on this page of hundred patients. A forum concerning an allergy too similar one of the most demanded. Who there only does not write... Allergy Treatment for today is, seemingly, put at us far not up to the mark. On a forum write hundreds people. It daily gives hundreds answers and consultations. And the quantity of patients, alas, does not decrease at all... Each new day allergy treatment becomes a pressing need for many and many people on globe. The allergy can be imagined for today visually, as huge concentration camp.

The big long wooden barracks. All territory where searching treatments of an allergy patients are located, is fitted by a barbed wire. On tower corners. On them sentries with automatic machines. And in the foreground the big entrance gate. And in these gate since morning till the late evening all is involved and involved a long, never-ending stream all new and new prisoners. They go dejected, having hung a head on a breast. The inescapable grief for a long time has already lodged in their eyes. At someone on hands traces of the strongest экземы, at someone слезятся eyes are appreciable. At others all person is covered by bad points. People are scratched, eyes rub, sneeze. Allergy treatment where here it is spent allergy treatment?, - this mute question is written by large letters on the person of each sufferer. Method Buteyko could rescue these unfortunate … But they know nothing about treatment of the allergies by method Buteyko

People search the answer to very burning question. And, in essence, get to a concentration camp. That to them only do not advise! You need allergy treatment? Have a drink here this medicine. Take here this preparation. Ah, at you passes nothing... Descend It on consultation to the expert! Hand over such and such, and still here such analysis. Both has gone, and has gone! The person is involved in circulation of infinite consultations. Hands over one analysis behind another. And treatment of the allergy does not give desirable results... What, tell, in that case to do to the patient? Where to it, the poor fellow to move? Where to search for this most original treatment of an allergy? Only in method Buteyko!

With what only questions people on an allergic forum do not address. The daddy has bought the to 9 years daughter a cat. The cat is pleasant to the girl. She is ready to play hours with an animal. But here the trouble of daughters right after this daddy's gift has appeared the allergy. It began to be scratched, sneeze. There was a requirement of treatment of the allergy by method Buteyko at the child. It is a pity to throw out a cat. The girl to it has become attached. But also to leave a situation not resolved in any way it is impossible. The daddy writes on an allergic forum, asks to help. One adviser advises to it to lead a daughter on inspection in polyclinic, to be tested on that, and that.

Directly I write to the father (me too have asked to participate in consultation), that considerably to relieve the girl of lifelong treatment of an allergy, it should restore the broken metabolism! It at it is broken from its deep breath!! The girl should have minute volume of breath of no more 3-litre jar. And it for a minute надыхивает the whole bucket... The metabolism Breaks. Immunity weakens. And имунные reactions at the child turn to the allergic! There is a necessity of treatment of an allergy... It is necessary to study method Buteyko. To normalise deep breath of the child. And treatment of the allergy by method Buteyko will make all for doctors … Unfortunately, exactly any reaction at the father on mine

Unfortunately, exactly any reaction at the father on my offer has not followed. Hence treatment of the allergy at his daughter will go on usual to the scenario. The girl will drag on polyclinics. Will take at her infinite samples on the analysis. A kitty, clear business, anybody from the house will not expel. And the medicamentous captivity will be provided to the child for long years... Treatment of the allergy by method Buteyko could destroy this captivity …

Or here still is an example of consultation from an allergic forum. The young woman addresses for consultation from Moscow. All at her like during lives would go while well. Also she is young, and of forces she is full, and lives in capital. But here the problem of necessity of treatment of the allergy has loomed before it... She in the Moscow shop Has bought recently smart cosmetics. And to her very much goes, and girlfriends extol cosmetics. Yes only it is necessary to the woman to update slightly ink of an eyelash and in general something else on the person that cosmetics to cover or to powder, as at it the terrible allergy at once begins! What to do? The cosmetics very much is pleasant to the Muscovite. To look attractive, final, it would be desirable. And about treatment of the allergy by method Buteyko she even did not hear anything!

But it is necessary to put on the face favourite cosmetics... And here - here it on a threshold - a problem of treatment of the allergy! The expert from a forum has besides advised to the poor creature to be checked up in a polyclinic. Whether is it possible for this woman to use this cosmetics... And I have given again radical advice- to study method Buteyko and to be smeared then with any ink. It would Seem, as it is convenient! The woman spends absolutely small time for respiratory trainings and can freely direct beauty on the person. Treatment of allergy to you any more it is not required. Live to herself and rejoice. An is not present! Treatment of the allergy by method Buteyko is obvious to it not to taste …

But it is necessary to put on the face favourite cosmetics... And here - here it on a threshold - a problem of treatment of the allergy! The expert from a forum has besides advised to the poor creature to be checked up in a polyclinic. Whether is it possible for this woman to use this cosmetics... And I have given again radical advice- to study meth and to be smearedod Buteyko then with any ink. It would Seem, as it is convenient! The woman spends absolutely small time for respiratory trainings and can freely direct beauty on the person. Treatment allergy to you any more it is not required. Live to herself and rejoice. An is not present! Treatment of the allergy by method Buteyko is obvious to it not to taste …

Does not wish young, capital yes beautiful to burden even ten-minutes trainings of the deep breath. Treatment of the allergy by method Buteyko is not comfortable for it. Well laziness to her, and all affairs! Laziness... And here to stand turns to experts who will be long and to define difficultly what nevertheless the cosmetics approaches to her, here on it will powers suffice. And money it is not a pity... Will define, that any time is possible - she will be spread. Then her deep breath and this cosmetics will reject. Allergy treatment Is required. The woman will undergo treatment, will undergo treatment and behind new cosmetics in shop will run. All are occupied, all at business. Patients are ill, doctors are engaged in allergy treatment. Well unless it is bad? Miraculously, as well!

Or here still a sample of the relation to the health from young (27 years) the guy, besides with the Moscow residence permit. He has addressed concerning allergy treatment on a forum under following circumstances. Quite often in the life Vladimir ate oranges. They it liked their taste. Method Buteyko oranges at Volodya did not cause till now any necessity of treatment of the allergy. But business was, as it has appeared, that it ate them in a small amount! On one - two orange at one go. But here recently it had to visit on birthday at one good acquaintance. Oranges there on a table was much. And Володя, suddenly, it is imperceptible for itself, has exceeded his usual a dose.

Or here still a sample of the relation to the health from young (27 summer) the guy, besides with the Moscow residence permit. He has addressed concerning allergy treatment on a forum under following circumstances. Quite often in the life Vladimir ate oranges. They it liked their taste. Method Buteyko oranges at Volodya did not cause till now any necessity of treatment of allergy. But business was, as it has appeared, that it ate them in a small amount! On one - two orange at one go. But here recently it had to visit on birthday at one good acquaintance. Oranges there on a table was much. And Volodya, suddenly, it is imperceptible for itself, has exceeded своюбычную a dose. This time he has eaten four or five oranges. Here also has begun... Allergy treatment was required immediately! Володе it was bad

Infringement of kislotno-alkaline balance in an organism has caused immunity breakage. And here the person already requires allergy treatment. But even more it requires normalisation of the deep breath by method Buteyko... Also what you think? 27 summer Vladimir has listened to council skilled 54 summer methodologists? Even has not thought. It will not be better now in general oranges is, but to be engaged in the breath still does not gather... As you think, who is guilty in that. What does Vladimir still have requirement for treatment of allergy? Doctors? Completely not necessarily. They, of course, too should is better know possibilities medicamentousless methods and is more active than them offer patients.

But the main originator of the illness in this case turns out first of all all Vladimir! After all to it have written about method Бутейко. To it have explained on what site it is possible to receive any particulars about a method. But it, whether see, it has not interested. As a result illness passes from a sharp stage in the chronic. Such patient will grumble all life then, that supposedly physicians do not spend to it due treatment of an allergy. One physicians are guilty, and it not and. It the sufferer, know to itself it is scratched from an allergy and medicine abuses. A pleasant and convenient position. She avoids treatment of the allergy by method Buteyko.

Those, say, who should answer for my health, badly consult with the official duties. They-bad people. Allergy treatment in any way cannot master. And it,Volodya , it good. He likes to eat oranges. And here to work on own health he does not love. Same not its problem. It start up doctors work... Certainly it is clear, that at such approach to own health the person will be long registered in the category of chronic patients. The requirement for treatment of an allergy to it for years is provided. I have resulted here only three examples of questions on allergy treatment with which people address on an allergic forum and which I had to answer also.

But even for some days, that I tried to advise similar patients, such consultations to me it was necessary to spend about fifteen - twenty. Exact figure already also I will not remember. All my twenty answers to people remained without any response from their party! They did not want оздоравливать themselves without tablets. They wished to receive treatment of an allergy by means of medicines which will cause subsequently in them necessity of new treatment of an allergy which will be caused already by these medicines. Such state of affairs at all did not suit me. Therefore I have refused the further participation in education of people which obviously do not wish that them educated. It to master treatment of the allergy by method Buteyko the reluctance.

Thus even the passing on position of the patients searching for treatments of an allergy, shows, that in many troubles they are guilty first of all. An allergy, certainly, a huge trouble of modern mankind! People whom millions suffer from this disease! Allergy treatment frequently is required to children. And unfortunate at times simply it is impossible to look at these without mental anguish. With the health adult patients who are lazy badly arrive to undertake even small own efforts for an exit from deadlock and all dump on poisonous chemical tablets. But that to adults becomes sometimes known to these - about method Бутейко and they understand, that if do not use it it is their personal will... And what small children should understand?

They - about method Buteyko in general can learn that only from similar careless adults! The opinion on the best way of treatment of a hypertension they - these children-make cannot yet. They depend on opinion of parents. And those. Having been too lazy, doom to sufferings and children. Due treatment of an allergy does not occur...

And after all this situation proceeds and proceeds. It is simply terrible to look at mummies whom it is obedient stand in a queue in a drugstore. They buy medicines literally bags! From the same allergy. Also buy them for small children!

Here a small example. Well dressed yang the woman orders in a window in a drugstore at once thirty six disposable prics. Thirty six! There and then types novocain, euphylline, still any rubbish... I Ask - to whom it is going to prick all it? Answers, that, basically, purchases are intended for its nine-year son. Doctors have found at it allergic disease a-asthma... Now she by their councils will be engaged in treatment of an allergy by means of these uncountable prics. At such answer simply the horror covers me.

About treatment of the allergy by method Buteyko she also did not hear. Whether I ask the woman-knows about method Buteyko. Answers, that somewhere, something edge of an ear like would hear. Something connected with breath, but plainly she does not know. Mummy about method Бутейко plainly does not know. Its bag is full syringes and euphilin. The child will receive treatment of the allergy through a pain and tears. Yes if it was original treatment of an allergy! And that after all so-one mockery. I am occurred at once by thought-what for 50 years K.P.Butejko a forehead about a wall of human denseness fought?! What for as days worked in the laboratory of functional diagnostics? What for on the most complicated devices proved, what the asthma is treated by reduction of deep breath of the patient to norm? Without any medicines! Why now this young, well dressed, an intelligent kind the woman drags to the baby thirty six prics for treatment of an allergy in the form of an asthma? Why?! Why someone should punch fifty years by a life medicamentousless a method of treatment of an allergy, rescuing children, and mums of these children will not find time to learn at all more about this miracle method?

I very long time lived in the north. In southern edge has got over only three years ago. As it attracts the warm sun and green palm trees! But it is not enough, oh as very few people from again coming here knows, that every second newborn child here requires treatment of the allergy by method Buteyko ... Every second baby requires blest edge in allergy treatment!! About it do not write in bright fair brochures. Come, bathe, sunbathe. Gain strength. And beauty here it is valid much. But here, when comes on first of August... Here, unfortunately, for those who dreams to be based in paradise longer, tests begin. I already resulted examples requiring treatment of an allergy of Muscovites which write on an allergic forum concerning an itch from-for unduly eaten an orange. I it, clear business, from the bottom of the heart sympathise. Treatment of an allergy it, naturally, is necessary.

But an orange that is possible to eat and less. And here where you will get to from August, first in warm seaside to edge? Anywhere from August, first you will not get to! August will come in southern edges-will come together with it and a terrible allergy... Both allergy treatment is required to many and many people! Moreover what. In August in our small southern small town it is rather inconvenient to sit in an office office not alone. Yes, if in an office only two employees, that one of them as a rule constantly climbs in a pocket behind a handkerchief... If you the person new, you are frightened - really an infectious flu?! Be not afraid to-your colleague simply urgently allergy treatment is required. But where, tell on favour, it is possible to be typed simultaneously so much allergists, how many they demand a damned allergic grass амброзия which was delivered here still ostensibly in war by our secret ill-wishers?

About this grass do not write in fair brochures, it anywhere do not advertise. But this muck here, in the fertile south of thousand and thousand people has forced to be engaged for a long time already in allergy treatment... There and a grass - that first in appearance-so-so. In something looks like a hemp. But, say, that in fields it expands almost in growth of the person!! And its poisonous smell starts to cause an allergy almost in every second who appears with it nearby. To the one who has not tested action ambrozia on own skin, will understand with some difficulty sufferers who from ambrozia have no place to disappear simply! And treatment of the allergy by method Buteyko it is inaccessible.

Treatment of an allergy at such considerable quantity of inhabitants in one district process, of course, rather problematic. The administrative authorities in district do not doze. They sound the alarm, take feasible measures of struggle with ambrosia. But this muck all grows and grows. Also stacks in hospitals for allergy treatment all new hundreds and thousand people!

And on visitors at coast to have a rest northerners action ambrosia practically does not affect in the summer. Allergy treatment having a rest practically is not required. First treatment of an allergy it is not required because there come northerners to bathe more in the beginning and in the middle of summer. In August go already less. After all on a nose at children the beginning of new school year it-is necessary to have time to prepare for it. Also treatment of the allergy by method Buteyko it is not required because also the allergy on itself arises on long repeated contact to allergen is more often. And having a rest go on the south not every year-was expensively. To inhale амброзией are not in time.

Well and in the third. Allergy treatment does not become a problem at having a rest as they go to the sea and all two-three week and sit on a beach at the sea. And there any ambrosia is not present. This muck avoids salty beaches. All dirty trick begins at removal from coast deep into a land at least on a half kilometre f. Here here ambrosia here as here. And treatment of an allergy at those who lives among it constantly, becomes a problem №1!

At whom it was possible to reveal the allergens causing requirement of treatment of an allergy at the given patient, doctors register expensive medicines. The person requiring treatment of the allergy starts them to accept. But it, of course, does not rescue the patient from the allergy! The patient by means of a medicine manages to remove for a while only the next symptom of disease. But to remove a symptom of disease or to liquidate the reason of occurrence of an allergy-it far as not one and too...

In newspapers the region administration warns those who is inclined to allergy treatment, about approach of a dangerous season. To especially sensitive patients advise even to take holiday and to leave for this time where far away! In general people try to save both from the allergy and from necessity of its expensive treatment by various means.

Yes after all the person not always to itself the owner... Other patient also is glad to leave in August somewhere and from the most local allergy, and from necessity of treatment of an allergy. It is glad to leave, replace with time a climate. But the salary does not allow not that somewhere to leave, and and a family during present time to feed to satiety.

And then necessity of treatment of the allergy by method Buteyko here as here!... To it- -to allergy to spit, that for allergy treatment money too is necessary. What to tear off their sick of an allergy all is necessary from this the poor family budget. To spit on all it is a heartless allergy!! And on administration councils. Trying to save from necessity of treatment of an allergy of the inhabitants to it too to spit. The smell of ambrozia starts to get in open in August wide open windows of houses. And inhaled a smell ambrozia the patient already from allergy treatment not go..

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