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Help medicine for allergies?

It is Necessary immediately straight and firmly declare - no! The Medicine can not help at allergies since any medicine practically is an allergen itself. Any!! Medicine practically does not know the medicine, which did not give side effect. This else word such soft have invented - a side effect. Sometimes this side effect is expressed in that that sick perishes from acceptance one (whole only one ) of the tablet. Notice itself not at all from poisonous tablet. Simply beside given sick (suddenly turned out to be) the most strong idiosincrasia to concretely aplying medicine. And... even instant death.

What uzh here can be a treatment to allergies medicine? The Medicine to you this allergy will only aggravate. Costs only even fluently to turn the pages of the textbook on allergies, as you cover the most present terror. Particularly terrible chapter "Medikamentoznaya allergy". Only think in this name of the readers - "Medikamentoznaya allergy". Two like contr word. The Word - a medication must cause the respect beside us. Once medication - signifies cures, avoids beside us pain, bad condition and etc. But allergy - immediately introduces the scabies, cankers, abscesses. And suddenly... medicine’s allergy. Medication, became to be, to thereby canker and abscess bring

Here and pictures go colorful. They Are Shown legs of the woman, disfigured these most medication. The Flaccid buttocks, flaccid legs complitly cover red allergic spot. This wretch to woman physician has prescribed the medicine. But afterwards her here is here is "has abated". Want specifically to note mendacity and cruelty of official medicine. Even under such terrible drawing (concretely damaged sick from concrete medicine) no clear explaining signature. Have Wrote that sick Petrova was covered spot after receiving shall say, сульфодимезина. No... Under photography cost(stand)s расплывчатая phrase - "Sulifatiazolovaya rash". Podi-ka, reader, find in any encyclopedias exact selection these most sulfatiazol medicine. assure You that pretty atempt and in vain.

Beside drawing not more terrible. Ruling leg of the woman, who too poisoned physicians. She has prescribed "medicine", but after its)acceptance leg was covered horrible points. Again no name of the woman and exact name of the preparation. One misty phrase - "Barbituratovaya allergy". But there uzh to guess, who will be able. The Wretch-that, see was a person excitable, nervious. Has Bad rescued. Here is her and helped - prescribed the barbamil. This such becalming sleeping pill. But now страдалице uzh not at all заснуть. From such points not that in dream - in loop sooner will wish…

sting That in textbook on allergies no so colorful drawing on asthmatic. But their-that, wretch, too pickling be the healthy. If here possible was place the drawing of the breast diaphragm of the asthmatic, for a long time using inhaler - asthmapent, that looked this most diaphragm, as liver of the complete alcoholic. That is to say she whole is covered hard scar destroied (from asthmapent) diaphragm fabrics

Such here is deal, dear readers. Little that that majority medicine in principle can not cure your disease (but name to her - a deep breathing) - so they, these most "medicine" else more deepen your breathing and carry to scabieses, cankers, before abscess and furuncle. So let's shall try the medicine to take somewhat less, but think little more...

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запись на обучение методу Бутейко
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